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MalCare Review: Premium Instantaneous Malware protection for WordPress

Are you frustrated with your WordPress website or blog being affected by malware? If yes, then you need instant protection to keep your site up & running. Hence your clients won’t be disappointed.

If you want to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about the protection of your site, then you need a software that monitors and detects harmful/ malicious activities like malware round the clock and secures your website even when you are not in front of your computer screen.

To ensure that when you wake up the next day with a fresh cup of coffee, your site should also be running like a blaze, you need to install Malware that ensures to protect your site day and night.

Malcare Review: The only Security + Backup solution you need for WordPress site:

Malcare Review

The most important factor to be considered is that you shouldn’t need to monitor your site manually, instead of on 1-click your website should be scanned automatically thereby saving your time so you could spend more time in planning your business strategies.

In many cases, your site’s URL redirects your visitors to spam websites, or sometimes unwanted ads get displayed because of any popups Malware or adware on your website.

Due to these reasons, your site gets blacklisted by Google or other search engines. Some hackers are jealous of your progress, and so they do harm your site that incurs the loss of your business.

About MalCare (Company Introduction)

Malcare started providing site protection services with a vision to secure websites effectively and easily so as to keep your site’s data and your client’s vital information safe from the reach of malware and intrusions.

Malcare team has put in their efforts and made this software with their sweat & blood which took three years of thorough research & development. You don’t need any technical know-how to scan your site, just 1-click and the scanning starts automatically.

It is the first of the kind that provides 1-click scanning and cleaning of your website making it easy for newbies as well as non-technical users.

Malcare is the face behind BlogVault that provides backup & secure services to over 90,000+ WordPress users worldwide.

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Malcare finds out the most complex hacking and thwarts them at 1-click. There are many more hack scanners and cleaning tools but lack of technical assistance makes them non-recognized whereas Malcare overcomes all the bugs and makes it a perfect choice for millions of users around the world.

Till now Malcare is known to scan over 200,000+ sites and counting each day. The largest site scanned by Malcare was 330GB. If you are worried whether Malcare will work on your site hosted by any hosting company then leave the stress as it is compatible with over 5000+ web hosts worldwide.

Reasons to Choose Malcare for your WordPress website:

Is your site affected by malware or hacked? It is time to choose Malcare that takes care of your site so you could sleep peacefully at night. If you need reasons to select Malcare, then read this section, and you will come to know why Malcare is the best plugin for your site.

Some of the brands that trust Malcare for its amazing services is: Valet, WPcurve, SiteCare, Dolby, Intel, and O’Reilly. If you still can’t trust Malcare then following are the reasons that you should know to change your mind and choose Malcare.

  • Alerts before any harm to your website

Due to malware your site gets blacklisted by Google or can even get blocked by Web hosts, but Malcare’s automatic scanner alerts you about any kind of malware that could harm your site so you could take the required action before your site gets vandalized.

  • Zero server overload

It is quite often noticed that due to some plugins your site gets overloaded and this results in slow page loading. If there is a delay in page load, then your visitors get distracted and are not willing to wait for the page to be loaded slowly. Hence you lose your visitors.

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Malcare does not overload your server as it takes all the heavy load on its own servers ensuring that your visitors remain loyal to you.

  • In-depth Malware detection

Before Malware got itself ready to be installed for every user it analyzed over 240,000 websites with more than 100 signals that identify complex malware with a bird’s eye view. It removes the most complex malware’s from your site making it secure and clean from bad guys.

  • Saves your time with 1-click cleanup

You don’t have to wait for technical assistance to clean your WordPress site. If you are a novice or someone whose, not tech savvy, then Malcare provides you 1-click automatic clean up. This saves a lot of time and reduces your headache.

When your WordPress website is cleaned by unnessacary database cache, extra database tables, unwanted posts in trash, etc., It loads faster than earlier.

  • No False Positives

Malcare uses more than 100 signals to detect only those malicious attacks that are legitimate and not possible hacks. You might sometimes get panic when looking false alarms, but Malcare ensures peace of mind by alerting you only when needed.

  • No usage restrictions

All the plans offer unmetered malware detection and cleanup with no hidden costs. Use as much as you want and keep your site healthy leading to tranquility.

  • Secured Login

To ensure no third person can access your site without any permission, it provides access to only authorized personnel and thwarts the bots and hackers that could login to your site and damage it.

