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Oribi Review 2021: Is it the Best Marketing Analytics Tool?

Are you searching for the best marketing analytics tool that generates accurate data? If yes, then your search stops here. 

Here, in this article, we have featured our detailed ✅Oribi Review, the powerful analytics tool that helps you get the best data to drive results. The best part about this tool is that it meets the requirement of different companies. 

Rollover to read our updated review on Oribi that helps you to take your business to the extreme level. If you want to try Oribi for free, then you can sign up for a free trial of Oribi.

Detailed Oribi Review

Oribi Review

Oribi is the all-in-one Marketing Analytics tool that empowers all businesses to make more brilliant, data-driven decisions with cutting-edge technology, powerful features, and top-notch optimization guidance.

Iris Shoor, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Oribi, is passionate about simple products, data-driven marketing, and bringing new creativity levels to the marketing process. She followed her passion and created Oribi to help businesses understand their audiences more efficiently.

They have a small, high-quality team designing and working on the large-scale infrastructure, which handles millions of events daily and thousands of active customer sessions per second.

They have open positions for engineers and product designers & marketers if you are willing to work in a dynamic environment by solving complex challenges and impacting the product.

Oribi is the company's whole heart as the team behind the product, and its design holds massive value for all business sizes and industries. They have a group of open-minded, creative, and bold, working closely with every department to pave the way for the company.

No two days are the same in their marketing department. They are the team of go-getters, boundary pushers and never settle for the given. They have an intelligent bunch of professionals with multiple years of experience across marketing, UX, and website management to help users create the best digital experience possible and get the most out of the Oribi.

What does Oribi do?

The first thing you will notice about Oribi is the spectacular overview and performance. Everything you need is nicely organized in one spot. Kudos to this attractive and exciting layout. The insights you acquire are easy to understand.

If you have been to the Oribi site, you will see that one of their objectives to make statistics fully available for everyone. Their service represents the same.

You could choose to remove individual pages from information gathering. In this, the tracking code operates independently, allowing you to use Oribi with other tracking services, including Google Analytics.

All the communication is summarised with Oribi, and you can even monitor performance across multiple domains. Oribi is for those who want to develop funnels, identify transitions, and generate pieces of information despite wanting to change any script or other technological expertise.

Key Features of Oribi

Oribi is the most powerful tool in the field of the analytics software market. However, Google Analytics has dominated it for quite some time.

With powerful yet cost-effective features and tools, Oribi has powered to compete head-on with Google Analytics in the name of the best analytics software in the industry.

Here is the list of some key features you would like to use :

#1. Insights & Trends

Insights & Trends
  • Get actionable tips & insights to help you drive results in achieving your goals.
  • Recognize, understand and study the pattern to predict trends to stay ahead of the changes.
  • It provides you only the information you need, No BS

#2. Event Tracking

Event Tracking
  • No developer is required for event monitoring as 100% of your site is tracked automatically.
  • With Oribi, define your conversion goals without any code.
  • Your entire website is automatically monitored as no maintenance is required. Events get updated dynamically.

#3. Funnels, Correlations & more

  • Oribi's optimization tools help you uncover where you lose prospects, even across domains and generate leads.
  • Oribi lets you find out what triggers conversions.
  • With Oribi's insight, you will never miss anything or never be caught off guard.

#4. Marketing Channel Analysis

Marketing Channel Analysis
  • Oribi helps you spot quickly the channels that acquire the most engaged prospects and result in more conversions.
  • With this, you can spot opportunities and stay on top of new referrers.
  • Track and compare multiple campaigns using their UTM and evaluate how each channel contributes to your goals.

#5. Visitor Journeys

Visitor Journeys
  • It gives you access to understand every step of individual visitors to know specific behavior and look into top paths.
  • It lets you connect email addresses to match up journeys to your top prospects.
  • Use Oribi's innovative feature to look into specific segments' journey and follow single visitors across different sessions and multiple domains.

#6. Reports

  • Get ready-made and organized reports to share your results.
  • You can customize the look, logos, and data also you want to include.
  • You can also schedule your reports to be shared automatically.

#7. Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution
  • Uncover all touchpoints with Oribi involved in a conversion
  • You can choose different models to evaluate your activities.
  • Planning your marketing activities is a struggle, but with Oribi's marketing attribution, solve these issues and define the right acquisition strategy for all your goals.

Major Benefits of Oribi

As we have covered the basics of both systems and whether you should use them or not, a comparative study is detailed below.

💥 Individual Tracking

It is important to know what individuals and groups are heading to, and you need to dig deeper, which is where Oribi comes in.

