Didn’t you get the utmost result from the marketing tools on your business? Well, don’t lose hope as GrooveFunnels is with you. It is the one-stop solution to fix all the potential marketing issues and simplifies your work. GrooveFunnels comes in a package that consists of GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate Programs, GrooveMail, GrooveKart, and many more.

Read this detailed ✅GrooveFunnels Review at last that helps you to build and grow your business to the greater height. If you want to try GrooveFunnels for free, you can easily sign up for the free trial of GrooveFunnels. You will also get our exclusive GrooveFunnels bonuses.

To initiate with GrooveFunnels, you must know about the Funnels. It is a technique that monitors the user’s action on your website before they reach the final point or conversion. GrooveFunnels simplifies the funnel task and gives you ample tools to enhance your business. To know more about this giant marketing tool, you must be familiar with GrooveFunnels review. This review on GrooveFunnels will cover its features, pricing, tools, pros & cons, and the alternative of GrooveFunnels. Now, let’s see them all in one by one and start with GrooveFunnels.

Detailed GrooveFunnels Review

GrooveFunnels Review

GrooveFunnels is the advanced and most appropriate marketing tool embedded with utmost utilities to enhance the business.

Using the same, you can create funnels, monitor business sales, run affiliate programs, build the landing page, and many more.

GrooveFunnels Review | Features at a glance

  • GrooveFunnels is a one-time investment plan which means you don’t have to worry about the monthly or yearly subscription plan.
  • Until now, as of my writing, this review, GrooveFunnels lifetime, is available that provides ample and comprehensive features.
  • But soon, this plan will be stopped, and if any official changes are made, we will update the same, and you can also check the official website or visit here.
GrooveFunnels Coupon

GrooveFunnels comes with free and premium plans for the users, and the key difference among them is the offered features. Initially, I had gone with the free plan to know its performance and then took the premium plan. To use GrooveFunnels, you don’t have to be tech-savvy, which means you can drag & drop the template to build the website. This suite enables the developers to perform ample tasks, such as creating plugins, extensions, and many more with the use of API and SDK.

GrooveFunnels Powerful Tools

I like GrooveFunnels a lot just because it offers ample utilities, and they helped me in many forms. So, I thought to share my GrooveFunnels review with you. Let’s see each element of GrooveFunnels in a detailed manner.

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#1. GroovePages

GroovePages is based on the advanced JavaScript framework that enables you to design the website more efficiently. It is also regarded as a funnel builder, which means using this tool, you can create the website and a funnel. Apart from that, using the GroovePages feature, you can publish the HTML website smoothly. This will save your effort and will reduce the page loading time.

#2. GrooveSell

It is a product selling tool that means you can create the product page, manage the other associated activities such as checkout page, and many more. Moreover, using this tool, you can create an affiliate program, and the same will enhance your business.

#3. GrooveMail

It is an automated mail tool, or you can say it is the next CRM tool that performs the mails process, such as broadcasting the mail. If you go with any premium plan of GrooveFunnels, you can send 25000 emails to your customers.

#4. GrooveMember

As the name denotes the meaning, this tool is exclusively for the Groove members. Using the same, they can manage the protected content and can also manage the website.

#5. GrooveAffiliate Program

This is an affiliate program that gives you a certain commission based on the user’s action. The commission fixed by GrooveFunnels is 20%, and the member will get the same when the user completes the sign-up process.

#6. GrooveVideo

The promotion of products via videos is a good way to boost sales. GrooveVideo is the video hosting platform through which you can upload videos. Using this tool, you can split the videos and can also perform ample tasks related to videos.

#7. GrooveBlog

Generating a lead via a blog is an efficient way to perform the marketing business. GrooveBlog is a much-advanced tool that will help you to create a blog just like the WordPress one. It is highly result-oriented and using GrooveBlog features. You can customize and design your blog smoothly. However, Groove management plans to cut this tool from the suite, but still, the action is pending. So, you need to visit the official website or can come here to know the status.

#8. GrooveCalendar

It is an excellent tool to communicate with customers as it enables you to create a calendar. For instance, if any consumer contacts you, you can respond to them via an automated email system.

#9. GrooveSurvey

It is an amazing tool to monitor your links to funnels and websites. As per the official announcement, this tool is going to hit on the floor in 2024.

#10. GrooveWebinars

The webinar is a nice platform to share views, and Groove offers this feature. It comprises of GrooveWebinars live and GrooveWebinars Automated. Using both the tools, you can connect with the users, but it is not available in the GrooveFunnels plan.

#11. GrooveKart

GrooveKart is a product selling software that retains the list of demanded products. It is just like the replica of Shopify, and if you have heard about it, then it will be easy to know about GrooveKart. This tool’s features are best on par, but to access the same, you need to get it separately from the plan. As it does not comes with the GrooveFunnels plan and it is a separate plan.

#12. GrooveQuiz

It is a new tool and yet to be launched by the Groove authority. This tool will help you to create and manages the quizzes on your landing page. This enables the users to stay on your page as they will be engaged in playing the quiz game. The engagement of users is a very important aspect of marketing, and conversion change is always greater.

#13. GrooveDesk

GrooveDesk is a tool through which you can resolve the queries of the customers. Handling the potential customer is a must job because their satisfaction with any product is a must.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

GrooveFunnels pricing differs as per the plans, and you will get two premium plans and one free plan. Even at the beginning, I went for a free plan to check the performance of GrooveFunnels. However, the free plan has limited features, so I purchased the Silver plan for effective results. Now, let’s see the features comprising three different GrooveFunnels plans.

