Are you in search of an affiliate tracker with performance-based AI to optimize your campaign?

You must try Kintura, one of the most potent combinations of tracking and optimization, all under one roof. Here we are with detailed Kintura review and discount coupon Updated 2024.

Unlike other tools that only offer activity tracking and segmentation, Kintura provides the capability to comprehend user behavior at a profound level and give instant insights for you to make better marketing decisions.

It is probably the only way to track and optimize native, push, pop, and banner ads. It is the tool that will offer performance marketing at scale.

Kintura tracker heavily applies AI and machine learning to deliver an unbeatable extent of brainstorm and means to assist you in restating, developing, and making profits quickly. 

Kintura Review – Performance Marketing AI

Kintura Review

Kintura is an optimization tool based on AI technology and used by affiliate marketers to assist them in managing campaigns.

The software is not too old in the market, but it operates more expeditiously on the back-end and saves money on every marketing activity. On the front-end, they have a series of functions that we will take up in the features section. The tool is all about working smart and not hard. 

How Kintura help affiliates?

All affiliates look for optimization of their worthy resources, and that’s the biggest reason why they go for AI or machine-driven tools to help them through the constant changes taking place during the campaigns. It is really tough to optimize the marketing drives by relying only on manual processing of data. 

Being just a yesterday’s service, Kintura tracker is managed by a team of web developers with 15 years of experience in the cloud-based analytics field. It is trying to help the new and already established affiliate marketers in fulfilling their motive for maximum optimization of their ideas. 

With Kintura, they don’t have to waste time on cost variances, as Kintura’s Smart Cost Update does all the calculations for them. That is something new and different for the marketers as the cost update uses the cost input to get information about how the approaching traffic source is charging and apply the same formula to the upcoming traffic.

Kintura dashboard

For compiling better reports, kintura invented Advisor, where an experienced internet marketer will save lots of time in creating export source pub reports and import them into analyzable spreadsheets to figure out ups and downs. This feature pulls in horizontal Binomial Confidence Intervals and Minimum Viable Conversion Rate at their original place.

There are more unique attributes by Kintura for helping the affiliates in making their marketing journey easy and give easy returns. So let’s know more about the Kintura tracker review, its features, plans, and other policies.

Kintura Features at a glance

The primary role that Kintura plays on the front-end is to save time; time is something that, if waste, will not come back. Kintura is all about keeping your precious time so that you can use it for productive purposes like planning a new course of action for your venture, and more. Let’s see how it helps in the process of optimizing campaigns:

  • Performance-based execution

Kintura applies a balanced approach to everything. Its quality structure is built to scale as per the need of an hour. They have over 15 years of experience working on the high traffic systems, one of them being CERN Large Hadron Collider — to construct a system configured to track the execution of any crusade.

  • Budgeted campaigning

You have to concentrate on essential or lost-out campaign components of your business and leave rest on Kintura. Set aside a budget for every promotion, so that you can save on the lousy performing drives and work on the new ideas with new resources. Do not spend extra penny outside the R&D budget. You need to monetize R&D losings by tacking publishers and widgets.

  • Virtual Whitelisting and Stackable

Kintura’s agile virtual whitelisting bot will supervise traffic and cube outcasted arrangement with minimum failure. You can hold up and handle lists for Publishers and Widgets across and pile them, obviating position from constituted whitelists to match campaigns with just a click pre-operatively.

  • Apodictic AI

Kintura utilizes your conversions to prepare a campaign framework that directly escalates the probability of conversion.

  • Actual-time Worldwide

Every campaign amendment is mirrored straight off across their international infrastructure, so that is no more time wasting and inconsistency. 

  • No Click Lost

Their team is up and active every time so that you don’t miss a single redirect. Every new user is taken care of properly.

  • Consistent Redirect

Kintura’s high-speed switches are the best with real-time internal performance and network health breakdown.

  • Multiple Users

Extremely fragmentary access control lets campaign-grade approvals in your bracket to up to 30 distinctive users.

  • Endless Support

when the knowledgebase offered by Kintura is not giving you the desired answers, you can get back to their professional and qualified support staff having the best of experience.

  • Integrate with every traffic source

Unlike other trackers that have limited integration to traffic courses, kintura integrated presets with custom tracking variables ready for the report in one click with any traffic source.

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Kintura pricing policies

Kintura firmly believes in honesty, integrity, innovation, and power to be its pillars of survival. It gives the same to the customers who join the league with their paid subscriptions. 

Kintura Pricing

It has three paid subscription plans – Basic, Agency, and Enterprise, priced at $199, $499, and $999, respectively. All the plans come with a 14-day trial period so that you get satisfied first and then pay money for premium services. 

All plans will have the same features, and only the users, space, and other things will differ as per the plan selected. The features below are of the Basic plan, and other costly plans will have more. Use verified Kintura Coupon code to save additional bucks.

  • 14-day Test Drive
  • Contakt™ Auto Optimizer
  • Real AI, Automated Placements
  • Stackable White & Blacklists
  • Virtual Whitelisting
  • 3000000 included events/mo
  • Only $0.025/1k overage
  • Global Infrastructure
  • KinturaJS & Events API
  • Best-in-class Bot Detection
  • Residential Proxy Detection
  • City-Level Tokens/Filters
  • Live View
  • Premium Support
  • 5 Hot-wired SSL Domains
  • 5 Users

Why Kintura?

A maximum number of cloud trackers are based on Amazon Redshift. It is a service is unbelievably pricey to hold up. Kintura uses a unique, quality structure surefooted to evaluate billions of records in no time. Besides, their UI is coded in Vue.js (quite modern than obsolete Angular), an extremely performance-based and beautifully designed foundation that lets them quickly distribute modifications without organizing meetings.

And also, other trackers employ a considerable burden on your traffic, based on which landers or offers are getting executed. Kintura approach to AI is different as it assesses every user activity in the conoid in real-time to anticipate the most promising setting for conversion and act correspondingly. Thus, this is how a true AI works. 

Kintura has incorporated presets with customized trailing variables fit to report for every single traffic source like OutBrain, PropellerAds, TrafficJunky, and many more.

Pros and Cons


  • robust customer support, via phone, live chat, email, training, and ticket raising
  • 14-day trial
  • nominal pricing


  • no refund policy

Kintura tutorial to optimize Native on its platform

Final Verdict – Should you use Kintura?

There are many cloud-based tracking platforms available in the market, like Voluum, AdsBridge, Redtrack, etc. The only reason to choose Kintura is because of the most practical and responsive AI tracking of your traffic. Also, Kintura is much cheaper than the competitors and efficient in handling the framework in a better way. It manages traffic irrespective of the source it is generated from. 

Kintura works on an uncomplicated architecture that competitively analyzes millions of records in a few seconds. The smart and genuine AI technology will help you in optimizing your traffic efficaciously along with more conversions for your site.

The direct approach to conversions will end up in fetching more profits for your campaign. If you still have any doubts, then do try it for 14 days and then go for the premium version.

I hope this Kintura Review helped you to understand all its features and why marketers should use it. Do share your experience with affiliate trackers with us in the comments section below. Happy monetizing ☺

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