Get ready to be part of the AI revolution! Momentum AI San Jose 2024 is bringing together over 500 visionary leaders, tech giants, and policymakers to explore the transformative potential of AI.

As industries worldwide race to utilize this disruptive technology, this event offers a unique opportunity to witness the latest conventional and generative AI applications reshaping fields like marketing, manufacturing, and finance.

With a meticulously curated program, thought-provoking keynote speakers, and unique networking opportunities, Momentum AI 2024 is the ultimate platform to drive large-scale business transformation while upholding ethical standards for a brighter, AI-powered future.

About MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024

Momentum AI San Jose 2024
MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024: AI Vanguards Converge 4

Leading business executives, AI specialists, and enthusiasts come together at Reuters Events’ premium event, MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024, to discuss the most recent developments and important problems pertaining to artificial intelligence in the corporate world. This exclusive event is billed as a doorway into the future of artificial intelligence, exploring both conventional and generative AI applications that are transforming global businesses.

MOMENTUM AI 2024 gives participants the skills, resources, and networks they need to steer their companies toward an AI-powered future as innovation drives success. See firsthand how creative businesses are strategically deploying AI technology to disrupt industries such as manufacturing, marketing, banking, and healthcare.

Location of the Event

The Signia by Hilton San Jose, San Jose, USA, is the ideal venue for this conference and will host the event.

Speakers of the Event

MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024 -Speakers

MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024 will showcase an impressive lineup of executive speakers from leading enterprises, showcasing real-world AI business transformations and use cases. Prepare to be inspired by visionaries like Seemantini Godbole (EVP, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Lowe’s), Shadman Zafir (Co-Chief Information Officer, Citi), Fiona Tan (Chief Technology Officer, Wayfair), and Kushal Chakrabarti (Chief Data Officer, Opendoor).

Gain invaluable insights from industry titans such as Tilak Mandadi (EVP and Chief Digital, Data, Analytics and Technology Officer, CVS Health), Shobie Ramakrishnan (Chief Digital and Technology Officer, GSK), Andy Markus (Chief Digital Officer, AT&T), and Loretta Franks (VP, Global Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Kellanova). The event will host more industry leaders, for more details check out MOMENTUM AI 2024’s official website.

Agenda of the Event

The AI Phenomenon: Balancing Innovation and Responsibility
Examine methods for encouraging creativity while respecting moral principles and reducing any hazards related to the use of AI.

Time to Hit Pause on AI? A Response to the Future of Life Institute Letter
A panel discussion analyzing the consequences and possible future directions of the recent open letter calling for a stop on advanced AI systems.

Regulation: Who Sets the Rules for AI?
Examine the intricate regulatory environment around artificial intelligence, including the functions of international organizations, governments, and business titans in setting norms and regulations.

Smart Investments in AI
Learn about smart ways to invest in AI technology, with an emphasis on increasing profits and fostering corporate expansion.

Data Governance’s Critical Role
Examine the best practices for data governance, which is an essential part of developing and implementing AI responsibly and guarantees data security, privacy, and ethical usage.

Adapting Leadership to AI’s Rise
Examine how leadership is changing in an AI-driven world and talk about tactics for improving worker skills, promoting an innovative culture, and managing organizational transformation.

Upskilling in an AI-Driven World
Find efficient methods for reskilling and upskilling staff members so they have the information and abilities needed to succeed in an AI-powered workplace.

Responsible AI Deployment
Learn about the principles and processes that guarantee the moral and responsible use of AI systems, addressing concerns about accountability, transparency, and bias.

With a packed agenda, eminent speakers, and unparalleled networking opportunities, MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024 is ideally positioned to shape corporate AI trends and promote morality and responsibility.

Ticket Options

MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024 Tickets

MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024 provides specialized ticket categories to cater to different attendee needs:

  • Solution Provider Pass: This pass is perfect for companies that provide enterprise technology or strategic solutions, including enterprise infrastructure, software, IT solutions, consulting, legal services, LLM providers, or computer hardware.
  • Enterprise Pass: Tailored for organizations in search of enterprise technology or strategic solutions. This includes sectors like banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, and government entities.
  • Limited-Time VIP Offer: This exclusive offer is available for senior executives (such as CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CMOs, or similar roles) from enterprise companies. These VIP tickets are complimentary for those who represent buyer companies, not those who sell enterprise solutions or advisory services.

Not Sure Which Pass Would Work Best for You?

Ready to Join Momentum AI San Jose 2024

So set out for an exploration of the innovative world of corporate AI and immerse yourself in MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024! This premier event offers unsurpassed creative speaker line-ups, stimulating workshops, and exceptional networking opportunities to help you drive the ethical AI revolution.

Regardless of your role as an enterprise leader, tech pioneer, or policy expert, MOMENTUM AI 2024 promises to be an exciting event that will provide you with the knowledge and contacts to impact large-scale business development.

Join us as we celebrate the approaching era of artificial intelligence!

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