What is this hype about HTML-based open supply website builders? And why Novi comes at the top of this list? Explore more about fresh available supply internet site builders in this ✅Novi Builder Review, and decide why it’s best on your own!

With the increasing popularity of websites and online presence, customers have become more conscious while purchasing. They view a lot and shop a little. And that’s the reason why as a business, you have to build your Website so appealing that no user leaves it without viewing all your products.

Previously, only the first visual page builders were available for websites, but companies have their drag-and-drop solutions with increasing demand. And that’s the reason behind all this sudden popularity.

And did you know that drag-and-drop builders can be purchased independently or can be integrated into the ready-made themes? It’s that easy! Many e-commerce business owners have been using functional drag-and-drop HTML builders for quite an extended period.

The reason is apparent; it’s a powerful user interface concept to date. And with this being said, let’s explore what Novi open supply site builder has for you? And is it worth focusing on or just another hype of this modern era?

Detailed Novi Builder Review

Novi Builder Review

As mentioned previously, Novi Builder is a popular and unique drag-and-drop page builder. It’s an innovative platform for both beginners and professional web designers to create websites. The tool has a quick and easy modification system available for HTML-based websites.

Moreover, the tool lets users build a website using its source code. And that’s what makes this software an advanced and forward-looking site. The advanced editing features of Novi Website Builder help in flexible customizations for beginners. Another best part of this builder is the users getting access to choose between a plethora of website templates and plugins to make their site look more attractive.

How does Novi Builder work?

The best and notable feature of Novi is its drag-and-drop dashboard. The dashboard delivers a seamless page editing experience to the developer in the initial stage. Also, they can watch the results of overall modification through the dashboard itself. And all these features are not limited to this much because Novi brings a new one in each update!

Novi Builder Discount

Apart from all these, Novi Builder even allows users to modify its source code according to their requirements, which possibly no other sites do. And this is what makes Novi Builder a noteworthy site builder. Talking about layouts, Novi Builder gives its users many creative, unique, and functional layout options. And to use it, you won’t require much technical knowledge; of course, we can’t say no technical knowledge because the process here is a bit complicated.

There are pre-made blocks available within the software that is ready for code-free modification. There are also many handy plugins, visual elements, and other innovative features available within Novi Builder, which both non-techies and experienced webmasters can access.

If you have read till here, you are more likely to know more about what Novi Builder does for its users. Read the below section to learn more about Novi Builder and HTML themes, along with some reasons why you must consider buying Novi Builder right away!

Key Features Of Novi Builder

🏅 Simplified Website Building Process

Have you tried building a website on all other software? The process is quite tedious, as you might often miss out on the content of a page. But when compared to the Novi page builder, the overall process gets a lot easier and quicker.

Novi Builder Coupon

You can easily modify web pages and can design custom layouts with the help of the site quickly. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge since all the process in Novi is automated. Novi Builder allows users to work in three different modes to avoid any problems in the future, they are:

  • Editor Design Mode

The editor design mode by Novi Builder gives users the freedom to select between source code editing and visual page modification. And all of it can be done through the dashboard itself. You can decide which solution you want for your website in this mode and switch between both the tools just by a click.

  • Simple Edit Mode

Through the simple edit mode by Novi Builder, you have to pick templates by the software and edit it through the drag and drop functionality. You will not require any technical knowledge in this specific model, as there’s a simple control panel and an intuitive dashboard to help you build a website. All these features will add a unique touch to your HTML site as you through the available options like add, edit, remove blocks, sliders, widgets, layers, photo galleries.

  • Preview Mode

It’s necessary to look after all the aspects before publishing the website, and in this preview mode, you can check all the results of the previous customizations.

📃 Advanced Page Manager

The Advanced page manager by Novi Builder helps users to create different new web pages for their site and make changes in all of them accordingly.

Novi Builder Promo Code

The page manager mode has all the required tools and extensions through which you can create your website and pages a unique one. There are several content organization and modification options available within Novi Builder to help you build a unique website. Whatever data you wish to add to the web pages, you can add it all within minutes.

💻 Advanced Functionality

Novi Builder has everything you will need to build a niche-specific website. There are several ready-made themes available according to different topics to help you start with the work quickly. All you have to do is update your details on the pre-built web page and do a few minor modifications to make it more unique.

Novi Builder Advanced Functionality

Firstly, you have to pick up any free basic HTML templates, and for your information, do note that all the templates are fully responsive and come with cross-browser compatible solutions. There are more than 40+ free templates available on Novi Builder which are ready to use. Also, the tool provides users with acres to several free plugins like MailChimp, Google Maps, Instagram, etc. There are also several useful extensions to update your site with any functionality according to your preferences.

There are also several options available for webmasters to make the website more unique, like CSS, HTML, and JS editor. Through the help of all these, you can do customizations according to your needs, whether it’s a particular block of your site’s layout or the whole page.

You can also set your website according to the latest SEO set-up through Novi Website Builder. With the dashboard, you can start working with the keywords and meta tags of your site. And as Novi Builder helps with the fast loading speed, the chances of your website getting higher ranks on search engines increases a lot!!

About Novi Themes

There are more than 20 HTML editor templates available with open source code within Novi Builder. All these templates get monthly updates, and hence, all your sites will be completely protected from malware.

