Are you looking to spy on your competitor’s Facebook ads?

If so? You need a powerful spying tool that gives you insights into Facebook Ads at a snap. Continue reading our in-depth PowerAdSpy review to get all your doubts cleared.

If you are a media buyer, advertiser, Affiliate, ad agency or anyone who is running Facebook ads daily, weekly or monthly, then you should grab this super powerful tool.

PowerAdSpy is one amazing ad spying tool with abundant features to help you analyze your competitor’s behavior. It has a powerful database of FB ads to provide the best experience in spying activities for those who are running better ads than yours.

Now is the chance to earn more than others using Facebook with a powerful spying tool that helps you collect abundant information on competitors’ FB ads. So, read this complete PowerAdSpy review and increase your online revenue at rocket speed.

Introduction to PowerAdSpy – 🔥 Special Black Friday Deal 2024

PowerAdSpy Review

PowerAdSpy is an Indian-based company that has made a productive Ad Spy tool that has recently been popular. It has over 50 million ads from 100+ countries. Also, it has a database updated with 50000+ ads daily, making it a premier ad spy tool. If you want insights of popular ads on FB then PAS is the right choice for you. It is an ocean of database comprised of FB ads that offer compelling service to advertisers, media buyers, publishers and more.

It provides abundant quality ads for business growth with a snap. You can know which are the most popular ads and keep audiences engage most of the time.

PAS allows users to spy on their competitors’ techniques. You can insights to your opponents running quality ads so by spying on their ads even you can aim high.

PowerAdSpy Logo

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PowerAdSpy offers ad examples composes of attributes like:

Demography and Location-based Ad examples – by choosing any location you can know popular ads running in that region.

Suggest keyword searching – In case you are not sure how to find the best converting ads so can search by using keywords.

Boost ROI – With insights into trending ads you can increase your ROI tremendously.

You have complete support through-out your project submission. This is why it has been trusted by fortune 500 companies in the world. Most of the big companies decide their marketing based on what their competitors are executing. PowerAdSpy is the best means to keep an eye on the most popular ads run by competitors for a successful marketing strategy.

PowerAdSpy Power-Packed Features – PowerAdSpy Reviews

If you want to improve your FB advertising campaigns then PAS is the best advertising tool with power-packed features that immensely improve your ROI. It removes your burden of spending a lot of time in content creation, identifying campaign targets and more by automatically searching for the hidden niches & lucrative opportunities.

Now you can focus more on your business strategies instead of looking for new marketing ways for your Facebook advertising. Get all the features to lower your burden of finding profitable niches. Save our time and your money with PowerAdSpy spying tools.

  • Filter by Ad-positions:

What if you could test the best positions that perform well for your FB campaigns? You have complete control over researching ads based on the position such as newsfeed or side location. By researching FB ads based on the position you can analyze ads to perform well for higher conversions.

(Updated) PowerAdSpy Review 2024 + Coupon Code (10 Days FREE) 1

The market is flooded with brands and their products. Even the smaller brands do marketing, though with a smaller budget. But when your budget is limited, you have to compromise in a few aspects, like the screen size sometimes falls short when compared to the number of other advertisers and advertisements in the market.

So here comes the Ad placement, which is an essential criterion as that ad can drive you more traffic and clicks, which can bring in proper conversions. With this feature of PowerAdSpy, you can filter ads by their position and also understand various metrics, which can help you to place your ads better in comparison to your competitors.

  • Crystal clear visibility:

Want to see live ad posts? This is why PowerAdSpy is the top converting tool that allows you to visit live ad posts from the platform itself. By offering crystal clear visibility you can know your audience’s opinion over the ads. This lets you analyze their engagement over the ads.

  • Huge ads data:

There is a huge database of ads that keep adding up every day to deliver the best converting ads. With a few clicks, you can look for the best performing ads from data collected from 15+ countries with millions of ads.

