Are you also confused among so many VPN services available in the market?

If you are looking for the right one for your system security, you might get the solution. We will be discussing one of the potent and upcoming VPN that is ProtonVPN. We will also tell you how to save a few bucks through the ProtonVPN coupons or discounts.

In this post, we have featured ✅ProtonVPN Review along with the ProtonVPN Discount Coupon updated for 2024.

Nowadays, it has become essential to protect your online data as hackers, and spying eyes are always around those who neglect this factor. Your private and confidential data can be compromised anytime, even when you visit a geo-blocked website or log in through public WiFi.

A VPN not only protects and secures -your private data but also helps you in logging to any website freely.

Before going into further details, let’s see how you can save some money through ProtonVPN coupons or on-site discounts.

About ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Review

The whole idea of creating ProtonVPN and Mail was conceptualized at the CERN event. The ProtonVPN project whelped out of a requirement to better defend the activists and writers that use ProtonMail.

ProtonVPN is known for its complete transparency, honesty, technical assistance, and privacy and security for everyone who uses it.

This high-speed Swiss VPN safeguards your devices by its strong data encryption technology. It is not any ordinary VPN and takes security very cautiously. If you have ProtonVPN and go online for general browsing stuff, your complete internet connection will still be encrypted by dispatching your link through encrypted tunnels.

In the process, hard-hitting security features of ProtonVPN will be used to assure that prying eyes cannot snoop on your connection.

You will be able to access any websites globally that might not work or blocked in your area of the dwelling. ProtonVPN covers up around 44 countries with its redundant 602 servers at a capacity of 704 Gbps.

If you opt for ProtonVPN Plus, you get access to all countries with the most advanced security features and 30-day money-back guarantee. The VPN will simultaneously work on five devices giving you the same level of security and accessibility.

✅Best ProtonVPN Discount Coupon Codes (💯 Working)

At times, ProtonVPN offers coupons to users. ProtonVPN coupons are generally issued by the customer support team to present users or customers on a particular ground (e.g., a billing mistake).

They can be applied while making payments during the checkout process. They also offer ProtonVPN coupons for authorized and special promotions, which they always advertise on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

At present, you can save 20% on all plans by paying for a year’s subscription. There are three plans of ProtonVPN, and you save from $12 to $72 on individual plans by going for the yearly billing cycle.

20% OFF
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34% OFF
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Save Upto 34% OFF on Two Year Plan
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This is the latest ProtonVPN Promo Code that enables you to get 34% OFF at a two-year plan. Click on the button to activate the promo. Show Less

You can utilize this discount by choosing your plan, and selecting yearly billing; the discount will be added automatically to your account. Just fill in the right details related to your personal info and payment methods. After getting a confirmation email from the ProtonVpn services, you can start using the services.

ProtonVPN Features at a Glance

  • Most Secured Core

ProtonVPN’s core servers are in robust data centers in Iceland, Switzerland, and Sweden, secured by strong privacy laws and performs on its dedicated servers. The structure of the secure core offers specific power to safeguard against network-based threats.

The snooper who is supervising the network traffic at the way out server will not find the real IP address of ProtonVPN users, nor similar browsing activity to that IP.

  • Powerful Encryption

ProtonVPN utilizes only the advanced level encryption to defend your every online activity. Meaning all your network traffic is encoded with AES-256, key exchange is done with 4096-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA384 is used for message validation.

  • Progressive Privacy

The encoding ciphers included will have ideal progressive privacy. This means that the traffic that has been encrypted cannot be compromised and decrypted later in case the encoded key from a future session is exposed. There is a new encoded key used for every session. 

  • Beefed-up Code of conduct

Proton utilizes the most robust VPN protocols like- IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN. It has no servers supporting PPTP and L2TP/IPSec, even though they are less expensive to run.

You must be relaxed as well as assured that your VPN tunnel is shielded by the most tested and dependent communications protocols.

  • Swiss Based

Due to its foundation in Switzerland, ProtonVPN is moated by the world’s brawny privacy laws and remains external of US and EU legal power. Captious structure in Switzerland is situated in an old Swiss army radioactivity shelter, which is 1000 meters beneath the surface. 

Likewise, Iceland base resides in a secured old military base, and Sweden servers are also located in a subsurface data center. 

  • No log policy

ProtonVPN never saves the connection logs of any user or can be pressured to do targeted logging on specific users under Swiss law. They never sell the information to the third party, and this rule applies to all even if they are using their free VPN service. 

  • DNS Leak Prevention

Along with your surfing history, Proton also protects your DNS inquiring. They send your DNS queries via the encoded passageway, not trusting third-party DNS providers. The encryption level guarantees that a leak from DNS queries cannot uncover your browsing activity.

