Are you a total digital nomad, and a big gaming freak? Then you might be digging new fields to explore as an affiliate marketer.

If so, give a thought to attend the MINSK iGaming affiliate conference. Internet Gaming is an ever-growing field, and you will find one or the other person crazy about gambling in one or the other house.

Not only will you get a chance to explore new and upcoming gambling markets, but also meet the giants of this field.

The sponsors, partners, speakers, and all participants will come together to discuss the common grounds of gambling and how everyone can make money by complying with the advertising standards. Well, there is a lot to talk in the event, and you will come to know only when you attend it. So, buy your tickets from Blogging Eclipse and avail great offers for your VIP pass.

About Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference

Why should you attend MINSK iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 1

MINSK iGaming Affiliate Conference will take place in the capital of Belarus at DoubleTree by Hilton on March 5, 2020.

It is their second consecutive event where all top affiliates and advertisers of the iGaming market from the CIS countries and the EU will come together, and talk about the potentiality of gambling in 2020. 

The speakers of the event will cover up all the aspects of the gambling field, be it the current and future trends in this niche, the benefits of CPS and re-share, traffic sources, boosting ROI, eSports offers, etc. They will also highlight the process of working with influencers, mobile advertising and targeting, and other offers. 

Besides, MiAC is a rewarding networking zone for the associates. The gambling connoisseurs and affiliate marketing geeks will demonstrate not only their individual reports at the conference but also their new projects running in the trial zone. On the product-line, experts will also make this event an open platform for any questions from the novices along with giving and take of blooming ideas. 

The real opportunities will only knock the doors of those who attend the whole event, and also the after parties that bring out the leading insiders of the market. It is beneficial to participate in the after parties of an event as it brings out the real side of every prominent entrepreneur. One can have a sneak peek into the lives of these established people and get connected to them, keeping the formalities aside.

Who will attend, and why?

There will be many established as well as flourishing digital marketers attending the event along with:

  • managers of online and offline gambling companies;
  • delegates of CPA networks and programs;
  • affiliate software developers;
  • webmasters;
  • Arbitrators
  • media buyers;
  • SEO specialists;
  • other market players.

You will get a chance to meet many great speakers like Nick Rudenko (owner 8Lab), Alexander Shushin (Legal Counsel of Law & Trust International), Alexey Trudov (Head of the marketing department, LegalBet), and many more. Evgeny Romanenko, (Presenter and Interviewer) form iTuber Channel will be the conference moderator and manage the stage. 


Topics to be discussed in the event:

  • Existent marketing goals: how not to fall under regulations and pull in new audiences
  • TBA
  • IGaming blockchain as a tool of reliance between affiliates and operators
  • How to recover from the traffic crisis on the sports betting site?
  • Starting an iGaming partnership from scrape
  • Work with creatives: how to advertisers and affiliates to meet each other’s outlook?
  • Betting application: how to monetize through a capstone?
  • VIP customer service know-hows and the effect of the second on exploding online casino earnings
  • Operators and affiliates – how to build a victorious plan of action
  • How analytics and research help in developing affiliate business.
  • The whole actuality about the relationship between officials, operators, and affiliates

All these topics will be based on real-life experiences and the actual case studies of clients, so that you get a clear picture of how it all takes place, and what measures to be taken if something goes wrong. Gambling is a vast field and a prevalent one, and also it comes with many regulations attached to it. 

If an affiliate marketer decides to promote any such campaign on their blogs or websites, then he must first know the pros and cons, along with rules and regulations of promoting gambling in the specific country. There will be a discussion on all types of Affiliates concepts like affiliates-franchisees, affiliate marketers, White Label affiliates and payment agents.

Tickets to Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference

Hurry and grab your tickets at the best price here. There are two ticket options for all who want to attend the event. The only Conference ticket will cost you 175 BYN, and VIP Tickets will cost 520 BYN for the whole day event with the best services. 


The cheaper ticket will include conference and demo zone access, along with a coffee break. The VIP pass will require separate registration along with the reference on the first places in the hall, comfy VIP zone with the best service, networking opportunities, and refreshments, conference access, lunch, and coffee breaks. 

Overall, the VIP pass will be more beneficial for you as you won’t be missing a single minute of the event and will spend the whole time in the hall. It includes lunch for the attendees where you can chit-chat with the speakers and brand ambassadors informally, and get their attention. In such events, one must utilize every minute of it by turning it into a life-changing opportunity. Many prominent affiliate marketers have gained recognition from such events. 

Featured Speakers at MiAC:


More details about speakers available on its official website.

What will you get as a promoter, partner, and participant?

Sponsors will be provided with everything required to announce themselves at the event as a market leader. They will profitably present their brand in front of prospective customers and partners.

The partners from specialized media, blogs, channels, and organizations working in the market, will be the first to know the news of the conference and share them with their audience.

All the participants, like internet gaming operators, affiliate programs, suppliers, media buying companies, as well as amasses of solutions for casinos and sportsbooks, will find their target audience in their exhibit zone.

Final Thoughts

Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference is not something to be missed if you work on the gaming or gambling verticals. As an affiliate marketer, you will come face-to-face with many big names of the gaming industry.

A few facts that will surely make you attend this event are that more than 1000 media partners will be highlighted on the conference day, along with 500 companies participating. 

The panel will consist of 500 plus globally renowned experts among the speakers. Around 28 countries will be participating in the event network. So, overall it will be fun networking and growing with the gambling industry mavens.

Moreover, you can clear your doubts in the question-answer round and make your pavement towards the flourishing gaming field. In case of any event-related queries, you can call them, email them, or chat with them. 

Please don’t wait and grab the tickets of MINSK iGaming Affiliate Conference before its too late. 

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