Jungle Scout vs. Unicorn Smasher

To sell online at Amazon, so many research tools are present, among whom Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher are the most searched ones who save your time and give you better insights into the products you want to sell in just a single go.

This article has featured the ultimate In-depth comparison between ✅Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher that helps you determine which is the best Amazon product research tool. Let’s dive straight onto the comparison between these two amazon product research tools.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Overview 2022

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Coupon

Jungle Scout is product research software planned explicitly for research purposes on Amazon. It is the main selling stage for Amazon, which gives information to assist everybody in developing their business.

Jungle Scout holds up over 200000+ entrepreneurs. It has followed more than 175 billion + items and helped dispatch 200000+ items. Jungle Scout supply clients with data about products; tracking product, analyzing product ideas and chance, estimating deals information from various contenders, and evaluate FBA income estimate.

It has a chrome extension and web application. Jungle Scout Chrome extension is extremely helpful when you need bits of knowledge into your information and wish to have a clear and straightforward investigation concerning the product’s performance.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher Coupon

Unicorn Smasher is a result of the AMZ Tracker established in 2015. It is an incredible tool for Amazon product locater and examination. It causes you to locate your ideal product and upgrade your item research. It makes item choice extremely simple by separating the items dependent on different categories.

Unicorn Smasher gets you a detailed on-look in the sale’s estimate for products. It saves a lot of your time of research that might be spent on labor otherwise. It additionally makes the investigation simpler and gets guaranteed results.

It has helped numerous clients worldwide are turning out to be extraordinary online dealers and helped them develop their online business. The chrome extension is so user friendly and concludes the best product insights.

Jungle Scout Features at a Glance – What all does Jungle Scout offer?

Product Database: Jungle Scout has the greatest item database comprising 70,000+ items legitimately from the Amazon Product database.

Item Tracker: This item tracker has all the devices expected to check and approve your item’s exhibition after some time.

Opportunity Finder: This component encourages you to discover good product niches that help you to expand your benefit.

Inventory Manager: This element assists with keeping an eye on your inventory. You can discover when to arrange your next stock without much stretch, so you don’t come up short.

Provider Database: It has an assortment of nearly all suppliers’ information and can undoubtedly locate the best provider for you.

Deals Analytics: This component encourages you to monitor your deals. You can, without much of a stretch, foresee your deals after some time.

Launch: The dispatch highlight of Jungle Scout causes you to convey messages and warnings to your client concerning any new item you are launching. This assists in bringing the clients to you with the assistance of direct advertising.

Jungle Scout Academy: It is an assortment of all the FBA preparings that you would require in your way. It likewise has digital books and video recordings for every one of its clients.

New Updated Highlights: Jungle Scout continues refreshing its features now and again, and the newest, including highlights, is the listing builder. Utilizing this listing builder, you can undoubtedly make the arrangements of all your Amazon listings in a single spot.

Keywords Scout: Jungle Scout’s recently refreshed tool helps to discover fitting keywords for your item. Without much stretch, you can discover extraordinary keywords that would bring you more benefits. You can likewise utilize it to monitor all the keywords that you are utilizing and discover the trending keyword.

Jungle Scout Extension: Jungle Scout has likewise upgraded its chrome extension, which presently has some more extra highlights added to it.

How can You Find Winning Products with Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout offers you two main products, the Jungle Scout web app and the Jungle Scout’s chrome extension.

The Jungle Scout Web platform helps you to find the winning products which can boost your Amazon selling business. Jungle Scout, in a way, centralizes your product research and provides you with powerful tracking and other exploration features which can help grow your business.

How to Use Jungle Scout

In regards to finding the winning products, Jungle Scout helps you to select the profitable niche which you can focus upon or the one which you have not found yet. Their product database contains over 70 million products from Amazon’s product catalog, which you can explore and find the right products to sell.

To sort those 70 million products, Jungle Scout offers you data filters that can help you to search for precisely what you are looking for. You can also quickly find the hot trending products in demand but with low ratings and reviews by which you can beat the competition with your own products. As you find the correct filters which give you winning products, you can save the customer filter presets and use them next time, which will save your time.

Well, if you are someone who has an Amazon FBA business, Jungle Scout offers you a useful in-app FBA profit calculator which can help you to determine precisely how much profit you can make from a particular product. When you have the list of profitable products, you can export that in CSV Format.

So as you now have your list of product ideas, you can validate them by adding them to the Product Tracker, which will monitor your potential product idea over time and also give you valuable insights into the performance of the product by providing you data like sales, best seller rank, Price of each product.

