Do you own an online business? Are you searching for the right platform to promote your products/services?

Your search ends right here. Today we bring the ✅5 Best CPV/PPV Networks that could take your advertisement game to the next level.

CPM, CPV, and CPC networks are the most renowned networks that webmasters and bloggers use to promote their sites.

Many ads can be placed on different sites and blogs like banner ads, pop-up, in-text ads, pop-under, graphical banners, etc. Advertisers and publishers have to pay for the networks to get their ads placed on their websites or blogs.

The networks charge the advertisers differently. There are different criteria to charge the advertisers, like the number of clicks on a particular ad, how many times the ad is showing on the web page, etc.

Just like that, there is PPV(pay-per-click) networking which many media buyers, advertisers, affiliates, and publishers use. As an advertiser or an affiliate, you get paid each time a person views your ad. The affiliate then tries to optimize the traffic for conversions and earn more affiliate commission than paying for the PPV traffic.

The cost per view is also generally known as pay per view. We have made a list of some of the best PPV networks for advertisers, publishers, and affiliates.

What is the CPV/PPV Network?

PPV Networks

So, the real question is, how does PPV fit into the world of online advertising?

Pay-per-view is placing an online advertisement on a web page through a pop-up, full-page size ads, browser tab, or text link.

PPV and CPV networks are the same things. One is used by the advertisers/publishers and the other by affiliates, that is it.

Other than that, the remaining things are all about the terminology. These ads can be viewed in different formats like pop-in, pop-under, or a whole page takeover.

The other feature that makes CPV and PPV stand out from other ad formats such as CPM is that it requires careful attention from the viewer. The PPV cost is not charged in the Google Adwords system unless the viewer views the ad for 30 seconds or directly interacts with the link.

The CPV/PPV method is generally associated with Google and its ways of distributing Youtube ads. But other outlets like Facebook and Instagram have also started experimenting with similar plans.
Now, let us hop on the networks.

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5 Best PPV Networks (Updated 2024)

Best PPV NetworksOfficial Links
#1. Propel MediaVisit site now
#2. ZeroParkVisit site now
#3. RTX PlatformVisit site now
#4. Google AdsVisit site now
#5. CPV MarketPlaceVisit site now

1. Propel Media

Propel Media

Propel Media network has been around the business since 2006, which was formerly known as TrafficVance. It is one of the most trusted and renowned PPV networks in online marketing.

It is always a bonus that the affiliate network you are considering to work with has been around longer than your Netflix binge.

The best part about Propel Media is that they have a long list of premium clients. But sadly, they do not show their testimonials on their official website.

Propel Media verticals or Ad formats:

The different ad formats and verticals supported by Propel media are as follow.

  • Pop-under
  • Direct link
  • 486*60
  • Native Banner
  • Vast
  • Social Bar

Also, when it comes to payment methods, Propel media’s options are pretty straightforward. They support different payment modes like PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer.

2. ZeroPark


ZeroPark is in the business of PPV and CPV networks for over a decade. However, this platform is not the first name that comes to your mind while talking about the best PPV models.

Publishers get to choose from various ad formats like Push ads, popovers/interstitials, or domain redirects/parked domains.

They offer their services in some of the most popular verticals, including gambling, crypto, dating, trading, and nutraceuticals.

With ZeroPark, you can keep complete control of their cost per click.

That is also one of the reasons which make ZerPark stand out from the crowd. They offer a better ‘Value‘ before you become a publisher or an advertiser. You can sign up for free weekly newsletters and updates before even setting up the account.

Their offering in payment methods is limited. For example, you only get PayPal and Wire Transfers, which could be an issue for some publishers and affiliates.

3. RTX Platform

RTX Platform

RTX is another ad network worth considering if you are considering diversifying your affiliate income.
The most incredible thing about RTX is they are working with affiliates since 2008, so they know what they’re doing.

Following are the ways that you can use to monetize your ads:

These are some typical things that you expect from any ad network. However, additions like contextual text link ad unit work as a cherry on the top.

And they also support different verticles niches ranging from health, finance, and travel to dating, games, and education.

RTX has a better reputation among affiliate marketers when it comes to understanding their ad code quickly. You also get a big team of advertisers to work with.

If you face any issue, then you can contact their support time. They are available 24*7, which makes them a supportive team, especially among beginners.

