The high competition while playing golf is for more than 25 million people play golf in the United States. It is mostly the case that rich people with a flamboyant lifestyle are the ones who play golf and therefore, they also can spend vast amounts of money on these sports activities.

While some people play it for fun, some play it seriously. Therefore, to get on top of the competition, people change their golf equipment and techniques very frequently. The niche of golf is evergreen and will help you make a significant amount of money. Golf is one of the world’s top ten sports, is a great niche to work on, which has fantastic returns and will offer you a vast audience.

In this post, we have featured ✅14 Best Golf Affiliate Programs that you can join to monetize your golf blog or website and have fantastic returns per sale. Affiliate marketing is mainly selling services or goods owned by another company or individual by promoting them and using different marketing strategies. You can either do this by creating a website of your own or blogging and joining other affiliate companies or programs related to your niche and audience.

To become a successful affiliate, you need to commit your time, energy, along with a significant amount of money. However, you should also avoid putting all your money into a single thing and avoiding taking that risk. The golf industry is increasing the number of affiliate marketing programs, especially after the pandemic rise of these affiliate programs has risen. Earning money via affiliate programs can be time-consuming and requires a lot of patience to reap the most benefits.

Types of Products you can Sell in the Golf Industry

Golf Affiliate Programs

There is a wide range of options that you can sell related to the golf industry. Here we have mentioned all of them for you:

  • Golf learning course

We all know people are tilting more towards online learning due to covid pandemic situation. Therefore, as a golf market affiliate, you can start an online teaching golf learning course. The course could include tutorials, playing the stimulators used for enhancing the digital skills of playing golf. They can also improve their game with the help of your course. You can also attract lure local players or beginners, to join your course by engaging in promotional events via golf agencies or schools.

  • Promoting memberships

You can also be a part of various golf clubs’ promotional activities that people can engage in. The membership would include many things such as courses, packages, golf brands, and many others as well.

  • Tourism

You can also add golf packages if you plan or sell packages of business trips or family trips. This will also benefit you as a golf affiliate marketer.

  • Selling books

You can also sell books related to golf and the knowledge needed to become a great golf player. Physical, as well as ebooks, both, will work. This way, you will earn a commission and promote various websites you will be engaging with to sell these books.

  • Selling stimulators

Along with promoting the use of simulators, you can also sell them so that people can practice their golf skills while staying at home due to lockdown. Apart from all this, you should also know the different affiliate programs that will help users stay engaged in your content. This will increase visitors’ number to your website, and the sale will be the commission you would be getting. We have provided you with the 14 best golf affiliate programs that you can start today without having second thoughts about it.

👉 14 Best Golf Affiliate Programs [Updated 2024]

Best Golf Affiliate ProgramsPayoutJoin Now
1. Proozy Affiliate6.75% commissionSign up now
2. American Golf Affiliate Program3% commissionSign up now
3. Amazon Associates Affiliate ProgramUp to 10% commissionSign up now
4. Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program7.5% – 9% commissionSign up now
5. Callaway Pre Owned6% commissionSign up now
6. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program6-9% commissionSign up now
7. Fairway Golf4-10% commissionSign up now
8. GForce Golf20% commissionSign up now
9. Golf Outlets Affiliate Program5% commissionSign up now
10. Global Golf Affiliate Program8% commissionSign up now
11. Golf18Network6% commissionSign up now
12. The Golf Warehouse6% commissionSign up now
13. Nike GolfUp to 11% commissionSign up now
14. My Score Card16% commissionSign up now

#1. Proozy Affiliate


Sports brands such as Rebook, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Birkenstock, and several others offer excellent deals on Proozy affiliate. You can also purchase products at huge discounts. Not only this, but you can also sign up for an affiliate program. Through this, you will be able to sell merchandise golf along with its clothes. You also get the opportunity to promote and sell products like sneakers, t-shirts, jackets, and shoes for both men and women and kids.

The team of proozy affiliates also helps you set upscales, access to the newsletters related to various discounts and offers, banners, links, and creatives to implement on your website. Their gross sale payout is 6.75% of the commission.

#2. American Golf Affiliate Program

American Golf Affiliate Program

Being one of the most significant gold products retailers, the American Golf affiliate program is available both offline and online. They deal with clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, and many more for men and women, providing comfort and quality.

The products sold by the American golf affiliate program are unique, assisting you in increasing the traffic on your website. Products of brands like Nike Golf, TaylorMade Made, Wilson Staff, and Callway are available. The commission for selling their product is about 3% gross sale and up to date feeds and deals.

#3. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

One of the best online stores in the world is Amazon. The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program offers the highest commission of 10% on gross sales. It deals with both golf accessories as well as equipment. Thanks to the massive inventory of, it lets you offer variety to your viewers. However, the cookie duration of this affiliate program is only one day.

