Are you Website developer and designer? Then you should register for Godaddy Pro. The Godaddy pro membership is a service for designers, Re-sellers, Web Developers to manage their client’s website easily through Godaddy secure panel with an ease. It gives you dedicated designer and developer tools.

Godaddy Pro also gives special discounts to you so you can earn more from your client. Godaddy pro is a Free to register.

If you are a freelancer and you have some number of clients, then you need to make a spreadsheet, excel files and accounts to manage your clients details or you will need to make a freelancer office software for you to manage all this. But with Godaddy pro you all get these features for free.

Godaddy Pro Review {Updated 2024}

Godaddy Pro review

It is better to have Godaddy pro membership now as it is free of cost. The pro membership gives you the ability to manage all Godaddy clients from one place. Godaddy provides you advance technical support for designer and developers with specialized support from Highly trained team.

You also get special local direct phone numbers for support with no waiting. There are exclusive special deals and reward points for you on each purchases which gives you lot of benefit.

Let’s see  out all Godaddy pro membership key features

This excellent Pro membership enables you to manage all your clients, buy products for them, monitor their website, Check monthly costs and much more.

Save time with Pro Sites:

Wight advanced pro initive dashboard one can update wordpress core, themes and plugins acoss all WordPress websites in one click.

GoDaddy Pro dashboard

This is one of the most inovative featuesd as we always forgets to updatye wordpers plgusin and core of our sites and hence their sites become outdated, but now with GoDaddy pro it all happenes in just a click.

One can slao automate WordPress backups, clong and migrations easily without even logging in to WordPress. The GoDaddy Pro dashbaord also notifes you about realtime security and performance updates. It also copnstanrtly monitors your website uptime and notifesyou when it goes down.

Client’s account management

Client Account manage Godaddy Pro

Instead of remember tons of login credentials for your numerous of clients, you can manage all that from Godaddy Pro panel with an ease. You don’t need directly login to Cpanel of Domain or hosting of your clients with just one click and make any changes directly from your end.

The pro account management system enables you to monitor site of your client, manage products and cost.

Purchase  products for clients:

Shop products for clients

From Godaddy pro panel you can shop & buy products for clients which includes domains, hosting, SSL certificates and more Godaddy products. Also you can send your clients complete shopping list and let them pay for it themselves.

Tracking Expenses:

Well on the accounting part you can keep track on how much you have paid from your pocket on product for each client so you can bill them faster with lesser mistakes. You can also track how much are have earned from each client so you can know profit for your hard work easily.

Site monitoring:

Site monitoring in Godaddy pro

This exclusive site monitoring feature lets you to stay ahead of issues. With real-time performance and uptime monitoring, powered by NodePing you can monitor real time your clients website and performance. Even if any site goes down, Godaddy will send you an instant notification so you can now it before your clients knows. :p

Advance technical support for Godaddy pro members:

With special premium support for designers and developers, you can get in touch with Godaddy highly trained technical team directly by calling their special local phone numbers. You don’t   need to call their normal IVR support and hold lines for minutes by listening hold music to speak, you get directly connected to support agent

For any technical issues you don’t need to escalate your query as already you will be talking with senior support person which is specially assigned for you.

Exclusive Deals & discount

With Godaddy Pro membership you won’t need to pay normal prices again. With exclusive deals & access to help you win your next client with bet rates in market. There are many special discounts in this membership which are pre-designed for you.
You also get special offers on tools you rely on from partners like Adobe, Microsoft and more.

Earn rewards every time;

As a member of pro program, you will receive 5% in store credit every time when you buy products for yourself or your clients through Godaddy Pro.

Its your turn to become Pro

So designers and developers, it’s a golden chance to join Godaddy pro membership and avail lots of benefits. You will be getting special customized discounts and much better support in Godaddy Pro membership. Join by clicking above button and kick-start your career in Website designing now.

Having any doubts on your mind? Ask us in comments section below and check out our deals section to get latest web hosting/domains coupons and deals.

Hey Bro , I am Pro🤞

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