It does not matter if you are a publisher and an advertiser or involved in any other online marketing business. The device you hold 24*7 could start benefiting you as well. Hence, today we bring you an exclusive article on ✅18+ Best Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers and Advertisers.

The most crucial aspect nowadays is to keep your business profitable. It is okay to face ups and downs as an entrepreneur because that risk is worth taking. But is it not clever to take affordable risks in your business? The answer would be a big NO.

Nowadays, Mobile marketing has earned a prominent status in the marketing industry. It could benefit the publishers & advertisers, but some developers also can start earning big bucks via Mobile marketing.

With no further delay, let us jump to our article and explore the world of online marketing with us because today and we will showcase the list of Best Mobile Ad Networks for Publishers and Advertisers available in the market.

18+ Top Mobile Ad Networks for App Monetization

Mobile Ad Networks
Best Mobile Ad NetworksOfficial Links
#1. Ad.StyleClick here to start
#2. StartAppClick here to start
#3. Epom AppsClick here to start
#4. TapjoyClick here to start
#5. ChartboostClick here to start
#6. LeadboltClick here to start
#7. PhunwareClick here to start
#8. Search Ads (iAd)Click here to start
#9. FyberClick here to start
#10. IronSourceClick here to start
#11. Bing Mobile AdvertisingClick here to start
#12. MobFoxClick here to start
#13. OathClick here to start
#14. YeahMobiClick here to start
#15. AppnextClick here to start
#16 AirpushClick here to start
#17. Unity AdsClick here to start
#18. Google AdmobClick here to start

1. Ad.Style 


Ad.Style is a robust native advertising network that was established in 2015; since then, it has partnered with over 200 websites and server ads in over 30+ languages across the globe. It utilizes cutting-edge technology along with a human touch to improve digital advertising and offer more significant opportunities for small businesses to grow. It is on a mission to give exciting and engaging content to its users globally. It also aims to promote a better space for publishers, advertisers and readers.

It is one of the premier content recommendation networks which leverages its machine learning and data crunching capabilities to offer great ROI to its customers, which is at par with the industry standards. The Platform’s unique feature includes the ability to display high-quality, better-converting native display ads. All this it does without burdening the page loading speed. It offers ad widgets that are lightweight and lightning-fast and can load pages quickly.

For publishers, the network offers a perfect blend of features that can grow your traffic and generate engaging content for your audience. Ad.Style works directly with each of the publishers. They offer dedicated account manager support via phone, email, or Skype.

The Ad.Style CPM rates range from $4 to $11, which of course, depends on the country you target. This rate is way bigger compared to the industry’s average cost. So with higher CPM rates, there is no doubt that publishers are going to love this native ad network. We recommend Ad.Style network for all those online publishers who are looking to unlock new revenue streams and generate great revenue.

2. StartApp


StartApp was founded as a mobile network company by Gil Dudkiewicz and Ran Avidan in December 2010 in New York, US. This network helps you implement interstitial advertising. What happens in this kind of advertising? In this type of advertising, an ad will take over the screen while transitioning from one page to another. This advertising kind is a little more unique than conventional banner ads; some have proven to achieve more excellent revenue rates!

With StartApp, developers can further add interactive ads, which are as follows:

Attention: 11 Best Interstitial Ad Networks | How to Use Them?

3. Epom Apps

Epom Apps

Epom also serves as an ad-serving company founded by Anton Ruin in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine. That is one of the most easy-to-use mobile monetization platforms that is on-demand. Epom especially has been designed for Android and iOS developers on the lookout for effective ways to generate quality revenue from their apps.

Some key highlights to consider about this network:

  • Their Supported ad formats

Banner, Native, Background, Interstitial, and Video

  • Their Key Markets

Canada, Europe, UK, Germany, United States, Ukraine

  • Their Targeting areas

Language, Country, OS, Browser, Demographic, and Behavioral

  • Their Campaign Types


4. Tapjoy


Tapjoy is active since 2007. It was discovered by Lee Linden, Ben Lewis, and Mitch Liu in 2007 in San Francisco, United States. Tapjoy is almost a veteran in their niche. This app monetizing network has served numerous app developers and companies in growing their revenue. Tapjoy encourages mobile platforms like Mobile Web, iOS, and Android and offers various ad formats like Rewards, Offerwall, Interstitial, and Content Lock, etc.

