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Leo.Cash Review: Push notification Ad Network: Good Or Bad?? [TRUTH]

Are you looking for an effective Push notification marketing campaign to monetize any kind of traffic from around the world?

If so, then push notifications is one of the top proven method to monetize your traffic in any niche. Just give it a try and your earnings will maximize like never before.

If you have newly stepped into affiliate marketing then push notifications is one of the topmost converting platforms for any niche.

If you are a full-time affiliate marketer then you need to look out for lucrative ways to monetize your traffic and increase your sales and commissions.

Internet is the best human invention that allows you to search for any possibilities that would generate profit just by sitting at home.

When looking for affiliate marketing tools and tips you need to go through genuine reviews about affiliate marketing companies and is just the right platform that provides an in-depth review about any Ad Networks, Affiliate network, web hosting, Software, etc..

Leo.Cash Review 2021 (Global Push traffic monetization) Review

In this Leo.Cash review, we have done all the hard work on how push notifications Ad works and after our research team found out about, we couldn’t get our eyes off from this push notifications network.

Leo.Cash – Introduction

Leo. Cash is an excellent worldwide monetization platform in any niche and works on push notifications which is simple and effective. The main aim of this Ad-network is to establish a connection between advertisers and webmasters for better business. Logo

The payment model used is Revshare so whenever a user clicks on the push notifications after subscription then the webmaster gets paid.

It’s easy to use and just by entering the ad code or widget on your website after successful registration you can start generating revenues. Their push notification does not conflict with any SEO settings on your website at all.

It works well with all the platforms and provides effective tools to go head to head with innovations trending in the market.

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Payment Methods at Leo.Cash

You have manifold options for payments supported by Leo.Cash for your convenience. Payment options available are: Bitcoin, ePayments, WIRE Transfer, QiWi, WebMoney and Yandex money and transfers to Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Payments are made in US Dollars by default but on special requests, it can be converted to Russian Rubles and the conversion rate from dollars to rubles will be decided by ePayments.

What is the Payment Cycle?

Once your account balance reaches $50 you will start receiving payments. Since withdrawing a minimum of $10 will not be convenient therefore Leo.Cash has changed it to $50. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20. Check out below the minimum payouts for different payment methods.

  • ePayments- $20
  •  WebMoney- $20
  •  Yandex- $20
  •  Qiwi- $20
  •  BTC- $100
  •  Wire Transfer-$ 500
  • Transfers to Visa and MasterCard- $100

Leo.Cash offers payouts every week on Fridays only if a request has been made in the previous week. A commission is charged on any payment methods used by you. Following are the commissions charged for supported payment methods:

  • ePayments- 2%
  •  WebMoney- 1%
  •  Yandex- 2%
  •  Qiwi- 2%
  •  BTC- 0%
  •  Wire Transfer- 4%
  •  Transfers to Visa and MasterCard- 4%

How Does Leo.Cash Work? working

1. When you enter the affiliate link of Leo.Cash on a button and user clicks on it then the user will be prompted to subscribe to Push Notifications.

2. When the user clicks on the Allow button and subscribes to the service then a native push advertisement is sent to the user.

3. Whenever the user clicks on the push advertisement, you get your commissions generated. This way you can earn on daily basis with Revshare model.

How to Join Leo.Cash?

Unlike others, there isn’t any strict approval system on To become a publisher and start monetizing its push notification services you need to provide your website details, Once your website is approved by its moderation team you can start optimizing its code on your site or blog.

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Basic Tools Offered by Leo.Cash for Affiliates

Leo. Cash offers subscription-based locker with every locker having its own advantage. Following are the lockers:

Standard Locker: This is a standard locker with no restrictions to content access.

Page Locker: This locker does not allow the user to access the content without the user subscribing to the push notifications.

Content Locker: This does not allow the user to access any part of the content or perform any action.

Video Locker: This restricts the user to continue accessing a video after a certain time and once the user subscribes to the push notification then again the complete video can be accessed.

Tracking Statistics: Tracking

In order to track your data and analyze it for better understanding of your performance, you get a real-time inbuilt tracker or you also have the option for a third-party tracker.

Advantages of Joining Leo.Cash

  • Wide range of tools: The expert team of Leo.Cash has designed innovative tools with perfection to generate more profit and keeps updating it by adding new features.
  • Monetizing Traffic From Around the World: It covers traffic from around the world in every category. This opens the market for you to select the best category.
  • High Payouts: Push notifications are rarely ignored which means more profit with higher payouts.
  • Customizable Tools: Tools are designed in a way to adapt any resource making your work hassle-free.
  • Lesser Conflicts: There are no conflicts with any type of monetization and search engines.
  • Native Advertising: More than 20,000 verified, advertisers.
  • Payouts: Every week on Fridays based on a request in the previous week.
  • Accepts any kind of content from any website.
  • Expert technical support to resolve our technical issues.
  • Amazing individual support to every webmaster.
  • Intuitive tracker with real-time statistics.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers:

Leo.Cash supports all major browsers and operating system. Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

Supported browsers for desktop include Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, and Safari. Supported browsers for mobile include Google Chrome, Android, Samsung, and Opera.

Leo.Cash Support team

Leo.Cash strives to bring you the best tools for best results and higher profits. By choosing Leo.Cash push notification service you are ensured to maximize your profits and easily convert your traffic into subscribers.

For any queries and feedback, you can contact Leo.Cash support team via:

Technical Support:

Mail: [email protected] or Skype: [email protected]. One can also join their telegram handle @Leo_cash to request instant support

[su_box title=”Is Push notification ads becoming goldmines for Affiliates? Truth” box_color=”#6d09e9″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”4″]

gone are the days when super affiliates used to focus on native ads and ppc to make tons of money. It’s the time for push monetuixation now. Most of the webmasters have started moneaiting their push traffic and its axctually giving them better recvenue as copmpard to traditional ads.

Some Content Ideas for Push Notifications

  • Don’t let your customers down and to keep in touch with your customer you should send special deals on special occasions. Who doesn’t like to save extra money? To promote a specific product/service send promotional messages so your customers know the benefits of that product/service.
  • Keep your users engaged by sending news and content updates.
  • Geolocation based notifications.
  • Everyone loves a discount. Send your customers discount deals and coupons to save their pocket. By doing this you make them realize that you value their money.
  • Upload files: e-books, checklists, templates.
  • Mobile application stocks.
  • Free games to keep your users happy like Giveaways and more.

If you are a Marketer or webmaster, It does not matter, You can also run push notification ads in the budget for your affiliate marketing campaigns or just monetize your push traffic by these networks. Its a win-win for both.

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Conclusion: Is Leo.Cash Best Push Notification Ad network?

If you haven’t still tried to push notification monetization then it is time to believe in the best. is a premium push Notification Ad network which works on Rev-share model. It’s a goldmine for webmaster and affiliates who wish to monetize their traffic via Push notification subscribers for a stable long term revenue.

If you want to earn huge from push notifications then you need a good volume as if you are receiving lifetime revenues then your visitors who have subscribed to push notifications are shown 2-3 ads. So, when the user clicks on any ads then you get to earn on every click. Some of the best niches for push notifications are music, high-quality images, file sharing and more.

Just try this Leo. Cash platform once and you will know how important Leo is in your life. If you are already using push notifications then provide your valuable feedbacks via comments section for our viewers.

Happy Monetizing 🤞

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