  • Search with keywords:

To broaden your search experience, PowerAdSpy gives you the ability to search for ads based on keywords in your niche. When you search for an ad with a particular keyword, it is essential to see the ads that are displayed. If you have to work with the same keyword, you can make ads that are better than the ones made by your competitors, by which you are ad ranking would improve over that of your competitors.

Well, if you are competitor is displaying a text ad for a specific keyword, you can place an image ad instead, and if your competitor is working on an image ad, you can further go on to go and place a video ad instead as video ads drive more engagement than an image ad. You can search advertisers, competitor’s domain and also by visiting top-performing advertisers, see maximum ads run by them.

  • Bookmark Ads:

It is daunting to search for the most popular ads again & again. To save time searching the same ads, you can bookmark them with just a click. Once you bookmark ads for your upcoming ad campaigns, you can see them in your personalized ads inventory.

  • Ironclad search algorithm:

You can search for ads based on keywords, phrases, and terms within ads and get the exact results that you hope for. To outperform others, you can then sort out these ads by date, share, likes or comments so as to run the best performing ads.

  • Engagement oriented details:

The ads that show the maximum level of engagement in aspects like likes, shares and comments must be studied to understand what the market demands and what not. With PowerAdSpy, you can do this analysis and also plan your content. Segmenting ads based on gender or age helps you identify the winning ads in your niche. Who is engaged in a particular type of ad gives you a good idea about the audience, so you could run ads based on the audience’s age or gender.

  • Not just image Ads but videos too:

PAS is not limited to image ads but displays video ads too. Images are always converting, but video ads are now becoming popular on FB. With a vast category of video ads, you can understand and decide the best video ads that keep your audience engaged. You can download these ads for your own video ad campaign.

  • Geo-targeted:

PAS has a massive data center of millions of ads to provide exact information about the geo-targets of your competitors. This really helps you identify your audience interested in your product/services.

  • CTA:

CTA is most important if you want your ad campaigns to be successful. With PAS call-to-action based sorting, you can identify the most outperforming CTAs working in your niche.

  • Funnel breakdown:

Not just winning ads, but you can also see the top converting landing page to which maximum traffic is being sent. Now along with winning ads, you can also replicate the winning funnels.

  • Save money:

Gone are the days when you had to edit & test your ads. With PAS, you don’t have to overthink generating traffic with FB ads. You don’t have to waste money on ads that are not generating enough traffic. Simply search for keywords, domains, advertisers & more to see popular and winning ads.

  • Look for a device:

As mobiles have increased so is the number of visitors from them. All of these visitors can be a huge market of customers, so it is better to run advertising campaigns in different types for different devices. And here as well, PowerAdSpy helps you by giving you a filter by which you can filter successful ads for different devices. A few of these devices are Android phones, iPhones and other mobile phones and desktops.

  • Ad placement analysis:

Accordingly, with this tool, you can study which position works best for your ads in the industry as far as making conversions is concerned. You can place either the left-hand side, right-hand side, top, bottom, etc and maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) and boost your revenue.

  • Best performing Ads and see their engagement level as well:

As you know, information has always been the key to any aspect of business success. And PowerAdSpy tool gives you to view best-performing ads, and you can see them and optimize your ad campaign accordingly and increase your conversion.

By properly assessing the best-performing ads, you can understand what the user wants and what you need to make your ad successful in the market. With PowerAdSpy, you can make your ads viral by having a sneak peek into the best best-performing ads and building your ad campaign along the same lines.

  • Checkout live Ads:

With PowerAdSpy, you can quite easily spy on your competitor’s ads as you can review the content of ads that others post. Also, you get an accurate assessment of the digital marketing ads related to your niche.

You can also view live ads of your competitors by searching for the keyword of the advertiser whose ads are showing up. Right at the end of each ad, you will see the “Show Original” button. As you click on that button, you will be redirected to the live ad page. Here you can also view the content and hashtags used.