GrooveFunnels Pricing
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  • GrooveFunnels Basic Plan

In this plan, you will get the limited features of the GrooveFunnels Suite. But using the same, you can build the custom website, funnel building, and run the affiliate programs. For the initial setup of online business, GrooveFunnels base plan is good as it offers sufficient features to run the business.

  • GrooveFunnels Silver Plan

If you are in an intermediate zone on your online business, then the Silver plan is best for you to enhance the business. This plan offers GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, and, GrooveVideo.

The plan starts at $99/month, and once you spend such an amount, you can grab the features of the tools as mentioned above. Moreover, you will also be entitled to a 20% commission for an affiliate program.

  • GrooveFunnels Gold Plan

This is a perfect plan for the professionals as it covers all the GrooveFunnels Suite tools to run the business. The starting price of the plan is $199/month, which is quite sufficient to boost your business’s sales.

  • GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan

In the lifetime plan, you will get comprehensive features of all the tools of GrooveFunnels. But, as per the official statement, this plan is soon going to end. The authority has decided to close the beta version of the GrooveFunnels Suite, and then you will be restricted to two premium plans.

GrooveFunnels Alternatives

Now you are familiar with the features and tools of GrooveFunnels, and it is quite essential to compare the suite with others. The same will give you comprehensive ideas of why this product is in great demand. So, let’s find GrooveFunnels alternatives for the effective comparison with top funnels building tools.

GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels

GrooveFunnels is the advanced and most appropriate funnel and website building suite. It comes in free as well as the paid version.

GrooveFunnels Review 2024: No.1 Sales Funnel Building Platform 1

ClickFunnels is the funnel builder that simplifies the work, and the tools help you to convert the leads into the business. In GrooveFunnels, you will get more than 13 applications that are best in the class and helps you to perform multiple tasks on the website such as Webinars, Video management, Blogging, and many more.

In ClickFunnels, you can build the landing page, and also you will get the webinar hosting platform. It was the first to gives such features. GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels are the sales-boosting software, but the former gives you the comprehensive features to manage your funnels as well as an online business. But, the latter one, i.e., ClickFunnels, will give you customized features with limited applications.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Kartra

Kartra was launched in 2018 with an aim to offer marketing tools to the users to enhance the business. But GrooveFunnels came on the floor with multiple and advanced marketing utilities for the users.


Karta provides mail hosting, funnel template, video hosting, and many more. However, the applications are limited because GrooveFunnels provide much than your expectation.

Also read: Kartra Review + Discount Coupon: (Get Upto 25% OFF Now!)

GrooveFunnels Vs. Kajabi

Kajabi is leading the digital platform for the past 10 years due to outstanding online business tools. Through this, you can create the landing page, can run the marketing campaign, and can create an online course platform.


Using the GrooveFunnels, you can create the website’s landing page as well as Funnel. Kajabi offers the ultimate templates for creating the website landing page, but this is not available in GrooveFunnels. The setup process of Funnel is comparatively easier in Kajabi than GrooveFunnels. The course feature offered by Kajabi helps you to create an online course platform smoothly. In this, you will get the mini-course, online course, and evergreen training.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Builderall

Builderall offers 3 major utilities to perform the online business, and they are The Canvas Funnel Builder, Pixel Perfect Builder, and Mailing Boss.


Using Canvas Funnel Builder, you can create the sales funnel through the drag & drop process. The Pixel Perfect Builder helps you to create the website’s landing page. GrooveFunnels is a suite of online businesses with plenty of tools, but Builderall offers only 3 essential elements and another 24 by elements.

GrooveFunnels Pros & Cons


  • The drag & Drop feature enables you to easily create the landing page.
  • The funnel creation process is easy, and with simple steps, you can accomplish the goal.
  • GrooveFunnels is a complete online marketing suite that offers 20+ applications to enhance the business of marketers.
  • GrooveSell app is built especially for selling the products online and helps entrepreneurs to boost sales.


  • You must have good knowledge of online marketing to use GrooveFunnels tools.
  • Bets version is still running, and due to the same, some apps face issues.
  • Still, many more tools are awaiting.

🌟 GrooveFunnels FAQ

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is the complete package of important tools that helps you to generate more sales by building a beautiful website and landing. It is the fastest-growing funnel-building platform that provides everything to build and grow your online business.

Is GrooveFunnels free?

It offers Base Plan, which is free so that anyone can sign up for free and start using GrooveFunnels. Click here to start your GrooveFunnels free trial.

Does GrooveFunnels offer free hosting?

If you create your free account on GrooveFunnels, then it offers free hosting to you. This feature allows anyone to host their website for free.

How much does GrooveFunnels cost?

Following are the three major pricing plans that GrooveFunnels offer:
1. GrooveFunnels Silver: $99/month
2. GrooveFunnels Gold: $199/month
3. GrooveFunnels Platinum: $299/month

Conclusion: GrooveFunnels Review 2024 | Should you go for it?

This was all about GrooveFunnels review, and if you want to create a good landing page and funnels, then GrooveFunnels is best for you. It is highly in demand just because of a bunch of applications, and they are all the best and gives the utmost result. However still, many more features need to be introduced for the flawless use of marketing tools.🚀

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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