  • Automatic Secure WordPress backup

Is your website hacked or compromised? If yes, then the first thing you need is the backup of your WordPress site, and what better backup service other than BlogVault is available for your WordPress site.

Blogvault offers premium WordPress backup & restore solutions with zero downtime, Malcare subscriptions comes with premium automated backup solutions which always work and lets you to rebuild in a click,.

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This features intelligently identifies the WordPress & server hardware environment and performs secure backups which are stored in small particles. Hence it is capable to backup even the largest & memory hungry WordPress websites easily with complete backup including custom tables and files.

It ensures to protect your data and keep it in a safe place from where you can retrieve whenever needed.

  • Unbreakable Firewall

Malcare Premium Firewall ensures that your site is protected from bots without overloading your server.

MalCare Features at a Glance:

We have already discussed the reasons to choose Malcare so in this features section we will summarize it up.

  • Automatic scanning from the dashboard that keeps track of all file modifications to detect malware early before they enter into your site and vandalize it.
  • With a bird’s eye view, it uses more than 100 signals to make sure it detects every malware. It works like a night watchman so even when you are sleeping it takes care of your site.
  • Instant 1-click malware discharge is the simplest way to keep your site protected and safe from the bad guys.
  • No matter how sophisticated the malware are; Malcare’s ultrasonic signals goes deep inside to identify the most complex malware and keeps your site’s heartbeat pumping & jumping.
  • Secured login restricts bots from unethical login attempts and blocks them automatically.
  • It doesn’t leave a chance for any bots or hackers to damage your site with site hardening. 1-click WordPress hardening and robust firewall keep your site safe from brute attacks.
  • A reliable backup from BlogVault ensures that if your site is hacked, then you don’t lose your data and restores it at 1-click.
  • Real-time automatic backups daily and instantaneously whenever changes occur on your website..

Malcare Plans & Pricing

When it comes to pricing, malcare plans are very cost effective as compared to other alternatives in the market, However, none of the other alternative tools in the industry offers such great and extensive features which Malcare provides.

Malcare solutions are not only limited to security, It also takes strong backup of your WordPress website, cleans it, works without any load on the server and is totally built for WordPress. Below are its pricing models for different volumes.

The company offers four different plans: Personal, Business, Developer and Agency. You can additinal 20% discount get using our exclusive coupon code valid on all plans. (Scroll below for special promo code:p )

Personal plan:

MalCare-personal plans

Business Plan:


Developer plan:


All plans come with 2 months free on annual billing and 30-Days 100% money back guarantee without any questions asked.

The most popular& suggest plan to go with is Developer p[lan, It comes with very exciting pricing and is suitable for unlimited clients, on-demand scan, extra team members, encrypted cloud backup, Firewall, etc..  Use discount coupon from below to get additional savings of 20% + 2 months free on annual subscription.

MalCare Coupon code: 20% extra Savings on all plans:

So if you are looking for extra saving MalCare promo code, Here we bring the you exclusive discount to our readers which enables you to save 20% instantly on any plans for any duration. Moreover, If you purchase for 12 months+ plan, you get two months subscription Free. It’s time to save…& be secure!

Click on above coupon button to instantly redeem 20% off  Deal.

Malcare Vs Other Security Solutions:

Its always better to compare a product or service with other alternatives to know the differences in features, pricing, etc.. On malcare website, you can see an in-depth comparison of Malcare between other security suites such as SiteLock, WordFence, SecurePress, ithemes Security, etc..

Below is a comparison chart of Malcare vs SiteLock:


What do users say about Malcare?

It feels so good when real users speak about your product to others, When a tool or software makes you happy or helps you to ease your business, you will surely spread it via word of mouth, Here are some honest testimonials of users just like YOU about Malcare, Watch it what do they say…

YouTube video
YouTube video


What makes Malcare unique is its proprietary algorithm that was developed after analyzing over 240,000 websites by using more than 100 radar signals to detect the most complicated hacks and malware.

It doesn’t make you stand in the queue to wait for your turn, just 1-click and the clean-up starts automatically with zero server overload and zero downtime. After clean-up, your site runs smoothly with a bolt speed.

A very well managed customer support team that is dedicated and enthusiastic is always there to support you and treat you equally like others.

Malcare keeps upgrading its features, and the latest in the line is the security reports that can be shared with your clients and White Label solution which allows you put your own brand logo for the Malcare plugin.

Take care of your site with Malcare!

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