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Are you looking for a Kajabi lifetime deal? If yes, you have landed at the right place where we know how critical deals on Kajabi are. Our team of experts has spent a considerable amount of time looking out a few options for you which we will share in this article.

This Kajabi lifetime deal article will cover several different Kajabi deals for you. Make sure you bookmark this page to get our latest updates on this topic if the deal changes.

How can you get the Kajabi lifetime deal?

Currently, there are no active Kajabi lifetime deals, but the platform has a few other great deals for its new and ongoing users.

The first one is free trial. You can use it to try out the Kajabi platform for 14 or 30 days without any commitment. And after that, you can cancel the free trial, or you can downgrade or upgrade your plan.

The next deal helps you to save on Kajabi’s ongoing subscription with a 20% discount when you purchase any of the Kajabi plans on an annual basis.

At BloggingEclipse, we strongly recommend you take advantage of these great deals, so kindly don’t miss out on them.

Can you offer the Kajabi lifetime deal to your customers? 

Of course, you can offer your customers a lifetime plan and access your products or courses.

But remember that your content will only be available to your customers only if your Kajabi account remains active. And you can easily create one-time payment lifetime membership and courses on Kajabi by which your customers can get permanent or indefinite access.

For a single payment, you can offer unlimited access to your product or service and also free updates as your service continues to evolve. Moreover, if needed, you can also limit the length of your lifetime access in your Terms of Service.

Kajabi Lifetime Deal Alternatives 

As mentioned earlier, Kajabi does not have a lifetime deal, but here are a few other great alternatives that you can check on. You can then decide which one works best for you. 

You can go for the free trial to check out if the platform works for your business. Or you can go for the yearly subscription for any of Kajabi’s payment plans which can also bring you great savings. 

Kajabi 14-Day Free Trial

With each of the Kajabi payment plans, you get a 14-day free trial, so you can try any of them out with no risk. Even you can upgrade or downgrade to any plan when the trial period gets over.

So how can you get the Kajabi 14-day free trial?

You can follow these steps in order to get the free trial.

  • Head to the official website of Kajabi. 
  • Then, choose the plan which you wish to try out. 
  • Then click on the “Start for free” button.
  • Register for an account with Kajabi and enter your details. 
  • And you are done. Start selling.

Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial

We like the fact that Kajabi is flexible with its free trial, as it also offers a 30-day free trial for you to try out its system. You can use this extended period to check out all the features of Kajabi and then decide whether it suits your business or not.

So how can you get the Kajabi 30-day free trial?

  • First, go to the Kajabi Official Website.
  • And then click on the pricing plans, where you will find the “Start for free” button.
  • After that, enter your details to register. 
  • And there you go. You are ready to use it.

How to Cancel Kajabi Free Trial?

To cancel the Kajabi free trial is quite easy. You can cancel it any time directly from your Kajabi dashboard.

Here is how to cancel your account:

  • First, head to the Settings tabs from the dashboard
  • Then select Billing from the Account Settings section
  • Scroll down to the Plan details 
  • And click on Please cancel my account. 

As you cancel your subscription, all future payments will also be canceled. Also, your site will become inactive after the most recent billing cycle gets completed. And if you wish to take a break from Kajabi and don’t wish to cancel your account, you can even pause your Kajabi account by ‘Parking‘ it. The parking account cost is about $29/mo.

Kajabi’s Annual Discount

Kajabi’s annual discount is something that many users love as it brings about great savings.

If you go for the yearly subscription option, you will save 20%.

It’s worth mentioning that all of Kajabi’s payment plans are available for purchase with its yearly subscription. So if there is more than one type of subscription means, there are also more options for you so you can choose the best according to your usage and budget.


Save 20% on all Annual Plans – Kajabi Coupon


Activate this special Kajabi discount coupon that allows you to get 20% Off on all its yearly plans.

$119/mo $149/mo

But going for the annual plan is best in the case where you are confident about using the system consistently for a longer duration.

Kajabi Pricing Plans – Does Kajabi Offer a Free Plan?

Kajabi Pricing Plans

Build Mode: This is a free plan from Kajabi where you can get a general overview of the platform. 

Basic Plan: This plan comes at $1,428 yearly, making it $119 monthly compared to $149, which already gives you a saving of $360.

Growth Plan: This plan comes at $1,908 yearly, making it $159 monthly compared to $199, which saves $480

Pro Plan: This ultimate plan comes at $3,828 yearly, making it $319 monthly compared to $399, and it saves $960.

What is Kajabi? – Honest Kajabi Review 

Kajabi can be termed as a one-stop-shop platform for selling online courses. It offers a unique selling point that makes it a one-stop shop platform for all your business requirements, right-form course creation, website builder, marketing pipeline, blueprints, integrated courses and more. On this platform, you can easily craft, market and distribute and get paid for their custom classes without switching to any other platforms.

Kajabi Review

The payment integrations offered by Kajabi are PayPal and Stripe. Users can also market their courses through their email marketing tools. You can even optimize and scale your online course business with fully-automated marketing campaigns and funnels. Along with this, Kajabi also offers built-in analytics tools by which you can track their progress and grow further.

