Are you looking for profitable ways to monetize your Push traffic?

Traditional advertising is near to end. It’s the era of Push Ads. Push notification advertising is the hottest method now to earn money form your website/blog or app without affecting your content or website layout.

What is Push Notification Advertising?

Push notification is irresistible and instantly grabs the user’s attention. When a push pop-up show on the user’s mobile or desktop screen, the user immediately clicks on it and gets redirect to the owner’s website.

What if you want to earn money from your Push Subscribers?

There are many companies offering push notification monetizing. One such company is ProPush.Me which comes to from the most trusted advertising brand: PropellerAds

In this post, we have reviewed ProPush.Me with all its features and pricing so you can start monetizing your push notifications.

Push notifications are the best ways to promote newly launched product/service or update customers about changes in the policies, latest & trending news and any important information to let the user take action immediately.

ProPush.Me – Monetize with Push subscriptions 🔥🔥

ProPush Review 2024: Is It Worth Monetizing Push Notifications? 1

While all native ads networks have stepped their foot into push Ads, Why shall Properllerads be behind? The giant native ad company also quickly launched its Push platform for a publisher with the “ProPsuh.Me

There is so many Push Ads network for publishers scattered over the Internet. However, is from the most reputed company in online advertising. It’s developed by the industry experts by using the latest monetizing technology. It works on a simple Cost per subscribers and Rev share model.

ProPush.Me Features at a Glance:

ProPush.Me is a unique push Ad’s Monetization platform for publishers. Its comes with the latest technologies, innovative features, and easy to use dashboard. Let’s see what’s different on ProPush. Me.

Smart tag:

Successful publishers work Smarter – Not harder.

Smart tag to monetize all your traffic Smartly with complete automation using an intelligent algorithm. It is a more stylish way to maximize your earnings with all means.

ProPush Review 2024: Is It Worth Monetizing Push Notifications? 2

One needs to place the smart tag code only their website/blog or app, and it does rest. It automatically displays the best push Ads to your subscribers and optimizes ads for the highest CPC or CPM and works smartly to enhance your revenues. 😊

2 Payment Models:

ProPush.Me works on two payment models for publishers. It’s RevShare and CPC.

Instant Payment CPS: Whenever users signup on your push subscription, you get paid. No sale or lead needed. It’s a simple and easy way to earn money via push notification without any risks.

RevShare: This is the long term income module which enables higher earnings. You get a share of revenues from each advertising message displayed to the subscribers. His is a similar way method used in internet marketing.

Content Lockers:

Earlier content locking was used in CPL and pay per download programs. ProPush.Me now enables you to earn via content locking.

Content lockers are special tools that restrict access to users on a certain pages and ask them to complete a task, survey, form or download an app. So once the users complete the tasks, you earn money from the advertisers.

ProPush Review 2024: Is It Worth Monetizing Push Notifications? 3

You can lock any type of content like images, videos, music files, PDF, texts, etc and monetize your premium content using ProPush.Me content locking monetization tools.

According to industry stats, push subscription rates to rise by 17% when the content locker is used.

Just signup on and click on the content locker to start monetizing your existing content.

Track Traffic Sources:

ProPush.Me enables you to track all traffic sources efficiently. You can include the top-performing traffic sources to your stats and exclude the least or non-performing. Using their intuitive dashbaord, you can analyze your traffic and see which traffic source is best performing for push campaigns or even change the payout models like CPS or rev-share for particular traffic sources.

Multiple Payment Methods

Unlike other push ads networks which are just limited to crypto and WebMoney payments only. has all ways to pay the publisher. Payments can be transferred in USD and EUR.

ProPush Review 2024: Is It Worth Monetizing Push Notifications? 4

You can link your Payoneer prepaid card or Payoneer local bank transfer, Request payments via PayPal, ePayments, Skrill, Wire, and Webmoney.

 Trafficback link:

TrafficBack link is an extra monetization tool that enables you to even monetize the traffic of users who deny your push subscription. It increases the profitability of your work with pushes.

Check CPS Rates:

The best thing is you can view global rates for CPS using the “price checker feature”

You can check the best exclusive rates for each county and then optimize your campaigns for it. You can also wok harder to get traffic from a particular country where rates are highest.

