Are you in the hunt for choosing the right Web hosting provider but cannot choose one?

Well, HostArmada is another best web-hosting service on our list, and to help you better, here is a detailed ✅HostArmada Review! Also, We have covered the overall features and benefits of the excellent cloud-based software, along with some amazing discounts!

In this era of Social media, online presence matters a lot, and the only key factor here is the website itself. A website improves any business’s credibility and helps to exchange the right information with the visitors. Moreover, websites are the key factor for growth because you can grab your potential investors with the correct reference.

But when you are new to the industry, it gets confusing whether to choose a free service or a premium one!

Eventually, it’s seen that most of the website owners end up choosing shared hosting, which is a big No! Let’s understand the importance of cloud-based web hosting service and also the most awaited HostArmada review!

Why it’s necessary to pick the right web hosting service?

While choosing any Web hosting service, the common factors most businesses consider are speed and security. Undoubtedly, these two factors are significant because no matter how best a layout your site has, nobody will spare a second to stay without speed and security.

Any website’s performance depends on the server, and if that is not of good quality, you will not be able to meet your aims.

As cloud-based hosting delivers both speed and security, HostArmada offers this all, and you should go for it. Moreover, to help you maintain your site correctly, the software will provide you the required resources. The software is fully optimized with WordPress!

To help you understand better, we will cover all the significant benefits of HostArmada in this review. Also, in the end, we made sure that all the details will solve your specific doubts regarding cloud-based WordPress hosting

Detailed HostArmada Review 2024

HostArmada Review

Founded back in 2019, HostArmada is a new yet powerful hosting company with a lot of popularity in the market. The software offers key WordPress maintenance features like one-click installation, automatic backups, and storage to maintain the website. That’s the reason behind the software’s popularity!

Even though the headquarters of HostArmada is in the US, it also has offices across nine countries and data centers in five.

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HostArmada also offers different hosting solutions like Shared SSD hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS SSD hosting, Open Source hosting, Dedicated CPU hosting, and development hosting. Businesses can also check domain availability just by a click!

Features Of HostArmada Hosting

Because of the competitive features, HostArmada has emerged to become a premium-quality hosting service provider. Some of the HostArmada features are as follows:

HostArmada Hosting Review

#1. SSD storage

Not many hosting companies in the market provide users with SSD (solid-state-drivers) along with their hosting servers. These drivers help users to download loading pages quickly and give the right speed. The reason behind this is the servers are shock-resistant, fast, and reliable.

#2. Free content delivery network

HostArmada hosting gives each of its customers access to the content delivery network. This network helps in boosting the speed and overall performance of the website. And the best part about HostArmada is, even if this feature is available for free, the quality is top-notch.

#3. Extensive customer support service

What’s much better than getting your problems solved by professionals within some time?HostArmada provides fast, round-the-clock ticket support, online chatting assistance, and phone call support.

#5. Backup facilities

In any business, it is essential to have a backup because nobody can afford Data Loss. HostArmada keeps a backup of your website’s data, and you can restore it all effortlessly. This backup facility is available for free to all their customers!

#6. Extra security

Apart from backup, the next essential part of any website is the security itself. Nowadays, many malware attacks and hacking are happening around, which can be a real threat to any business. Keeping this in mind, HostArmada offers their users top-notch and multilevel security like firewalls, servers, etc.

#7. Multi-location data centers

Data centers play an essential role because they will get the best website loading speed if it is located nearby. And as HostArmada has a huge customer base, they have 9 centers located in popular countries. Customers get an option to choose their data center according to their ideal location.

HostArmada Data Centers

#8. Cpanel access

Using Cpanel, users can easily manage their entire website and fix any bug without a developer. As a user, you will be free to make small and big changes without coding. And that’s HostArmada provides users with the latest Cpanel access for managing the website quickly.

HostArmada Pricing Plans

HostArmada does not just provide their users with excellent uptime, blazing speed, reliable security, and 24/7 support, but also with attractive pricing. All their hosting plans are packed with essential features a business will need to grow.

