Are you working with any U.S company affiliate program which only pays in US bank account through direct deposit and not the wire transfer.

Are you struggling to withdraw money in India from U.S affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate program or Apple affiliate program? Here is the easiest yet 100% working method to receive U.S payments in your Indian Bank account using Global bank transfer service by Payoneer.

Many Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh doesn’t have direct deposit options available for us companies and affiliate networks.

If you have U.S or UK Bank account then you can receive payments directly in the account but if you are from India, Pakistan or any other countries then you can use payoneer GBT service to receive funds in your local bank accounts in your local currency.

What is Payoneer US Payment Service ?

Payoneer US Paymenr Service

Payoneer U.S payment service enables you to open virtual bank account in U.S and UK instantly by sitting in any other part of the world.

You will get in virtual US bank account number, routing code and all the details which are required for direct deposit option. You may send this U.S bank account information to companies from whom you want to receive payments.

After they initiate direct deposit transfer to the given bank account, you will receive the funds in your Payoneer account and then the amount will be transferred to the local bank account of any other country in local currency instantly.

Payoneer is a service like Paypal that can be used to send & receive payments. The innovative think about Payoneer is it lets you to have an U.S & Euro bank account, routing code which lets you to receive payment from various services & clients from U.S.A.

How to Receive U.S ACH Payment in India using Payoneer

Payoneer partnered with numerous United States based affiliate programs, advertising companies and freelancing websites which pays bloggers are freelancers. With this Payoneer partnership, one can easily receive USA ACH direct deposit payments In their Payoneer account easily without an manual work.

To see the list of companies and affiliate networks partnered with Payoneer visit here.

  • At first you need to create a Payoneer account. If you don’t have an account sign up with them by clicking the below button and get dollar 25 bonus in your account.
  • After your account is activated login to your payoneer account and click on Global Payment service & the next page you will get USD receiving account (ACH) information. This is the screenshot for the page looks like
Payoneer U.S Account details
  • Now you need to enter this account details on the company payment page from whom you want to receive funds. the companies on networks which are transferring payments through ACH direct deposit only work with Payoneer services.
  • Companies which are transferring payments through International wire transfer will NOT work with Payoneer Global bank transfer service.

What next?

After the company have paid you through A.C.H transfer in your payoneer account, You will be receiving an email containing the transfer details from payoneer and within 24 hours & the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

The most of the Indian banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, funds are reflected same day and in other government banks it takes up to 3 business days to reflect your money in bank account.

Payoneer have most lowest transfer & currency conversion fees. If you do the math, you will assume Payoneer currency conversion  fees are 70% lesser than what PayPal charges

This is the easiest yet most effective way to see U.S & Euro payments directly in Indian Bank account without any hassle.

How Payoneer GBT works. (in Hindi)

GET Free $25 for Signing Up on payoneer

It’s a win win Situation for bloggers and freelancers as you will be receiving dollar 25 free in your bank account once you sign up for your Payoneer. your name is not on the U.S payment service but also works in more than hundred countries what the service similar to PayPal.

Earn Money by Payoneer Referral Program

Are you a blogger, internet marketer or freelancer

You can earn extra revenue by just referring Payoneer to your friends or readers. Payoneer have recently launched their refer a friend program in which they are offering free $25 bonus to both, the one who signups from your referral link will get $25 and you will also get $25 for referring that person.

So its a win-win situation for both, As soon as someone signups on Payoneer via your link and receives minimum of $100 payment in it, You and that person will get $25 bonus.

Payoneer is already trending among bloggers & freelancers and now maximum affiliate marketing companies, ad networks and freelancing companies are paying via Payoneer so its a great opportunity for bloggers to earn money by just referring!  

So signup below from My Referral link to receive $25 and i will also get $25. After your account is activated you can navigate to Payoneer Refer-a-friend program to start making money.

Payoneer is running an special promotional offer on which they are given $25 to each user who sign up on the special landing page. once you have received a single payment on your Payoneer account and it is transferred to your bank account $25 bonus will be credited in the same bank account.

Your Turn

Payoneer is the best way to receive cross border payments instantly in the bank accounts. Earlier we had published and in depth review about payoneer Global payments services and its comparison with PayPal.

So bloggers and freelancers if you’re still not using Pioneer then sign up right now and receive $25 bonus for doing nothing.

Various advertising companies like infolinks, viglink, cpalead, Amazon us affiliate program, Popads and other numerous of affiliate networks have enabled are you need as the payment methods for Publishers. you must sign into each Network and authenticate your payoneer account to get your earnings fast with lesser fees.

If you like the post to share it with your friends on social networks by sharing it from below buttons. if you have any questions or doubts on payoneer global bank transfer service you may freely ask in the comments section below. Stay updated with us for more exciting Blogging tips & tricks.

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