Are you still blocking non-converting traffic sources manually? Then its time to shift to the most advanced and automated way of tracking your affiliate marketing income with LandingTrack

It is a next-gen auto-optimization Tracking solution for affiliate marketers. This all-in-all solution helps in monitoring all your affiliate marketing activities, optimize your sources automatically with complete control over everything. 

This LandingTrack Review will guide you with a complete feature overview and reasons to choose this automated affiliate tracker.

Need for a tool like LandingTrack

Taking control over every activity that leads to monetization of the campaign becomes really tough if done manually. An affiliate marketing process requires constant monitoring of events that lead to the successful running of a campaign.


A tracker like LandingTrack makes your journey stress-free by offering the unbeatable and advanced tracking and control technology that automatizes the optimization process. 

The most ho-hum part of any affiliate campaign is to know if its profitability and the prospect. And this indeed involves a series of steps to understand the exact situation. To make it easy and quick, LandingTrack TOC BOT plays its role by tracking every activity that shows your success rate. All you have to do is upload your campaigns, set up your optimization rules, and leave all for the automation.

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Why LandingTrack?

When the toughest chores are handled by the most potent and automated tools like LandingTrack, your mind will be at ease and will try to find other productive fields to prosper in. 

You can also add all your advertisers with the most automated tracking system. Just link all your demand with few clicks and add the offers your want into LandingTrack with ease.

Moreover, LandingTrack integrates with all your organic and paid traffic sources, whether it is pop, push, native, display, and redirect ad networks. If you are working with numerous tabs to control your affiliate sources, you can automatically link to all your Media Buying sources with LandingTrack and control it from there. 

This automatic affiliate marketing tracking tool unblocks converting sources naturally. It will save a lot of time and money that can be utilized resourcefully in future other ventures. 

Eye-opening LandingTrack features

Every affiliate tracking solution has its USP and innovative tools which makes it better form the rest, here LandingTrack is new generation tracking + auto-optimization, cloud-based software that has some exclusive features.

  • API Integration

LandingTrack’s USP is an easy API integration with Affise, Offerslook, Tune (Hasoffers). While most of the affiliate networks use hasoffers, Affise as a tracking platform, You can integrate your affiliate network running on these platforms in one click using API integration provided.

This is the biggest advantage of LandingTrack over other affiliate trackers. With direct API linking, offers are checked with affiliate networks in real-time. If an offer is paused or disabled by your network, It will get paused automatically on the landingtrack dashboard. This is where automation takes place as you don’t have to worry about checking offers status or capping. Even if the same offer connected with API is also connected to traffic source via API, then the traffic source will be paused too.

  • Automated all your Affiliate Campaigns

LandingTrack highlights various sets of rules to automatize your Media Buying sources via a single platform, whether you are working on push, pop, or native ad campaigns. You can pause active campaigns or block non-converting sources. The team does continuous monitoring and behave as per your rules set.

Auto optimize non converting traffic sources - LandingTrack

Marketers always need to keep an eye on NON-converting traffic sources and stop them immediately so their budget is not wasted on low performing traffic. If you are still manually pausing non-converting traffic sources every time, then you should switch to landingtrack now from your existing affiliate tracker.

  • Offers Capping

Capping is an advance attribute competent to manage your caps with any advertiser. Hold in your funds, and do not recede your traffic.

While most of the affiliate tracker does not have an auto capping feature, hence your traffic is wasted while the offer is capped at the affiliate network. On LandigTrack, you don’t have to worry, Once the cap is reached of a particular campaign, traffic delivery will stop or re=route to another campaign.

  • BOT Defender

Identifying and obstructing BOT traffic is an arduous task, and that the reason you will find a few working tricks that will be helpful. 