Novi Builder Templates

And with this comes the guarantees that your site will be using the latest and most competitive technologies by Novi! Through Novi Website Builder, users can create full-fledged web pages of different styles because they come pre-designed. And all of it is possible because of the option to edit the source code of Novi themes. Users also get an opportunity to work with a visual editor, making the overall process more comfortable.

Also, web designers can implement various UX/UI features into their web projects to make their presentations more eye-catchy! The pre-built Novi themes come with many loaded features to help users build a professional presentation to your Website. The open-source templates by Novi provide users with a lot of customization options. Also, all the templates include:

  • Pre-built website layouts
  • Custom sections
  • Blocks
  • A lot of plugins options to boost your website performance.

Moreover, it’s a lot easier to edit Novi templates because of the advanced WYSIWYG editor, as through this, you will get real-time results of all the customizations done. Talking about experienced web designers, through the design mode in Novi, you can work with all the source code and make the website more attractive.

Other than all these functionalities, Novi Builder also allows users to preview all the contents before displayed on the website. Hence you can make desired changes on the screen with the help of the Change Resolution feature. In this way, you can make your site compatible to use across several devices, be it a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Novi Membership Pricing Plans | ✅ Enjoy Novi Builder Discount Coupon

Every best thing comes with a price tag, but when talking about Novi Builder, the price over here is significantly less. With many famous collections of topic-specific web themes compatible with Novi drag-and-drop functionality, Novi Builder has a lot to offer to its users.

Novi Membership Pricing

A bunch of awesome Novi plugins is available for free, with regular functionality updates. And surprisingly, the pricing of Novi is as low as the price of a standard HTML template. Are you still confused about whether to buy or not? To cut the doubts out, here are the detailed pricing plans of Novi.

  • Startup Plan – $29 per year!

In this plan, you will get access to the Novi visual HTML editor, plugins, unlimited projects, Free and timely updates, Developer support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a Multipurpose HTML template.

  • Advanced Plan – $49 per year!

In this plan, you will get access to all the features available in the Startup Plan along with 20+ HTML templates.

  • Developer Plan – $149 for a lifetime!

In this plan, you will get access to all the advanced features but for a lifetime. Moreover, users will also get lifetime access to all Novi templates!

Novi Builder Customer Support

With so many advantages in the box, we are a bit disappointed with Novi’s customer support team, and here’s the reason why! Novi Builder has its support team and a dedicated community for users. And no doubt, all the team members are helpful and polite, but there is a downside.

Novi Builder Customer Support

You cannot reach the team by contacting through a specific number or live to chat. Instead, they prefer a ticket system, where you have to file a complaint, and they will respond to you back if it’s quite critical.

But they have balanced this issue by giving efficient support to their users through blogs and guides on its website. They have many documents that can be accessed without any cost, and they also have a how-to video tutorial and some in-depth information about features.

Other than this, there is also Novi Community on Facebook through which you can be in contact with other Novi Builder users. The team members are also present in the community. Hence you can even get in touch with developers and webmasters.

Major Benefits Of Novi Builder

As mentioned previously, Novi is beginner-friendly software having the most uncomplicated layout possible. The developers have paid attention to all minor details to help users navigate and make changes quickly.

Benefits Of Novi Builder

There is even a keep image aspect ratio option available in the plugins for all images. Hence you won’t require cropping any. Users can edit their overall content in the live mode itself. Moreover, editing URLs and texts is also a lot easier through Novi. Being a drag and drop HTML builder, you can work with backgrounds, change their colors, add images, and create gradients according to your needs.

There are modern collections of Google fonts available. Also, as the work is divided into three parts Preview, Edit, and Design, you can dig out the mistakes and organize the layout accordingly. Hence, we believe Novi Builder to be an excellent web builder that gives its users a lot of flexibility and easy to use. And it charges the right amount according to the industry standards, and that’s what we like the most!

Novi Builder Pros & Cons


  • Highly Affordable as compared to all other website builders in the market
  • Developer-friendly and Beginner-friendly
  • Designs and plugins are available for free.
  • Free updates to keep users updated with popular plugins and widgets.
  • Unlimited projects available in the complete package for a lifetime


  • No Live chat support available
  • It can be difficult for a beginner to use, but it’s manageable after reading blogs and articles.

🌟 Novi Builder FAQ

What is Novi Builder?

Novi is an effortless HTML drag and drop builder that helps users to create a stunning website. Novi builder provides professional and ready-made templates that do not require any technical knowledge.

Can I install Novi Builder’s template on WordPress?

Yes, you can use the template which is present in your membership plan on WordPress. On the other hand, you need to handle all the essential modifications and code changes on your own.

What browsers does Novi Builder support?

Currently, Novi Builder supports Safar and Google Chrome.

Is there any working Novi Builder coupon code?

If you are looking to purchase their subscription plan at a discount price, click on the above button to activate the Novi Builder coupon code that enables you to save some money.

Conclusion: Novi Builder Review 2024 | Should you go for this HTML drag & drop builder?

Whether you are a beginner or a webmaster, Novi Builder has impressive features to help everyone out. The tool has a lot of potentials to build a more substantial online presence. Also, the multiple smartly crafted visual templates are big thumbs up.

Users get full freedom to work on any project through source code editor and visual builder. The app is undoubtedly worth trying, do give it a try, and let us know your overall experience!🙂

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