  • What more to offer:

You can identify Shopify ads of your competitors to find out the ads that are engaging and run by successful Shopify owners. With insights into Shopify ads, you can analyze them and manage your upcoming ad campaign to maximize profits. You can broaden your ad search with relevant & exact keywords for better analysis & higher profits.

  • CTA based sorting:

As you know, the best-curated ad campaign can help you do a lot of business, and PowerAdSpy helps you to choose the right Call To Action (CTA) for your ad by giving you ad samples in which the CTA has performed better and increased revenue with that ad. Also, the performance of an ad increases if the Call to Action is right.

  • Extended search filters:

PowerAdSpy tool provides you with incredible custom search filters that can help you deliver the best results. This helps you to filter ads based on a specific niche. You can also find the ads based on advertisers and keywords.

You can also use demographic data to filter the search results. Plus, you can also search by country, age, language and gender. You also get other extended filters like the ad type filter, the call-to-action filter, and also the ad position filter by which you can filter the search results accurately.

What can you do with the PowerAdSpy tool? 

You can search Shopify Ads of your competitors:

PowerAdSpy Coupon

The sellers on Shopify stores publish a variety of ads for numerous products. Few of these ads are alluring, and some of them may not work so well. Therefore to find the perfect ads, you can rely on PowerAdSpy without hesitation.

The PowerAdSpy algorithm can detect many successful advertising campaigns run by Shopify store owners, and you can follow their same tactics and apply them to yours. This can help you to make your Shopify ad campaign more effective and boost your revenue.

With this feature of PowerAdSpy, you can get full engagement details of the top performing ads and analyze them to make your next ad campaign, thereby maximizing your profits.

PowerAdSpy Discount

You can search Ads with the Exact and Relevant Keywords

With the PowerAdSpy social Ads analysis tool, you can search ads with exact or relevant keywords by which you can explore ads for the precise keyword, which can fetch you broader results and also better analysis.

After getting this data, you can easily filter it by applying the various PowerAdSpy filters and maximizing your profits in less time.

How to use the PowerAdSpy tool? 

PowerAdSpy tool is a fantastic tool, and using it effectively can significantly impact your campaign performance. So let’s see how you can use this tool.

  • Begin by purchasing any one of the plans of the PowerAdSpy tool and download the tool.
  • Thereafter, click on the PowerAdSpy icon in your browser and turn it ON.
  • As you open your Facebook profile in the Chrome Browser, you will see that the PowerAdSpy chrome extension has been activated.
  • Now, you are all set to view all the ads on your Newsfeed, ad insights and publishers’ ad history.

How to Search Ads on PowerAdSpy? – How to Find Winning Ads on PowerAdSpy?

Our PowerAdSpy review will show you how you can search ads on this powerful ad intelligence tool. Here are a few steps which you can follow to make the perfect use of PowerAdSpy and explore all the winning advertisements for your business.

Step 1: Log into your dashboard

PowerAdSpy Dashboard

As you log in, you will get to see numerous ads displayed in the dashboard. The first thing you see on the top of your dashboard is the search bar. We recommend you put the most specific and relevant keywords of your niche here to get the best advertisements.

Step 2: Customize your ad search results

Customize your ad search results

With PowerAdSpy, you can also customize your ad search results by selecting the best options from the filters provided by this tool.

You can search by:

PowerAdSpy Search Filters

As you click on the search by title below the search bar, you will see a drop-down menu with the following options:

Text In Image: Here, you can mention the particular text on which you wish to see your search results and check the list of advertisements quickly. 

Brand In Image: If you want to check ads from a specific brand, and you remember the log, just mention the same here, and you get the results. 

Object In Image: If you need a specific object that is to be displayed in the ad, just insert the same in the box, and you will get similar elements in them. 

Celebrity In Image: With PowerAdSpy, you can also feature your favorite celebrities, you name them, and the search results will feature the best possible ads. 

You can sort by:

PowerAdSpy Sorting

After you tap on the sort by title, which is below the search bar, you get a drop-down menu with the following options.