Also, the Opportunity Finder feature can help you quickly discover emerging trends and find winning product niches. After deciding which niche you wish to work with, you can search for the products you want to sell, and the next step would be to find a reliable and high-quality supplier which whom you can work with. Here as well, the Jungle Scout supplier database provides you with instant access to thousands of Amazon-verified suppliers to choose from.

As you get ready with the list and sell your products, the Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout tool can help you to include all the right keywords which your ideal customers are looking for. You can see the historical search volume for keywords and then analyze their performance over the last 2 years. This tool can also help you understand how your listings stand against your competitors, which can help you to improve your listings and increase your revenue.

For all the beginners who are just looking to start their journey on Amazon, the Jungle Scout’s Academy is beneficial as it gives you an FBA course that helps you to become a successful seller on Amazon.

Plus, Jungle Scout’s Analytics Software can help you to get an overview of your business. It can also help you to get valuable insights into profit margins, sales and also cost so that you can quickly improve in these areas. Also, the inventory manager feature can help you know when you are running low on stock and can avoid situations like stock-out.

If you are ready to launch your product, the Jungle Scout feature can help you to drive your product sales via targeted email marketing and other promotions like increasing revenue by using promo codes, customer reviews, and also creating dedicated email campaigns, which can further help you to increase your revenue.

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Unicorn Smasher Features at a Glance – What is Unicorn Smasher used for?

Unicorn Smasher Discount

Complete Information: It gives you all the information required to make your product the best and causes you to improve its highlights. It additionally shows you the contender analysis, product evaluations, and so on.

The Dashboard: Unicorn Smasher dashboard encourages you to arrange all the data in a single spot. It encourages you to arrange the information as indicated by your requirements that help you sort out all the information and afterward use it as per all your cash needs.

Opportunity Score: This component causes you to analyze the total Amazon Market and encourages you to distinguish the best item for you.

Variation Management: This component examines all the item varieties and sees which variety is performing better than the other.

Integration: Without much stretch, you can incorporate AMZ Tracker for the best outcomes. You can get all the contender’s postings and discover the keywords utilized by your contender.

In-Program Analysis: This encourages you to play an investigation in your program without changing to another program. It shows you the PPC measurements for Amazon.

Discrete Sharing Tool: This permits you to share your item without revealing all the data, including the keywords and the niche utilized.

Authoritative URL: It encourages you to check the accepted URL for any item effortlessly.

Various Seller Accounts: This element empowers you to set up different records for every item’s venders.

Fare Tool: This encourages you to send out your entire information into CSV groups. This information can be handily analyzed and confirmed.

Satisfaction Details: This gives you information concerning all the fulfilments and helps to recognize if you are against FBM, Amazon, FBA, or AMZ.

Chrome Extension: Chrome extension, which is extremely simple to use, and you don’t have to download any product to utilize Unicorn Smasher.

Support: Unicorn Smasher offers incredible online help through the client help center and its help groups.

How can You Find Winning Products with Unicorn Smasher?

Unicorn Smasher also offers you a browser extension for Chrome and the Web app by which you browse Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and find the data, such as search results within Amazon, with a single click. Also, it is very easy to download, and you can download it from the chrome store immediately.

After completing its installation, you can go to Amazon.com, type in a keyword, and then click on the Unicorn Smasher icon on the top right, and it will give you a popup containing a data overview of the keywords which you are looking for. It gives you the name of the products, the number of sellers and variations of the product, sales estimator, estimated revenue and ratings and reviews.

In Unicorn Smasher, you can also filter through the data by variations, price and number of sellers, reviews, ranking and sales, along with FBA details. You can export any data to a . CSV file. It also provides you with an opportunity score by which you can decide whether the product will be suitable for you or not.

Also, the dashboard of Unicorn Smasher is exceptionally well designed and easy to use. You can easily navigate and find everything you require. Plus, you can also view the sales estimates for various products you are looking for, which can help you to get a good insight into how profitable that product will be. You can also view historical data, which can enable you to analyze any seasonal trends.

In case you wish to share data or ask for a piece of advice from your peers, you can take the help of a discrete sharing tool by which you can share your data with others and that too without giving away the product you are looking at. In short, your idea would not be steeled.

This tool also provides you with revenue estimates in which you can see how much money you are making in each niche at any particular time. And the obvious fact is that Unicorn Smasher integrates with AMZ Tracker, so you can use in a sense both the tools together, which can further help you to scale up your revenues.

👉Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing – How much does Jungle Scout cost?

Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial?

With Jungle Scout, you don’t get a free trial but a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with this tool, you have a week to decide whether you should use it or ask for a refund.

Jungle Scout offers 3 pricing plans; The Basic Plan starts at $29/mo and $349 when billed annually. The next plan is the Suite Plan which is cost you $49/mo and $589 when billed annually. The third plan is the Professional Plan which comes at $84/mo.

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Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Let’s have a look at what you get with Jungle Scout pricing plans.

Jungle Scout Basic Plan – $29/mo

  • Full access to the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout
  • 3 Product trackers
  • 500 Estimates/mo in the Amazon Sales Estimator
  • 3 Searches/day in the Suppliers Database
  • 20 Product searches
  • 3 Searches/day in the Keyword Scout

With this plan, you also get features like AccuSales Estimates, Academy, opportunity Score, and also with the customer support of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Suite Plan – $49/mo

  • Full access to the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout
  • 150 Product searches
  • No limit in the Keyword Scout
  • No limit in the Suppliers Database
  • 1000 Estimates/mo in the Amazon Sales Estimator
  • No limit in product trackers
  • Plus all the features of the Basic Plan

The added features include in-depth historical product and keyword data, Review Automation, along with few advanced seller features.

Jungle Scout Professional Plan – $84/mo

  • Full access to the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout
  • 1000 Product searches
  • 1500 Estimates/mo in the Amazon Sales Estimator
  • No limit in the Keyword Scout
  • No Limit in the Suppliers Database
  • No limit in product trackers

Unicorn Smasher Pricing – How much does Unicorn Smasher cost?

Unicorn Smasher Pricing Plans

Unicorn Smasher offers you 3 pricing plans

  • The Basic Plan: $49.99
  • The Professional Plan: $99
  • The Suite Plan: $159

With the Basic Plan, you only get 1 account, whereas the Professional Plan gives you 1 Main Account plus 2 sub-accounts. The Suite Plan offers you 2 main accounts and 4 sub-accounts.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: What are the Pros & Cons?

Jungle Scout Pros & Cons

  • Jungle Scout is user-friendly, making it an excellent tool for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers.
  • The data offered by Jungle Scout is highly-accurate, and you can rely upon it that the prediction you are working upon is correct.
  • Jungle Scout also helps you to find and analyze your competitor’s products and keywords and stay ahead in the race to find the winning products.
  • Plus, it also gives you a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you are unhappy with their services.
  • In a way, this tool also reduces your risk of investing in a product that won’t be worthy and profitable.
  • Jungle Scout also offers you many learning tools like the Jungle Scout Academy, which helps beginners learn more about how to use the software and expand their sales.
  • The major downside you can experience with using Jungle Scout is that there is no such guarantee to success as even if you use the tool, you also have to have an intelligent business mind.
  • Also, the cost of the tool is slightly expensive, especially if you are just starting out.

Unicorn Smasher Pros & Cons

  • Unicorn Smasher offers you a clean and easy dashboard, making it really user-friendly and easy to access the data you are looking for.
  • It also provides you with the list of details for each product, including estimated sales, rank, FBA details and much more.
  • Also, it easily integrates with AMZ Tracker, which gives its user more ways to boost their revenue.
  • You can easily export the provided data to .csv and save it for later.
  • Lots of case studies and reports and even the review sites have suggested that the data provided by Unicorn Smasher is inaccurate, especially the sales estimates.
  • The data provided is useful, but it does not provide any guidance.
  • Also, it does not offer great customer service, and customers have to simply wait for their answers.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Key Difference

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: How accurate is Jungle Scout & Unicorn Smasher?

Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout gives more precision than any item research and locater tools present in the market. The information gave by Jungle Scout is precise and provides the correct assessments for analysis. Jungle Scout has been available for additional time and has been created throughout these years to give its users more precise information.

Unicorn Smasher: Unicorn Smasher likewise provide exactness to a portion of categories of items available. You can even discover minute spelling faults in Unicorn Smasher. Unicorn Smasher can’t be called completely precise as it doesn’t generally give exact information, which drives us to make wrong interpretations.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Which one offers Chrome extension?

Jungle Scout: The best part about Jungle Scout is that it is available in two windows. The first one is the web app, and the second one is the Jungle Scout Google Chrome extension. This extension is powerful and can help you track and find valuable keywords and evaluate products discovered. 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

So is the Jungle Scout Chrome extension free? Oh yes, It is absolutely free and provides you with an in-depth analysis of your business on Amazon and helps you find profitable products. This extension can also help you to view the competitive data, which can help you to make precise profit projections. Also, it helps you to get new product ideas with just a single click.

