Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords

Confused about which Amazon seller tool to go with? From a seller’s perspective, I was also stuck in with something like that, as there are hundreds of Amazon seller tools that claim to be the best, but which one is best suited for you?

While searching for Amazon seller tools, I came across two OG tools that made their way to being among my Amazon seller tools top of the list, and here I’m talking about Helium 10 and MerchantWords, but which one to go with? Which tool will help you in getting a more potential customer?

But before we hop into these two Amazon seller tools, I have another mention: Jungle Scout, and you can check out our article made on Jungle Scout as well. In addition to the features and tools discussed, I have also mentioned some coupon code which is given below, to get the best possible deals for you.

So now, back to the track, Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords have made some decent recognition as an Amazon seller tool and are delivering excellent results to their users, but what makes them what they are today?

Let’s look at what they offer and why hundreds and thousands of sellers are using them as a resort to make their business grow in almost every aspect.

Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords | The Ultimate Comparison

What are these tools all about?

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 Review

If I tell you honestly, I was aware that Helium 10 is counted as one of the best Amazon sellers tools. Still, after knowing that it’s used among some of the top Amazon sellers, I was pretty amazed; the huge seller base that, too, with quality users, grabbed my attention. So, let’s take a look at the features that make these top sellers use Helium 10 as their Amazon suite.

But before that those who are not aware of it, let me give you a quick overview of Helium 10.

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Helium 10 is a type of eCommerce suite, and to be specific, it’s an Amazon seller tool that has been helping sellers around the globe to make better sales and management across platforms like Amazon. It provides many features such as Blackbox, Scribble, Keyword Research, and much more. We’ll dig a bit deeper into these features later in this article. Helium 10’s features are pretty vast, but we’ll try to cover almost everything necessary over here, so let’s get started !!

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Helium 10 Features at a Glance

Helium 10 has an extensive list of tools, to be honest, but as an overview, they offer tools specialized for:

  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Product Research
  • List Optimization
  • Finance

The key tools, such as keyword research tools, product research tools, etc., are further extended with more features working on some specific functions. And some FREE tools such as PPC Audit, Amazon Keyword Tracker, Chrome Extension, and much more. So let’s quickly take a look at what all are the features and tools do:


Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool is an excellent tool while selling across platforms such as Amazon; the tool enables you to get along with many uses such as searching and optimizing and looking out for keyword trends; keyword research works as google but for your product. These keyword research tools can also help you get a better search volume. The keyword research tool includes additional in-house tools such as Cerebro, Misspellinator, and Magnet; each one of these tools has a different function to perform, such as discovering high volume keywords and optimizing your products with keywords even if they are misspelled (misspellinator).

  • Cerebro:

The reverse ASIN enabled with keeping an eye on competitors’ keywords can be helpful while making better strategy for keyword research; this type of competitor analysis can be a great asset to sellers in the long term. Cerebro uses product ID and reverses ASINs to deliver the best possible keyword searches and optimize them with your products which can help you outrun your competitor’s keyword research and strategies. An extensive keyword list can be a tremendous positive point in terms of improvising your keyword strategy. Well, in my opinion, this tool can be a great asset to sellers as they can get additional keywords with addition to keyword phrases as well. Overall a Kickstarter tool!!

  • Magnet Tool:

This in-house keyword tool enables you to get better high relevant words, works like a magnet to discover the high relevant words which are relevant to your product. Helium 10 has a vast database of relevant keywords in Amazon and Walmart, resulting in maximizing the organic traffic.

  • Misspellinator:

Think of a situation when you search a product across search bar and misspelled it, and you still get the relevant keyword and products that you were searching for; this is what misspellinator do. Finding the relevant word for any misspelled word, in addition to that, you can export this misspelled word database into Frankenstein; their in-house keyword search tool works as a complete cycle with proper management for maximizing your organic search with profits.


Product Research Tool

This product research tool is made of various tools which enable you to perform extensive product research with the help of Chrome Extension, Trendster, BlackBox, and Profitability Calculator. Let’s take a quick look into what these tools have to offer:

Chrome Extension: The extension gives you access to nearly 450 million ASINs making your database pretty wide so that you can have significant sales data with extensive keyword research.

