Are you a seasoned Amazon seller and looking forward to growing your business? Jump Send is all that you might need!! Back in 2019, Jump Send merged with Jungle Scout, and now it’s popularly known as “Launch” by the software. This merge happened on May 22, 2019, and all the features are well updated to match the market needs.

Read our updated ✅Jump Send Review that includes detailed information about this amazing Amazon sales growth tool. The growth of the online retail market is visible to all of us since the market has shown the highest annual growth in 20 years. With this being said, the market continues to enlarge its presence and grow bigger.

Users can compare and search for a plethora of products just by a tap. And if you are a smart seller with an innovative approach towards this crowded market, you can make millions! But sometimes, only the innovative thinking approach doesn’t make up a lot, and you have to use the smartest software out there. Software that will give you the right edge over the competition, and having said this, Jump Send (Launch) is all that you should think of!

Marketers nowadays are trying out several tactics to boost sales and rank or promote products online. One popular technique includes running ads over popular social media platforms to prospective customers and promoting products directly. But is it all enough? Not really!

All different niches require a different marketing approach, and Jump Send helps its users to do the same. The tool benefits users to realize and learn the customer’s needs better and has additional benefits like spam protection, return management, etc.!

Rollover to read our in-depth Jump Send (Launch) review!!

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Detailed Jump Send Review

Jump Send Review

Jump Send, now popular as Launch, is online software that helps businesses enhance their analysis level and increase their reach to potential customers. Since the tool has now used to be a stand-alone tool but has now become a part of Jungle Scout, the offerings are much more on the table, be it from getting solutions about sales or reviews!

Jump Send has its marketplace of over 100,000+ shoppers who actively search for product promotions and attractive deals. Moreover, the tool offers commendable features to its users like autoresponder, email automation service, and much more!

50% OFF
Jump Send
Get 50% OFF on all Jump Send Plans [EXCLUSIVE]
This is the exclusive Jump Send coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 50% off all...Show More
This is the exclusive Jump Send coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 50% off all its plans. Grab the Jump Send discount coupon now. Show Less

Altogether, the tool makes it easier for businesses to reach out to their customers. And let’s not forget that Jump Send (Launch) is a product-specific tool. Users can rectify any mistakes or errors easily and can make changes accordingly.

The tool allows its users to access their account through its primary website as a shopper too. However, if you are a seller, you have to register yourself via Jungle Scout. Lastly, if you are a Jungle Scout user, all you have to do is upgrade your account to get the benefits of Jump Send (Launch)!

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How does Jump Send Work?

Because of the large audience at its marketplace, the Jump Send tool has many shoppers looking for the best deals. Having said this, you can start initiating discounts through the tool to sales. But why is it essential to add discounts?

Jump Send Reviews

Let’s face it.

There are over thousands of sellers selling the same product on the same marketplace. And just by offering a single discount, you can stand unique from all of them, isn’t this amazing?

If any shopper gets attracted to your detail, they will certainly write a position review for your product and the service. Even the best product lacks reviews because it might be new in the market, and not many consumers know it.

Sometimes, even reviewers fail to give a lot of time writing reviews and give ratings like 1 or 2 because of some bare minimum issues. All these little things can turn up to a major issue about product failure.

Jump Send Coupon

With Jump Send, you can put your product on Amazon for sales and ask for a code. After getting the code approved, the buyer can buy the product at a discounted rate. Also, since Jump Send is a large market for thousands of Amazon shoppers, you don’t have to put a lot of money into advertising.

Key Features of Jump Send | Jump Send Review

  • Product Launches & Ranking

If you have read how the Jump Send tool works in the previous section, we won’t be outstretching the same here more. With the tool, you can effectively distribute coupons and generate sales more efficiently to your Amazon product listings.

Jump Send Discount Coupon

Since most buyers often look for bargains and heavy discounts, the tool will help you with the same. This feature of the Jump Send tool is best for beginners who aren’t sure about starting with Amazon. They will get help about generating sales volume, launching new products, and getting their first ranking results in bare minimum time.

  • Email Automation & Reviews

While starting as a seller, we are so sure that there are so many duties that come alongside. From social media handling, promotions to managing inventories, etc. Having said this, it might get difficult for you as a seller to contact all your buyers personally via email letters.

Jump Send tool offers such a feature to help you outcross these issues, called an autoresponder. The autoresponder feature by Jump Send ensures timely contact with every customer about each review. Moreover, the tool even syncs with the Seller Central account through Amazon API, making the email automation setup much easier. The tool sends customers notifications to write reviews after they have received, automatically!

Jump Send Pricing Plans | Jump Send Discount Coupon

Jump Send offers four pricing plans to its users, and the minimum deal starts from $29. You can even get the beginner’s package at a discounted rate if you buy it for the whole year. All the plans of Jump Send are designed so that both beginners and professionals can make the best use of the platform.