Likes: The entire social media platforms are buzzing with this word, which matters a lot. Here, you can set the range of minimum to maximum range of likes so that you can check the best ads for your niche.

Comments: You can check the ads with the maximum comments and mention the appropriate range, and PowerAdSpy displays the perfect ads.

Shares: You can view the most shared advertisements and specify the accurate range.

You get filters like:

PowerAdSpy Filters

You get to choose the filters below the search bar, and you can observe a drop-down menu with the following options. 

Call To Action: So here, you get a bunch of call-to-action buttons to choose from. From this, you can narrow down your search results by which you can search your ads quickly. 

Search Ads by country: This feature is for those who want to see the trending ads of a particular location. You just have to pick out the name of that specific country from the list. 

Ad Type: Which one do you want? Image ads or video ads? Choose and view results in no time.

Ad Position: You can choose from News Feed ads and Side Column ads to make your search precise.

You get lander properties like:

Lander Properties

The lander properties title is below the search bar, and you can witness a drop-down menu with the following options.

ECommerce platform: You can select the best E-commerce platform which can help you get winning ads for your business.

Funnel: Check out from Click Funnel, Lead Pages, or Any Funnel of ads.

Marketing Platform: Just select the marketing platform of your preference.

Source: You got to mention the source of ads you wish to see from Desktop, Android, iOS, or All.

Step 3: Discover suitable ads

PowerAdSpy - Discover suitable ads

On the left-hand side of the PowerAdSpy dashboard, you get to see the social media platforms from which you can check out suitable ads. You should select the most relevant site of your choice. So that was all about how the compelling search feature of PowerAdSpy can help you to narrow down your search results and get all the specific ads you are trying to find quickly.

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans – How much is PowerAdSpy? 

Whether you are marketing on FB, Instagram, Google or YouTube, you are all covered with PowerAdSpy. Choose any plan and pay only for the social media platform that you want to run your ads on.

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans

To start with testing all the features, PAS offers a free plan with limited searches up to 20. With the free plan, you can test all the features on all 4 social networks. Apart from the free plan, you can choose from any of the 4 paid plans.

Does PowerAdSpy offer a free trial?

PowerAdSpy does not offer a free trial; instead, it gives you a free plan by which you can test all the features of this tool. This plan benefits all those out there who want to try out this tool and then consider purchasing it.

The PowerAdSpy Basic Plan costs $49/month. With this plan, you get basic features like sorting by shares, comments, longest running, comments and also keyword search, along with Data interval search. 

The PowerAdSpy Standard Plan costs $99/month. This plan supports FB as well as Instagram and Pinterest. It includes all the features of the Basic plan along with more filters like the target audience age filter, gender filter, ad type filter and country filter, and the ad placement filter. You also get searches like the domain search and the advertiser search. You also get a bookmark feature. You can also study the call to action. 

The PowerAdSpy Premium Plan costs $149/month. This plan supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. It includes all the features of the Standard plan along with features such as a tracking system, eCommerce platform, funnel, filter by a device like iOS, Android, mobile, desktop, and search top running ads by niche.

PowerAdSpy Platinum is the most expensive plan costing $249/month. This plan supports all four social networking platforms along with Google Ads. It includes all the features of the Premium Plan, with the only difference being that this plan supports YouTube advertising which is not supported in other plans.

PowerAdSpy Titanium Plan costs $249/month and offers native advertising support along with other platforms. 

PowerAdSpy Palladium Plan is the ultimate plan offered at a price of $349/month, and you can use this tool to its full potential by subscribing to this plan.

Does PowerAdSpy offer a refund?

PowerAdSpy does not offer refunds at any time. If you have to cancel your account during your subscription term, well, you will not get any refund in whole or in part. Even if you choose to downgrade your subscription level at a time point, you will not get any cash refund.