4. Google Ads

Google Ads

Must you wonder that is Goggle Ads a pay-per-view network? Well, yes, it is and a very renowned one.
The ads played before, between, and after a Youtube ad generally depend on cost-per-view bids designed by Google advertisers.

You will not be able to calculate how much Youtubers earn per year. However, you can also monetize the same videos in your ads.

Or you can use those ads to push PPV traffic towards your affiliate products if you are operating at scale.
The earning is well and reputed. But the only con is that Google only pays publishers 68% of what the advertisers spend. There is no way to see how much affiliates make from Google ads in any format.

5. CPV MarketPlace

CPV MarketPlace

CPV Marketplace is in the CPV/PPV business for a long. But if you will look at their website, then it is a total mess. It does not look like a website that you can trust with your money.

But the good news is that their PPV has shown to deliver some above-average comparisons compared to the other decent networks.

Also, a disadvantage of using them is the high cost involved.

There are many cons related to this platform, but the good part is getting decent traffic on your website. So you know, they are not all bots.

Benefits Associated with Pay-Per-View

PPV streaming has helped many content creators ranging from webmasters, publishers, advertisers, and affiliates, monetize their content.

The benefits of PPV streaming comprises of:

#1. Simpler revenue model

The best part is you are in complete control over how much you want to charge your viewers for an ad. For instance, if you are planning to earn $2000 from a single PPV video, you are required to attract at least 100 viewers and set the price to $20 to reach that amount.

There are no third parties involved in the whole scenario. That means that there are no commission cuts and the viewers pay directly to your business.

#2. Better customer predictability

It is a whole lot easier to predict what the customers want in the PPV model. Precisely like live streaming, IPL matches will be in higher demand than the previously-released episodes.

Keep one thing in mind: PPV is not a subscription model, and every broadcast is a source of revenue.

#3. Lower bandwidth costs

In PPV, people stream what they pay for. Unlike SVOD, where people can watch hundreds of videos after paying money subscription feels.

As viewers pay for each video, the cost model is better controlled. You no longer have to worry about a person who streams 14 hours a day at 1080p.

#4. Higher ROI

Choosing the ideal way to monetize your ads is not easy when you decide to sell your videos online. There are 3 methods to monetize your videos, and they are ads, subscriptions, and pay-per-view.

Ads are an excellent way to monetize your video streaming services. However, to fetch good results, you need a massive viewer base.

SVOD is again a great model, but you need to plan for the users because you do not have control over the superuser, which streams 1000 hours per month.

On the other hand, with PPV, viewers only watch what they pay for. Therefore, a user is unlikely to stream the same movie 10 times. Consequently, you have better clarity on your costs, and the ROI will always be higher.

🌟 CPV/PPV Networks FAQ

🙄 What is PPV Traffic?

It is also known as pay-per-view traffic. In pay-per-view traffic, the affiliates need to pay for an advertisement when displayed to the viewer. In PPV, the affiliate needs to optimize this traffic to get more conversions and earn more money.

🔎 Is CPM better than CPV?

Both CPM(Cost Per Mile) and CPM(Cost Per View) are great for online advertisement. If you want to choose between CPM and CPV, one can easily go with CPM as here customers can directly purchase your products. In CPM, you really do not require that people will click on your displayed ads. On the other hand, if you are looking to enhance your brand awareness, it is highly recommended to go with CPV.

🤔 What are CPC or CPM ads?

In CPC(Cost Per Click) model, the person needs to pay the fixed amount when someone clicks the ad. If fewer people click on your ad in CPC, you also need to pay less. On the other hand, in CPM(Cost Per Mile) model, the person/advertiser needs to pay for every 1,000 impressions or views of an ad.

🔥 Which is the best PPV network?

If you are looking for the best PPV networks that help you to monetize your content, then check the below list:
1. Propel Media
2. RTX Platform
3. Zeropark
4. Google Ads
5. CPV Marketplace

Conclusion: 5 Best CPV/PPV Networks 2024

We have listed some of the excellent PPV/CPV networks you will find in the market. They are BEST from the REST.

However, it depends on your business requirement which one would be the most beneficial to go with.
With this, it is time to wrap our review on the 5 best PPV networks. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to the review, they are welcome in the comments section.🙂

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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