  • Create your own Smart-Links

Smartlinks is a new offer link that automatically enables the best converting offer on particular traffic. These are now being provided by almost every network, So the publisher can automate his/her earnings. LandingTrack is only such tracking platform for now which lets you create your own smart links and redirecting each click where you want,

For Example: US – Android – IP – Facebook app – on Chrome > goes to offer 1-2-3-4 This is something unique in any tracking system so far. Literally, you can build your own monetizer with Landingtrack.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

All Segments are mobile-friendly, so you can supervise and pull-off all your campaigns wherever and whenever you want.

  • AI – Smartlink

LandingTrack has two Different Formula, a Machine Learning feature to boost your Affiliate Campaigns ROI. Control each redirection, automatize all your Advertiser Campaigns via a single platform. 

  • Real-Time Analytics

For Affiliates, there is bunch processing here; everything gets recorded in real-time. Forget put offs and break down the following information in real-time.

  • Landers A/B Test

Advertising Campaigns, Landers, Creativities. Add all your Affiliate substance and let their real-time rule optimize and automate all your action to hike your ROI.

  • API Traffic Sources

Just install and get going with LandingTrack’s automatic tracking procedure. Link up, lead, and automatize all your demand with LandingTrack API. You will end up saving time and money with its quick monetization solutions.

  • API-Incorporated Advertisers

It can automatically frame-up offers from Affiliate networks, endeavor traffic, and suspend non-profitable sources.

  • Work on Post Events

In case you are working with networks or advertisers which has post events tracking, LandingTrack all post events and auto-optimize bases.

  • Supports Team Work Facility

You can bring in your team members to the platform and assign them a suitable approach as well as building a separate space for them to work. This will not only speed up the work process but also give you desired results via team efforts.

Plug and Play Partners

For Affiliate Marketers, automation saves lots of time and money for every Advertising Campaign.

LandingTrack is the leading Automated Affiliate Tracking System that can assist Agencies and Media Buyers to come through all their activities through this single powerful platform.

LandingTrack intergations

Native Ad partners

Native ad partners

Push-Notifications Partners

Push notification Ad Network partners

Some of the partners’ names include PopCash, AdMaven, ExoClick, ZeroPark, mobidea, PopAds, ClickAdu, etc.

LandingTrack’s service for Networks

Every ad network is served as per the convenience:

  • POP/Redirect– it acts as an automated media buying platform for all your redirect, pop, push traffic sources. You can or activate your campaign anytime with LT, along with full control to block non-converting sources automatically. 
  • Affiliate Networks– Just upload all your offers in a few click, control caps and offers state without losing much time. It also helps in fraud detection, commission management, and another affiliate tracking.
  • Native Traffic– LT is an automated media buying platform for all your native traffic sources. You pause or activate your creatives or campaigns or take control of blocking non-converting sources automatically. 
  • Push Notification– With LT, you can easily automatize your push ad campaign without any deviations. 


LandingTrack is available for the users in four different plans as per their requirements. The subscription plans are Starter @ $49/mo, Professional @$99/mo, Business @ $249/mo, and Master @ $449/mo. If you are looking for customized packages, then the team is happy to help you in the process. You just need to make a call so that they can assist you one-on-one basis.

60% OFF
LandingTrack logo
Get LandingTrack only for $40/Mo
Save an additional $27 on three months by using this exclusive LandingTrack Deal. Get a...Show More
Save an additional $27 on three months by using this exclusive LandingTrack Deal. Get a monthly plan at $40/Month for the first three months using our special Promo. Show Less

Features included in each plan are as follows:

Starter Professional Business Master
1.000.000 clicks per month3,000,000 clicks per month 10,000,000 monthly clickcs 30.000.000 clicks per month
24/7 Auto-Optimization 24/7 Auto-Optimization 24/7 Auto-Optimization 24/7 Auto-Optimization
Data Retention 12 Months Data Retention 24 Months Data Retention 24 Months Data Retention 24 Months
Anti-Fraud Bot Detector Anti-Fraud Bot Detector Anti-Fraud Bot Detector Anti-Fraud Bot Detector
Domains: 2 Domains: 4 Domains: Unlimited Domains: Unlimited
Including SSL certificate Including SSL certificate Including SSL certificate Including SSL certificate
Additional Users: Only 1 Additional Users: Up to 2 Additional Users: Up to 4 Additional Users: Up to 6
API: Full integration API: Full integration API: Full integration API: Full integration
Support: E-mail only Support: Chat / E-mail Support: Chat / E-mail Support: Chat / E-mail
Native Networks: Not Included All integrations included. All integrations included. All integrations included.
$49 per month $99 per month $249 per month $449 per month
Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial

How to use LandingTrack

Unlike other trackers, LandingTrack offers an unrestricted free trial of its complete affiliate tracker.

