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LinkCheetah Review 2022: #1 Backlinks Monitoring Tool

Are you looking for an excellent SEO tool that completely controls your backlinks? If yes, stop contemplating and read this LinkCheetah Review that has helped numerous businesses control their link-building campaigns.

SEO plays a vital role in grabbing organic traffic to your personal or business site. But it is also essential to choose an SEO tool that has abundant features and is also unique. Monitoring your off-page SEO activities increases your organic traffic smoothly and efficiently.

Link building is still a significant part of the overall SEO optimization of your site or blog. You need to control your blog links to rank on tough competition keywords. You need to monitor your backlinks and remove bad links from your site’s links profile to enhance search ranking.

LinkCheetah is one such SEO tool that allows you to take control of your backlinks quite quickly and effectively.

What is LinkCheetah? Should you use it?


LinkCheetah has celebrated its one year in the industry and has a small dedicated team of 5 people. Total URLs crawled till now for backlinks are 6 731,665 and have performed over 1,680,090 google search queries.

LinkCheetah might not have a decade of experience, but the features provided sound like they have been in the industry for more than a decade. It offers affordable pricing solutions with a gamut of SEO features.

You can start a free trial of LinkCheetah and, if satisfied with its services, could go for higher upgraded plans, which are premium ones.

LinkCheetah’s free trial does NOT require you to enter your credit card details. You can also view its live demo here.

It is time to explore the tools hand-crafted with perfection to take control of your backlinks.

Even a cheetah can’t catch you!

LinkCheetah Features at a Glance

To give more insights about LinkCheetah, we have done the hard work and shown here all of its features in detail. Take a merry-go-round and decide whether the features provided will benefit you or just be a waste of time.

💹 Monitoring backlinks

Backlinks are one of the key things that need complete control and monitoring. A bird’ eye view of all your backlinks would be great, which is what LinkCheetah does. Whenever you gain or lose backlinks, you get instant notifications giving you complete control over your backlinks.

It displays new referring domains, indexed ref. Domains, lost referring domains and indexed + Dofollow & Nofollow links.

🎯 Nofollow/Dofollow

Differentiating between Dofollow and Nofollow links is important. With LinkCheetah, you can explore your Dofollow and Nofollow links. The tool enables you to keep track of all link profiles of your website with an in-depth analysis of all link profiles and tells you which links have been discovered.

💻 Google Index Check

It is important to ensure that your backlinks have been indexed by Google that helps you analyze your organic traffic. The tool instantly checks which links are indexed by the biggest search engine and are still pending to be crawled by Google’s bot.

🔗 Link Distribution

You can easily get insights on your top pages by referring to domains. There is no limit to referring domains and receiving insights. Refer as many domains as you want hassle-free.

📃 Anchor text distribution

A healthy anchor text distribution is essential for bringing organic traffic to your site and managing your links. Your website should always have a healthy text distribution. After all, “health is wealth.”

🏅 Backlinks Notification

Get instant notification when any backlink goes missing or if a backlink is added. This way, you have complete control over the backlinks of your website.

This is one of the greatest features of LinkCheetah. We can call it a premium thing that is only available in very expensive other SEO tools.

🔎 Get Rid of Bad Links

Bad or spammy links will no doubt harm your site’s ranking as even google does not want a website to be ranked with higher links of bad and spammy sites.

Hence Linkcheetah provides ultimate links analysis and tells you which are bad links, So you can instantly disavow them on google search console. So that type of spammy link can never hurt your site rankings.

🕒 Round the clock update

Keeping your backlinks data updated is the biggest challenge, and LinkCheetah does this for you with ease. Keeping your backlinks data updated helps you recognize which backlinks are of use and which ones should be removed.

Day or night, summer or winter, LinkCheetah is always on the run and keeps your link data 24/7 updated. Now you can sleep overnight peacefully.

🌌 Import backlinks automatically

If you search for importing new backlinks and doing this task manually, you no more have to waste your time on doing this manually. With this feature, you can automatically import new backlinks and monitor them.

🚀 Speedy analytics

So you might have this big question in your mind whether this SEO tool is faster enough to perform all the tasks. You better not doubt its speed. It runs faster than a cheetah and provides hassle-free insights on all your websites.

LinkCheetah Plans & Pricing

LinkCheetah performs faster than a Cheetah, but that does not mean the plans would be higher. No, they are not. The plans are affordable, and before purchasing any plan, you can start 14 days free trial that does not require a credit card.

