If you like it all Juicy, you won’t regret Juicyads ever! Jokes apart, but are you still on a search for the best adult ad network? Read out this Juicyads review ahead to explore what’s in for you, and whether you should even give it a try or not!

Adult industry is an evergreen industry, no matter whichever trend comes into the space, this industry would never go off the market (not anytime sooner atleast). And we don’t need a PhD to claim this, it’s a very smart and common claim.

However, if you are a smart advertiser yourself, why not step into the bandwagon? Because if it’s about the adult industry, it’s never too late!

The demand for adult content is increasing everyday, but there’s still a problem with the supply. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the oldest and the best Adult ad networks that dedicatedly solves this problem. The network is best known for its ability to bring in advertisers who rigorously want to sell their adult product/service, and publishers who are awesome with their content but are looking forward to monetizing it all.

If you fall into any such category, what are you waiting for? Read out this JuicyAds review ahead to explore what the network has for both publishers and advertisers, check out now!

JuicyAds Advertising Network Details Upfront – Goldmine for Publishers & Advertisers

JuicyAds is an amazing adult advertising network being used by adult industry pioneers for years now. It’s a self-service platform giving users complete freedom to make changes to their campaigns all by themselves. And even the payout offered to publishers is amazing, here’s a quick sneak peek for you:

JuicyAds for Publishers

Minimum payout$25
Maximum payout$500 (a week)
Payment frequencyWeekly, pay-on-demand, bimonthly (cheque payments), monthly (wire transfer).
Commission typeCPM, CPC (CPA and CPL available for specific products/services)
Payment optionsPayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Cheque payments, Wire Transfer

JuicyAds for Advertisers

Ad formats availablePop-under, Banner, and Native
Minimum deposit$50 – $100, depending on the ad format selected
Payment modesPayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
Daily Impressions600M+
VerticalsAdult, dating, live cam

What is JuicyAds? | JuicyAds Review

JuicyAds Review

Popularly known as the Sexiest Advertising Network of the nation, JuicyAds is the best online advertising network one could ever find if they are into the adult industry. No matter what sexual content or services you are into, JuicyAds has got you covered with everything, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

If you are an advertiser who wants to boost adult traffic and sales, JuicyAds has got your back with the best industry-leading publishers. These publishers have their own websites, apps, and other media channels all related to adult content so that an advertiser’s products are advertised to the right set of audience.

Advertisers on JuicyAds can create their own campaigns, and even manage it all from just a dashboard, yes it’s a self-serve platform. You can pick up any ad format of your choice from the options given – pop-ups, banners, mobile ads, native ads, and pop-unders. You can even target your ads to some specific set of audience by the various targeting features available within JuicyAds like location and device type.

To the last, advertisers can even automate their whole media buying process, isn’t this quite wonderful?

Coming to the publishers, with JuicyAds any publisher can find the right advertiser for their adult content within minutes. They will get hundreds of options to choose from, whether they want an ad for their website or for any other media channel, there’s always an option available. Even for publishers, JuicyAda has multiple ad formats available to choose from like banners, pop-unders and video ads.

The best part about choosing JuicyAds for both Advertisers and Publishers is – the network has been in the market since 2006, and has served trillions of ad impressions till date.

JuicyAds is both a reliable and trusted adult advertising network. It caters specifically to the advertising industry thus the chances of advertisers reaching the target audience more effectively and quickly is higher, and the chances of publishers monetizing their adult content quickly is even more higher.

This is just not it, read out the whole JuicyAds review ahead to explore what’s in the box for you – and we bet you won’t regret it!

Key Features of JuicyAds Ad Network

From modern interface, and global coverage, to robust architecture – JuicyAds undoubtedly has so much more to offer to both Advertisers and Publishers from the adult ad industry. The best part is that this network has won over 30 industry awards. And the reason behind all of these massive achievements are the features the network is power packed with, let’s check it all out now.