👉How to start earning with ProPush.Me (Steps)

At first, you need to signup on their platform and most of the time your account gets activated instantly.

Visit ProPush.Me by clicking on the above button and click on “register“. You may signup as an individual or a company.

ProPush Review 2024: Is It Worth Monetizing Push Notifications? 5

Once you have registered just add your website or landing page so you can start delivering Push Ads n your web or LPs.

Click on the Add Source button and select your web property. {See image below}

ProPush Review 2024: Is It Worth Monetizing Push Notifications? 6

Now choose any property, Your website/blog or landing page, and add the URL to it.

You need to verify the ownership of your source. This can be done by simply uploading the verification file in your domain root or copy the code in and place it on any part of your web page.

ProPush Review 2024: Is It Worth Monetizing Push Notifications? 7

Once your source is verified, it is ready for monetization for Push Ads. You may also add trafficback links directly on your source for extra revenue generation and even setup content locker or multilingual content locker to boost your earnings by 200%.

Check out this exclusive tutorial for by PropellerAds.

ProPush dashbaord is ultra-fast and offers a detailed performance of your traffic. the offer industry-leading rates to publishers.

ProPush.Me for Media buyers and Advertisers

If you are looking for quality push traffic, PropellerAds (Parent company of ProPush.Me) is undoubtedly the worthiest choice to buy quality global push traffic.

PropellerAdsy not only allows the publishers to monetize push traffic but also enables advertisers and media buyers to purchase quality push traffic. It has over 350 million+ users’ inventory for the push in multiple categories and countries.

PropellerAds is the #1 Ad serving platform for media buyers which lets you buy Push, native and Popuounder with best Ad optimizations.

ProPush.Me Referral program: Make extra 💲 💲 💲

ProPush.I also offer a unique referral program where you can earn an additional 5% revenue of what your referral generates on ProPush.For a lifetime. So if you are an affiliate marketer or blogger, you can make extra income by promoting to your audience.

Push Ads vs native – Who is the winner❓

For publishers and webmasters, traditional advertising has always been a primary source of online income. While most of the publishers have moved their method of online monetizing to affiliate marketing, still, native Ads has the highest market share

Push notifications have come to the limelight since 2017. While desktop and mobile browsers allow website owners to send push notification to the subscribers, it has attached global coverage for advertisements.

Push notifications have better delivery and high CTR as compared to native and traditional Ads. The main benefit is it does not eat up your website layout space and does not annoy your users with banners or videos in between your content.

Mostly media buyers buy push traffic for dating, mainstream, downloads, sweepstakes, and eCommerce campaigns, However, now almost all companies are focusing on push Ads, and it can be an industry leader in the future.

If you are looking to monetize from your website without compromising on user experience i:e not displaying banners, Then Push Notification Ads are the sure-shot best way to start with. ProPush.Me also offering content locker in Pish to enhance your earnings.

Importance of Push Notifications

Push notification is beneficial for both the subscriber and the brand.

When a user subscribes to push notification it means the user is interested in the products/services offered by the brand or website.

So the website whenever releases any unique product with special offers then a pop-up is generated on the user’s device.

This enables the user to take advantage of this special offer and even buy the product if it is in the interest of the user.

So with push notification Ads, webmasters can display Ads alongside their content to their push subscribers. It looks natural and the click-through rate is higher.

Conclusion: ProPush.Me Review – Boost ROI by 200%🚀

Push Ads are becoming the trend due to more profitable earnings for webmasters and targeted advertising for media buyers. Its already a multi-million dollar industry and predicted to be double till 2024.

While most of the smart webmasters have already implement Push Ads on their websites, and it is giving better ROI than traditional display ads.

If you are still not monetizing your push traffic, Its time now to get started with for scaling your push advertising earnings to the next level.

Push your limits and start monetizing with ProPush.Me❗

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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  1. is a scam, i have earned 100$ with them on my sites with push, when i tried to payout they told me on live chat to send ID and payment method proof which i did, after that they replied that my account cannot be approved because of their internal policy. Beware of these guys.

    1. This is really sad to hear, Why don; ‘t you talk with the management on skype? as ProPush is by Propellerads and is one of the most left companies with thousands of Pro Affiliate marketers working on.

  2. I had a terrible experience with them. They treat their publishers like trash!
    Luckily there are other networks that are so much better.

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