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PitchGround Review + Coupon 2021: 95% OFF on Lifetime Deals

Are lifetime deals a trap? Am I simply going to get a vague coupon code that would turn out to be a bogus one? Well, let’s just explore it all with PitchGround.

Dive deep into this PitchGround review to know more about lifetime deals, best deals, and of course, the features of the tool!

In the future years, we will just look back at 2020 and see how the market has changed. In fact, how customers’ opinions have changed about businesses.

Digital and e-commerce sectors have seen unprecedented growth. And in this period only, thousands of SaaS tools came into the limelight, and tons weren’t even able to carve out space for themselves.

But, PitchGround really worked wonders for many tools that had the potential to give customers the best offerings.

Long story short, PitchGround helps budding and best SaaS software get closer to their customers. And talking about customers, the tool gives the best possible lifetime discounts and deals to pick from All Under A Roof!

Before getting into the finer details of PitchGround, let’s explore why exactly it is difficult for SaaS companies to excel in the market.

  • Heavily expensive: A SaaS company often takes a year (or more) to become profitable, in addition to development costs. This makes staying afloat throughout the first year of operation incredibly challenging.
  • No specific growth models to pick: There are many ways to market and grow a SaaS company, but no proven model for success. It often comes down to trial & error, which costs you both time & money.

Also, as a user, many often like a product but don’t end up buying it because of the pricing itself. Hence, Pitchground is just a win-win deal for both businesses as well as customers.

Let’s explore more about how PitchGround works, their offerings, and what you can expect from the tool in this detailed PitchGround review below!

Detailed PitchGround Review

PitchGround Review

Established by Udit Goenka back in the year 2018, PitchGround is a one-of-a-kind platform for SaaS marketplaces to grow and build the best customer base for themselves.

The primary mission of the founder is to help SaaS platforms get the recognition and customers they deserve. We would say that the tool is a fully community-driven platform that has provided thousands of users with higher benefits.

PitchGround has an amazing section/offering called exclusive lifetime deals for customers. One can say that whenever they have opened the tool, they truly found the best deal every day.

The team even believes in offering its users the best resources while buying any deal; hence, there are many blogs and reviews mentioned in the tool itself.

The tool even helps users save money in the long run, which we believe no other brand can offer. In fact, in today’s date, PitchGround has turned out to be a learning hub for budding entrepreneurs and experienced ones to exchange their knowledge.

✅PitchGround Discount Coupon Codes & Deals [100% Working]

How much can users save with PitchGround? | Save Upto 95% on PitchGround Lifetime Deals

So now, as you are about what PitchGround is and its whole background story, let’s get into what best you can expect from this tool.

Pitchground Review

At any given time you will open this tool, you will spot a few flash sales followed by some premium deals. Talking about the lifetime deals, there are so many available on the website already, and you can even expect new deals either weekly or monthly.

As far as the savings part of the customer is concerned, it completely depends on the product you choose, but you’ll definitely grab some enormous discounts.

Some of the common deals present on the site are $95-lifetime deals, which can normally cost around $45.

How does PitchGround work?

If you own a SaaS product, you just have to share it with the existing network of buyers and early adopters.

There are no traditional marketing tactics required to be executed. This is what happens when you wish to grow your product with PitchGround!

Pitchground Review
  • Start generating revenue:

The best part about PitchGround is, there is no upfront cost. Just after your pitch gets live, you can start generating revenue from that day itself. The team will constantly be in touch with you to help you more with sales and product improvement.

  • Gather feedback:

Even the audience who has used your tool for a while gives feedback to the Pitchground team. The team later allows you to obtain customer feedback that would otherwise be tedious to get your hands on.

For many SaaS companies, PitchGround really worked wonders to grab the customer base.

For example, the exclusive deal launched last month helped the team generate nearly $100,000 in revenue and 2000+ new customers.