Just signup on its free demo platform to strat trail, and once you are happy with the automated services, you can go on a paid plan.

Most of the accounts get activated almost instantly. Once you are on your dashbaord, you can add your affiliate network/Traffic source, offer and create dimension.

Add Affiliate Networks

LT supports automated API connection with many popular affiliate networks so that you can connect it with one click; However, if your affiliate network is not listed there, You can connect it manually by choosing custom network (postback method)

Similarly, the same goes for traffic sources. Most of the top traffic sources are automatically connected to LandingTrack, and others can be done manually using pixels, postback.

You can, later on, connect your landing pages and set complete dimissions to start automated affiliate marketing with the help of LandingTrack

Add dimensions on LandingTrack

You can also add your domain with DNS propagation (Works with all registrars)

Check out: LandingTrack Guide and documentations

Pros and Cons 


  • Free trial on all plans
  • Ease of use with in-depth tutorials
  • Fully automatized and optimization tool
  • Manages traffic optimally
  • Saves time and money
  • Integrates with all popular networks
  • Fraud detection and bot protection.


  • It works only as Cloud, SaaS and web platform
  • limited training options (in person and documentation)
  • customer support during business hours only

🌟 LandingTrack FAQs:

Does LandingTrack offer a free trial?

Yes, it has a free trial for its first-time users.

Who can use this tool?

The tool is best suited for direct advertisers, networks, DSP, and affiliates.

Does it work with mobiles or Mac OS?

Yes, it operates Cloud based, hence works flawsly on all devices.

What does dimensions means in LandingTrack?

you can create your own smart links with three different algorithms. You can create dimensions from offers with custom settings to work with.

Why should you use Affiliate trackers?

Affiliate trackers are not just another google analytics or analytics platform. It’s much more. It not only helps you your referral URL or gives you better results on your marketing campaigns, but it also automates everything, shows you which offer is performing better or which traffic is not performing well, So you can instantly eliminate the particular traffic source or campaign.

Affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing industry is nor flooded with tons of affiliate trackers, and There are hundreds of startups that have released their so-called affiliate trackers in the market, which are a clone of each other. Hence as a smart affiliate marketer, it is always better to use a reliable and smart affiliate tracker, which not only helps in better performance marketing tracking but also automates your media buying system.

LandingTrack is smartly integrated with the world’s most popular affiliate networks and traffic sources, So if you are working with any top companies like Outbrain, Taboola, Adsterra, mgid, etc, Your campaigns and offers can be integrated into a click.


Though LandingTrack is equipped decently with all the features needed for a tracking tool, its few flaws make it a little low when compared to the established tracking software like Voluum, Thrive Tracker, Everflow, Tune. LandingTrack also claims to be the only one in the market that automatizes your media buying campaigns, letting you to Track – Optimize – Control all your activity at one time. 

It is a fresh concept that might take time to combat the odds fully, but the users have found that with every update, they are coming up with new attributes and tech-savvy approaches. Already the tool is simple to use for beginners, spontaneous, inexpensive, efficient, time-saving, and fully automatized. 

So, we leave the decision entirely on your shoulders and let you decide whether to go for LandingTrack or not. If you have any questions, then drop in your query below. If you like this LandingTrack Review and think that it will be beneficial for your next affiliate marketing campaign, then don’t hesitate to share it. 

Are you ready to automatize your next affiliate marketing campaign with LandingTrack?

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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