Customizing the workspace interface can be tricky for people with a non-technical background. Are you one of them? Do you want to personalize your database and storage as per the requirements? Finding it difficult to customize without the core knowledge of how these things work?

Your prayers have been answered. Presenting Infinity, your guide, and your partner through this process of customization service. With a vast array of customizable templates and products available for personal as well as business use, this is the best API guidance you can find in the market. Infinity maintains tracking throughout the completion of a task, i.e., Completion Tracking.

Infinity Vs. Stackby 2024 | What is Workspace?

Infinity vs.Stack

Its name and location define a workspace. It contains all objects such as databases, tables, views, Projects, etc. A user has access only to those objects to which he/she belongs. If I am not allowed to create or modify an object, I cannot use my workspace. In other words, each workspace represents a set of users who share common privileges. Its the need for Project Management Tools that resulted in the creation of these technologies.

  • Database / Project Properties

These properties control various aspects related to data stored inside the database like table structure, column names, indexes, constraints, etc. You can change most of these settings from here. For instance, changing the default collation setting would help when you need to compare strings across different languages.

  • Table Properties

Here, you can define columns, their datatypes, nullability, length, etc. The best part is that you don’t even need to know anything about programming language to make changes here. Just select the desired field type and click the OK button.

  • View Properties

Similar to table properties, but instead of defining fields, you can choose between creating a new view or modifying an existing one. If you wish to add more columns, just right-click on the view header and select Add Column option.

  • Object Explorer

As mentioned earlier, every workspace consists of multiple objects. To get information about a particular object, simply double-clicking on it opens up the Object Explorer window where you can find out details regarding schema, size, indexing status, etc. Also, you can easily navigate through folders and subfolders present under the “Databases” folder.

  • Security Settings

By clicking on the Security tab, you can manage permissions associated with specific objects. There are two types of permission, namely, Read & Execute and Write & Execute. When you grant read permission to someone else, they can open the object without performing any operation. On the contrary, write permission allows him/her to edit the contents of the object.

  • Logging Tab

This section provides detailed logging information about actions performed on selected objects. Click on the log file icon located next to the object name to generate logs.

  • Options Tab

From here, you can configure advanced features, including connection string, authentication mode, encryption key, etc.

  • Advanced Tab

Finally, you can check whether the current session is connected to a remote server or local machine.

Infinity vs. Stackby

The most Common customization required are:

Enter appropriate values. This will open up a dialog box that has two tabs, namely General Settings and Advanced settings. Select any tab depending upon your requirement. For example, if you want to change the default size of the workspaces, select general setting; otherwise, go ahead with advanced settings. This article compares between these mentioned rivals to help you choose the best for your needs.

Infinity Vs. Stackby: About Companies

At Infinity, customization is child’s play as they let you work through all your storage requirements, track ongoing projects, multi-member login.

Infinity vs. Stackby

Get an edge on the business plan. Infinity feature helps you toggle between different views in the same folder seamlessly. Additional features include Mess-free subjugation and compartmentalization of data and tasks. It offers personalized filters and grouping sections that suit your requirements.

One can efficiently be combining attributes and features as and when required. Achieve Annual plans efficiently. In Contrast, the Stackby feature serves the same purpose as the previous, but it becomes too tiresome to make your choices due to too many variants available.

Infinity vs. Stackby

Building your customization takes a long time and slows down the ease of accessibility. It provides endless templates and personalization for every aspect of data management

Infinity Vs. Stackby: Mentionable Features

Infinity Features

  • 6 variants / Template modes for user representing data.
  • 20+ Functions and attributes can be added to your choice of data representation Through the Project Lifecycle.
  • Best range of Filters, Sorts, and Grouping options available and Real-Time Updates.
  • Create workspaces, boards, Folders, Tabs, and Items.
  • Multiple ways and levels to collaborate with members.
  • Seamless and quick integration from your previous workspace.
  • Available in windows, Mac/ios, and mobile – android formats.
  • Custom Cloud-hosted Deployment.
  • Eliminates issues like Non-Adaptability, storage limitation, poor after services.
  • Infinity allows you to build automation to work better & more efficiently. To save time & reduce busywork, one can create reminders, recurring tasks, IFTTT automation, etc.
  • The product management framework of Infinity makes it easy for people to build an actionable product strategy. With this, one can work more effectively & then build the right product.
  • Infinity is the one-stop platform for your marketing management needs. With Infinity, one can complete their marketing projects on time, can track KPIs, etc.