👉 JuicyAds Features for Advertisers

If you are an advertiser looking forward to finding the best publisher for your adult products or services, read out this JuicyAds Advertisers features section ahead to explore what’s in for you.

1. Massive publisher network

No matter what your product or service is, JuicyAds has got you covered with publishers of all kinds so that you are able to advertise your products better. Publishers here on JuicyAds are from different countries, and each offer unique adult content on their websites/marketing channels – hence the audience here are unique as well. Advertisers can even choose what type of ad space they want, from banner ads, pop-unders, to video ads, there are multiple ad options available to choose from.

2. Self-serve network

One of the best parts about choosing JuicyAds as your advertising network is, it is a self-serve network. This means, advertisers over here get complete freedom to create and manage their campaigns from scratch all within the tool itself. They can optimize their campaigns in real-time and can look after the ROI maximization part whenever they wish to.

3. Multiple ad formats

As mentioned previously, JuicyAds offers users multiple ad formats to choose from – so that the advertiser picks just the right ad format that will best advertise their product, the right way. From banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, to mobile ads, pick simply any ad format, and use it in your campaign.

4. Targeting options

JuicyAds offers advertisers a variety of targeting options so that their product/service can reach the right audience at the right time. For example, advertisers can target their ads based on a specific geographical location and can thus find a publisher from that location. They can even target it according to the device type, which we believe is the best option ever!

5. Dedicated account managers

To the last, JuicyAds is a massive adult ad network and picking the right publisher for your next ad campaign can be a trickier task. However, a dedicated account manager will always be available to you. The manager will help you out with the pricing game so that you, as an advertiser, get a good ROI on your advertising budget.

👉 JuicyAds Features for Publishers

As mentioned previously, JuicyAds is a great adult ad network for publishers, it literally makes publishing sexy. Malware-free, adware-free, and scam-free, if you want all three of these, check out the JuicyAds features for publishers below:

1. Exclusive advertisers

Ad industry as a whole is huge, and just the adult industry itself holds a massive space. JuicyAds being an adult-only ad network offers publishers access to exclusive adult advertisers so that they don’t have to look any further. And also no matter which type of media channel you are into (as a publisher), you will always find a relevant advertiser for your content with JuicyAds.

2. Highest payouts

The best part about choosing JuicyAds as a publisher for getting ad content is it offers the highest payouts every week. The network offers a dual solution of CPC and CPM ads. It pays you both per click and per impression basis, hence offering you the highest possible revenue in just a week.

3. Multiple ad formats

JuicyAds offers users banners optimized for multiple device types – mobile, desktop, smart TV, tablets, and more. Publishers can even pick up any specific banner size, like 300×250 – medium rectangle, or 300×250 layer ads. The network even offers a pop-under ad format for maximum exposure that is rigorously tested and constantly monitored.

4. Highly intuitive dashboard

To help publishers make the most out of the ads they have chosen, JuicyAds offers a highly intuitive dashboard. The dashboard provides publishers access to detailed reports, so that they can travel their ad performance and earnings in real-time with much ease.

Updated JuicyAds 2024 Features

In their latest update JuicyAds, the Adult Advertisement network has taken care of both the publishers as well as the advertisers and introduced new features and a few updates.

Starting with Adsistant, they have now got a beta version of this easy and robust optimization tool which is available for everyone who wants to use the rule-based optimization tool.

They have also introduced new payment methods that will save you a lot of time. A frictionless payment method also has a secured credit card billing system featuring one-click billing. Now won’t have to re-enter your credentials every time you try to do a transaction from your once used credit card.

Speaking of transactions, now a user has the fully configurable option to automate and refill your balance required to reload your account, in case it goes low.

For advertisers, JuicyAds has now upgraded its tracking system ‘Pixels’ and also moved it to a new URL. This sales measuring tool has now got new logging capabilities and a manual insertion method of traffic source identifiers like ‘zoneid.’

