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If you are hunting for Hugh Hefner net worth 2022, then you landed in the right spot. Get to know all about the life of Hugh Hefner, from his founding of Playboy to his luxurious life in Playboy Mansion, his multiple girlfriends and the deep dark secrets.

After a scandal-filled final few years of his life, the legacy of Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, will always be debated. To some, he was a pioneer of sexual liberation and modern feminism, whereas to others, he was simply a lecherous old man who exploited women and sold pornography.

But money doesn’t lie, and as one of the world’s greatest ever examples of a rags-to-riches story, Hefner’s net worth affirmed that he had made it big. How big? Well, as of July 2022, the net worth of Hugh Hefner stands at $50 million. So just how did this guy amass such an impressive fortune?

Hugh Hefner Net Worth 2022: How much was he earning at the time of his death?

Net Worth$50 Million
Income$1,16,000 (From Playboy)
DOB9th April, 1926
Height1.75 m
Country of BirthChicago, Illinois
Source of WealthPlayboy Enterprises
ProfessionPublisher and Editor-In-Chief
CitizenshipsUnited States
Honorable Mentions/ AwardsStar on ‘Walk Of Fame’(1980)
Criminal RecordsAllegations related to prostitution, pornography, drugs, and others
Relationship StatusMarried Mildred Williams(1949) and later divorced(1959)
Married Kimberley Conrad(1989) and later separated(1998)
Married Crystal Hefner(2012)
Several other Girlfriends
Most Expensive Things BoughtPlayboy Mansion(Current worth $200M)
$75,000 crypt next to Marylin Monroe
Mercedes-Benz 1969 600 Pullman Limo
Original Chicago Playboy Mansion
Stretch DC-9 Private Jet
Social Media FollowersInstagram: hughhefner (498k Followers)
Twitter: @hughhefner (1.1M Followers)

Playboy Magazine that has ruled for decades made the luxury, ‘PLEASURE’, a common man’s delicacy. Hugh Hefner was the founder, editor-in-chief and producer of Playboy magazine. Hugh Hefner faced immense taunts from society, for some thought his work was not noble. But on the other hand, he was praised for the bold step he took and removed the taboo tag from intimacy.

Playboy magazine started off in 1953, featuring the sex symbol of the classic era, Marilyn Monroe, in a nude calendar shoot. This initial edition of the magazine turned out to be a good hit, with over 50000 copies sold.

Besides living a luxurious lifestyle, he also took stand for Republic rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and animal rights. His charitable works until today are well appreciated. His social media accounts are now being used to support public causes such as protests against the child abortion ban in the U.S. Let’s get to know more about this real-life playboy and how he built his widespread empire:

Early Life and Education: Was Hugh born in a rich family?

Early Life and Education of Hugh Hefner

Hugh Marston Hefner was born to a “Conservative, Midwestern, Methodist” family on April 9, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois. His mother, Grace Caroline, was a teacher and belonged to Swedish ancestry. His German and English father, Glenn Hefner, was an accountant. The father’s line descended from William Bradford, a Plymouth governor.

Initially, Hugh attended Sayre Elementary School and did his further schooling at Steinmetz High School. Hugh also was posted as a U.S. army writer for two consecutive years, 1944-46. With a degree of B.A. in Psychology and a double minor in Creative Writing and Art, the young Hugh graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

After completing the course in two and half years, he also applied for a course in Sociology from Northwestern University, just to drop out of it after the first semester.

Hugh Hefner’s Career: The beginning of Playboy Enterprise!

Early Life and Education of Hugh Hefner

After graduating from university, he worked as a copywriter for Esquire, a famous American men’s magazine. But he soon resigned from the job after being denied a raise of $5. Hugh then took out a mortgage loan worth $600 and raised a total of $8,000 from 45 investors.

His mother and brother both had significant shares in the investment, not because they trusted the idea of Playboy but because they trusted their own blood. Playboy, originally supposed to be named as Stag Party, released its first publication in December 1953. The publication starred Marilyn Monroe from her previous naked calendar shoot and sold over 50000 copies.

Naked calendar shoot Marilyn Monroe by Hugh Hefner

Marilyn was not so famous then and had done this shoot out of a requirement for money. The fact to be noted here is that Hugh never had the privilege of meeting Monroe in person. But in 1992, he secured a crypt adjacent to her at Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary, the deal cost him $75000.

The magazine later published a homosexual science-based story, ‘The Crooked Man’ by Charles Beaumont in 1955, which resulted in heavy criticism from society. But Hefner tackled the situation in a very decent manner. He also was charmed by a performance of Dick Gregory and thus, hired him to perform at the Chicago Playboy Club.