Blackbox: The smart filter that enables you to get along with filtering your product with price, weight, etc., across different niches and rating reviews. An accurate smart filter.

Trendster: The tool is made all for analyzing what all trends are getting across platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

Profitability Calculator: I guess I don’t need to tell you what this tool is made for, but as a review, this tool enables you to get all the calculations done according to the data provided or the data Helium 10 already has in its database.



This tool focuses on delivering better visibility across PPC data and high organic markers like TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales). AI-powered tools help you maximize ROI and minimize the time wasted on advertising.

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Helium 10’s in house tool made for better financing; I was pretty amazed when I came to know that they provide a credit line of $5 Million, which is a whopping amount and can help the sellers in a lot of ways, in addition to that they also provide services for VAT & GST services.


Inventory Management

Inventory management is very crucial for managing your online business. This tool lets you get along with restocking management, reorder frequency, and much more.


Free Tool by Helium 10

You can find some free tools, whereas these tools are worthy in my perspective, as you might be able to know them once you get along with them. Some of these tools are PPC Audit (Auditing all your PPCs and making an organized report out of it), chrome extension which helps in analyzing the data from Amazon, and URL builder (lets you make promotional URLs), whereas QR Code generator and Amazon Anomaly tracker (informs you about any sitewide glitches) are newly listed.

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Now, after taking a look at features comes to the pricing plans offered by Helium 10, even though the offers are customized for almost everyone, whether you are an individual seller, a small or medium-sized company, or an enterprise, Helium 10 has got you covered. Despite the fact these tools look a bit undervalued to me as per the pricing plan, they also offer a free plan, yes, a free plan.

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Helium 10 Pricing Plans | Helium 10 Discount Offer

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Free Plan

The plan is totally free and offers almost all the core features with limited use; this plan is suitable for those sellers who want to get an overview of the interface and want to get known with all are the features offered by it.

Starter Pack – $29/mo

If you are new in this Amazon seller business and want to learn about a tool like helium 10 with getting access to core features, the starter pack is made for you. The starter pack costs around $39/ month and offers an Amazon freedom ticket, or we can say it as a tutorial all made to get you along with tools and make you a better seller overall.

Platinum Plan – $84/mo

This plan is stated as the most popular plan by Helium 10’s official website; if you are looking forward to getting along with a plan that has unlimited uses of Trendster, Xray, Chrome Extension, and BlackBox, this plan is made for you. The platinum plan offers unlimited uses across these tools, which were very limited in the starter and free plan, and the plan costs around $99/month; it looks like a sweet deal to me.

Diamond Plan – $209/mo

If you have a medium-sized business that involves multiple users, may this be the plan made for you. The diamond plan offers all the features included in the Platinum plan, but with some additional excellent tools and the Xray for Walmart with unlimited launches. This plan costs around $199/month and can be beneficial for sellers with multiple users.

Elite Plan – $399/mo

This plan is the highest tier plan which is available across their platform, but in addition to this, all the tools are entirely unlocked for you, with most of them offering unlimited uses. If you are an enterprise or a large-sized business, this plan is made for you. I was a bit surprised to know that this had a waitlist in it; I guess a big chunk of Amazon sellers is using this tool.

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So as a conclusion part, it is pretty sure that the Helium 10 is totally worthy of being on the list of top Amazon seller tools. Some of the features that are needed by an Amazon seller are all considered, and these tools can help you with product listings, searching for relevant keywords, and much more.

Now after looking at all the features/tools and the pricing plans offered by Helium 10, let’s take a look at what is MerchantWords and what features/tools make it among a renowned Amazon seller tool?

What is MerchantWords?


MerchantWords is a suite customized in keyword and product research for Amazon sellers. Compared to Helium 10, it’s less functional but still will be discussed in more depth about MerchantWords later in this article. MerchantWords has been delivering its services in keyword and product research since 2012 to sellers worldwide. It is an excellent tool for sellers who are indulged more in keyword and product research as it also offers to perform bulk research across Amazon.