The working technique of Tapjoy is unique. Users are provided the benefit of using virtual money in exchange for watching video ads. They are needed to subscribe to some services or download promoted apps.

5. Chartboost


If you consider 2018, Chartboost is regarded as one of the most renowned ad networks of that year.
It is in the limelight since 2011 as a mobile game user acquisition company. It provides a compelling stage for cross-promotion with native ads, sophisticated targeting, as well as tracking.

Chartboost is a transparent and data-driven platform, so the developers who partner with them achieve the experience to make intelligent decisions for their ad campaigns. Chartboost offers powerful analytics with numerous ideas to improve your campaigns.

6. Leadbolt


Leadbolt also offers some unique features; AppWall is the most noticeable one. It is an Australian company that’s operating in the mobile ad network business since 2011. It’s a renowned mobile advertising company. They have won many awards, and the Australian Business award is one of them. In the current time, they offer five billion ads (monthly) across 65000 apps in as many as 150 countries.

Another key highlight of Leadbolt is that they offer ten different Ad Formats for applications. As the advertisement formats are other than banner ads, so you get to have a high eCPM.

7. Phunware


Phunware was previously known as Tapit. It was discovered by Alan Knitowski, Luan Dang, and Alan Kane on 23rd February 2009. Phunware’s technical knowledge and marketing expertise help advertisers, marketers & developers. That too, in the best possible way. With Phunware, you can target and engage your audience in a joyful experience. Other than that, you can have a detailed insight into their prospects as well.

They have years of expertise and knowledge behind them, and therefore, the self-serve marketplace Phunware can bring in many advantages for businesses.

8. Search Ads (iAd)

Search Ads (iAd)

Search Ads, previously known as iAd, is one of the best platforms to promote Apple and tablet products. Search Ads provides an easy and efficient way and helps people find your application on the iOS store more quickly.

It can be integrated with various robust features and tools like Web GL (with 3D Motion Graphics), which help you create beautiful Ads and reach the right set of people at the apt time. Using Search Ads (iAD), you can get your target audience through various iOS Apps.

9. Fyber


Fyber is one of the most exemplary mobile app optimization networks. It brings a new approach to mobile app optimization. One of the most prominent and influential features is the automatic optimization of ad revenue sources. Fyber has a considerable audience reach which pretty much guarantees strong engagement and a good number of installs.

Developers can choose whether they want to showcase their ads on iOS or Android on this platform. They can also choose according to their will, what kind of campaign they wish to run (like engagement, install, etc.), or what non-typical formats they would like to run their ads in, like videos, interstitial, or anything else.

10. IronSource


IronSource was launched in 2012. The IronSource mobile ad network provides a sophisticated management solution with multiple ad-unit and campaign type-support, collectively with creative assets management and high-level reporting. It implements support to the highest number of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Cocos, Amazon, and Adobe Air, and a list of ad formats like app wall, interstitial, offer wall, and video.

11. Bing Mobile Advertising

Bing Mobile Advertising

If you are old school and like the traditional way of advertising your campaign, Bing Mobile Advertising is the best choice you will get online. You can advertise on mobile devices with the help of Bing advertising, in which you get to target the desired audience of your choice.

Bing Ads targets most of the major mobile operating systems together with dozens of OEMs and thousands of models. A quick trivia for you all. Over 70% of Bing Ads mobile queries are from iOS platforms! So, that makes Bing Advertising an iOS hit!

12. MobFox


Julian Zehetmayr founded it in 2010 in Vienna, Austria. MobFox serves as a major mobile advertising network to publishers, advertisers, and developers. You can monetize your app traffic from Android, IOS, and also Windows Phone 7. It is one of the top mobile ad networks you will find online.

Some of the critical light features include:

  • High level of control proposed through granular filters and blocklists
  • Publisher platform used in more than 25000 iOS and Android apps.
  • It has Dynamic floor pricing.

13. Oath

Oath is a well-known mobile monetization platform; previously, it was named One by AOL. The new-age technology, efficient tools, and unique services make it feasible for the advertisers to offer a magnificent viewing experience on the users’ smartphones.

The platform offers dynamic and easy-to-use advertising options for developers to monetize their apps with full-screen interstitial, video, and image-based ad formats. Here, the advertisers and the publishers get a total charge of their data, tools they want to include, media, and their business.