Through this portal, you get access to the data on specific customers. Indeed it is right for you to find out who they are, how they interact with the content, what acts they take, and many more.

And you might be aware of Google Analytics which is severely limited with this respect, and they are not permitted to submit private information. And this is how it shows about Oribi opens up to it about the treasure trove of information buried deep.

🏅 Multiple Dimensions

In Google Analytics, you are dependent on two dimensions, limiting whenever you are trying to examine the data and know where you can improve. You would see how many users come via phones, Facebook, and those from the United States, for instance.

You might want to change things up somewhat and start with the venue, which is not achievable with Google. Several Google Analytics users are frustrated that they can not see how many visitors came from a specific advertising channel, landed on a particular website, and used a single system.

At the moment, you will be able to see only two dimensions. But we believe three dimensions are essential in an information-driven world, which is another factor where Oribi has grown in popularity.

📞 Guidance and Support

The lack of options provided by Google can be annoying. Rather than digging deeper into the results, you end up reading countless stories searching for a response to your query. In such cases, Oribi has an excellent customer service team that you can connect via text and email.

As Google's customer service is one of the world's largest corporations, you attempt to call, which can be difficult.

💻 Event-Based Analytics

Suppose we sum it up in a short comment about Oribi and Google Analytics in a brief statement. In that case, we'd conclude that Oribi refers to activities, clients, and transactions, while Google only emphasizes traffic.

It is a weak point for Google, especially when it comes to events and conversion data, which are significant. An easy update to Oribi will give you limitless opportunities to enhance your content strategy and landing pages.

Oribi Pricing Plans

Oribi offers three distinctive packages which let users choose as per their needs and requirements. The plan prices are pretty affordable, starting from $300 per month for the Business Plan to $750 per month for the Agency Plan, ensuring you get the most cost-efficient features to suffice your data analytics need.

Oribi Business Pricing
  • $350/month when billed monthly
  • $300/month when billed yearly
  • Ideal for 0 to 10,000 monthly visitors


  • Emails with Personal Insights
  • Data from the previous year
  • Support for the customized events
  • Optimization every month, make a phone call
  • Depending on the number of visitors pricing package varies
Oribi Ecommerce Pricing
  • $400/month – billed monthly
  • $350/month – billed yearly
  • Ideal for 0 to 10,000(monthly) visitors


  • Integration of Revenue
  • Personal Opinions email
  • 1 Year Data History – monthly optimization calls
  • Support for customized events
  • Depending on the number of visitors, the pricing package varies.
Oribi Agency Pricing
  • $750/month when billed monthly
  • Ideal for 1-5 Clients


  • Tracking through several domains
  • White labeling
  • Custom events support every month
  • 1-year data history
  • Depending on the number of visitors, the pricing package varies.

Oribi Customer Support

Oribi has an excellent team of experts with years of experience working in sales, customer experience, and website development to help their customers develop their perfect digital experience possible and get the most from Oribi for each specific case.

Oribi Coupon Code

🌟 Oribi FAQ

What is Oribi?

Oribi is an analytics tool that helps you to get data and other information from web pages. Oribi provides all the functional tools that allow you to overview your website metrics.

Does Oribi allow me to create a free account?

Yes, Oribi enables its user to create a free Oribi account. You can easily start your free trial at Oribi.

Can I use Oribi in a team?

Yes, you can use Oribi in your team. You need to go to the account setting on the dashboard and invite the member you want to access your account.

Which is better, Oribi Vs. Google Analytics?

Both the tool that is Oribi and Google Analytics are best at their place. Many people used Google Analytics as it provides information on traffic, bounce rate, etc. On the other hand, Oribi is a tool designed to help people get the right data about their site. It provides features like event building & tracking, funnels, marketing attribution, etc.

Conclusion: Oribi Review 2021 | Should you go for it?

Oribi is known to be the best event-based analytics method. You will continue to enhance the service with Oribi if you realize what contributed to the decline or surge in conversions. If it went well the first time, you would continue to work over and over.

With multiple impressive features, we believe that Oribi is an excellent thing, which outperforms Google in specific ways. With Oribi, you can check guests from various communication channels to see their behavior differs or not. The algorithm is designed in such a manner that it defines a “score” to the user, which indicates if they were “incredibly active,” “pretty active,” or “not active.”

When you click through a specific journey, the device displays how long the person spent on each screen, what activities they have performed, and many more.

The unique visualization makes it much easier to gain perspectives. In a matter of minutes, you could set up FUNNELS in Oribi. Their operating system is impressive, and it keeps getting better. The data findings, in this case, are presented in a much simpler manner.

Conversion funnels are simpler to set up than traditional funnels. It's about the user's experience, not Google Analytics.🙂

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