MerchantWords Logo

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MerchantWords Features at a Glance

Now let’s take a look at the features and tools offered by MerchantWords:

ASIN Plus & Keyword Research: The tool/feature is quite an essential tool for sellers, the tools made are for making better keyword research and different keywords across their extensive database.

Emerging Trends with Keyword Multiplier: Trend recognition can be an excellent tool for sellers. If you are well known for better trends, of course, with proper management, you can get better results as a seller. In addition to getting known with the trends, MerchantWords also provide a keyword multiplier that can help you multiply your reach in terms of a keyword.

Bulk Search: While performing the keyword or ASIN searches, you can opt for a bulk search with several keywords, making it an excellent choice to go with.

Product Research Tool (Page 1 Products): This feature lets you get a list of products that are getting on the first page on Amazon for a specific keyword. While performing the keyword or ASIN searches, you can opt for a bulk search with several keywords, making it an excellent choice to go with.

Now after taking a look at the key features, let’s see what the plans offered by MerchantWords are. It has 4 different plans which are made for almost every type of seller depending upon their need and objectives, but to be honest, after taking a look at prices I found that the plans offered by them were a bit expensive.

MerchantWords Pricing Plans | MerchantWords Discount Offer

MerchantWords Pricing Plans

Let’s take a look at what these plans have in them:

Silver Plan – $35/mo

This plan costs around $35/month and gives a seller access to almost every essential feature/tool offered by MerchantWords; this can be a good choice for those sellers who are only limited to a single country, as you can only access to a single country while using the silver plan offered by them. (keyword multiplier and emerging not accessible in silver plan)

Gold Plan – $79/mo

This plan costs around $79/month and offers more searches as compared to the silver plan, well in addition to that, you can also have access to additional features like keyword multiplier and emerging trends. In addition to this, the plan also expands your area of operation as you can now search along a region as it offers a regional search.

Platinum Plan – $149/mo

Well, this is an excellent plan for medium-sized Amazon sellers, as this plan offers access to 3 users, which was limited to one user in silver and gold plan. The platinum plan also offers global access to its sellers in addition to more market insights, keyword searches as compared to the silver and gold plan. The platinum plan has no limit to monthly searches done over MerchantWords. The plan costs around $149/month.

Enterprise Plan – $750/mo

The Enterprise is the highest tier plan offered by MerchantWords and offers a keyword collection of 10000, which is limited to 1000 and 500 in platinum, gold, and silver. One of the best features that it offers is getting a user database on a global base with 20 users having access to it. Well, the only thing that bothered me was its price; the plan costs around $750/month, which is pretty expensive compared to other seller tools like Helium 10.

Well, the tools and plans offered by MerchantWords are pretty great as a suite that is more specialized in keyword and product research, but in my personal opinion, the plans are pretty expensive when compared to other Amazon suites available. The Amazon seller tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout have more features and tools to offer, making them a better deal while being inexpensive at the same time.

Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords: Data Source

In this data driven world, everything we are getting is a part of data or related somehow to data. Now even before I get started on data and other stuff, let me tell you how this data is going to make a difference over your business. Amazon seller tools like Helium 10 and MerchantWords are basically more data driven, as they have an extensive list of keywords and products making them a great option to go ahead with. It’s pretty clear if you have a massive data base, the results of your data searches are going to be more accurate.

Both Helium 10 and MerchantWords are completely data driven whereas you might be amazed to know that both of them uses different sources. Let’s take a look at which are the data sources used and the regions they are operational on.

Helium 10 and MerchantWords uses data from different sources as;

Helium 10 has its data driven from organic searches as well as the PPC data available for any product, keywords, etc., meaning they have their data sourced from organic traffic as well PPC data. While MerchantWords is only limited to data driven by Organic searches and traffics, whereas Helium 10 is a bit ahead in the game, the data in Helium 10 is driven from PPC data and organic traffic as well.

Well, data is the king, right?

Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords: Customer Trend Region Wise

The features offered by both of these tools have been discussed above, but after discussing about all the key features, it’s quite clear that they offer drive and deliver data from different regions. While comparing these regions it was found that MerchantWords was operational in 2-3 more countries when compared to Helium, but I guess that they won’t be a problem for you if they are operational around all the major countries where you might be operating, in addition to that the features offered by Helium 10 are much more in number.