The plans and pricing associated with each plan have been made, keeping in mind the SEO demands for everyone. So it doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur or own an enterprise.

LinkCheetah offers four plans which are small, medium, large and mega. The cheapest plan is the small plan that costs $49/month but allows up to 500 domains. If you have many clients and want an SEO plan, purchase the mega plan that costs only $199/month and allows up to 10,000 domains. When you choose to pay yearly, you get an additional 20 discount.


You get a 20% additional discount when choosing the annual payment method on all plans. All their plans come with all features and updates.

If you have other requirements and need a higher plan, you can contact the support team and get the perfect plan for your site.

LinkCheetah Coupon Code: 1 Month Free

LinkCheetah is offering a special discount to its users for now; get 1 month free when you garden your account from the free trial. So total, you will be getting 45 days free on any of its premium plans by using the below coupon.

Click on the button to activate the deal. You need to first signup and then click on the “upgrade button” to visit the billing page for a 1-month free deal. Total, you will be getting 45 days free with this coupon code.

Get $10 Free LinkCheetah credits

Looking for free credits apart from the free trial? This LinkCheetah new prom enables free $10 bonus credit on your billing account.

Click on the above button to redeem this deal, and You will receive a $10 bonus after the free 14 days trial period.

Does a Link Play an Important Role in SEO?

Yes, indeed, link plays an essential role in SEO big time. Link building helps in grabbing tsunami of traffic and grow your traffic faster than ever before.

Proper Organic SEO techniques and innovative strategies bring more traffic to your site and give more exposure to your brand.

Link building is not a child’s play and requires serious hard work, but it is difficult to do without a proper SEO tool. You need to invest your precious time and dedication if you want links that help you bring massive traffic to your website.

Choosing LinkCheetah helps you in building links efficiently and getting desired results.

How to Get Started with LINKCheetah:

The first step to start with LinkCheetah requires you to sign up and register yourself by creating an account with LinkCheetah. If you already have an account, kindly log in to your account.

Once logged in, you can add a domain and allow LinkCheetah to start tracking your site’s backlinks. For adding a domain, you need to simply click on the top of the home page on the gray box.

After that, you need to enter your site’s URL, and you could add more domains or redirect if required. The lowest LinkCheetah plan allows you to add 500 domains that are sufficient to cover your essential domains.

Once you have added the domain, LinkCheetah will automatically analyze your site and process the backlinks on your site. This might take some time depending upon the backlinks on your site, so be patient and wait for the results.

Once LinkCheetah has performed the analyzing process, you can browse through the links on the overview page. The overview page displays the Nofollow, Dofollow, Ahref domain rank scores.

You can even browse specific domains and filter out by various options, such as looking for only those links that Google has not indexed. You can click on the link and receive extra information such as the referring page, Google Index, anchor and backlink, and a Dofollow or a Nofollow link for more details on any links.

You also can disavow any of the links or even delete them.

What makes LinkCheetah so useful?

LinkCheetah offers many features, and some of them are pretty amazing. One such feature is the pages section. This feature is handy if you want to check links on a specific web page.

You can view the websites that contain your backlinks and the anchor text, which is also a significant reason why LinkCheetah is a proven SEO tool. Anchor text allows you to view your backlinks present on other websites and check whether the anchor text generates enough traffic.


One of the main reasons for not receiving organic traffic might be the changes happening in the links and ignorance from your side. This feature allows you to check the changes in the links, like a Dofollow link changing to a Nofollow link.

The anchor text feature lets you see the highest number of referring links and domains and where they can be found.

The disavow links feature lets you see which links have been disavowed from the page section within a few clicks.

Proven Link Building techniques {INFOGRAPHICS}

How to build Backlinks

Image source:

Conclusion : Take control of your backlinks today!

SEO strategy requires link-building techniques essential in bringing organic traffic to your website, and LinkCheetah is one such SEO tool that makes it easy to control your link-building campaigns.

This SEO tool is user-friendly, and most of the features allow the functionality to be automatic and not manually. It gives you insights into all your links and will enable you to analyze your website for anchor texts.

LinkCheetah makes tracking of links comfortable and hassle-free. This is one such tool that everyone should look for. However, it is new but is power-packed with luxurious features and quality support.

After looking at the prices and features, we would recommend LinkCheetah to everyone.

Guys Hope the LinkCheetah Review is useful. If you have any questions, please drop a comment below, and we would be happy to help you in the best way we can. Take care.🙂

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