With Kajabi, you can create your own websites and store your courses and other relevant information. You get ready-made themes that you can use to streamline your website-making process. Even users can make their custom domain to ensure that their courses can be located quickly and efficiently.

The platform relies heavily on marketing and course creation tools to make classes from scratch. And with every Kajabi plan, you do get a course creation tool by which you can create classes, videos, and also other forms of digital educational content. Kajabi does not end here as it also offers lead generation and product launch tools as well as webinar funnels through what’s named Blueprints to make your course-selling business even more efficient.

And most important, Most of the Kajabi Reviews we saw described that the platform is extremely easy to use and does not require any technical know-how to set up.

What is Kajabi used for?

Kajabi is a platform used for selling online courses. This business makes it very easy to create, market and grow online courses, membership sites and also coaching programs. It also provides other tools like a website builder, email marketing, payment gateway, a mobile app and pre-built templates. And its quite easy to use Kajabi, and creators do not have to learn any coding or worry about adding any integrations.

Famous Kajabi Customers

Kajabi Customers

Kajabi is a global and famous platform that is used by many famous personalities and businesses. A few names, like Ross Grant, Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard, enine Dilts Bayman etc., do rate Kajabi highly.

Kajabi Reviews – How does Kajabi Stack Up?

Kajabi Reviews

Pros and Cons of Kajabi

  • Comes with a simple Course Creatore.
  • Intuitive Drag-And-Drop Site Editor make website building super easy.
  • Offers powerful marketing tools.
  • Visual layout makes it easy to set up the sales funnels.
  • Also offers a large library of Customizable Site Templates
  • Offers flexible affiliate marketing options.
  • Plenty of integrations
  • Higher pricing plans.
  • Lack of few student engaging tools.
  • You cannot create certificates in Kajabi.
  • Kajabi currently has native payment functionality with Stripe only.

FAQ related to Kajabi Lifetime Deal

Is there any Kajabi lifetime deal?

Currently, there is no Kajabi Lifetime deal as such, but you can use our exclusive BloggingEclipse Coupon codes and promo codes to save huge on your purchases from Kajabi.

Does Kajabi offer a money-back guarantee?

Well, firstly, if you cancel your free trial before it ends, you don’t have to pay a single penny. But even if you continue with the platform, you can still get your money back if you change your mind later. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of making the first payment, Kajabi will refund you your entire purchase. Also, there are no strings attached or no conditions; you can get every single penny back.

How to get a refund from Kajabi?

1. First, log in to Kajabi and click on Settings which you can find on the bottom left of the screen.
2. Then, under Account settings, Click on Billing
3. After that, Scroll down to Plan details
4. There, you can see the red “Please Cancel My Account” link. Simply click on this link to cancel it.

How does Kajabi work?

Kajabi is an integrated platform that contains all the modules required in a single place. You can use its different tools by choosing them from the dashboard. Also, the editor uses a simple point-and-click interface.

Who should use Kajbi?

Well, the short answer to that would be everyone can use Kajabi. It is a seamless platform designed for creating, selling and marketing online courses. The Kajabi user base contains educators, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, musicians, and others. If a person has the required knowledge about something, they can draft a course and sell it through Kajabi. Many famous personalities like Chalene Johnson, who is known as a fitness expert and is also a best-selling author, uses Kajabi and also musician marketer James Taylor.

What can Kajabi do for you?

Kajabi contains pretty much everything for everyone, especially for those who want to set up their online course business. Also, the ones who wish to expand this business can use Kajabi as it can help them grow more and expand to new horizons. You can use Kajabi and make a website, create course listings/offerings, keep track of student progress, even manage subscriptions/payments and run email marketing campaigns etc. That’s why it is also named the “all-in-one” business platform.

Is Kajabi easy to use?

Yes. Kajabi is relatively easy to use and has a good mixture of easy-to-use tools, and you don’t require any coding knowledge to use it. Its basic features are relatively easy and straightforward to use, which allows you to have pretty deep customization options. You get everything loaded in a single platform, and you don’t have to worry about shifting to other extensions and plugins.

Is Kajabi legit?

Yes. Kajabi is a 100% legitimate company. The company was founded by Travis Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter in 2010. It has over 60+ employees serving over 25,000-course creators.

Final Verdict: Kajabi Lifetime Deal 2024 – Is it worth your money?

Currently, we did not find any Kajabi lifetime deal. But what you have is plenty of ways by which you can save your money. You can go for the Kajabi free trial to ensure that you don’t risk your money or commitment.

You can opt for the thirty-day option if you find the fourteen days option not long enough. You can check out what you are getting and then make an informed decision. Also, it is very easy to signup for the Kajabi free trial, and you can start it any time.

You can also save more if you purchase its annual plan, as that can ensure you greater savings than paying monthly. And make sure you bookmark this article, so you’ll have all the latest info when we finally get it.

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