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Since you are here, I can relate to the questions you are having regarding the use of Helium 10 in the US & Canada. We’ll get to that in a minute. In addition to that, we’ll also discuss how Helium 10 can help you elevate your Amazon selling game in US & Canada?

You might be well aware of the fact that Helium 10 is a globally operated tool for sellers, it won’t be any justice in calling Helium 10 a tool, where Helium 10 is not a tool that can help you in delivering better aspects of marketing, keyword research, product research and much more; basically, it’s more of an eCommerce suite that can help you in delivering a better-analyzed data on which parameters need more improvement and work accordingly.

I guess there won’t be any surprise in knowing that the US & Canada itself has a high number of Amazon sellers and dropshippers. As a result, it opens more and more opportunities for businesses and selling operations. So can you use Helium 10 in US & Canada?

The answer to this question is YES, an absolute yes!! Similar to the availability of Amazon in the US & Canada, Helium 10 is also available in US & Canada. But, who can use Helium 10, and how can this help you?

Who can use Helium 10 in US & Canada?

Helium 10 Review

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward, i.e., Everyone, yes, there aren’t any restrictions set for using Helium 10, but if to be more specific, Helium 10 can be an excellent resort to Amazon sellers and Entrepreneurs are working on Amazon FBA operations. Helium 10 gives you some great services in terms of product research, keyword research, inventory management and a lot more.

Similar to any other tools and services offered in any other part of the world, Helium 10 offers similar services and features for US & Canada. In addition to all the tools and features offered, Helium 10 also offers you data and optimization for different marketplaces depending upon your end goals and target audience. We’ll talk about all these tools and features offered later in the article so that you can be well-aware of the features offered but also make Helium 10 a good tool for sellers across the US and Canada.

Can I use Helium 10 in the US & Canada?

The answer to this question is an absolute yes!! Just like Amazon, which operates globally, Helium 10 works totally fine for US & Canada as well. The tools and services are pretty much great, just like Helium 10 in any other country. You can explore different parameters in keyword research, inventory management, product research, and much more.

So basically, you get access to all the features and tools offered by Helium 10 in the US & Canada; well, this might require a couple of changes. Still, you’ll get along with that quickly as account integration will get almost everything done for you to set up things.

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If talking about the features and tools offered, they are pretty the same for every region, but what about account set up and everything? Well, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into this, as once you are done with signing up and integrating your Amazon FBA/Seller account, almost everything is ready for you.

After discussing the account set up, integration and everything, now comes the features and tools offered by Helium 10; well, one of the reasons that make Helium 10 a great eCommerce suite overall is its broadness across different parameters; I have tried to mention each and every aspect regarding the different parameters that Helium 10 offers, so let’s take a look at what are these parameters and how can they help you?

Helium 10 Features at a Glance | Helium 10 Review

Product Research Tool
Product Research Tool

As an Amazon seller, you might be well aware of how effective and efficient product research can help you? Product research can be considered as one of the important factors for making your business expand when compared to others, but Helium 10 offers something more in product research that includes Chrome extension, Black Box, Trendster and Profitability Calculator.

X-Ray Chrome Extension:

This extension enables you to get along with searching for those best products with the data needed. Well, you might be amazed to know that Xray (Chrome extension by Helium 10) is one of their flagship tools and enables you to get access to around 450 million ASINs; as a result, it can help you access an extensive database of products.

Black Box:

It is one of the best features/tools that enable you to get along with different parameters in terms of Amazon product finding and product research. Black box enables you to use advanced smart filters, making it a good-to-go tool for Amazon sellers.


I guess you would have already got an idea of what trendster might be helpful for? If not, Trendster enables you to visualize sales trends and use the given data for seasonal trends and understand which product is best for selling in that season (as per the trends).

Profitability Calculator:

The name speaks for itself; the profitability calculator can help you in calculating metrics, which as a result, can help you in maximizing your profits.

Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool

Just like Google and its keyword optimization, proper keyword research can help you in upscaling your business over Amazon, and you might be well aware of the fact that you might get thousands of results for a single keyword search; I guess this is enough to make you understand the importance of keyword research for selling over Amazon. Meanwhile, Helium 10 enables you to get along with proper keywords and using them can be an excellent asset for better optimization.

Keyword research and optimization can be considered as some of the important factors if you want to get your products listed on Amazon. Helium 10 offers different features for keyword research – Cerebro and Misspellinator, which check for your potential terms, and the Magnet tool, which helps you find new keywords in a list. So let’s take a quick glance around what are these tools and how can they help you in getting better results:


Understand and analyze better keywords for outgrowing your competitors. Spying on competitors and understanding their product market is a powerful strategy for competitors & suppliers. Whether you are using this to outpace them or to put a competitor at a disadvantage, Cerebros reverse ASIN and product list optimization can work as a game-changer for you.


Well, Magnet can be an excellent tool for searching high volume keywords with low competition, basically implementing keyword optimization, but for Amazon product research. As the name suggests, it works like a magnet for searching keywords.


This tool helps in getting along with similar keywords for your product, i.e., you might have noticed that sometimes you get along with some wrong/misspelled keywords but still gets the product you were searching for; basically, this is what Misspellinator works on.

