Microsoft Office 365 VS Google Apps : Who is the winner?

Finally here is the in-depth comparison of MS Office 365 VS Google Apps and lets see who is the winner. As per a report by Bitglassthe Cloud Security expert, “Microsoft has surged ahead of Google, more than tripling its adoption from 7.7% in 2014 to 25.2% in 2015. In 2015, Microsoft strikes back, more than tripling enterprise penetration at 25.2%, outpacing Google’s 22.8%, and showing no signs of slowing.” 


As per the same report, Microsoft Office 365 is coming out to be a favored choice of private organizations-

  • Small companies with 500+ employees

MS Office 365 graph

  • Large regulated companies with 1000+ employees

ms office google apps graph 3

  • And surprisingly with public owned companies as well.

ms office google apps graph 4

So Microsoft Office 365 basically has the lead irrespective of the type and size of organization. J Although this report conveys clearly who the winner is among Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, but we’ll further discuss on the reasons as to why Office 365 is emerging as the winner.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with productivity tools including OneDrive, Skype for Business, Office Apps and Microsoft Email for increasing your business productivity; while Google Apps for Work provides web applications including Hangouts, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Vault, Sheets and Sites for simplifying your business tasks.

FunctionalitiesOffice365Google Apps
Meetings & ConferencesSkype for Business facilitates audio and video conferencing for online meetings with 300 members in one go. Also, you get to share screen, documents and files during meetings.Google Apps in Google Hangout is used for conducting video meetings online but at a time, it can only be accessed by 15 members and there’s limit on number of meetings which can be conducted in a month.
Instant MessagingDrop IM or instant messages to your team and colleagues to get work done quickly by checking their activity status in real time- in meeting, offline, present & more.


Google Chat is there for instant messaging and it also lets one know the presence status – online or offline.
Business Email with Cloud StorageMicrosoft Office 365 comes with business email and 1TB storage in cloud as OneDrive. MS business mail comes with features including task management, contact management and calendar.Email facility included in Google apps doesn’t provide integration and synch features like O365. One gets 30 GB storage space in cloud with Google Apps, but you can buy more if you need additional space.


Ease of usageNo need to train your team as it’s the same old Office that everyone has been using for long.

Also, all applications are synchronized and O365 works exactly same both ways- online and offline.

With Google Apps being comparatively newer, team needs to be trained in its usage beforehand.

Also, it has limited offline abilities and almost negligible synchronization abilities with other applications.

So thats all a about Microsoft office 365 VS google apps. If you have any feedback or need more information about office 365 business plans, feel free to get in touch with bloggingeclipse via comments below or through contact page.

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