When it comes to creating an eCommerce site, Pexgle may be one of the most exciting options. Anyone who has dabbled in e-commerce understands that the things you sell determine whether you will succeed.

Read this ✅Pexgle Review that will help you to know about this amazing product & ads research tool.  Also, do not forget to use our exclusive Pexgle coupon code that helps you to take your online business to the next level and gain financial freedom.

Sales will increase if you find something popular, allowing you to obtain additional items. But, unfortunately, you’ve wasted significant time and money attempting to advertise and sell something that nobody wants. For many people, especially those managing their first eCommerce business, finding the right balance is difficult. When it comes to finding popular items, even the most experienced shop managers need to be diligent, patient, and have a little bit of good luck.

Pexgle comes into play here. To identify a popular product, you may watch what other businesses are selling well and how product advertisements are doing on social media. However, if you want to build a successful eCommerce shop, Pexgle is worth a go.

Rollover to read our detailed Pexgle review. One can also go for Pexgle free trial to discover the hottest winning products for free.

Detailed Pexgle Review

Pexgle Review

Pexgle is a service offered by Shopify, an e-commerce software platform. Users of Pexgle may gain a competitive edge by finding items to provide in their shop and learning how to advertise them effectively. Service allows you to study other Shopify businesses and compare their data to discover what’s selling well, in essence. ” You may utilize this information to market your items and to develop successful social media advertisements to increase sales volume.

In addition, stores and their sales may be tracked quickly and easily using Pexgle’s outstanding capabilities.

Pexgle Reviews

Using Pexgle for product research may save you hours of precious time and money. But, as with any job, you’ll need to put in some effort and learn how to use Pexgle to your benefit. Using this service is also expensive. Therefore you must know how to make the most of it. Consider Pexgle’s key features and how they may help you operate a successful eCommerce business. Read on for more information.

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User Interface for Pexgle

Pexgle offers a primary, easy-to-learn user interface. It’s as simple as logging into your account and working from there.

Pexgle Coupon

For example, to evaluate a store, you type in the store’s name or URL (if you already know which store you want to study) into the search engine, and you’ll be presented with all the information you need about that store. Business traffic data is broken out by country and Facebook ads that relate to the store. Browse the list of bestselling goods to view product details and apply criteria for a more advanced search.

The top ad sections are located just below the most significant product section. Again, you may click on each ad for more information.

Important Features of Pexgle | Pexgle Review

features of Pexgle

You can access Pexgle’s homepage dashboard’s three key features: Winning advertising by AI, Shopify Analytics, and Facebook Tracker. Consider what each of these qualities entails and how you may make the most of each one.

🚀AI-Based Ads

Pexgle AI-Based Ads

A drop shipper’s dream is utterly new functionality introduced by Pexgle. This page is a list of all of the items that have won awards. All Pexgle AI advertising may be viewed here, or you can opt to view only trending advertisements. In addition to the Facebook Ad text, the dashboard may lead you straight to the AliExpress product page.

💹Shopify Analytics

Pexgle Shopify Analytics

The best-selling advertising feature on Pexgle is perhaps the most popular. In this section, you have access to virtually every item sold on a Shopify site. Several filters have been implemented to make navigating easier as a bonus, saving you a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent researching items from other retailers.

For example, date published, domain name, price, traffic, and particular collections may be searched for.

🏅Facebook Ads

Pexgle Facebook Ads

Take inspiration from the most significant Facebook advertisements for a simple yet efficient approach to generate traffic and revenue for your business. As a result of studying these advertisements, Pexgle’s “Best Facebook Ads” function is quite beneficial. With this tool, you can get specific statistics on the most effective Facebook product ads, including view count and comments and shares, as well as the date they were published and the traffic they produced.

💻Top Stores

Pexgle Top Stores

Shopify’s 500 most popular businesses provide you access to a wealth of information on innumerable specialized stores and goods that may be suitable for your store. Adding a store to your list of the following stores allows you to continue to watch it from your dashboard at any point.

Pexgle Discount

By eliminating the need to manually search for stores on Facebook, Pexgle can save you essential time. Instead, browse all of the stores and click on any that look interesting to you.

Pexgle Pricing Plans

Pexgle’s price may be its lone downside. Although it is not the cheapest service, we believe it is well worth the money. There are monthly and annual plans available, which can result in considerable savings over time.

Pexgle Pricing


With an annual plan, it costs $82.95 each month. A Pexgle yearly plan costs $82.95/month or just under $100 per month for the Pro package (billed annually).

In addition, the following features are included in the Pro edition:

  • The analyzer can be purchased from up to 250 different stores.
  • As many as 250 pages can be used to monitor the best-selling products
  • Assembled by artificial intelligence
  • Advertisements on Facebook that are most effective
  • Active Ads Tracking daily
  • Filter Metric Multiple Collections Tracking
  • Top ten thousand retail stores


It costs $199.95 a month with a monthly plan, while an annual plan costs $149.95 per month.
With an annual subscription of $149.95, Guru is Pexgle’s most popular package (billed annually).

Guru comes with the following features and functions:

  • The analyzer is available in up to 500 stores.
  • AI best selling products choose up to 500 pages for monitoring
  • Advertisements on Facebook that are most effective
  • Metric Multiple Collections Filtering
  • Multiple Users’ Top 10,000 Stores (5 Users)


Monthly fee of $499.90 or a yearly fee of $399.90. Just around $499.95/$399.95 with an annual plan is the cost of the Business package from Pexgle (billed annually).

Following are some of the characteristics of a business:

  • A total of up to 1,500 stores will carry the Analyzer
  • AI can select up to 1,500 pages for monitoring.
  • Products that are the most popular.
  • Advertisements on Facebook that are most effective
  • Metric multiple collections filtering
  • 30000 Stores in the World
  • There are several users on the site (10 Users)

Because of this, not all eCommerce entrepreneurs will be able to afford Pexgle’s primary features. It is important to note that the yearly plans provide some substantial discounts but are charged annually.

🌟 Pexgle FAQ

🙄What does Pexgle do?

Pexgle is a service offered by Shopify, an e-commerce platform. Anyone running an eCommerce business on this platform can utilize Pexgle to get a competitive advantage by helping them in finding suitable products to sell and how to best market them.

😎Is Pexgle free?

The 7-day free trial gives you full access to all of the tools and features of your chosen plan.

🔎What are the accepted payment methods?

When purchasing a subscription, Pexgle accepts PayPal.

🔥Is there any hidden fee in the Pexgle pricing plans?

On monthly or annual contracts, there are no hidden fees.

🤔Does Pexgle have any custom plans?

Yes, they provide flexible plans, such as their enterprise plan, completely customizable to meet your specific marketing requirements.

Conclusion: Pexgle Review + 60% OFF Pexgle Discount Coupon 2024

For following and evaluating the top Shopify stores functioning today, Pexgle is one of the fascinating espionage tools on the market. Of course, Pexgle is a costly service, but the time and money it saves you might pay for the benefit for an entire year.

Several fantastic tools are available to help you analyze what other shops are doing well, from what items they sell to the most OK advertisements on Facebook that they make. This service may pay for itself over time if you can afford to use it for at least a month or take advantage of their seven-day trial offer.

Suppose you could learn what your rivals are doing to obtain success and revenues, which would aid you in building a profitable retail business. How to publish the most OK Facebook ads to attract clients and create your own market will be covered? It will help you understand what others want to hear about.

Please take advantage of their 7-day free trial along with a free to join coupon code and decide whether to purchase a monthly or annual membership afterward. Users do not need technical expertise to conduct searches and do analyses since the user interface is stylish and easy.🙂

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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