PitchGround Features at a Glance

  • PitchGround offers amazing discounts ranging from 60-95% off of regular pricing.
  • The tool itself is run by market experts Aaron and Udit.
  • 100% refund policy available for each customer.
  • The education first approach mission by PitchGround helps both users and businesses know a lot more about the ever-changing market demands.
  • The Facebook community is super active and helps users get the latest notification about all the deals by PitchGround within minutes!

PitchGround Discount Codes | Recently Launch PitchGround Lifetime Deals

#1. Vetrina Live [Exclusive PitchGround Deal]

If you are someone looking forward to building an e-commerce store and wishing to grow sales online, Vetrina is all that you will need. The tool can help you set your online store by just entering a few details, like the:

Exclusive Vetrina Live Deal
  • Showcase name
  • Description
  • Links to social networks
  • Logo and cover
  • Contact details
  • Products and descriptions
  • Delivery options
  • Terms of payments

The pre-built platform helps you save time and even has multiple integrations to google analytics and Facebook. The best part here is, you don’t even need to learn any technical skills to add or edit any product.

Everything can be done with just a click. Users can even manage all the orders on a single platform!

The pricing of Vetrina goes this way!

Plan A (Shop Window) - $240/year
➜ Plan B (Store) - $480/year
➜ Plan C (Megastore) - $792/year
➜ Plan D (Unlimited and White Label) - $1660/year

But, with the exclusive PitchGround Vetrina deals, users can grab a 95% discount on all the plans, that too for a Lifetime!

So, after this deal, you can buy the product for:

Plan A (Shop Window) - $49/Lifetime
➜ Plan B (Store) - $97/Lifetime
➜ Plan C (Megastore) - $145/Lifetime
➜ Plan D (Unlimited and White Label) - $249/Lifetime

This deal ends in 4 days only! Hurry up and grab it now!!

#2. Scalenut [Exclusive PitchGround Deal]

Are you someone on a quest for a content intelligence SaaS platform but aren’t able to find one lately? Well, PitchGround has done the part for you, and now Scalenut is available at the highest possible discount.

Scalenut Deal

Within a wink, you can scale up your content game with the tool’s powerful AI copywriter and SEO assistant.

User’s don’t even have to spend money or time on their content needs with Scale Nut. The tool even gives full-fledged content reports for any single targeted keyword, followed by some winning SEO strategies.

Moreover, getting real-time feedback on the quality of the writeups is even available! Scalenut is an awesome alternative for Jarvis, an SEO surfer!

The pricing of Scalenut goes this way!

Plan A (Individual) - $420/year
➜ Plan B (Individual Plus) - $840/year
➜ Plan C (Growth) - $1188/year
➜ Plan D (Unlimited Agency Pro) - $1788/year

But, with the exclusive PitchGround, Scalenut deals, users can grab a 95% discount on all the plans, that too for a Lifetime!

So, after this deal, you can buy the product for:

Plan A (Individual) - $49/Lifetime
➜ Plan B (Individual Plus) - $149/Lifetime
➜ Plan C (Growth) - $299/Lifetime
➜ Plan D (Unlimited Agency Pro) - $1095/Lifetime

Limited licenses are available only! Hurry up and grab it now!!

#3. Hoverify [Exclusive PitchGround Deal]

Hoverify is an excellent all-in-one web browser extension used by millions of people to enhance their web development experience and boost overall productivity. Basically, there is a suite of tools available just in a package for professional web developers.

Exclusive Hoverify Deal

Some of the tools by Hoverify are:

  • Inspector – For inspecting HTML and CSS.
  • Assets – For extracting and downloading images, videos, and SVGs from any page.
  • Media queries and animations – For extracting all the styles from media queries and keyframe animations.
  • Screenshot – For taking screen prints of all tabs at once.

Pseudo-elements and classes, live edit styles, grids, syntax highlighting, font viewers, hot reload are some more tools available by Hoverify. The tool is best suited for small business owners, programmers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small agencies, and page builders.

The pricing of Hoverify goes this way!

Plan A (1 user license) - $180/year
➜ Plan B (3 user licenses) - $360/year
➜ Plan C (10 user licenses) - $1080/year
➜ Plan D (25 user licenses) - $2160/year
➜ Plan E (50 user licenses) - $3820/year

But, with the exclusive PitchGround Hoverify deals users can grab a 95% discount on all the plans, that too for a Lifetime!

