What is PPC affiliate marketing? What are Pay Per Click Affiliate programs? What are some of the best PPC affiliate programs? How to select the right PPC affiliate program? What are the different Pay-Per-Click compensation models to select from? How to succeed in PPC affiliate marketing?

If you are looking for answers to these and similar other questions, then you are at the right place since we will be looking at these points in greater depth in the following sections.

What is PPC affiliate marketing?

In simple terms, in PPC affiliate marketing, you get paid when a visitor clicks on your published ad and reaches the page on which affiliate product is present. The amount you receive depends upon how valuable the click is considered as well as the market niche that you are focusing on.

There are other options, such as PPA, where you get paid when a specific action is performed, thus Pay Per Action. However, PPC is one of the most common compensation models that are used in affiliate marketing. Let us now look at some of the top PPC affiliate programs!!

Top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In 2023 (For Publishers & Affiliates)

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

If you are interested in PPC affiliate programs, the following list will help you understand the features of these programs and select the one that best fits your requirements.

Best Pay Per Click Affiliate ProgramsBest suited for?Official Links
#1. Media.netFor all sitesVisit Now
#2. RevenueHitsSites having decent trafficVisit Now
#3. SkimlinksSites with low trafficVisit Now
#4. InfolinksSites with low trafficVisit Now
#5. AdbladeFor all sitesVisit Now
#6. OutbrainSites with high trafficVisit Now
#7. TaboolaEven new sitesVisit Now
#8. AdsterraSites having decent trafficVisit Now
#9. BidvertiserFor all sitesVisit Now


After Adsense, it is amongst the most popular options for bloggers. It is a contextual ad program from the Yahoo Bing network.


You can join the network for free, get the referral ID, and start using it on blogs, websites, social media, and other places to generate money.


It is an Intango Ltd. operated ad platform where a person can refer email marketers and bloggers to signup for free. The person earns as much as ten percent of their earnings for a year if the referred publishers make more than $1,500.


At RevenueHits, you get access to more than five thousand advertisers from varied industries. The payment threshold is twenty dollars for Payoneer and PayPal, while it is five hundred dollars for wire transfers. There are different pricing models to choose from, such as CPM, CPL, CPI, and CPA.


It is a contextual and in-text advertising platform, offering very good earnings. For every publisher that is referred, the referral program pays thirty-five percent of its yearly earnings.

Also, there is a large repertoire of promotional material such as custom banners, disclosure badges, etc. that can be used for promoting the referral program and earn money. They also have a WordPress plugin that allows easy integration of Skimlinks on your site.


Considering the best alternative for Adsense, this program is used by more than 100,000 publishers around the world. They have a referral program wherein you can refer publishers and earn ten percent of their revenue for one year.


There are different ad formats that you can make use of for monetizing web traffic. These ad formats include InScreen, InFold, InFrame, InText, InTag, InArticle, etc. The program offers different payout options ranging from Payoneer to eCheck, and PayPal with a $50 payment threshold. A system of smart ad targeting helps in showing ads on a website that are highly relevant, and there are mobile ads also so that monetizing mobile traffic becomes easier.


According to Adbalde, content style ads tend to receive three times more clicks than normal display ads. It has a wide user base with more than 3,00,000 websites utilizing Adblade for monetizing traffic.


It provides very good display ads that include IAB units, and there are proprietary news bullets, which have three times better performance. This affiliate program offers two payment options, ACH direct or checks.


It is a native advertising platform that offers good conversion rates. There are different options to select from and make money, such as the use of lookalike audience, audience exchange, sponsored content, native engage servers, etc.


You can utilize in-feed ads wherein ads show up in the news feed on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, in the recommended articles section, and similar places.

Statistics reveal that almost seventy percent of users want to check all the details about a company by going through the available content. This is where Outbrain excels due to its concept of native advertising. Since native advertisements do not look like normal ads, these ads get integrated into content quite easily in a very non-disruptive manner. You can utilize multiple options to monetize like articles, interstitial ads, in-stream, and popup ads.


It serves four hundred and fifty billion recommendations to over one billion visitors every month. Monetization can be done through sponsored videos and content.


Taboola has a feature called user visit value (UVV) that lets you calculate campaign effectiveness by UTM based URL tagging and augment overall earnings at a fast rate. In this affiliate program, you can exchange traffic with 3rd party and partner websites to get quality traffic.


The good thing about Adsterra is that you get a lifetime commission of five percent for publishers you refer to this platform. This affiliate program also provides different ad formats for you to choose from, such as pop-unders, display banners, push-ups, interstitial, slider ads, direct links, etc.


You are also offered a hundred percent fill rate, and the website can be in any language of your preference. Lastly, Adsterra can be used in conjunction with other monetization options like Adsense or Infolinks.

Check: Adsterra Review


There are different ad formats that Bidvertiser lets you choose from, such as programmatic, sliders, display banners, smartlinks, popunders, XML, etc.