However, PowerAdSpy’s official website also says that returns must be asked within seven (7) days of the purchase date. Also, these refunds can take 1-2 billing cycles to appear in your credit card statement, depending on your credit card provider. As your refund is processed, you will be notified by email.

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PowerAdSpy Extension Overview – PowerAdSpy Chrome Extension 

PowerAdSpy Chrome extension lets you spy on your competitor’s Facebook ad in a single click. The new innovative extension works flawlessly to give you deeper insights into Facebook Ads on Chrome while browsing FB.

It lets you discover effective advertisements in a click and also motivates you on your next Ad campaign. Once you open your Facebook profile on Chrome will activate this extension and will give you live insights of ads on your newsfeed.

So how to use PowerAdSpy extension?

Well, it is just simple. As soon as it installs, it will automatically get added to your browser and makes sure that you will be up and running in seconds. You just have to click on the PowerAdSpy icon in your browser and turn it ON and then open your Facebook profile on Chrome, and it will activate your PowerAdSpy Chrome extension, from which you can now see all the ads on your NewsFeed, ad insights and publishers’ ads history.

And most importantly, the PowerAdSpy extension is FREE to use for a lifetime.

Some Useful PowerAdspy Video Tutorials:

PowerAdSpy Affiliate Program Review – Earn Good Rewards & Commission

Here’s a great opportunity to earn online income by referring others to use PowerAdSpy tools. If you help them grow their business, then you are just one step away from earning affiliate commissions.

Promote their affiliate link on your blog or website or even on social media platforms. No technical or coding skills are required. Simply insert referral links in your blog post or website.

This is not a one-time income. You can earn for a lifetime until the customer uses their service.

What are the benefits of the PowerAdSpy affiliate program?

  • You get a 30% revenue share for the life cycle of the customers, and this is a recurring commission, not just an initial purchase.
  • You can easily monitor clicks, signups, conversions and payouts right from PowerAdSpy’s intuitive dashboard.
  • The process of withdrawal is easy.
  • You can also track the details of the clicks than come through different traffic sources.

PowerAdSpy Customer Support – How to Contact PowerAdSpy? 

PowerAdSpy is a tool that also comes with decent support. This support comes through various sources, and depending on your type of query, you can choose any of those.

PowerAdSpy offers help through 24/7 live chat. It also has a FAQ page that answers only a few of your questions. But we really liked their Blog sections which are filled with additional information about how you can make your Facebook Ad campaign more successful. You can also create new ticket support for your queries. 

For quick PowerAdSpy contact: 

PowerAdSpy Alternatives – PowerAdSpy Closest Competitors You Should Try in 2024

PowerAdSpy Vs. AdPlexity


AdPlexity is a leading Ad Spy tool that comes loaded with superb features and filters and helps you to find all the minute details of a profitable ad campaign. You can easily see campaigns that run in 75+ countries covering all the major countries. Also, it gives you real-time insights on the campaigns that run on mobile ads exchange, desktop and native intelligence. Also, you can get ads promoting affiliate offers from 100+ affiliate networks with a single click.

Coming to the comparison, they both are Ad spy tools, but AdPlexity is a lot more expensive than PowerAdSpy, and that would be a significant reason to go with PowerAdSpy. AdPlexity offers different prices for each tool package, whereas, PowerAdSpy gives you everything at an all-in-one price.

PowerAdSpy Vs. Anstrex


Anstrex is another powerful native Ad spy tool that will give you all the information for a successful ad campaign. Also, with Antrex, various advertisers get access to competitive intelligence from across multiple channels, and they can also monitor keyword bidding information and track their performance by campaign or keywords. Also, this makes it easy to optimize your strategy, and there is no guesswork.

Is PowerAdSpy legit?

PowerAdSpy is a 100% legit online Social ads tool that has over 50,000 ads and updates daily from 15+ countries and allows you to find the advertisements running on various Social media platforms. It also keeps an eye on the Social media ads run by your competitors and provides them will all the winning ads by which they can maximize their profits.

What should you do if you don’t find specific ads?

