Focusing on the new world, the NFT Show Europe is inviting companies to bring a huge revolution in the Blockchain, Web3 as well as even in the world of Metaverse. NFT Show Europe is a business exhibition focusing on digital currency and even the gaming industry.

The event will take place from 14 -15 July 2023, in the heart of the Mediterranean, Valencia, Spain.

This is regarded as the premier European destination for Web3, digital art, blockchain, and metaverse experts. And to make it more of an unforgettable experience they are calling in for participants from the said industries to take part in their upcoming mindboggling event.

NFT Show Europe 2023: The Ultimate WEB3 Event

NFT Show Europe

The event that is scheduled for the month of July, in Spain will be the second edition of NFT Show Europe. The previous one was held in the same city, in the month of September 2022.

This business and networking exhibition event is thrilled to see more companies participate in their event from blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, Tokenization, DeFi, and Gaming industries. One can experience high-energy Web3 business and networking atmosphere and will even get a golden opportunity to showcase their talent and innovative solutions to the present investors, clients, and even industry partners.

NFT Show Europe 2023 assures that the expo will be filled with desperate industry experts planning to invest in great technology and business solutions. These will be the experts who are already eager to discover the next big thing in the said market.

This business exhibition will also provide a business and networking atmosphere with visitors from 55+ countries, allowing the participating businesses to elevate their expertise as well as their brand presence. One can also generate leads and forge powerful partnerships that will act as great means of their growth.   

Who can participate in NFT Show Europe 2023?

Enthusiasts who are interested in talks and building their network in the blockchain industry, as well as Web3, Metaverse, Tokenization, DeFi, and Gaming industries are duly invited to be part of this event.

Along with the companies from similar niches, are welcome to participate in NFT Show Europe 2023.

One can meet industry experts and leaders from companies like Alpine F1, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Crypto.Page, Decentraland, SKI Federation, Joyn, Lama, Navi Studio, United Nations, UNICEF, Odos, Polkadot, and Zepeto.

Artists in NFT Show Europe 2023

The Business exhibition will have over 20 NFT artists featuring their art at the exhibition.

The list begins with Zancan, Piter Pasma, Studio Yorktown, Pablo Alpe, and many more.

Artists in NFT Show Europe

You can visit an art gallery on the website as well as at the event, which will feature the artworks of Uczine, Torimi Masataka, riiiis, Quentin Hocde, and more.

Art gallery - NFT Show Europe

Speakers at NFT Show Europe 2023

The event will have speakers from various industries and companies inspiring everyone in the arena with their talks.

Guillaume Vergnas from Alpine F1, Irakli Beridze, of UNICRI, United Nations, Leila Hurstel from Verse Estate, and Sarah Burslem from Niantic Labs along with a lot many speakers will take hold of the stage at NFT Show Europe 2023.  

Tickets for NFT Show Europe 2023

Tickets for NFT Show Europe

The tickets for this event are available on the official website of NFT Show Europe or click on the button below that will direct you to the official website. You can grab your tickets from the three available options that range from a Day Pass to a VIP Pass.

Here is the full description of each available pass for NFT Show Europe.

Day Pass

This day pass is available for 180 euros which will cover the business exhibition, art exhibition, immersive experiences, and music experiences, and will also give you full conference access and workshops taking place during the expo.

The day will also give you access to the live minting session that will happen at the NFT Show Europe, a business exhibition.

Weekend Pass

Available for 250 euros, this pass will cover both the day of the event and will give you access to the business exhibition, and art exhibition, along with the immersive experience, music experience, full conference access, workshops as well as live minting.

VIP Pass

Then comes the VIP Series Pass, which is available for 1200 euros. This pass will get you every benefit from the ‘all weekend’ pass along with also giving you access to the business lounge, VIP area access, closing party which will take place on Saturday night, and the gastronomic experience. With all of that, you will also get all the networking utilities present at the event. 

Closing Party of NFT Show Europe 2023

The closing party will be a cocktail dinner that will take place in the City of Arts and Sciences, Spain. This party will have the best wine and drinks selection and will provide a futuristic atmosphere with celebrity VJs.

Every invited guest speaker will be present at this closing party, along with all the sponsors and VIP pass holders.

This closing party will be separate from the VIP After Event.

The VIP After Event is where one can attend the exclusive after-event party along with opportunities to connect with industry professionals and NFT enthusiasts. This provides a more relaxed atmosphere and works more as a networking event.

Schedule of NFT Show Europe 2023

The two day event which will take place from 14 to 15 of July this year will begin at 10 am on the first day. Participants can attend the opening ceremony at the Black Stage, and then proceed to the first event of the business expo, which will be the panel discussion on the topic of fashion and luxury. This panel discussion will take place at 11 am on the Black Stage.

Then at around 12 pm, the guest speaker from Alpine F1, Guillaume Vergnas who is the Head of Web3 and Esports will take the stage. At 12:30 pm a discussion on disrupting the blockchain gaming industry will happen by Arnoldo Concepcion, the COO of Animoca Brands.

Around 13:30 pm, the Gastronomic Xperiences/ Lunch break will begin. This Gastronomic Xperiences will be only accessible to the participants with the VIP pass.

At 5 pm automotive industry into web3: XCEED Renault Case Study will begin. This case study will be delivered by Odile Panciatici who is the Blockchain Vice President at XCEED Renault.

Another guest speaker, George Doboradeev EMEA Marketing Manager at Epic Games will take the stage and will be talking about the strategies for captivating and engaging diverse audiences. Followed by talks on Corporation strategies in the web3 industry by Guillaume Brunet,  Head of Global Web3 at Orange, at 6 pm.

The last speech of the day will be by Seung Yoo, the VP, and developer operations at Zepeto. He will be talking about Incubating metaverse projects.

The next day, on 15 July, a panel discussion over Exploring the Future of Gaming: Web3 and Blockchain Innovations with industry leaders will begin at 11 am. Then at 12 pm Brigham Santos, the Chief Operations Officer at Lama will talk about Unlocking the Future of Smart Communities.

At 1 pm, Madison Edgar, the Events Manager Global Esports at Activision Blizzard will be talking over the topic of Leveling up the esports landscape: strategies for global expansion. At 1:30 the VIP pass holders can again attend the Gastronomic Xperience, which will also be the time provided for the lunch break.

At 4 pm, Irakli Beridze the Head of UNICRI, United Nations will give a speech about Collaborating for a better future: Tackling global AI challenges through united efforts.

From 5 to 6 the event will have two speeches, each for 30 mins, and will focus on Investing in web3 gaming projects by Hide Uehara, the Head of Business Development at Square Enix, and then Exploring the future of immersive experiences with Niantic Labs by Sarah Burslem, Head of Business Development at Niantic Labs.

Amna Usman will take the stage at 6 pm sharp talking over ‘Initiatives and vision for a connected and inclusive future.’ Usman is the Giga Blockchain Lead at UNICEF. The final speech of the event will be by Benjamin Stoll, the Director of Digital and Innovation at SKI Federation. He will be talking about Digital Innovation in the Traditional sports industry.

On the same day, the Closing Party will begin at 9:30 pm.

Venue for the NFT Show Europe 2023

The NFT Show Europe will be held at the cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia, Spain. The venue is regarded as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain and is also the most visited place and a modern tourist destination.

Hotels near NFT Show Europe Venue

If you are planning to stay nearby the venue, there are several hotels with great hospitality and luxury served.

You can go for Casual De Las Artes Valencia, which is a super affordable hotel, or if you want you can also go for Hotel NH Valencia Las Ciencias. Both of these hotels are 3-star hotels and are well known for the best experience they serve to their visitors.  

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