More Benefits of Infinity

Integrates with the following applications and system enlisted:

  • Trello, Zapier, Asana, Pocket, Dropbox, Evernote, JIRA, Todoist, and Google Drive.
  • Ease of access with the team working in the environment or on the same project.
  • Interface – Interpersonal contact within the system.
  • Ability to display the Projects, tasks, contacts, calendars, schedules by user choice.
  • Total control over the flow of the projects, inclusive of marketing and development.
  • Varieties of view types available, Infinity has viewpoint in every mode a team member requires.
  • Enables creation of tabs, folders, sub-folders, as needed.
  • Impeccable Customer Support Agents at your service.
  • Functionalities with ease.
  • Automations (Completly automate every row and task)

Stackby Features

Stackby features
  • It helps manage and plan user workspace and eliminate redundancy. Forms a relational database but requires excessive competent input before proceeding with the next steps of automation. It includes unique column types and offers real-time updates with all the collaborators.
  • Manages data in formats such as GRID, KANBAN, UPDATABLE FORMS.
  • Fully customizable column types.
  • Automation for powerful API and UI.
  • Smart functioning filters.
  • It offers real-time collaborations with clients and the team too.
  • Compatible with trending devices and system interface softwares.
  • Stackby seamlessly allows you to connect to your favorite apps that you use daily without any coding skills. 
  • Without any technical or coding skills, you can connect their columns to popular services through APIs. This will help you to get real-time information.
  • You can integrate Stackby with many popular business apps.

Infinity Vs. Stackby: Pricing Plans

Infinity Pricing

Infinity pricing
  • $149 / yr
  • 5 Members
  • 25 GB Storage
  • Access to all features
  • 50+ Templates
  • Full customer support
  • Lifetime account
  • Industry best offering

Stackby Pricing

  • $99/yr
  • 3 Members
  • 6 GB Storage per stack
  • 7000 Rows per stack
  • 10 API connectors
  • 26-Week revision history
  • Access to all features
  • Full customer support
  • No lifetime account 

🌟 Infinity Vs. Stackby FAQ

🤔What is Infinity?

Infinity is a #1 project management tool that allows you to organize everything in your unique way.

🤔What is Stackby?

Stackby is a cloud-based work management tool that does it all. It’s as simple to use as a spreadsheet, performs database operations, and links to various business APIs to automate tasks.

🙄Is Infinity project management good?

Excellent team, excellent support, excellent development, and excellent product. It has a fantastic Zapier connector for CRM connectivity and operations.

🔎What is Stackby table?

Stackby’s tables act more like databases, focusing on spreadsheets, which users are most familiar with. Because it’s powered, it doesn’t have a numbering scheme (such as A2, C3) like spreadsheets, giving you greater flexibility to deal with your data and flow.

💰What does Infinity’s lifetime deal include?

The lifetime deal from Infinity is an exclusive, limited-time offer that allows you to acquire a lifetime account with full access to all of Infinity’s features. The most basic package is $149.

😎Can I try Stackby for free?

Yes, Stackby offers a free plan to create a free Stackby account that helps users test this amazing platform for free.

💲Does Infinity offer any refund policy?

Infinity offer 30 days money-back guarantee to all its new users. If you are not fully satisfied, then Infinity will refund your money within 30 days.

🔎Which payment options does Stackby support?

Stackby supports all major credit cards. But you can make payment by using bitcoins as it does not support bitcoins.

🔥Is there any working Infinity coupon code?

If you are looking for the verified Infinity discount coupon that helps you save big bucks, then use the above mentions Infinity coupon code. You can even go for an Infinity lifetime deal that starts at $149.

Conclusion: Infinity Vs. Stackby 2024 | Which tool should you choose for your business?

These tools are great at what they do. But if we talk about their pricing model, then Infinity comes out ahead. It offers more flexibility than its competitor. If you want to try them out first, go for the free trial version. You will get an idea of how each tool functions. Then decide which one suits your needs better.

Infinity allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the same document, and Stackby also supports multi-person editing; it’s collaborative like Google sheets. This can be very useful because it makes collaboration easier at Infinity since everyone knows exactly where things stand without having to constantly ask, “who changed this?” etc. Both offer similar features, although I think Infinity does come up strong in terms of customization.🙂

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