Then both Advertisers as well as publishers can notice a totally refreshed dashboard and more data as well as statistics added throughout the whole platform.

For advertisers, a more straightforward banner ad image manager has been introduced that is able to retain the data for old and deleted images. They can even enjoy the improved recommended bids for banner campaigns, better language, and character support as well as use the new ‘Manage My Ads’ area.

The Manage My Ads area can be modified with certain dates, sort your column, and even have the visuals set as per your needs to easily spot changes within your flat rate placements.

5+ Reasons why you should go for JuicyAds Network

Now that we have already seen what JuicyAds has to offer to both Advertisers and Publishers, next comes the strong reasons part (why you must dedicatedly pick JuicyAds over other advertising networks).

Key Features of JuicyAds Ad Network
  1. As of today’s date, JuicyAds is running more than 4,000 campaigns and getting 1 billion impressions daily
  2. The team is serving 121,000+ websites and 63,000+ clients daily (more joining everyday)
  3. JuicyAds traffic converts – and it’s not the team saying this, but the publishers themselves
  4. Modern interface that saves hours of research time so that the user can just think of monetization and advertising
  5. The network has won over 30 industry awards (and was nominated for 100+ award shows)
  6. Adsistant – proprietary assistant by JuicyAds available to advertisers for campaign auto-optimization
  7. A one of a kind self-service platform that supports CPC/CPM/CPA/CPL billings

How to Join the JuicyAds Ad network? A Step-by-Step Guide!

Getting started with JuicyAds is literally as easy as eating your pie from the fridge (pun intended). But yes, it’s extremely easy, you simply have to fill up the JuicyAds ad network form.

JuicyAds Sign Up

In the form you will have to enter:

  • Your name or your company’s name
  • Email Id, Username, and Password
  • Your Address and Country name
  • Skype ID (not mandatory)
  • Phone number (not mandatory)
  • Pick up a reason why you want to use JuicyAds: as a publisher, an advertiser, or both as a publisher and as an advertiser
  • Hit the sign up button!

After this, the team will review your account and approve it in a bare minimum time period. Once you have got the approval, you will even get a Javascript code from the team. You will have to insert this Javascript code to your website/blog/marketing channel. The code offered is fully automated, hence no customizations will be required from your end.

Voila, once the code is inserted in your blog, you can start earning commissions!

JuicyAds Payment Review | JuicyAds Pricing

Many advertisers still believe that advertising adult products out there in the market is quite expensive. But guess what – the reality is a lot different, especially when you choose an adult ad network like JuicyAds for your services. Down here, we have listed out the pricings, however do remember that, even if the price you’ll be paying is on a cheaper side, the quality you will be getting (top publishers) will literally be amazing.

JuicyAds for Advertisers | How much advertisers will have to pay?

The best part about JuicyAds is, it’s a self service platform – hence the team is very straightforward with the pricing. There’s a rate sheet available on the official dashboard which any advertiser can check out before moving ahead. Basically, the pricing for advertisers on the platform is based on both CPM and CPC – which means advertisers have to pay a specific amount for every number of times their ad is displayed to the visitor.

According to the rate sheet, the pricing differs significantly according to the country you pick. For example, for UAE the minimum pricing for banner ads is $0.003 for CPC (cost per click) and $0.01 for CPM (cost per 1k views).

The network also offers multiple payment options to advertisers – the popular ones being – Credit Card, PayPal, Paxum, and Wire Transfer.

JuicyAds for Publishers | How much is the earning potential for publishers?

Publishers can make huge with JuicyAds, and trust us we can bet on this. The network offers publishers a variety of ads to choose from – like banners, pop-ups, and video ads. And the publishers over here are paid according to the revenue-share model. The more the publisher is able to generate impressions and clicks, the higher he/she will get paid.

And the best part here is, the revenue share of each ad format ranges from 40% to 80%.

