The best-in-class events are very much required when you belong to a corporate or even the networking sector. So, let us introduce you to one of the top event-organizing company ‘WintEvents.’ In this interview with WintEvents CEO & Founder, Anatoly Shvarts we got a chance to have our conversations going from affiliate marketing to virtual events, services that WintEvents offers, and much more.

From having to known for its online events, the WintEvents has made a great name amongst corporate events and even various kinds of parties. WintEvents has got a good hold in the affiliate market industry, where every year they organize a number of events. 

The main motto of their Founder & CEO, Anatoly Schvartz is to “MAKE MONEY & HAVE FUN!”

Sounds interesting, Right? Well if you want to know him more, up close and personal we have interviewed him and asked a few questions about his event company that might intrigue you a bit more. 

Interview with Wintevents CEO

Let’s read our Interview with WintEvents CEO & Founder, Anatoly Shvarts – BLOGGINGECLIPSE

Q1. Do you think events work as a better driving force for a business?

I think events are not better but very important, actually a must-have channel for attracting new partners, clients, and other boosts for your business.

Online channels may seem more effective in the rate of touches or leads per dollar but nothing can replace real-life conversation. Your touches or leads from the events usually bring much more value.

Q2. You have a lot of events coming up, besides having the best affiliate marketing events in Dubai and Barcelona, what other events do you plan on doing on the same and most incredible scale?

Yeah, we have really a lot of plans for 2024. We have already scheduled 7 ANS (Affiliate Networking Series) events for this year. Two have already happened in Dubai this March, others are Barcelona (AW, July), two in Limassol (both September around SIGMA and Webmaster Access conferences), Malta (SIGMA, November), Bangkok (AW, December) and we keep updating the schedule. Probably we’ll have another one this October in Almaty and also we have plans to add a few more this year. So I hope we’ll have 10+ ANS events around the world in 2024.

We have also some other exciting plans for events, not only ANS but can’t tell you any details. Yet. 🙂 

Q3. Besides MAC, what other events do you have listed and pre-planned?

Well, actually MAC is not listed yet. But it might happen this year 🙂

Some parts of our events are private and we are doing those events as contractors for our clients. We are always open to discuss deals like that and using our events experience to assist someone who has great ideas. Right now can’t tell you much more about specific plans.

Q4. Which city has been till now responded the best, when we talk about your previous events?

Dubai was really hot this year. A lot of top people and companies attended our events there. We raised record money in our charity auction for Ukraine ($68k) at one of the Dubai events.

But actually, I like all cities where we are doing events. Every city and country has some specific charm and positive sides for business.

Q5. What event do you think will have more affiliate marketing opportunities?

It depends on your verticals. If you are gambling probably you’ll have more value from the events around SIGMA.

If you belong to other affiliate marketing verticals – events around AW are very good for opportunities.

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Q6. Do you have a segment of Virtual events? What led you to have a whole sector of online events?

We had a couple of online conferences in previous years but they weren’t Virtual. We are looking at the Virtual events segment very closely and have considered trying something but not scheduled yet.

Q7. Your client list is full of big names. Which client has had the greatest experience till now and what is the story behind making that experience great?

Well, we are making very very different types of events. Some of them are solid business events without much entertainment side and some of them are really crazy parties.

I can’t speak for our clients, but I think many of them had really special experiences with us.

Q8. What services do you offer to your clients?

  1. We can create and handle any type of event for them from scratch as contractors
  2. We can do some business events together as co-organizers
  3. We can create and handle all exhibition presence for our clients (stand / booth, promo materials, promo models/artists, wow-effects, contests mechanics, collecting contacts, tracking)
  4. And of course, we offer productive sponsorship opportunities at our own events

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Q9. What all types of events do WintEvents organize?

We love events so much that we enjoy doing various ones. You can take a look at our portfolio at and there you will find:

  1. Big conferences
  2. Parties
  3. Afterparties
  4. Meetups
  5. Corporate events
  6. Birthdays
  7. Press conferences

Maybe just not any single wedding yet but we’d love to do that type of event as well and I think it will soon happen. 

Q10. Any celebrity event, you have done to date?

If you mean some worldwide celebrity person – then not yet. 

Q11. What do you feel about BloggingEclipse? Can you please explain a few details you like about our blogs?

You project is very ambitious with a lot of quality content and also I really like that you support so many languages.

It’s interesting to follow your development.

I wish you all the best, including record-setting numbers of visitors and views!

Anatoly Shvarts,                               
CEO & Founder

With a great team of creative people, WintEvents has become the most organized events company. From arranging corporate events and conferences, they are well known to arrange and have a bash at private parties, after parties as well as resort and beach events. 

We at BloggingEclipse trust in the services provided by WintEvents and would suggest having the same services experienced. 

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