Unicorn Smasher: The Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension comes in two ways; the free one and the pro one. It gives you everything on your dashboard itself. It does similar metrics to the Jungle Scout one like category, Price, rank, Estimated sales and reviews. With just a single click, you can analyze the entire niche instantly and decide whether you wish to sell the product.

Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension

Also, it integrates with AMZ Tracker to give its users an edge when it comes to finding profitable products. The data provided by it is also quite reliable and in real-time. Plus, it is a discrete sharing tool that provides you data with ease and in a shareable format which does not give away your product but makes it easy for you to get feedback from other sellers.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Which one offers better customer service?

Jungle Scout: The customer services gave by Jungle Scout are perhaps the best component offered by it. It gives incredible customer care the whole way across the globe utilizing English as their standard language. Jungle Scout provides the online live chat option where you can expect a reply within 5 minutes. Plus the Help Center is quite helpful where you can find answers to your queries.

The reaction time from the Jungle Scout group is extremely less. Besides direct contact with the specialist, Jungle Scout likewise has numerous assets like blogs and question and answer areas that help the clients investigate any minor issues. It likewise has an extraordinary network for clients to connect.

Unicorn Smasher: Unicorn Smasher is a product of AMZ Tracker, so the help group of AMZ Tracker likewise gives client assistance. The customer care post’s reaction time raising a question is high, and ordinarily, a few inquiries stay unanswered.

When you contact the customer service of your Unicorn Smasher, you can expect a reply within 24 hours. Also, the live chat feature is only available during business hours, Monday through Friday. You can also submit a request through the company’s knowledge base. Numerous analysts additionally have affirmed the same by adding that the customer assistance of Unicorn Smasher needs improvement for giving a good client experience.

Jungle Scout vs. Unicorn Smasher: Countries available in!

Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout is accessible in practically all the Amazon market centers present in the world as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, and so on.

Unicorn Smasher: Unicorn Smasher is just accessible in two countries: the USA and the UK. Although it has been claimed that Unicorn Smasher is accessible for different nations as well, when you try on different nations, the pop-up of “coming soon” gets showed.

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one product research tool designed to research products on Amazon. This leading selling platform for amazon helps you to grow your business.

Top FAQ on Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an all in one product research tool designed to do research products on Amazon. This leading selling platform for amazon helps you to grow your business.

What is Unicorn Smasher?

It is a product of AMZ Tracker, and it is one of the great tools for Amazon product research. Unicorn Smasher allows you to find the perfect product and make the analysis more accessible, giving you assured results.

Does Jungle Scout offer a money-back guarantee?

Jungle Scout offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with their services, you can ask for a refund, and no questions will be asked of you.

Can you use Jungle Scout on a mobile device?

Jungle Scout is a web app, and you do require an internet connection and browser. We would also recommend you to use it on a computer which will give you a better user experience. It would work on a web browser via a phone or a tablet, but you would not be able to access a few of its features.

How frequently is the Unicorn Smasher data updated?

The systems of Unicorn Smasher does frequently update data every time a query is run. You can also go to the Dashboard and click ‘Refresh’ to re-analyze the data. Also, the time and date are displayed to show the last time the data was updated.

Is the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator accurate?

In comparison to all of the Jungle Scout alternatives, the sales estimator of jungle scout is highly accurate as it is powered by AccuSales, which is the industry’s most accurate sales estimating algorithm for Amazon items.

What are the payment options offered by Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout accepts payments via Discover, American Express, Visa and Mastercard. You can contact their support portal in case you don’t have a credit card and wish to get a PayPal invoice.

Which is better, Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher?

The only difference between Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher is their features that provide you with effective and efficient output. Unicorn Smasher is a decent tool but does not offer the same accuracy as the Jungle Scout. If you are looking for a more accurate sales figure, it becomes crucial for you to use the Jungle Scout web app.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher – Which Amazon tool should you use?

After looking at the various features and major differences among Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher, it is accepted that at this point, you would be having a smart and good idea about every one of these tools. Even though Unicorn Smasher is a good tool, it doesn’t offer numerous features that can be fundamental for turning into an incredible online seller. Jungle Scout offers numerous features for a wide range of users, is completely reliable, and is utilized by individuals worldwide.

Jungle Scout has answers for all your selling needs and causes you to turn into an effective online seller and encourage you to develop your business. Although it is somewhat expensive, the highlights offered worth the cash spent.🚀

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