HostArmada Pricing Plans

Also, all other competitors’ of HostArmada charge extra for backups, SSL certificates, email services, and premium support, but HostArmada provides all this for free. They also run regular promotional offers so that users can grab their service at an affordable price! Moreover, users can also use our HostArmada discount coupon to grab amazing discounts.

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HostArmada offers three shared plans, namely, Star Dock and Web Wrap, which are NGINX based, and Speed Reaper, which is LiteSpeed powered. All the plans are entirely versatile and have excellent features for every kind of website. Users will get access to adequate resources with each plan, and they scale up even more efficiently.

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HostArmada Pros & Cons


  • Free Domain

With HostArmada, you can register a domain name for free because it is included in their package. And the best advantage of this is HostArmada itself will renew your domain until you are their customer!

  • Affordable Pricing

If seen in the market, hosting services are considered a premium one, and the charges often reach the sky. But on the contrary, HostArmada offers the best and cheapest pricing. The basic plan starts from $3.99 per month and goes to $5.66 per month.

With the premium plan, the users will get access to features like unmetered bandwidth, dynamic caching, free domain registration or transfer, CDN, SSD storage, Sever level website security, 24/7 support, reliable security, and a lot more.

  • 45-Days Money Back Guarantee

Even though HostArmada doesn’t provide monthly pricing plans, the 45-day money-back guarantee is a big win for users. Hence, if you are not satisfied with the software, you can claim a refund, and you will get the same within 30-days itself. But the reason you will be choosing for the refund should be genuine enough, as the support team will contact you to know the problems.

  • Detailed Tutorials for Beginners

When compared with other tools in the market, HostArmada is best for both beginners and professionals. As sometimes it gets difficult for the team to take up all the calls, they have already done their best by posting valuable articles.

These blog posts include all the users’ problems and how they can fix them all by themselves. Some of the popular tutorials are WordPress tips and tricks, E-commerce, Cpanel management, FTP service, Joomla, email setup, and social network management!


  • No Fixed Monthly Hosting Plan

All other competitors’ of HostArmada have monthly hosting plans, which customers find easier and understand well. There’s no monthly plan by HostArmada, and the user has to buy the subscription for the whole year. But the positive point over here is customers can claim returns if they aren’t satisfied with the software within 45 days. Simply, it’s similar to a one-month testing plan, just like all other companies.

  • Competitive Renewal Rates

The first-year pricing plan of HostArmada is economically affordable, but when the plan dues, the user has to pay some extra charges. The owners haven’t yet explicitly mentioned why there is a hike in the pricing, but we believe it is for additional security features.

HostArmada FAQ

What is HostArmada?

HostArmada is a cloud-based, affordable, and scalable web hosting service provider with round-the-clock customer service!

How can you contact the HostArmada customer support team?

HostArmada offers three different types of support to its users. There is a live chat, phone chat, and support ticket system available. Through phone support, you can inquire about general sales issues, and with the ticketing system, you can resolve technical issues.

Where are the datacenters of HostArmada located?

Host Armada has over 9 data centers across the globe. The locations are as follows:
USA West Fremont, Europe London, Asia Singapore, Sydney Australia, Europe Frankfurt, USA East Newark, USA Central Dallas, South Canada Toronto, and Mumbai India.

Is there any active HostArmada coupon code?

Yes, HostArmada offers exclusive deals on all its web hosting plans that enable you to easily go for its fast and secure web hosting service. Use our special HostArmada discount coupon code that allows you to enjoy 70% off.

Conclusion: HostArmada Review 2024 | Should you go for this hosting provider?

Finding a quality and affordable WordPress hosting provider is incomparable. Because whatever service provider you will choose will directly affect your website’s both security and speed. And if not taken better care of, it can affect the overall site management process.

While reviewing HostArmada, we have discovered many benefits that other software may not provide at this cost. The tool has WordPress-specific features and resources that make the overall maintenance process more manageable.

HostArmada offers a clean cPanel interface for site and domain management, which is undoubtedly the best part. So, use this fantastic platform, and do let us know your experience!🙂

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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