We all very well understand the impact of social media in our present lives. Whether it is your professional life or daily routine life, social media affects us in some or the other way.

It is, at times, a rich source of information to the users. If it plays such an essential place in a regular being’s life, then imagine the one is earning from this platform.

Social media is an influencing platform to get conversions for all kinds of products. Every digital marketer uses this platform in an utmost way to make profits from it. Social media is the pathway to accomplish your long-lasting web subterfuge.

In this post, we have shared ✅Onlypult Review updated 2024 that comprises many intriguing attributes to help you stand out from the regular crowd.

Now the question which pops in a marketer’s mind is -which platform is more powerful. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or others?

The answer to it is complicated as each social media channel has its potential of attracting leads to your blog or site. So, when you can extract profits from each one of them, then why only target a single conduit.

Yes, you heard it right; making the most of all social media platforms uniformly to drive leads. And for managing your accounts and dealing with your marketing posts and stories, there are ample of tools in the market for streamlining the process. Let’s talk about Onlypult, an emerging posts management tool for all your social media accounts.

Though the tool has to face tough competition with the big and old players in the market, namely, Mentions, Sprout, or Social, still it stands firm because of its functionality.

So, let’s explore Onlypult and understand is a way of handling social media accounts.

About Onlypult

Onlypult Review

Onlypult is a smart platform that works hand-in-hand with social media, managing your posts across numerous social media accounts.

These posts that are related to your campaign’s images, videos, and stories can be handled as and when you want. Not only the posts, but Onlypult allows you to manage the comment section too. 

It is indeed a useful tool for bigger teams that will value the functionality of requesting associates to manage social media channels and working with analytics without giving access to the account itself. Onlypult is an all-inclusive platform to work with social media.  

Onlypult is suitable for all types of brands, agencies, and businesses. The excellent collaborative technology helps in abrupt posting on social media, blogs, and messengers, working genuinely with videos and images. 

Which social media channels does Onlypult cover?

To make you familiar with the tool, you get hands-on Onlypult’s 7-day free trial with no strings attached. Onlypult is a single powerful control panel for all your social media accounts, be it:

Onlypult Discount
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Telegram
  • Vkontakte
  • Odnaklassniki

Some powerful features of Onlypult

  • Managing posts from your PC

Whether you have to upload a video, an image, or a story to your social media network and messengers, Onlypult makes it effortless task directly from your PC. You can schedule your future posts via the web and publish them in the actual time you want. 

  • Handling numerous accounts under one roof 

You don’t have to worry about switching accounts every time, as Onlypult enables multiple managing accounts from one window at the same time. 

Onlypult Coupon
  • Secure assigning of tasks

You can connect your team to the account by giving them access to the publication without giving them your PIN. This ensures entrusting power to the SMM managers without breaking their faith. 

  • Motivation on its way

Onlypult allows you to track your competitors, and get enthused by their way of promotion. Those chosen accounts work as an inspiration for many users. 

  • Full-proof evaluation

You get hand-on useful tools that track the volume and progress of your followers. Before implying anything quickly, be sure of posting at the right time with the most trending hashtags. 

  • Posting

You can use a suite of uncomplicated tools for social media planned posting and analytics. It will hence assist you in expanding your viewers, fans, and customers’ rendezvous. By utilizing the simple techniques of scheduling, you can also optimize the time taken by the whole process. 

  • Onlypult Content Builder

Builder is Onlypult’s exclusive product that helps in generating multiple links and micro landing pages to expand your sales and handle your social media traffic

  • Monitoring

It is necessary to keep an eye on your brand mentions to manage the overall standing. By constant use of monitoring tools, you can find new users of the products and work out strategies to acquire them.

Onlypult Pricing

Onlypult pricing is catered to the individual and agency needs. Form $10.50/mo to $55.30/mo, and you will find a plan suiting everyone’s requirement. Have a look at the detailed pricing plan of Onlypult below.

Onlypult Pricing

Each plan includes:

  • Analytics
  • Hashtags
  • Image editor
  • Video editor
  • Teamwork
  • Calendar
  • Planner
  • Automatic post deletion
  • Working with several accounts simultaneously 

You can also download the Onlypult app on Google Play Store and Apple Store, and manage your social accounts through mobile. 

Onlypult Resources

Onlypult helps its users in every possible way. Its Blog includes all useful posts related to social media tips, news, articles, guide, valuable product updates, and thought-provoking case studies. The FAQ section deal with all the obvious question answers that can pop up in user’s minds. 

Even though Onlypult is an evolving tool, its feature-rich techniques of handling social media posts are irresistible. Even its plans are designed, keeping in mind all kinds of users.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide-ranging social media platform support
  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Excellent features for posting on various social media platforms
  • Allows video editing
  • Mobile app 
  • Monitors brand


  • Pricing plans are little perplexing 
  • Needs more powerful analytics
  • Tough competition with Mention, SproutSocial, etc. 
  • No direct publish to IG

🌟 Onlypult FAQ

What is the scheduled posting?

Scheduled posting is the programmed publishing of posts on social media at the precise slated time. For SMM experts, Onlypul services are more worthy. The facts show that more than 15% of its users are usual photo lovers. It is just very expedient for them.

Is it safe to use Onlypult?

As per their Privacy Policy, Onlypult is a 100% safe and secure platform that does not hoard or transfer your private information to third parties.

What are the limitations of media files and photos?

There are different guidelines for every social media platform. Below mentioned are the general guidelines for images and videos:
Image size: up to 20 MB
Image extension: up to 6000 px on the bigger side
Permissible image formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG
Video size: up to 50 MB
Permissible video formats: MOV, MP4, AVI и WMV

Is it feasible to publish programmed posts to a Facebook profile?

Due to the safety features, Facebook has disabled the option of posting on the user’s social account.
At present, if you demand the right to use the app for the very first time, you allow access only to your name and profile picture.

Conclusion: Onlypult Review Updated 2024 | Should you go for it?

Onlypult will surely give you promising results as per its pricing. Other social media management tools like Mention and Sprout Social are quite expensive. Though those tools have a far better list of advanced features, Onlyplut does what claims is. 

It is mandatory to select the right social media management tool for your successful campaigns with so many options around. Also, no single software will indeed have all the multi-tasking features at an affordable cost.

So, if your requirements are limited and you don’t crave for a huge social media involvement, then Onlypult is the right choice for you. 

If you have any questions in your mind related to Onlypult, then do drop in your queries below. I hope you have enjoyed reading our Onlypult review.

If you too are going for your first social media marketing campaign, the Onlypult can be a great solution.😊

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