14. YeahMobi


YeahMobi is one of the leading mobile ad networks. It is situated in China. YeahMobi is helping numerous companies to reach the pinnacles of global growth. They offer their services in different fields like consumer apps, internet finance, E-commerce, lifestyle, and other industries.

Though they have unique expertise in Native ads, they do work pretty well with other formats. Suppose we were to talk about the targeting options. In that case, however, the Yeahmobi ads are supported by media platforms, which means they help you acquire new users and go a long way in helping you maximize LTV.

15. Appnext


Appnext was founded in 2012 and is undoubtedly one of the world’s most prominent mobile ad networks. It functions as a self-serve CPI bidding basis. Appnext makes every interaction of your user meaningful and reliable. They are so legit in their form that thousands of partners are using the Appnext platform for growing and monetizing with a premium video ad suite. This mobile ad network is a power pack of timeline technology to tap into users’ daily experiences with apps.

If you are using Appnext, then you can target your existing users again and again. It makes it easier for you to form your user base and run prominent retargeting programs.

16. Airpush

Airpush can be called the future of Mobile Marketing. It has all the updated features, which can support the advertisers and the publishers.

Airpush is one of the most extensive mobile ad networks targeting the Android segment. Publishers and advertisers can look forward to freat development if they choose to use the unique advertising network. Airpush offers banner and video ads, but it has also introduced entirely new formats such as abstract banners. If you consider going with Airpush, then you can expect high profits waiting in the future.

17. Unity Ads

Unity Ads

Unity Ads Mobile Ad Platform was launched in 2014 by Unity technologies. It serves as a premium ad monetization solution for mobile games. It offers both iOS & Android mobile platforms and offers banner, video, and interstitial formats and has a global market to cater to. Some of the foremost mobile game companies use Unity Ads to monetize their games and launch their video ads.

Some key highlights to consider about this network:

  • Their supported ad formats
  • Interstitial, video, and banner
  • Their key markets
  • United States, Global
  • Their targeting areas
  • Country, connection, device, operating system
  • Their campaign types
  • CPI, CPM

18. Google Admob

Google Admob

Google Admob is considered the most effective mobile ad networking platform to date. It is in demand because it has a cross-platform capability. Like all the Google products, AdMob is perfect in functionality and is pretty simple to integrate into apps. The actual winner here is that their advertising is far less disruptive and intrusive than other networks.

You can even cross-sell your other applications or even your existing data to your existing user base.

Some key highlights to consider about this network:

  • Their Supported ad formats
  • Interstitial, Native, True view, Banner, Lightbox, and Video
  • Their Key Markets
  • Global
  • Their Supported Platforms
  • iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos2dx, Wp8
  • Their Campaign Types

Mobile Ad Networks FAQ

What are mobile ad networks?

Mobile advertising networks are nothing but an advertising platform that allows advertisers to connect with app developers (publishers) looking to monetize their apps. There are various best mobile ad networks available in the market that publishers can use to monetize their apps.

Which mobile advertising platforms pay the most?

All the above mobile advertising platforms pay the most. But at the same time, it eventually depends upon geography, niche, traffic quality, audience type, etc. To decide which mobile ad platforms pay most, it becomes crucial to test all the ad networks. Check the above list of top mobile ad networks to get started.

How effective is mobile advertising?

The Czech Republic shows that mobile advertising is very effective as compared to internet advertising. The important thing is why mobile advertising platforms are powerful because mobile advertising delivers highly interactive ad formats. When any users interact with your ad formats such as quizzes, hit a tab, Q/A, etc., they are more likely to remember your ad or brand.

Which is the best mobile ad network?

It is very challenging for us to say which mobile ad network is best for you. Various top mobile advertising networks are there in the market that offer different ad units, setups, advertising demand, etc. However, here in this article, we have reviewed 18+ best mobile advertising platforms that you can start using them.

Conclusion: 18+ Best Mobile Ad Networks 2024 (200% ROI)

As you can see above, we have listed the best mobile ad networks for publishers and advertisers for you, which you will find in the world. It is dependent on your profession and niche to select the ad network for your business.

We will suggest if you are a publisher, then selecting the best ad network that can compensate monetarily for showcasing the right kind of ads targeted according to the user base your app is catering to.

If you are an advertiser, you should look for a network that can showcase your advertisements and help you reach your target audience. With this advice, we are going to wrap up this article. We hope you will find our article helpful. If there are any suggestions, you can let us know down in the comments section.🙂

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