Next Block Asia Conference: Thailand {June 2019} Beyond Crypto

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness.” 

Arif Naseem

If you search for the places that are emerging as a technological hub with a faster pace in the last 2 years then you will find one name that is leaving every other place behind.

Bangkok, Thailand has grown exceptionally in the technology sector over the past few years and is becoming the most lovable place from youngsters to old ones. Not just technology but if you want to party hard then Bangkok is one such place that will make you forget all your worries and have a hell of a time.

People from across different parts of the world come to Bangkok to party hard and along with it attend some useful conferences and take back some very important knowledge that helps them grow their business and make new connections.

If you are someone who likes to make new connections by attending a technological conference and along-side enjoy your life on the beach with hot girls then don’t miss out on this Biggest Crypto and BlockChain conference: NEXT BLOCK Asia in June 20919.

Next Block Conference Asia 2019: Goldmine for Crypto ?

Next Block Asia Conference: Thailand {June 2019} Beyond Crypto 1

In June, 2019 you can make a masterpiece by combining the technological blocks in Bangkok. These technological blocks are available for anyone from around the world who seek innovation and knowledge.

You have the best chance to meet your friends or make new ones by simply attending a next generation conference made by people for the people. This NEXT BLOCK series conference that we are talking about is the most amazing and overwhelming conference which people from across nations have eyes on.

Next Block Conference Asia is the technological conference that is the most awaited event of this year. This conference will be organized by Krypton Events and CoinAdvice companies. Both these companies have years of experience and expertise in organizing events and business meetings with successful presentations.

Next Block Asia Conference: Introduction

Next Block is one of the most successful events which has been held in the past few years and this time it brings the combination of Blockchain, finances and cryptocurrency domains in Asia and Europe both.

The two giant companies Krypton Events and Coin Advice have put their force behind organizing this event and have put in their efforts to bring local and international networks. This will result in massive media outreach.

Next Block Asia Conference: Thailand {June 2019} Beyond Crypto 2

This year’s Next Block conference is going to be a grand event as this will have the presence of experts from CRYPTO and BEYOND. The next generation of traditional finance will be combined with Blockchain, CFD and Affiliates from across the globe.

Buy tickets for NEXT BLOCK Asia (✅Exclusive Discount)

The early you buy the tickets the more you will save. So hurry up and get the tickets to your dream place with dream conference to fulfill your dreams.

The ticket pricing varies as the date of the conference approaches nearer and nearer.

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The Ticket prices are valid from May 16 – 09 June so grab this deal and you could still save up to $50.


With the Regular Ticket, you can buy the Standard plan at $100 (+20% Extra Discount) with access to all conference sessions, after party and more excluding the cultural day ticket.

The Premium Pass will cost you $150 (+20% Extra Discount) with access to all conferences, after-party, seats in the first row, premium badge, VIP access and more excluding the cultural day ticket which will be held on the third day of this conference.

The VIP PASS will cost you $500 (+20% Extra Discount) with everything that has been included in the Standard and Premium plan. Apart from these, you will get an invitation to the exclusive investors pre-party, one to one meetings with the speakers, media as requested.

If you want to attend the Cultural day then you can buy a ticket for this event also at $80 but this ticket is only valid for the cultural day and does not give you access to Next Block Asia Conference.

20% OFF
20% Additional discount on all tickets
20% Additional discount on all tickets
Flat 20% extra discount on Standard, premium, VIP, and Cultural passes. The discount is...Show More
Flat 20% extra discount on Standard, premium, VIP, and Cultural passes. The discount is only via our exclusive coupon code. Show Less

Why should you attend this event? Reasons!

Every person pursuing knowledge in any field wants to engage in some amount of time bonding and idea sharing which helps develop intellectual skills. A conference like this will help you dream big and know the outer world with experts from various fields ready to share their knowledge and experience openly.

When attending this event you longer have to wait in long queues or wait for an answer for a day or a week. You can get answers to all your queries right at this event with super experts giving the right solutions to your needs. You won’t return empty-handed and that is a promise. Effective solutions build confidence and for effective solutions, this event has the right exposure.

At this event, you will find some brilliant minds from the space of crypto, Blockchain, and finances. Over 750+ fountainheads of the world’s leading companies and visionaries from around the world will participate in this event. Some as speakers and some as service providers. This is a wonderful opportunity to take complete benefit of this event and make new & strong relationships to broaden your business empire.

Some of the finest and influential people are there on the list in this event. This is going to be a grand stage of all.

Could you afford to miss a chance to attend this event where you will find some of the best talents in the industry of CFD, Affiliates, Forex, Blockchain, and Crypto?

20% OFF
20% Additional discount on all tickets
20% Additional discount on all tickets
Flat 20% extra discount on Standard, premium, VIP, and Cultural passes. The discount is...Show More
Flat 20% extra discount on Standard, premium, VIP, and Cultural passes. The discount is only via our exclusive coupon code. Show Less

NEXT BLOCK Asia: Event Agenda

This is a 2 days event which will be held on June 25-26. The event is followed with special VIP Pre-Party and Next Block ASIA After-Party

Day 1 is all about Blockchain and Crypto and is therefore this day is highlighted with this name itself.

  • The entries will start from 9:15 to 9:50 in which users can register themselves at the registration counter with a welcoming coffee served to everyone for a fresh morning start.
  • A 10 minutes opening remarks will be addressed by the event manager or any respective person and then the Keynote speech will start at 10:00.
  • The Keynote speech will be from 10:00 to 10:45 and then starts the panel discussion which everyone waits for.