The minimum payout is $25, whereas for cheque payments it’s $100, and $500 word Wire Payments. The network even offers pay on request feature, hence, publishers if they cross the minimum threshold, they can demand a payout instantly.

However, the team automatically does the digital payments after every seven days – on Fridays. Publishers can get cheque payments on 1st and 16th of every month, whereas the wire payments are done once per month (usually in the first week).

From PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, to cheque – JuicyAds literally offers publishers a variety of payment options to choose from!

But, can chrome block JuicyAds?

Here comes the millionaire question any publisher might have before they choose JuicyAds – and the answer is NO.

Chrome usually blocks ads from a website that display a massive number of bad quality ads to visitors. Hence, the concern here is about quality, and JuicyAds never compromises even a bit on quality. The network offers publishers compliant ads only, and even they ask advertisers to offer ads which are of great quality.

Top FAQs on JuicyAds Review 2024

Who can benefit from JuicyAds?

Anyone with a website, particularly those with adult content, can benefit from JuicyAds. This includes site owners, bloggers, and marketers who want to monetize their website traffic. Similarly, advertisers who want to target specific demographics can utilize JuicyAds to reach their intended audience.

How does JuicyAds work for publishers?

As a publisher, you can earn revenue by placing JuicyAds banners or pop-under ads on your website. When your site visitors click on these ads, you get paid. You also have the option to sell specific ad spots on your site to advertisers for a set price.

How does JuicyAds work for advertisers?

Advertisers can choose to run either direct or mobile ads. Direct ads are placed on specific websites selected by the advertiser, while mobile ads are displayed on mobile devices based on the selected demographic targeting. The advertiser can also choose between CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPC (Cost Per Click) payment models.

What kind of ad formats does JuicyAds offer?

JuicyAds offers various ad formats including banner ads, pop-under ads, and mobile redirects. These come in several standard sizes that can be customized to suit your needs.

How much can I earn as a JuicyAds publisher?

The earnings as a JuicyAds publisher can vary greatly, as it depends on factors like the volume and quality of your website traffic, the type and size of the ads displayed, and the geographical location of your audience. JuicyAds has a competitive payout structure and offers weekly payments to publishers.

What types of websites are accepted by JuicyAds?

JuicyAds accepts both mainstream and adult content websites. However, they have a strict policy against any illegal content, including but not limited to child pornography, bestiality, rape, or anything that violates their terms and conditions.

Does JuicyAds have an affiliate program?

Yes, JuicyAds does have an affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the publishers or advertisers you refer to JuicyAds.

Is JuicyAds a legitimate and safe platform to use?

Yes, JuicyAds is a legitimate advertising network that’s been in the industry for over a decade. They employ secure technologies to protect user data and comply with all standard industry practices to ensure a safe and efficient advertising experience.

JuicyAds Review Wrap-up – Is it really the Best Adult Ad Network?

To answer the question asked above, Yes JuicyAds really is the best adult ad network one can ever ask for.

The network is quite popular among advertisers and publishers in terms of reliability. The payouts here are highly transparent and good as compared to other adult ad networks available out there. And let’s not forget the transparency, even advertisers on JuicyAds get massive ROI on their advertising budget, because they don’t have to pay more.

With this advertising network, any publisher can make $100 – $500 a month, with much ease. There are multiple payment options available which is a great WIN-WIN. And the auto-optimization feature for advertisers truly got all our attention. So publishers and advertisers out there, what are you waiting for? The best adult ad network is here, you simply have to step in to witness a massive change in your adult business quickly!

JuicyAds Review 2024: A Juicy Publishing/Advertising Network! 1
JuicyAds Review
0out of 10

Dive into the tantalizing world of JuicyAds, the Rockstar of adult ad networks. It’s not just about sizzling content; this platform dishes out transparency, juicy payouts, and a user-friendly interface that auto-optimizes your campaigns. Ready to take a bite of the evergreen adult industry? JuicyAds is your golden ticket!


Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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