Do you own a small business? You must feel overwhelmed to complete the tasks to stay compliant with Payroll and HR if you do. You already have to look for so many things, especially when you have a single person running the company. There are so many niches like Marketing, Finance, Payroll, and HR What if we tell you that you will not need to worry about the two most burdensome areas after reading this article: HR and Payroll?

Today, we have an ultimate solution to this. We bring you the latest ✅Onpay Payroll Review; this platform will solve the topmost dilemma of running a company.

If you decide to go with Onpay, you will get access to this platform’s tools at the same price! The cloud-based software will help you manage your business activities under one screen. You will handle all the ongoing payroll activities that include employee induction, salary, attendance, leave management, and many more!

You will not need to handle them at all(our mistake, sorry!). Onpay will manage on your behalf! As a small enterprise owner, you already have too much in your late; we understand that. That is why we firmly recommend you to go through this article because Onpay is indeed the answer to your prayers!

Without further due, let us shall proceed to get to know this tool better.

A little story of OnPay Payroll

OnPay is related to other startups, sailed from the showy meeting halls of exclusive venture capital companies, would be inequality to the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The little family-run business started many years ago, before the rise of the internet era.

Onpay Reviews

When the company hired CEO Jesse Burgess to run the company in 2007, he had to discover ways for the company’s 6 clerks to become more efficient while dealing with over 200 small business clients. He realized that an automated payroll tool could easily handle the payroll process without manual work. This is where he invented OnPay by rebranding his existing company.

OnPay took advantage of their experience in the payroll industry and combined it with the latest tech innovations to provide their customers with reliable, simple to use, and convenient payroll software. They did this by freeing up their clients to focus on what they do best – running their respective businesses.

Detailed OnPay Payroll Review

OnPay Payroll Review

OnPay is a simple yet comprehensive payroll software that gives scalable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. This cloud-based service aligns payroll processes and automates tax filing and payment workflows.

Accessing payroll information such as hours, tips, reimbursements, and bonuses are done in a hassle-free manner. It also supports other responsibilities, including benefits (health insurance and 401(k) retirement) and compensation insurance for pay-as-you-go workers.

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Founded in back 2011, OnPay ensures that your business stays compliant with federal laws and taxes.

Key Features of Onpay Payroll

The main features of Onpay consist of all the services this platform offers. All of them are unique and easy to deal with.

If you do not get much time, here is the list of the main features of OnPay:

  • Outlining and Time Management: Employees can demand paid time off at any time, and managers can allow or deny these requests.
  • Reporting: OnPay generates payroll reports when it is the right time.
  • Payroll: Here, users can run Payroll for multiple types of employees, with payments made by direct deposit, debit card, or cheque.
  • HR: Newly hired employees can take care of their onboarding process, including signing essential documents with e-signatures.
  • Benefits: OnPay administers employee medical, vision, and dental plans and grants matching and employee information on 401(k) retirement plans.

Now, we are going to get to know about the features more comprehensively.

Outlining & Time Management

Onpay also offers some of the in-depth time management tools like other payroll systems offers.
The great thing about Onpay that sets it apart from all the platforms is, it makes work much easier for the admin team.

Employees can ask for paid time off using OnPay. Managers will be informed about these requests, which they can approve or deny. They can reply to comments in response, too. That is excellent because it aids in keeping track of PTO requests, and admins can see all approved or pending time-off requests. OnPay also works well with the employees’ time integration, which keeps a count according to their punch in and punch out. This way, the manager can keep track of who is present in the office for the day and how much time.

  • Employee and New-Hire Reporting
  • One can run reports using-
  • Payroll register
  • Earnings summary
  • Employee summary
  • PPP loan forgiveness

There are other reports available, too. These can be edited, saved, and downloaded at any time. The reporting is pretty straightforward and easy to follow, and you can place permissions for some employees to view and run reports. If you are one of the people who love reports, then Payroll’s long list of report summaries will make your day for sure!

  • Payroll Listing
  • Payroll Register
  • Payroll Summary
  • Employee Summary
  • Location Summary
  • Department Summary
  • Position Summary
  • GL Summary
  • Earnings Summary
  • Accrual Listing
  • Workers Comp Listing
  • Workers Comp Summary
  • 401K Listing
  • 401K Summary
  • 401K Export

If a new employee joins your company, OnPay will automatically inform the government on your behalf, which is an awesome thing even to hear.

Enrich Payroll Compliance

OnPay has been in the business for almost three decades, so they already know the dos and don’ts in handling payroll taxes.

OnPay Coupon

They hold care of the IRS and your state when running Payroll, calculating taxes, paying them, and filing all tax forms. They have confidence in their platform not to make errors that if they mess up, they vow to be held liable and cover the fines for you. For any questions, they aid Certified Payroll Professionals, whom you can call from 9 am to 8 pm ET on weekdays to manage and answer your inquiries so you’ll bypass errors and comissions in your payroll taxes.

Expedite HR Process

OnPay allows excellent note-taking with image and document attachments.

OnPay HR Process

Users can also add up the comments, edit, and format the notes. Moreover, you’ll gain admittance to an online HR library where you can obtain employee handbook templates and employment laws by state. It also consists of onboarding and offloading, annual reviews, and performance plans. You can also pursue accrued time with ease for 3-tier PTO, sick, and vacation accruals.

It has an infinite number of policies and three-time periods for each procedure.

Payment Options

OnPay gives you multiple options as to how you pay your employees. You can offer them via direct deposit, paper check, or prepaid debit card. Paychecks are deposited into each employee’s bank account two days after Payroll has been processed with direct deposit.

OnPay Payment Options

If your employee prefers a paper check, you can print it from your business’s printer. The other option is to have the money automatically deposited to a prepaid debit card. Once the money is deposited onto the card, the employee has full access to the funds.

OnPay Payroll Pricing Plans

The base rate is $36 per month, with a charge of $4 per person each month on top. For example:

OnPay Payroll Pricing
  • 10 people: $76 per month
  • 50 people: $236 per month
  • 100 people: $436 per month
  • 500 people: $2036 per month

Is OnPay Payroll Worth the Money?

Yes, you can safely start using this payroll automation tool. They have established so much in the past few years that you will not see particularly any negative comments in their review.

OnPay Coupon Code

The only thing that we felt might be a disadvantage is that there is no mobile application available for this tool. That makes things go WEB ONLY, which is a significant limitation for such a renowned platform.

🌟 OnPay Payroll FAQ

What is OnPay?

OnPay is the powerful HR and Payroll software used by mid-sized to large businesses to automate their employee’s payroll service.

Can I use OnPay Payroll for free?

It offers a one-month free trial to all its new users, which helps them test all its services absolutely for free. Sign up OnPay for free and automate the payroll of your firm smoothly. Grab our special OnPay coupon code that helps you to save on its paid plan.

Do I need to download OnPay to use it?

There is no need to download OnPay as it is a cloud-based software that allows you to access it on the internet easily.

Is there any working OnPay discount coupon code?

Yes, Check the above-mentioned OnPay coupon code that helps you save some money on their subscription plans.

Conclusion: OnPay Payroll Review 2024 | Should you buy this software?

Summing up, there are few things to look for. We can assure you that OnPay Payroll is the best you will get at this price! Their services are very affordable, and the features are easy to use.

You will not have to deal with everyday management work. Even though your company has only YOU in the admin department, you can start using this platform to hand over all the HR and Payroll business’s critical elements.

So, it is time to wrap up our today’s article. If you find anything useful in our OnPay Payroll article, please comment down in the sections below. We always love to hear from you because for us, your opinion matters.

Until then, take care of everyone.🙂

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