Helium 10 Vs. Merchant Words Pricing Comparison

🏆 Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords: Unforeseen Analysis

While comparing the user interface offered by both of them, the UI offered by Merchant 10 was more easy to understand, but it is quite clear that the features and tools offered by Helium 10 are way beyond MerchantWords, after looking at all the features and tools offered by Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords, it is pretty clear that where MerchantWords is a keyword and product research tool that can help you with getting along with Amazon SEO, meanwhile Helium 10 not only works on Amazon SEO but also performs other operation such as inventory management, sales operations and much more.

Top FAQ on Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords

What’s the difference between Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords?

The MerchantWords team believes that they are the most acceptable site for Amazon sellers to find opportunities and trends. They also claim to have the most up-to-date and extensive database of keyword searches and customer data on the market. Helium 10 is the best tool to run testing against leading competitors. The team claims its knowledge from customer product searches is comparable to or even better in most categories.

How usable are Helium 10 and MerchantWords? 

These keyword research tools are both simple to use. For this, you have to download these apps & extensions, type in your desired keyword, and your data will be retrieved. You can also download the data & tinker with it. Although the data differences are debatable, there is no doubt that both of these tools are excellent choices if you want a tool that is simple to use.

What are the features of Helium 10?

The system includes keyword research tools that allow digital marketers to identify high-ranking keywords to streamline ad campaigns on a uniform interface. The platform’s key features are a profitability calculator, ASIN grabber, inventory protector, index checker, multi-user login, and more.

What is the purpose of MerchantWords?

MerchantWords makes it simple to find emerging search trends, high-quality keywords, search volume history, keyword search volume, as well as reliable information on the competition, product cost, & supply, so you can connect with the right customers & grow your sales.

What does Helium 10 do?

Helium 10 is an eCommerce suite of tools for entrepreneurs and enterprises to manage and sell Amazon products, find keywords, identify trends, optimize listings, and streamline advertising campaigns.

Can MerchantWords be used on other online marketplaces?

Yes! MerchantWords currently indexes keywords & SERP metrics for Amazon. Most of their customers also use its shopper search data to improve the SEO of their blog and website content and enhance their listings on Walmart, eBay, and Etsy. MerchantWords may gather information from virtually any other marketplace, including Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and others.

How much does MerchantWords cost?

You can sign up for a monthly subscription for $149 per month or a yearly subscription for $1,490 per year – and receive two months free! And there’s no risk because you can cancel at any time. You may sign up for your ideal plan on its Keyword Tools page.

How much does Helium 10 cost?

Helium 10 offers 5 different pricing plans, as well as a free account option. The Starter Plan starts at $39 per month and is available for $339 per year. The Platinum Plan is $99 per month or $999 annually. The Diamond Plan is $249 per month or $2,499 annually.

How many people use Helium 10?

As the all-in-one software and analytics solution for Amazon sellers in the business, Helium 10 has proudly surpassed one million active users.

Conclusion: Helium 10 Vs. MerchantWords 2024 | Which tool is better for your Amazon business?

While getting along with features, tools, and the pricing plans that both of them offer, you might have got the idea that both of them serve different objectives. Helium 10 is an all-rounder sellers tool that has features helpful in inventory management, analytics, finances, and much more, whereas MerchantWords is more keyword and product research-oriented, so if you are someone who is looking for an all-rounder sellers tool, Helium 10 has won my vote. But if you are only happy with keyword and product research at a higher rate (which seems expensive to me), MerchantWords has got your attention.

As in my opinion, the features offered by Helium 10 are pretty great at the price point where they are offering it; well, in addition to that, they also have some in-house tools making it a better option.

It would have been great if MerchantWords had offered a free plan just to make users get along with the interface and features. Just saying! So as in my opinion, if you are an Amazon seller, Helium 10 would be a better option to get along with. Well, you can also check other articles on Helium 10 Vs. Jungle Scout to explore more available alternatives in the market.

Happy Selling!!

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