Jump Send Pricing

The categorization of plans is according to the products a seller is selling over Amazon. Here is detailed information about the plans and how you can get them at a discounted rate!

  • Starter pack: $29 per month for 3 products
  • Entrepreneur pack: $59 per month for 10 products
  • Business pack: $99 per month for 25 products
  • Enterprise pack: $199 per month for 100 products

Some Major Benefits of Jump Send Tool

#1. Increases Sales Speed

Increases Sales Speed

With Jump Send, you will get rewards from Amazon along with strong revenue growth for smooth sales. And if your advertising budget is relatively big, then you will surely get a better deal. And having said this, the Launch tool helps sellers increase their pace by making more sales through its amazing features!

#2. Higher Feedback Rate

No doubt that you will get a higher user base when your sales will increase and the more customers you will attract. And with the Jump Send tool, your chances of getting feedback from genuine buyers increase a lot, and the tool has many buyers. You can also re-target customers through the feedback they have provided to your products for a long period.

#3. Improves Customer Service

Improves Customer Service

Most often, customers don’t like to write a review because they have faced delays with delivery service and assistance throughout the delivery process. But through the Jump Send tool, you can eliminate these issues since the tool offers an automated email service.

#4. Amazon Compliance

Every seller already knows that Amazon doesn’t want a seller to contact their buyers directly. But in the case of the Jump Send (Launch) tool, it offers a legal bug through which sellers can get access to the email list without even violating the Terms of Service!

#5. Promote Coupons

Promote Coupons

To date, many amazon sellers have generated a lot of revenue by offering coupon codes to their users. And with this being said, we all are aware that even Amazon helps users to create coupons. But why are we talking about Amazon coupon creation in this Jump Send? Well, there’s a catch! This tool can promote the designed coupons via email to the users and make the sales process smoother.

#6. Automated Emails

Jump Send is popular among its users with the amazing feature called automated emails. And if you are a seller, you can quickly configure automated emails. You can even connect with your customers directly and send them emails more often. These emails can be anything about order approval, shipping and delivery confirmation, purchase description, etc.

#7. Returns Management

As a seller, getting your merchandise or products in return is the worst thing to think about. But with the JumpSend tool, you will get notified about your ongoing returns and other related information.

#8. Spam Protection

Spam Protection

Are you still wondering if it is legal to use Jump Send for Amazon? Then we have got you covered! The Jump Send (Launch) tool follows the detailed terms and conditions by Amazon and helps you against any spam through its updated features.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent sales opportunity for both beginner and professional sellers.
  • Round the clock customer support system.
  • Marketplace having more than 100,000 buyers helping users get easy sales.
  • Automated software available that helps sellers send emails to buyers based on their activity.
  • It helps sellers to get organic feedback from buyers.
  • Free trial available to go through the software.
  • Insightful and massive database of buyers.


  • Launch doesn’t work with some categories/products like kindle and many more.
  • Sellers can promote those products that are listed in the Amazon Seller Central account.
  • The tool works in limited countries only like the US and the UK.

🌟 Jump Send FAQ

🤔What is Jump Send?

It is an online platform that helps Amazon sellers to boost their sales, enhance product listing, etc. One of the best things about the Jump Send tool is that the Jungle Scout team creates it.

🙄Can I cancel my Jump Send subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Jump Send subscription. You need to open your Jump Send profile to cancel your subscription. Go to the Subscription Information section and then click on Unsubscribe button, then confirm the cancellation.

😎Can I get a working Jump Send coupon code?

Yes, to enhance your Amazon sales, we have an exclusive Jump Send discount coupon code that you can use to save maximum bucks on its pricing plans.

🔎Does Jump Send worth the money?

Jump Send is a well-known tool that offers great advantages to Amazon sellers at an affordable price. Jump Send is worth the money as it helps sellers to boost sales, enhance ranking, and many more.

Conlsuion: Jump Send Review 2024 | Should you go for this tool?

Whether you are a new retailer or just a professional one, you can boost your business at a new pace through Jump Send. Just a review by the tool will attract so many customers that will increase a business’s sales and increase their profit margin accordingly.

We have mentioned all the advantages and benefits you can grab out of the software in the least possible time, but make sure that you make the best use of the trial period. The best part of the tool is that you won’t need a card for registration, it’s as simple as clicking on the registration button, and you are all set!

Moreover, Jump Send also offers excellent customer service as compared to all other competitors in the market. Hence after the purchase, you won’t have to struggle a lot. Finally, boost your rankings, manage your returns, and appear on top results effectively with this amazing app in the market, and do let us know your experience❗❗

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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