From October 26-27, affiliate networks, payment providers, arbitrage teams, and independent webmasters gathered at Festival Arena to participate in the greatest traffic arbitrage event in recent memory. KINZA 360 organized the two-day KINZA Dubai affiliate marketing forum at Festival Arena in Dubai on October 26-27.

Hundreds of people from Russia to the CIS nations, the UAE, India, Israel, and other nations attended the forum. World-class speakers were among the 25 presenters, while small businesses, brands, and affiliate marketers displayed their wares in the expo zone in exchange for sealing deals, swapping services, and having fun at the Aff-Shine Party at the end of the conference.

PinUp Partners, Gagarin,1win Partners, ZaleyCash, Cryptadium, and Ad Media Cards were just some of the many organizations with booths in the expo zone, which occupied over 7500 sq.m. The convention area was filled with stands, which were beautifully and uniquely made to give the area an elegant and luxurious appearance.

In order to attract and engage conference participants, conference exhibitors employed unique setups and marketing strategies. Suitcases filled with unique and expensive watches valued at over $2 million, contemporary art pieces, and sports cars were among the things on display to attract and engage conference participants.

KINZA 360 Post Release

“It is important to approach the organization structurally,– says Stase Blitz, CMO of PIN-UP Partners. – Study the site itself and the visibility of the selected spot on the map, and request photo/video reports. Next, request data on the audience, understand what characteristics await you, and then compare with the objectives of the strategy. Usually, based on this data, it is already possible to identify the most popular zones and add creatives to them. We draw inspiration and innovation from cool samples by Behance but most importantly, we analyze and read trendy reports of large agencies (it’s easy to google), as this helps us gain insight.”

Speaker in KINZA 360 – What did they say?

Speaker in KINZA 360

Vera Soboleva and Alexandr Palyanychka from TraffBraza talked about the advantages of using complex traffic sources such as ASO, Apple Search Ads, and SMS during the forum. Stefan Muehlbauer, Head of Business Development at Masters in Cash, talked about how to increase affiliate activation rates by employing established strategies, and Carl Weische, CEO of Accelerated, spoke about how to improve your current landing pages or sales funnels.

A full panel was devoted to the subject of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in affiliate marketing at the forum, an important topic.

Kinza 360

“We definitely feel that the demand for cryptocurrency is growing noticeably. At the same time, the arbitration community is actively developing and entering new markets, and the number of clients in this sector is constantly increasing”,– says Denis Rogachev, CEO of CRYPTADIUM. In his presentation, the speaker gave recommendations on how to accept payments in cryptocurrency and protect profits from exchange rate fluctuations, and Ton Weiss, co-owner of The Financial Summit, prepared a report, “Why Bitcoin is critical for marketing?“.

The Aff-Shine afterparty at Vice club was appropriately named, as guests were informed to wear flashy clothing. At the Sparkle party, the “queen of the night” was Vika Baklanova of Traffic Devils. The party’s theme was “Sparkle,” and the SHINEz platform was created by Hen Kinan. 1win Partners won the “Best Stand” award. Ivan Zaiets, the SHINEz platform’s creator, was awarded the “Best Speaker” award.

Kinza 360 Aff-Shine Party

Commenting on the award, Polina Malinovskaya, Chief Marketing Officer 1win Partners, said, “We try to do things in a way that no one has done before, using different techniques, styles and materials. Stands at the exhibition are also a source of powerful emotion for guests; therefore, being inspired by a beautiful project, we thought about how to make it functional and memorable”.

KINZA 360, the organizer of KINZA Dubai, had a difficult task in making the conference a success. “KINZA Dubai was our first forum outside of Eastern Europe. This is an invaluable experience that came at a difficult time for the global economy and the events management industry in particular”, – Den Lagutenko, owner of KINZA 360 and founder of the ADSbase holding, said. – “And we are happy that despite all the difficulties, the forum stood and was able to unite the arbitration community for two days in incredible Dubai. We will strive to become the market leader in affiliate marketing events around the world, steadily improving the level of our events. A great start in the right direction”.

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