GoDaddy SmartLine Review: Free Second phone number for Business

Are you looking for an additional virtual phone number with trusted and reliable service for your online business or to increase your presence in different countries. There are numerous of cloud phone service providers which provide a second line phone number for your business but all that is costly and comes with premium Pricing. GoDaddy has recently launched their new innovative product in Phone numbers category. It is called Smartline. Let’s see what it does.

GoDaddy Smartline™ enables you to get two phone numbers on one phone. It allows you to see when an incoming call is for your business so that you can attend it accordingly.  It also enables you to make and receive calls from your second business phone number so you can keep your number private.

GoDaddy SmartLine™ Review: The premium business phone solution

GoDaddy SmartLine Review

There are numerous of second line phone number apps scattered n the market, but GoDaddy has used their innovative technology with state of the art features to make this better than all other. GoDaddy is already #1 company in Domains registrations and web hosting, and this move from the company shows they are stepping their foot in Digital cloud phone industry.

For the limited time they are running an special promo in which the company is offering Free trial of Smart line premium for a month. So you can use it to test for 30 days and continue with very cost effective prices after the trial periods.

Lets see Godaddy Smartline key features & benefits:

One Phone with two Numbers
No need to carry another iPhone or smartphone as this app gives you another permanent number which works on your cellular network. So its not like any VOIP service as it works without an active data connection too for receiving incoming calls.
No Extra Equipment needed
You don’t need any extra device or equipment to make this second line work. Just a App install and it works flawlessly on your smartphone without any hassle.
Make your personal number Private
When it comes to privacy, You won’t love to share your mobile number with your business clients. Hence you would buy another smartphone for your business purpose but here the GoDaddy second online gives you second phone number on the same smartphone with dozens of unique features, so it keeps your number safe from any spamming or privacy
Send and receive SMS from your business number
the virtual number from GoDaddy not only helps you take Calls and make calls but it comes with complete SMS functionality and enables you to send and receive texts from your business number. You can also use Whatsapp or other IM apps from this number.
Call ID and Business number display
Know who is calling with on your business number and identify instantly if the call is personal or business. When you can anyone using your business number, your Own business number is displayed on their caller id so your personal number will stay private.
Read your Voice Mail
You don;’t need to wait and listen to long voice mails when calls are misses due to your busy schedule. GoDaddy Smart line app automatically transcribe your messages so you can read it efficiently.
No Phone Contracts Ever
When you choose with a particular operator, They locks your phone with particular carrier for a period of time which is called contract. Here at GoDaddy there is no such contract ever. So you can close or switch this number anytime without any hassle.



How does GoDaddy Smartline™ Works?

This service is an app which gives you the ability to get second phone number on your smartphone. It works on both Android and iOS platform. It is not like other fun apps or other unreliable virtual number app. This one is a serious Business app for Internet marketers, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Freelaners and for all who require business number on their mobile.


  • At first you need to search for local number with “U.S” Area code +.
  • Now Download GoDaddy Smartline app from iOS or Google play and link your current mobile number to it.
  • That’s All. You are ready to start making and receiving calls through the app.

Advantages of Second business phone number.

Unless you have Dual SIM mobile, You are messing your personal and business life by using the single phone number for both needs. Or you need to carry a different phone with you. It is always better to have a unique number for your business So you can freely enjoy your personal life without disturbance.

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GoDaddy offers you to set your business hours in the app, so calls after that timing will be sent to voice mail automatically. Moreover, you just need an app to start using the second number, and no expensive contracts or equipment are required.

Some points about GoDaddy SmartLine:

  • You can use the app on both Android and iOS for now.
  • The call quality is crystal clear as the app used your phone carrier network so it is same as your mainstream personal number.
  • You can send and receive text messages from it (SMS)
  • At this time you can make calls to U.S phone numbers only but you can use it worldwide

Smartline is not a VOIP service, it is much better than the traditional technologies as it uses your phone’s carrier network for making and receiving calls without costing any extra bucks on your carrier billing.



Final Words:

GoDaddy Smartline is one of the best product in cloud telephony and enables you to generate second business phone number within a minute. Like other GoDaddy products web hosting and WordPress hosting this innovative service will inevitably dominate other big players in the industry.

So try GoDaddy SmartLine premium service for a month free, and you can subscribe to its cost effective plans later. Stay tuned with Bloggigeclipse for more updates.

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