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Linode Review: $100 Free Credits [#1 Cloud VPS of 2021]

Our genuine Linode review is based on what people say about this platform on different sites! If you want to use an effective web hosting platform, then you must trust a genuine review!

Let us help you make an informed decision about whether or not Linode is a valuable platform for you!

Linode is a famous cloud hosting provider, and many people around the world know this platform. What if we tell you that along with an in-depth ✅Linode Review, you also get 100% legit Linode Coupon codes that will help you avail of a maximum discount on the platform!

This excellent company was established in 2003 and became a multinational organization with clients in more than 131 countries! Linode has made its name because of specializing in VPS hosting and cloud options, and soon they will include cloud hosting.

In this Linode review, we want to talk more about deploying servers, managing them, and overseeing the performance on Linode Cloud Servers.

And along with the affordable Linode affordable pricing plans, you also get access to the Linode coupon codes, which we will present to you by the end of this article. So keep tuning in if you want nothing but the best for your web hosting needs.

Detailed Linode Review

linode review

Linode VPS hosts excellent service for the developers so that the staff is updated with the latest updates and features. Linode is a highly graded VPS hosting platform that also comes at an affordable price.

If you want a web hosting provider that is pocket-friendly and effective, then no other option could be better than Linode! It is an excellent alternative to renowned platforms like DigitalOcean and Amazon web services.

Let us learn more about this effective platform!

Linode Background

As you might already have known by now, that Linode is an established web hosting service provider. One of the many things that helps this platform stand out among its competitors is affordable pricing.

linode review

Linode’s staff is experienced and professionals, led by Christopher S. Aker, knowledgeable about computers and programming.

At the time of Linode’s launch in 2003, it was already many steps ahead of time because it was offering virtualized hosting and was the first to introduce cloud computing.

Gradually, this platform became the leader of the industry. Linode’s cloud hosting services are reliable, simple, fast, and dependable.

They have over 11 data centers across the globe comprising Dallas, Atlanta, Sydney, Singapore, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Toronto, Newark, and Fremont.

linode review

Along with this, Linode also offers GPU plans and One-click apps, which can be installed on the servers with minimum effort. This excellent platform also comprises Object Storage, Block Storage, Load Balancers, and a governed Kubernetes solution – Linode Kubernetes Engine.

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What does Linode Offer?

Linode is a wonderful cloud hosting service that focuses on high-performance SSD Linux servers. It has managed to make a mark in offering high-security services. It also has participated in the HackerBug one bounty program that pays the hackers of the White hat to find susceptibilities.

linode review

The unique thing about this platform is that it does not use standard terms like VPS hosting, shared hosting, or cloud hosting. However, the plans that it does offer are almost similar to VPS hosting.

Linode is a company situated out of the US with a massive range of experience and users belonging to more than 130 countries across the globe.

#1. Compute

The compute engineer takes care of everything. It performs all the required steps that make its website running smoothly.

linode Compute

In this context, Linode has several products you may choose from to kickstart your next web project.

#2. Nanode

With the Nanode structure, you get a shared CPU, 1GB RAM, and 25GB of SSD storage. And believe us, that is all you need to get started with your web hosting needs!

And yes, as you grow, your revenue will be able to upgrade seamlessly. Nanode is available to allow you to begin with the lowest price with optimal service resources.

#3. Standard Linode

Standard Linode is all that you need when you want to grow your enterprise. No matter what, you want to host a standard Linode; it manages almost all types of loads.

Linode offers multiple cloud compute instances, starting at only $10/month. However, all the plans require you to have a little knowledge of technical stuff, but performance-wise it offers nothing but the best performance-wise.

#4. High Memory Linode

As you have noticed, Nanodes and standard Linodes are nothing but compute engines that offer a typical amount of resources that grow gradually with time. But, when you need a different ratio of system memory and SSD storage, you need high-memory Linodes.

High memory linode

Key Features of Linode | Linode Review

Linode proudly boasts about the three primary areas it focuses on- Power, reliability and, simplicity. That particular part has been a secret among all these years that has managed to keep Linode on no.1 position.