So, after this deal, you can buy the product for:

Plan A (1 user license) - $30/Lifetime
➜ Plan B (3 user licenses) - $49/Lifetime
➜ Plan C (10 user licenses) - $98/Lifetime
➜ Plan D (25 user licenses) - $145/Lifetime
➜ Plan E (50 user licenses) - $245/Lifetime

This deal ends in 5 days only! Hurry up and grab it now!!

Some more active deals on PitchGround are:

  • Scalify lifetime discount
  • Evaboot lifetime discount
  • Photo kit lifetime discount
  • Clientvenue lifetime discount
  • Sertifier lifetime discount
  • LocalPress lifetime deal

Resources by PitchGround | PitchGround Review

As mentioned previously, the mission of the PitchGround founder is to educate their users the most about the tools they will be going to use.

Hence the team offers free courses under the name PitchGround academy. This course has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, agencies, and solopreneurs to grow and succeed.

YouTube video

Some of the free courses by PitchGround are:

  • Social Media Mastery
  • Messenger Bot Mastery
  • Blogging in 2021
  • Webinar masterclass
  • Starting with SEO

And many more!

Also, the blog section of PitchGround covers a plethora of insightful topics like product reviews, product alternatives, product guides, and detailed information on the available free tools.

PitchGround Customer Support

Just after you have visited the PitchGround website, there is a support section available at the bottom. After clicking on it, you’ll find a chatbox where you can send your queries by entering your email ID and Name. Most of the questions are resolved by the team members within 48 hours.

Apart from this, there’s even a knowledge base section where the team shares detailed information about various terms and issues related to purchasing, affiliates, and billing processes. You can even join the PitchGround community or the Facebook group by clicking on the link mentioned on the site.

Lastly, we believe that PitchGround offers excellent customer support service. Be it from giving the best deals to the best information, you ask for it, and the team provides it all!

Why You must Trust PitchGround for Lifetime Deals?

Whatever we have reviewed on the site to date, we have seen that the majority of deals are from premium brands.

As a user, you can get world-class tools and train all under a roof, and for half the amount, sometimes for free too.

why PitchGround

PitchGround even helps its users stay updated with market trends through its available resources. Coming to the trust part, the popularity of the tool is unbelievable because it was not just published on Forbes but even several prominent newsletters, like INC, Entrepreneur, IBTimes, Bizcommunity, and much more!

PitchGround Pros & Cons


  • Transparent/clear refund policies.
  • A growing community offering a plethora of active lifetime deals.
  • 100% working and tested deals.
  • Many SaaS-based options are available.
  • Heavy discounts available for the majority of products.
  • Active Facebook group.
  • Highly supportive and active community helping the majority of user base on different social media platforms.


  • Some deals might be pricey for a few customers.

🌟 PitchGround FAQ

🙄What is PitchGround?

PitchGround is a unique platform that connects entrepreneurs, marketers, founders, and early adopters.

🤔Is PitchGround legit?

PitchGround is more than extraordinary. Most of the deals available in the store are up to the mark. From th awesome deals to their excellent customer service, they are highly recommended by many users. 

🔎What is a lifetime deal?

When you buy and redeem a lifetime offer, you get access to the tool for the rest of your life.

🔥How much can I save with PitchGround lifetime deal?

You can save upto 95% on lifetime SaaS deals.

Conclusion: PitchGround Review + PitchGround Coupon Codes & Lifetime Deals 2021

PitchGround has already helped 1000+ SaaS companies to date. The company’s only mission is to help entrepreneurs, agencies, creators, and solopreneurs grow their business with the unique education-first driven approach.

And we completely agree with this part, because as far as we have noticed, the founder itself never compromises the quality.

The team tests each product for the users, and the lifetime deals are often available for the whole year. And from our end, we assure you that the deals you’ll find here are exclusive and just AWESOME.🏅🏅

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