Some of the other additional features and tools offered by Helium 10 are as follow:

Listing optimization can be counted as one among the many features offered by Helium 10, but the list of tools gets on and on; well, from my experience, I can say that these tools and features can help you in various aspects of your Amazon selling operation in US & Canada. You can use different tools under the listing optimization section, such as:

  • Frankenstein (The keyword processor)
  • Scribbles (Listing Optimizer)
  • Index Checker (Keyword Index Checker)
  • Listing Analyzer (Amazon Listing Insights)
  • Listing Builder (New tool for better listing optimization)
  • Amazon Split testing ( Split testing can help in exploring more options)

Check out how to use Helium 10 Scribbles to optimize your product listings by using ranking keywords.


Well, I don’t know how to impose this, but I wasn’t able to find any useless feature or tool that can’t be used by an Amazon seller in US & Canada or even globally; among these useful features comes the operations part, well, this part includes some important factors such as:

  • Inventory Management: This tool can be used in making better analysis of whether the products are available or not; these simple but essential analyses can help you in various aspects such as never getting out of stock
  • Refund Genie: This was counted among some of the standalone features which weren’t found in any other eCommerce suite for Amazon sellers. The refund genie helps in getting reimbursement for your lost or damaged inventory.
  • Hijacker & Product Monitoring: Helium 10 sends you an alert if any hijacking or any suspicious activities occur.
  • Coupon Abuse Protection: This can work as an excellent tool for Amazon sellers but a disadvantage for buyers since we are discussing here from the seller’s perspective.
  • Email Automation
  • Seller Assistant (this can be considered as one of the newest features and enables you to get multiple reviews with a single click)

To be honest, the list will go on and on as we dive more into the features, but that wasn’t the reason you came here. Until now, you might have got an idea of Helium 10’s use in the US and Canada. But the main question arises whether it is a good tool for use in the US and Canada?

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Using Helium 10 Gems for the US & Canada?

Talking about the Helium 10 Gems, using them under some other tools and features can be time-consuming, but this might involve some steps to take:

  • The first step to consider is choosing the marketplace; well, you might be well aware that Amazon is a global marketplace; similarly, you need to choose the marketplace for your selling practices, Amazon.com (For US) and amazon.ca (For Canada).
  • One of the main benefits of using Helium 10 is that you’ll rank higher on search engines when your content meets certain keyword requirements; these keywords can be used to make promotional URLs for making a better first impression on customers. (Creating attractive URLs).
  • The next step involves adding ASINs and the quantity, which is all that’s needed to create a funnel to the add-to-cart page.
  • Target ASIN products and make a separate page of your own listings. You can then list up to 50 ASINs on one page.
  • The other steps involve operations for creating searches and tools and the last feature enabling you to search for products or create lists based on keywords and brands. (Search via brand and keywords for Walmart selling)

All these steps mentioned above are termed Helium 10 Gems making tools and services available for Amazon in the US and Canada.

🌟 FAQ related to Helium 10

How does Helium 10 work?

Helium 10 is the ultimate Amazon seller’s toolkit that offers all the tools Amazon sellers need to sell on Amazon. Sellers can use their keyword research and product listing optimization tools to reach more customers. Using Helium 10’s tools, the user will be able to find more customers, sell more products and grow their Amazon business faster than ever before.

How often does Helium 10’s Cerebro update its organic rank data?

The keyword ranking data offered by Helium 10 is updated once a month. The Amazon seller can use the Keyword Tracker tool in order to check the keyword’s daily rank.

How much does Helium 10 cost?

With Helium 10, you can leverage Amazon’s ecosystem to build a business that works for you. Following are the 5 pricing plans offered by Helium 10.
Starter: $39/mo
Platinum: $99/mo
Diamond: $249/mo
Enterprise: Custom Solution
Elite: $399/mo

Can I upgrade my Helium 10 plan?

Yes! Helium 10 allows its user to upgrade their pricing plans at any time. To upgrade the plan, you can visit the Plans section, which is located within Helium 10 dashboard.

Which Helium 10 plan should I go for?

Helium 10 simplifies the process of selling on Amazon with easy-to-use software for both new and experienced sellers. Purchasing any Helium 10 plans entirely depends on your Amazon business model. To make more informed decisions, you can even contact their support team.

How do I get help with my Helium 10 account?

Depending on your urgency, you can contact Helium 10 through email [email protected]. Helium 10 also offers direct Chat support to their customers.

What is Helium 10 Freedom Ticket?

Helium 10 is a platform that allows Amazon sellers to sell on Amazon. Freedom Ticket is the ultimate Amazon FBA course where you will get resources, tools and training to help you succeed. With Freedom Ticket, you will get step-by-step video tutorials and more to start your business on Amazon.

How much does Freedom Ticket cost?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro Amazon seller, this course will help you to set up a successful Amazon business in no time. Freedom Ticket costs you $39/month.

Which plan includes access to Adtomic?

The user will get complete access to Adtomic in the Diamond and Elite plan. But with the Platinum plan, the user will get access to Dashboard and Analytics sections.

Final Verdict:

As per my personal experience, Helium 10 can be a valuable tool with Amazon sales in the US and Canada, globally, if to be honest. Keyword research, product research, inventory management, etc., are some of the key features that can help you in expanding your Amazon selling practices.

You can also get along with other features such as Helium 10 Gems (the canonical URLs) that can help you in promoting and advertising your product across different marketplaces such as the US and Canada. Therefore making product launches, launch strategies and much more globally.

Hopefully, this article will have cleared all your doubts regarding the use of Helium 10 in the US and Canada.🚀

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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