🚀 Linode Uptime/Downtime

According to Linode, you get a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, and this part has also been mentioned in the terms and conditions agreement of this platform. Although, it does not show the exact time of the statistics. But, one can monitor the uptime statistics using any tool like Pingdom.

💻 Uptime Guarantee

The credit policy of Linode is pretty straightforward. That means if your service goes down for a long time enough to break the SLA, you can ask for a pro-rata credit.

📞 Linode Support

To get you started with the platform for free, Linode offers you free credits that are enough for you to test the platform’s functionality. You can have a good look inside the Linode dashboard and start a real cloud server without even paying for it for a few months.

However, we must warn you; you should not expect much from the Linode support system. If you think that you will get a dedicated system like Linode competitors, you are wrong. 


The product that they offer you is expected for you to understand on your own. However, if you ask some questions from the team, there is a high possibility that they will do their best to resolve your issue.

Yes, they do not provide 24/7 customer support, but that does not mean that their services are that bad.

You have to handle VPN pretty much on your own unless you have purchased the add-on or are facing an issue that only a technical team can look into.

🏅 User Community & Knowledge support

If you have any doubts or inquiries on your mind, you can visit the Linode library, which is an extensive technical knowledge base. There is also a Linode community forum for people with great difficulties to achieve the standard amount of satisfaction.

For support requests, you do get a ticket system. You can send the ticket to its team, but do not expect that your ticket will get resolved in a few hours. Sometimes, Linode’s team also takes upto 24 hours to report back to you.

Linode Pricing Plans

With Linode, you will get 15 straightforward standard cloud hosting plans ranging from 1GB RAM plan to 96GB RAM plan, which can help you with your business of any size.

linode pricing

The primary alternatives among all of these plans are:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Data Transfer speed
  • Network In
  • Network out

The starter package of the platform has the following:

  • 1 Core CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1TB Transfer
  • 25GB SSD Storage

The smaller package is the most excellent option to get started with. After some time, you can gradually upgrade to more advanced plans.

What One Gets with Linode’s Managed Add-on Feature?

If you belong to the category who needs to stay away from the headache of handling their websites 24/7, then Linode’s managed add-on features will do miracles for you!

YouTube video

This service costs you $100/month and is a bit expensive for beginners. However, as a beginner, you will not face any issues as long as you use this add-on. The managed add-on feature comprises of:

  • Free cPanel
  • Emergency incident response
  • Dashboard metrics
  • Free WHM
  • Access to Longview Pro
  • Free site migrations
  • Cloud server monitoring
  • An additional 20% off on multiple professional services.

Why Should You Choose Linode?

If you are a web developer or a tech start-up that requires a notch-out, Linode would be the perfect deal. Linode can help you become the master of our website.

linode coupon

If you consider getting started with an informational website, which is relatively static and does not consist of data processing, give Linode a try. We are sure that you will not be disappointed with the platform.

🌟 Linode FAQ

🙄What is Linode?

Linode is a privately held cloud hosting company based in the United States that offers virtual private servers. Its headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

🤔What is Linode used for?

Linode Block Storage allows customers to add volumes on demand to their server storage capacity. Customers will be able to back up their servers daily, weekly, or monthly with Linode Backup. Linode Manager and NodeBalancer are two tools that let you manage many server instances on a single machine.

🔥Can I use Linode for free?

Yes. 7-days free trial available with Linode

🔎Is Linode secure?

Linode’s security is a shared responsibility. With computing and storage services, Linode manages the physical hosts up to the hypervisor and provides a high physical and environmental protection level.

😎How do I check my Linode credits?

– Click on the Account link from the sidebar menu to access the Billing Info page.
– At the top of the page, the Next Billing Cycle section lists any remaining account credit under Payment & Credits.

Conclusion: Linode Review 2021 + $100 Free Credits | Should you go for this cloud hosting provider?

If you want to go with the most trusted web service provider, then you dare to pick Linode!

The pricing plans are affordable, And with the coupon code, you will get to use the service at an even lower price!

We hope that ours Linode review + coupon was helpful to you in any manner.🙂

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