The success of Hugh Hefner

After a slow start, Playboy took off, becoming one of the most successful American magazines ever. In 1959, the first Playboy Mansion was purchased by Hefner. He hosted popular T.V. shows such as Playboy’s Penthouse and Playboy After Dark. He also became the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. He indulged in multiple bold decisions that had hard consequences on his career.

Chicago Playboy Club Hugh Hefner

Hefner’s vision was far more than publishing a magazine, he saw Playboy as a lifestyle brand. Hefner published short fiction and non-fiction, hosted TV shows, opened clubs, made movies, produced radio shows, and more. His magazine even featured interviews that supported the revolts of that time and featured some renowned personalities such as Martin Luther King Jr. and James Earl Jones.

He was also a pioneer in the sexual revolution of the ’60s and ’70s and was a champion of modern feminism. Hefner was, to a large degree, responsible for the mainstreaming of pornography, but he also made it a respected form of expression.

He made guest appearances and did acting roles and voiceovers for various shows and movies in the Hollywood industry. Cooper Bradford Hefner succeeded his father and became the new face of Playboy in 2012.

Career Highlights

  • Post graduation, he started with Esquire magazine as a copywriter in 1952.
  • After quitting, along with a mortgage loan, he raised $8,000 from 45 investors.
  • The first edition of Playboy magazine was published in 1953, featuring the stunning Marilyn Monroe.
  • The initial publication sold more than 50000 copies.
  • He established the lavishing original Playboy Mansion in 1959.
  • He became the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises, which operates the entire magazine.
  • Got imprisoned for publishing nude pictures of the then-famous actress Jayne Mansfield with a man in bed.
  • The magazine also started to feature “playboy interviews” in 1962. He starred in various films, T.V shows and sitcoms. He is also the receiver of various accolades and achievements.
  • Hefner’s youngest son Cooper became the new face of Playboy and succeeded his father in 2012.

Hugh Hefner Net Worth: Was Playboy his only income source?

Hugh Hefner had a net worth of $50 Million at the time of his death in 2017. Hefner’s true fortune was made from the success of Playboy in the early ’60s and ’70s. The network of Playboy enterprises grew wider and wider, and thus income generated from sources such as the casinos and clubs was also huge.

In 2017, he owned 35% shares of the Playboy brand. He also had complete ownership of the print magazine to his account, which was not very popular as Hefner was a little slow to adapt to digitalization. When the company was in its full form, Hugh had a net worth of $200 million(Present day value).

Though the company’s recent performance was a little downmarket in the 2000s and the stock rate went down, Hugh had other investments as well. He had rental properties, production houses, dividends, interest, and a few other sources.

Hugh Hefner’s Mansion and Art Collection

Hugh Hefner’s Mansion and Art Collection

The main reason Hefner’s net worth is so high is because of the value of his estate. The main Playboy mansion alone is valued today at over $200 million, and it is only one of many properties Hefner owns. This stunning piece of real estate is one of the most popular resident mansions on the planet. He also had a few other apartment buildings in Los Angeles.

Apart from the monthly income he received from Playboy, he had a specific portion of the Playboy mansion reserved and rented for him and his special guests. In the late 2000’s he used to pay taxes and rent for the Playboy mansion, which revolved around $2.5 Million.

He even had a massive art collection that would just be a gold mine today. The collection includes works of some world-renowned artists and unique artistic pieces. He had over 125 iconic art pieces in his collection, for which an auction was held lately. A Salvador Dali watercolor art, pictures and paintings of beauties and characters, portraits of royalties, and others were included. This was just the tip of the iceberg, stated one of the Playboy officials.

How did Hugh Hefner spend his Millions?

If I had been in his place, my biggest flex would be his Million-dollar luxurious Playboy Mansions. He first owned the Original Chicago Playboy Mansion in 1959, and in the years following that until he got into some entanglement with the constitution in 1974. The palatial building was placed in one of the sensational spots of the city and was constructed from neoclassical French brick and limestone. It had a total of 72 rooms and other precious marks of luxury.

Another Playboy mansion spread on a huge footprint of 21,987 square feet is situated in the Holmby Hills area of Beverly Hills. The mansion hosted the crowning glory of the Playboy franchise. The Gothic Tudor Architecture is beautifully crafted on 5.3 acres of total land. The mansion was sold in 2016 for $100M but had a net worth of a whopping $200 Million.