There are models for real-time optimization that allow you to have a hundred percent coverage on mobile as well as a desktop, and there are different ad formats to select from. Additionally, the payout threshold is just ten dollars, which means you get paid as soon as you reach the ten dollar mark.

What is the different Pay Per Click compensation models?

There are different compensation models available, and here we will explore the main differences between these models.

PPL or Pay Per Lead

It is a type of pay per action compensation model where you get paid when a lead is generated. The payouts in these PPL programs available through affiliate networks can range between $2 and $20. Many of the services which are subscription-based such as mobile networks and ISPs, utilize this model.

PPS or Pay Per Sale

Here, the payment is made as a commission when a sale occurs. The commission is normally a certain percentage of the product’s cost. It is a common model and can help you a good income, but it is also a highly competitive model.

PPC or Pay Per Click

As the name suggests, money is earned when someone clicks on the ad. However, these ads do not result in very high earning and is generally a few paise only. In addition, it is also a very competitive niche. Thus, if your site gets a lot of traffic, then the earning opportunity is higher.

PPI or Pay Per Impression

A model used for text and display ads, in this model revenue gets generated when the ad is viewed. Here, the payments are very low, and if significant income is to be generated, the site must get a good amount of traffic.

Which model is better?

There are different factors to be considered to answer this question.

PPS and PPL models consume more time to implement. Also, it will be hard to convince a visitor to purchase on your site. It will be necessary to spend more time contextualizing and offering, back it up with good content and sales pitch, and finally gaining visitor’s trust. Thus, these models are perfect for the content of certain types, but not for others.

Similarly, PPI and PPC models are more suitable when apps, software, and similar other products are to be monetized. However, such models will not fit in when content is of a different type.

Thus, you will have to see the kind of content that is to be monetized and the amount of time invested in online marketing activities. If you have less time for marketing, then PPI and PPC models will be right for you.

On the other hand, if you want context-driven results such as sales and more time to spend on marketing activities, PPS and PPL models will be more useful for you.

How to succeed in PPC Affiliate Marketing?

By adhering to the following tips, you will be able to manage your PPC affiliate program and succeed properly.

  • Your website should have higher reach so that various compensation models we discussed above help you get desired payments.
  • The website should be well-designed and content-rich so that it provides the required information to visitors and instigates them to click on the ads.
  • Utilize social media in the best possible manner. Do not merely create a social media page and post links. Instead, you need to be more social, reply to people, and start conversations.

How to select the most appropriate PPC Affiliate Program?

If you are new in the realm of PPC affiliate marketing, then you will have to look for a program that does not have a very lengthy and exhaustive approval process. Few of the other points that you must look into are:

  • Many of the affiliate networks stipulate the minimum monthly traffic criteria that members need to meet. In case you have a new website, it is unlikely that you will be able to meet such criteria. Thus, you will have to find a program that does not have such a requirement.
  • Look for a program that offers easy payout options. For example, look for programs where the payout is made using PayPal and other similar avenues every week. Avoid platforms where payment is made through checks after a certain amount is reached.
  • The affiliate program you select should provide a good list of merchants. It will be an important aspect to look into since you will have to look for a few merchants selling products and services that you will be able to talk about on your website, blogs, and social media platforms.

🌟 Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs FAQ

🤔What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is an online advertising module that is used to drive traffic on a particular website. In this, advertisers need to pay to the publishers when the user clicks their ad.

🤑How to make money with Pay Per Click affiliate programs?

First, you need to join a PPC affiliate program that enables you to earn real money with PPC. You need to look at various strategies that help you to become a successful PPC marketer. PPC affiliate programs are extremely critical for publishers, such as bloggers who are looking to make money.

🙄What is the best way to monetize the website with PPC ads?

There are many ways that one can use to earn real money with PPC ads. It is essential to find how relevant traffic your blog or site is getting. This allows you to attract advertisers to post their ads on your ads. One needs to give proper attention to the relevancy if looking to increase earning through PPC. Focus on the correct keywords that bring relevant traffic to the website.

🔎What is typical Pay Per Click rates?

Two things matter website traffic and the industry you are in if you are looking to make money from PPC affiliate programs. If you are in real estate, credit cards, fitness industry, then the PPC will be high for you, which means you can earn a lot.

Conclusion: Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs To Use In 2023

Thus, to conclude, it can be said that there is no shortage of options for PPC affiliate programs. It will be important to understand all the features and aspects of each of the programs before you join any of them. You will also have to select the right niche where the amount paid per click is higher, and the payouts are made even when smaller amounts are earned. You will also have to select the right compensation model based upon the amount of time you will be able to invest in marketing activities to generate more quality traffic for your website and blogs.

Lastly, you should conduct in-depth keyword research using tools such as Google Keyword Planner to select the right keywords to be used on your site that match your targeting niche. Moreover, the ad copies should be attractive enough to draw the attention of visitors towards the ads.

But, ensure that you are not overdoing it. If you are putting too many ads on your website, it will create a distraction for users, make the content look thin, and damage user experience your website provides. Besides, too many ads may well affect the loading time of your site.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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