The topic for panel discussion will be “Evolution of Crypto Markets – Role of IEOs and Futures Contracts”. This session is given more time so that major of crypto market is covered and people have more idea in what they are investing. This session will be approx. of one hour from 10:45 to 11:45. Moderator for this session will be Marco Calicchia, Founder and CEO of Mazee and speakers include Ralph Liu – Founder and CEO(MuleChain, Inc) and Tony Evans- Co Founder of FGC Group.

  • A short coffee break will give you time to meet new people and have some sensitive discussions about whatever you feel like. Behind every successful there is a cup of coffee so make the most out of it. The coffee break will end at 12:15 followed by one important presentation.

Aren’t you feeling hungry? Yes, so is everyone. So here’s a lunch break to fill your empty stomach with real food and not the discussions. Enjoy the meal and then get ready for another presentation starting at 14:15.

  • This presentation will give best solutions for new regulatory and banking regime for Australian/Asian financial firms and also Vanuatu, Offshore licenses post ASIC requirements. Speaker for this presentation will be Tal Itzhak Ron, Chairman and CEO – Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.
  • The third panel discussion will start from 14:30 and will last upto 15:30. The topic of discussion for this session will be Bank coins vs non-bank coins: the future of cross border payments?
  • This panel will have moderator as Pavlo Tanasyuk, Founder of Spacebit and CEO of BlockVerify and speakers will be Felix Mago, Co-Founder of Dash Thailand and Kingsley Kobayash, Co-Founder Fintech Global Consultants

Coffee is what makes words and emotions flow smoothly from one person to another. Moreover, you feel comfortable talking to an unknown person with a cup of coffee in one hand and a pen to sign a new agreement with a sip of coffee. So take a coffee break and return back for today’s last presentation.

  • If you are looking to earn from Blockchain then this session is utmost important as the topic for this presentation will be “Incorporating Blockchain into an existing business- The AppCoin story”.
  • Since there are many cryptocurrencies but the king of all of them is Bitcoin. This will be the subject of discussion in this day’s last panel discussion. This session will start from 16:15 and end up to 17:15 and some closing remarks will end up the day at a good note.

Day 2 is all about CFDs & Affiliates

Day 2 will not have the same menu on the list as Day 1 although the timings for presentations and panel discussion will remain the same including the coffee break and lunch.

The speakers on Day 2 will not be the same as Day 1.

On the second day there are some premium presentations, expert roundups, panel discussions, networking breaks and the most awaited fabulous afterparty

Private Investors Pre-Party

As a good tradition, The organizers will host a Private Investors Pre-Party the day before the Conference, where investors can network, discuss, find co-investors, meet best startups – all while enjoying refined drinks and buffet. And of course, the conclusion of the event will be celebrated by a luxurious After-Party by NEXT BLOCK ASIA on June 26th.

The exclusive Opening party is restricted to VIP pass holders, Delegates and invited investors. Grab VIP pass to the conference (20% Discount using coupon code: “BloggingEclipse20” to get the highest benefits and features in the event including this special Pre Party. 

Top Speakers @ Next Block Asia 2019


Find the details list of speakers and Agenda @ its official website:

NEXT BLOCK ASIA Cultural Day with an award-winning Co van Kessel

Day 3 (27th June 2019) is the Cultural day for this event. This day enables you to experience the wonders of an award-winning the tour in the city of angels together with the Next Block Asia speakers and all participants cycling through Chinatown’s frenetic market environment and taking classic longtail boats further into rural Bangkok.

The tour lets you discover why Bangkok is called “Venice of the East” by exploring charming canal lifestyles of the Thais.

The cultural day tour is crafted to make your day refreshed with a beautiful traditional tour of the city and its green belt.

Next Block Asia Conference: Thailand {June 2019} Beyond Crypto 3

One needs to know modreate cyclying sills to join tis Curtural day program. It is limited to two grups only with maxioumm of 20 paricpants in each group. Hence book your ticket in advance at just $80 which includees all featurs, networing and rides.

Next Block ASIA fabulous After-Party!

After parties are a major part of conferences and affiliate events. Parties and casual meetings are one of the best places for networking, exchange of business, and interact with industry experts. So, Next Block Asia, Exclusive After-party is going to happen on day 2 of the event.

The super rocking after party enables you to network and reflect on the opportunities gathered from the two-day event while enjoying loud music and refined drinks on the dance floor.

party timing are from 20:00 to 22:00 @ W hotel Bangkok. The parrty is for all attgendies and all pass types.

Where is This Event?

This Event is going to take place at W Hotel Bangkok that has super luxury and comfort with interior that soothes your mind and an aura that makes you feel happy.

NEXTBLOCK Asia venue Details

The exact address for this event is 106, North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500 Thailand. W Hotel is located in the heart of Silom which is a business and entertainment sector.

BloggingEclipse2020% Additional discount on all tickets
20% Additional discount on all tickets

20% Additional discount on all tickets



Flat 20% extra discount on Standard, premium, VIP, and Cultural passes. The discount is only via our exclusive coupon code.

It’s Beyond Crypto

Crypto, being off of the hottest industry in the market with thousands of Opportunites for everyone like investors, Affiliates, Block Chains, Developers, Startups, etc., etc..

It’s having the highest potential and hence there is a massive rise in Crypto and block Chain conferences all over the globe.

Can You Really Miss This Chance? Don’t think so! No more time to think. Just buy a ticket and get on an amazing ✈trip to Thailand.

See You All at the city of Angles!😇

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