#4. Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program

Austad's Golf Affiliate Program

The legacy of delivering golf products for the past 60 years has made the name Austad’s Golf affiliate program very common. Providing both superior qualities and top-rated products, you can sell apparel, balls, bags, accessories, and other equipment. Their commission on gross sale ranges from 7.5% to 9%, along with the cookie duration of around two months letting buyers think and decide on the equipment they want to buy.

#5. Callaway Pre Owned

Callaway Pre Owned

Callaway’s Pre-Owned affiliate program offers second-hand products already owned by people still good in quality apart from being durable. It includes products such as drivers, irons, clubs, wedges as well as putters. This affiliate program is incredible and beneficial for people who are into golf but are do not want to dig a hole in their pockets. It has a cookie duration of 45 days along with a commission of 6% on gross sale.

#6. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

For both men and women, gears and golf equipment are available on the Callaway Golf affiliate program. However, what makes them different is their use of a third-party application through which you get to understand your marketing efforts and how much the audience can get engaged with your content. To become a part of this affiliate program, you need to fill up an application on With their cookie duration being 45 days, you get a 65 to 9% commission on their gross sale.

#7. Fairway Golf

Fairway Golf

This online store is based in California; Fairway Golf provides a wide variety of products. Providing only premium products related to golf, starting from golf clubs, bags, apparel to pre-owned kit tools, accessories, and training tools, this store is one of the bests to buy from. Owning more than 25000 products, the products’ commission is starting from 4% to 10% with the cookie duration of 2 months. Also, if your sale increases up to $200, you earn a bonus of $5.

#8. GForce Golf

GForce Golf had a month’s cookie duration and a commission of 20% on the gross amount per sale. The leading equipment sold by GForce Golf is swing trainers. The swing training offers an excellent and deep understanding of the swing and explains when and what exercises and practices you must do to keep going in the game.

#9. Golf Outlets Affiliate Program

Golf Outlets Affiliate Program

Commission Junction is where the Golf Outlets affiliate program is hosted. This online website deals with a wide array of golf equipment like carts, clubs, accessories, bags, apparel. Their user-friendly website makes shopping easy as well as hassle-free. B Their online and telephonic customer service is like a topping to the already fantastic cake. Their cookie duration is of a month and the commission of 5% on gross sale.

#10. Global Golf Affiliate Program

Global Golf Affiliate Program

Golf Golf is an online store dealing with every type of equipment and products related to golf such as balls, clubs, accessories, shoes, including even the smallest tool needed, that too, at affordable rates perfect for people on a low budget.

The main advantage of Golf Golf affilaite program is its vast array of products available in one place and access to banners and affiliate links that can generate more revenue. The cookie duration of the Golf Outlets Affiliate Program is of a month, along with the commission of 8% on the gross sale.

#11. Golf18Network


The primary function of Golf18Network is the facility to booking courses online without going to the venue. The main goal behind this is to solve the issue of standing in ques to book your course and reducing the chances of pre-bookings.

Also, finding the nearest golf course can be cumbersome in a new city, along with the tasks of address and city name, postal code, etc. The affiliate program involves promotional activities and, as a result, earning a commission of around 6%. It has a cookie duration of 21 days.

#12. The Golf Warehouse

The Golf Warehouse

This good platform for every golf lover offering great deals on golf equipment and products such as kits, clubs, bags, accessories, balls, and what not! Consisting of more than 40000 products, The golf Warehouse becomes a favorable option for buyers willing to get their bags full of golf-related products. Their commission for a gross sale is around 6% with a month’s cookie duration, providing enough time for buyers to think and make wise decisions.

#13. Nike Golf

Nike Golf

As we all know, Nike is one of the most trustable brands for every product related to sports. Its affiliate program is named With its world-class products, you can earn the highest commission from Nike’s affiliate program of up to 11%.

Not only this, but you also can get access to its appealing banners as well as create links that will shoot up your sales and, therefore, your commission. Its cookie duration is of a month. Websites of niches such as fashion, clothing, news, bloggers, shopping directories, and others are eligible to apply for Nike’s affiliate program.

#14. My Score Card

My Score Card

My Score Card’s primary work evaluates the player’s skills and knowledge concerning their golf scores given in the USGA handicap index. This function makes it easy for users to evaluate their scores without relying on coaches or tournament organizers. You can start branding and promote my scorecard to earn numerous commissions. My scorecard has a cookie duration of around a month with a commission of 16% per sale.

Bottom Line:

These were the top 15 golf affiliate programs that you can engage in, specifically beneficial in the Covid-19 and lockdown scenarios. With the relevant and trustworthy information provided here, we hope you liked the article!🙂

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    1. Hello, Steve
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