Hugh Hefner Luxury Cars

Mercedes-Benz 1969 600 Pullman Limo, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Convertible and 1955 Cadillac Series 62 are just a few of the luxury cars that are a part of Hugh Hefner’s Car Collection. Stretch DC-9 was the private jet he owned, and he paid $5.5 million for it during that time.

His shiny wardrobe, which consisted of his iconic sailors’ caps and silky bathrobes, would easily have its unique net worth profile. Hefner’s weekly expenses were also what he spent on maintaining his own self and his mansion. Hefner also spent tens of thousands of dollars on his appearance and looks.

Charitable works and Donations: A self-made man for mankind!

Hugh Hefner’s daughter Christie Hefner created the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award in honor of her father. The award is meant to appreciate the individuals who made notable contributions in the effort to protect and improve “First Amendment rights for Americans.”

He even raised money for the Democratic party and was a strong supporter of Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012. His fundraising event hosted at the Playboy mansion helped raise funds for restoring the Hollywood sign. And that is how he purchased the letter Y in a ceremonial Auction and later donated it to the city.

He also donated big checks to places such as the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and Norris Theater. Hugh donated another “$2 million to endow a chair for the study of American film.”

He also supported organizations and campaigns for animal rescue and protection, Generation Rescue, and others. ‘Children of the Night‘ founder and president Dr. Lois Lee presented Hefner with the Hero of the Heart Award in 2010 for his generosity towards mankind.

The scientific name of Marsh rabbit is named after Hefner to honor him for his financial support. He also supported the legalization of same-sex marriage.

♔ Philosophical quotes by Hugh Hefner

“Sex is the driving force on the planet. We should embrace it, not see it as the enemy.” – Hugh Hefner

“It’s good to be selfish. But not so self-centered that you never listen to other people.” – Hugh Hefner

“If you don’t have a sense of humor about life and yourself, then you are old.” – Hugh Hefner

“Several girlfriends are easier to handle than one wife.” – Hugh Hefner

“Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream.” – Hugh Hefner

🌟Top FAQs on Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Who inherited the Hugh Hefner Net worth?

Following his death in 2017, Hugh Hefner’s fortune shall be given to various beneficiaries, which include his children and widowed wife, Crystal Harris. Crystal particularly received a $5 million Hollywood Hills house and a few million dollars of cash. The Playboy mansion was sold in 2016 for a value of $100 million. Playboy is now under PLBY Group, Inc, which looks after the magazine and other assets.

What happened to the Playboy Mansion?

The Playboy Mansion was purchased by Daren Metropoulos for a worth of $100 Million, making it one of the highest valued deals in Los Angeles. Hugh was allowed to reside in the mansion for the coming years, but unfortunately, he passed away a year later.

What was the cause of Hugh Hefner’s death?

On September 27, 2017, Hugh Hefner passed away, aged 91, in the Playboy Mansion due to sepsis brought by an E. coli infection. He was buried next to the grave of Marilyn Monroe in L.A. He desired to be buried next to Marilyn, and he himself purchased the crypt for $75,000 in 1992.

How many children did Hugh Hefner have?

He had 2 children from his first wife, Christie(1952) and David(1955). Then with his second marriage, he had two sons, Marston Glenn(1990) and Cooper(1991). Out of his four wards, Cooper, the youngest one, became the face of Playboy after his step-sister Christie.

What do we know about Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends?

His first wife was Mildred Williams, to whom he got married in 1949, the couple got divorced after a decade in 1959. Donna Michelle, Lillian Müller, Shannon Tweed, and Karen Christy were just a few of his many girlfriends that he was involved with in the 1960s and 70s. He married Kimberley Conrad, playmate of the year, in 1989. The couple separated in 1998 but filed for divorce in 2009, which was finalized in 2010.

After his second, he dated the Bentley Twins, Brande Roderick, Tina Marie Jordan, Holly Madison, and Kendra Wilkinson. He had multiple by his all under one roof, a famous trio included Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson.

According to the reports, he even used to pay his girlfriends a certain allowance. Later, in 2012 he married his last girlfriend and wife, Crystal Hefner, who stayed with him until his death.

Final Words: Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Hefner’s reputation precedes him, but money doesn’t lie, and Hefner’s astonishingly high net worth affirms his success. Though Hefner has done much positive with his life, he also contributed to the objectification of women and the rise of pornography in mainstream culture.

His Playboy fortune is also something that gained public attention from the very beginning. Hugh’s philanthropic works are also regarded with great honor. After his demise his net worth at the time of his death was $50M, which is neither extremely high nor unexpectedly low. His life was full of controversies and scandals. For some, a sober man but for some, a pervert. What was your opinion about Hugh Hefner?

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