  • Kill Switch and Always-on VPN

ProtonVPN apps offer an inbuilt-in Kill Switch or the Always-on VPN attribute. In case if you misplace link with the VPN server, Kill Switch obstructs all network traffic, whereas Always-on automatically sets up a connection to a VPN server.

These features forbid a VPN server to unplug from unknowingly negotiating your privateness by telling your real IP address.

  • Tor over VPN for best anonymity

Tor is inbuilt in ProtonVPN for giving the anonymity to your routed traffic. You can access the deep web, onion sites, and dark sites with just a single click. 

Moreover, no individual identifying data is needed to get a ProtonVPN account. Just sign up with an undisclosed ProtonMail email account and use the anonymous VPN without disclosing your identity.

  • Speedy servers and simple interface

All ProtonVPN servers have minimal 1 Gbps bandwidth, and servers use 10 Gbps connections. This means that with the most potent encryption, ProtonVPN also offers blazing fast speeds.

With all the advanced security features, ProtonVPN has a natural and spontaneous user-friendly interface that can be understood by all. Also, you can create customized connection profiles that automatically defend your device whenever you go online.

Why must ProtonVPN be your first choice?

Looking at the list of robust features, ProtonVPN has made a strong position in the market. It competes for a shoulder to shoulder with the experts of this field like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc.

ProtonVPN Discount

Also, the list of features is not limited to what you see above, as ProtonVPN offers P2P support, unlimited bandwidth, and quick connectivity. 

It has the most modern yet straightforward interface with professional and multi-platform support with the freedom to create personal connection profiles.

You can get every feature running smoothly and simultaneously on up to 10 devices. In all, you will get full freedom to browse your internet safely and privately.

👉ProtonVPN Pricing Plans

With the help of powerful ProtonVPN, you can protect your Internet connection on public WiFi, keeping your IP address private, and unfreeze black-listed content.

ProtonVPN Pricing

Pick one of the paid plans and open up the full power of the Internet with innovative security and privacy features.

There are three plans available, namely, Visionary, Plus, and Basic plan priced at $24/mo, $8/mo and $4/mo. As discussed earlier in the post, you can save up to $72 by opting for the yearly billings. All the plans will offer a meticulous defense system for your internet along with safest streaming and file sharing. 

You can also go for a free VPN, which will cover three countries and work on one device. The no-log policy will be the same, and you get hands-on the limited features when compared to paid subscriptions.

But there will be no compromise on data or speed limits, no ads, and the whole plan will come under by Swiss laws. 

ProtonVPN Pros and Cons


  • Secure and robust core servers
  • Free plan with decent features
  • Intuitive interface
  • 30-day money-back for ProtonVPN Plus plan


  • No live chat
  • Limited knowledgebase
  • Little pricey

🌟 ProtonVPN FAQ

What browsers can I use with ProtonVPN?

You can use ProtonVPN with the most popular internet browser, like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. But at the same time, ProtonVPN supports the latest version of the browser because it uses cutting-edge technology.

What are the benefits of ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN offers various benefits like speed, customer service, security, economy, performance, and reliability. If you are using it to browse the internet, then it encrypts your internet connection. With ProtonVPN, you can also access the website that can be blocked in your region.

How many countries can ProtonVPN cover?

One can have 749 servers in 46 couuntries worldwide, and therefore you can access a lot of content from abroad

Which payment method does ProtonVPN accept?

ProtonVPN accepts payment through VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal.

Conclusion: ProtonVPN Review and Coupons 2024 | Should you buy?

ProtonVPN has a lower count on the servers when compared to other big names in the market. But if you look at the security and anonymity features, the ProtonVPN cannot be outcasted.

Though there are mavens in the industry geared up for more like ExpressVPN, NortonVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and NordVPN, Proton has to improve a little to get to the top. 

For those who want to surf, torrent, or unlock restricted content on the net, ProtonVPN might not be an apt choice. 

Most of the users still prefer monthly plans as a yearly plan seems to be a little pricey. Looking at the overall security features, ProtonVPN is relatively the right choice for those users who want to browse their favorite series on Netflix, bypass Geo locks, and stream freely. 

Do you use any other VPN for secure browsing that offers far better features than ProtonVPN? Do let us know in the comment section below. And if you like this post, don’t forget to share it with those who are looking for a VPN offering reasonable security features.😊

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ProtonVPN Review
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ProtonVPN is a high-speed Swiss VPN that you can use to protect yourself and safeguard your privacy online. It’s never been easier to protect your online identity with ProtonVPN. With unlimited bandwidth and no country restrictions, you can use ProtonVPN to access any website or content.

  • No data logging
  •  Multi-platform support
  •  DNS leak prevention
  •  Strong encryption.
  •  100% Money back guarantee.


  •  Little pricey.
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