If you are unable to find specific ads, try changing your keyword. After this as well, if you don’t find the specific ads you are looking for, you can log in to your account and click on “User Suggestions,” and ask them about the profile which you are looking for. For example, Age, country or anything which you would want to know about and the team would add that profile.

How much does PowerAdSpy cost?

PowerAdSpy offers a whooping 7 pricing plan, including the free plan. The Basic Plan, which is the first paid plan by PowerAdSpy, costs $49/mo. Whereas the Starter Plan costs $99/mo. Then comes the premium and platinum plans which cost $149/mo and $249/mo, respectively. The following range of plans is the Titanium plan and Palladium plan, which are going to cost you $299/mo and $349/mo, respectively.

How can you find the best and most profitable ads?

You can easily find profitable and best ads running on Social media with PowerAdSpy on the basis of a niche market and keywords that you wish to search for. Also, you can search for specific profiles by using the “User Suggestions” feature. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can change your keyword and keep searching until you get the relevant data.

Who is the founder of PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is a fantastic Ad Intelligence Spying tool by which you can spy on Facebook ads. Sumit Ghosh is the CEO of PowerAdSpy and also among its premier founders. 

How to register for PowerAdSpy?

It is a straightforward process by which you can register yourself with PowerAdSpy and begin your Facebook Ad spy journey. You just have to provide your details and select the plan. As soon as your payment is processed, you will be able to log in and use PowerAdSpy.

What are the benefits of PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is a powerful Ad Intelligence that lets you spy on Facebook ads and also see how your competitors are doing and how you can improve your campaigns.

Here are a few of the benefits of this fantastic Ad spy tool:

1. PowerAdSpy tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
2. You get detailed information that shows how your campaign is performing.
3. Plus, you also identify the best-performing ads and know their reason.
4. You can also optimize your ads for better results and conversions.

Which are the top PowerAdSpy alternatives?

The top PowerAdSpy alternatives include, AdSpy, BigSpy, AdSova, ConnectExplore, AdPlexity eCommerce, Dropispy, and SocialPeta.

PowerAdSpy on Twitter

PowerAdSpy on Twitter

Conclusion: PowerAdSpy Review 2024 – Should you go for this Ad spy tool?

So after doing this comprehensive PowerAdSpy review, we do feel that it is  one heck of a solution for spying on FB ads and growing your overall income.

With power-packed features, you can search for ads based on niche, gender, and even domains. This gives insight to the best converting ads.

Power your ad campaign analyzing technique with PAS!

PowerAdSpy Logo
PowerAdSpy Review
0out of 10

As we all know, discovering competitors’ ad strategies is time-consuming, difficult, and usually requires a ton of resources. PowerAdSpy is the AI-powered Ad intelligence platform that instantly reveals how your competition advertises on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and many more about who their target audience is, what they’re selling, who they’re appealing to, and much more. With PowerAdSpy, you can easily find out your competitor’s ad strategies to steal their marketing tactics and generate high-performing results for your business.🚀

  •  With PowerAdSpy, you get access to a database of 6 million + Facebook ads in over 15 countries which can help you to get more best-performing ads.
  •  PowerAdspy also helps you to design a successful marketing strategy that can be helpful for your business. You can better understand what’s working in the market and create a proper assessment about where you can invest and get a good return.
  •  It also helps you to perform a competitor analysis by which you can know about your competitors and have the edge over them.
  •  You can also better target the audience and also understand the niche, which can help you to create an effective advertisement that will be appealing to your targeted audience.
  •  With this tool, you can place your ads correctly.
  •  You can also apply the call to action to your ads.
  •  PowerAdspy also helps you to understand what content you should ad so that your ad can be an eye-catching one for the targeted audience.


  •  Before using this tool, you do require prior knowledge of marketing.
  •  You also must be highly analytical to use this tool effectively.
  •  You have to be very particular in terms of analysis as it can significantly affect your campaign strategy. 

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