RedTrack Review : The Best easy to use – Premium Affiliate Campaign Tracker

The best way for affiliates and publishers to understand the performance of their ad campaigns is to use tracking tools that allow them to analyze and optimize the data.

There is a lot of tracking software available on the market these days. But today I’m going to review just one of them –, SaaS affiliate and performance campaign tracker.

If you re looking to ease your affiliate campaigns & performance tracking in a better way or looking for an expert solution with automatic tracking solutions than is one of the best easy to use affiliate tracking platform which works ultra fast & gives you results real-time for your campaign's performance. Review: Track your Affiliate Campaigns & performance with ease

RedTrack has a complete set of features for demanding performance marketer. It is built with the motive to ease performance tracking and better analytics for optimizing profit. The tool is straightforward to use with dozens of video tutorials Available from them. It also comes with smart solutions which enhance monitoring of your each CPA campaigns with its feature-rich dashboard.

Why Affiliate Marketers & Agencies should use RedTrack?

First, a bit of background. RedTrack is not just a yet another tracking solution. It is the tool that was created by the team that stands behind Affise – performance marketing platform, nominated for the Global excellence by Performance Marketing Rewards.

At the heart of RedTrack are the people with 15+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry and with a profound background in developing affiliate programs and traffic analysis platforms. Probably, this is the reason why RedTrack has resulted in such an innovative and advanced tracking solution.  features at a glance:

Here we have reviewed a bunch of RedTrack Features & unique benefits which makes it stand different from other affiliate trackers in the market.

Custom Dashboards:
Custom dashboard enhances the tracking and reporting. It has hundreds of powerful features like detailed performance log for clicks, conversions, etc. It also adds the possibility to group data across multiple variables and exports it for reporting purpose.

Support multiple cost models:
RedTrack supp[orys multiple Affiliate models and verticals which includes CPC, CPA, CPI, RevShare and CPM

Diverse analytical data points
RedTrack tracks the following attributes for each click: source, network, offer, campaign, lander, GEO, OS, browser type & version, device, connection type, IP address, click date & time, referrer.

Custom Domains:
RedTrack allows you to use your own custom domain for tracking purposes. With custom domains feature, one can manage traffic with custom rules.

It also enhances branding of your affiliate marketing agency when you share the tracking URL with your own branded domains to others.

Unique visitor cap
Visitor cap limiting enables you to limit the number of times an offer is shown to same visitor for a definite time period, week or month. In case, the user has already seen the offer, he will be shown a different offer within the same campaign.

Smart streams:
By using Smart Streams,one can craft multiple streams for different objects like traffic distribution, A/B testing and numerous complex rule system based on pre-set and custom parameters. 
Auto Scaling:
With Auto scaling you don't need to worry about upgrading your plan or increasing your resources anytime. Even if your clicks and traffic increased by a ton, your redirects will be super fast and always real-time. You won't lose your paid traffic ever with RedTrack. LP tracking pixel
With conversion tracking pixels, split test affiliate  offers or rotate even for direct traffic.

Here are my Top Reasons why you should choose as your tracking solution.

Reason 1 – They are constantly advance and innovate: If compare with some “pioneers” of affiliate tracking industry, RedTrack is still in its early days. Still, while reviewing the tracker, I can’t but note the pace they develop it.

Reason 2Every month they release at least 2 major updates: add new features and upgrade the old functionality. Even now I can predict that they will overtake the industry players quite soon.

Besides, they have recently launched their Telegram channel, where users can share their needs and suggestions about how to make their tracking experience with RedTrack better.

Reason 3 – They innovate but stay simple: RedTrack has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. In spite of the constant changes and upgrades they implement, the tracker’s interface remains simple – you won’t see a bunch of “what-for”-buttons you should click on to extract some statistical data.

RedTrack market themselves as the tracking solution for both newbies and advanced users. Those who are not in a stable with tracking and analytics will definitely leverage the tracker’s ease of use.

Reason 4 – They listen, and they help: Their support team does the exceptional job in offering profound assistance to the users of their tracking platform. You should admit the fact that not every tracker is ready to provide a FREE  one-on-one onboarding to every customer – help in setting-up the postbacks, adding Networks and Sources by choice of the user, etc. This is for sure another big reason why RedTrack might become an excellent choice for the starters.

Besides, they always update their Knowledge Base with detailed manuals and video tutorials. By now they have 30+ step-by-step integration guides for such Affiliate Networks: PeerFly, AdCombo, CrakRevenue, MaxBounty, LeadBit, BitterStrawberry, etc. and such Traffic Sources as MGID, PopCash, ExoClick, PropellerAds, Mobusi and many more. They claim to add new Networks by the request of their users too.

Reason 5 – For Starters: it offers the easiest to use the trackers. With the right tools and natural learning curves, ReadTrack will make your feel oracle in no time. They offer state of the art platform which doesn't require any geek knowledge. It is easy to set with your offers, networks, and traffic and gets started running up instantly. It also offers in-depth video training and tutorials so even a newbie can start using it.

Reason 6 – For Experts: If you are an authority in affiliate marketing industry than RedTrack is the efficient platform to scale up your Campaigns. With some of the advanced features like Articifical intelligence optimized smart links, custom domains, GEO balancing, API access, Filters and cloaking, RedTrack is powerfully built for experts in this industry.

RedTrack overview video:

Reason 7 – They offer highly competitive plans & pricing: The huge benefit of is their price. They have 5 different subscription plans, and the first one is absolutely free if you send up to 50,000 events in a month. If compare subscription plans of different SaaS trackers, it can be summed up in the following table:

Tracking platformEventsFree plan Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3Plan 4
RedTrackclicks, conversions+$29

300k events


3 mln events


15 mln events


50 mln


Voluumvisits, clicks, conversions$99

1 mln events


10 mln events


30 mln


AdsBridgeVisits, clicks, impressionstrial$89

1 mln events


10 mln events


25 mln


ClickMeterClicks, views$69

100k events


1 mln events


10 mln events

To sum up, RedTrack offers 5 plans:

  1. Free – up to 50,000 events/ month
  2. Starter – $29 – 300k events/ month
  3. Professional – $79 – 3 mln events/ month
  4. Business – $399 – 15 mln events/ month
  5. Enterprise – $939 – 50 mln events/ month



RedTracking Integration with Affiliate networks, Traffic sources & Media Partners

When it comes to using any affiliate tracker or performance marketing software, it is always better to check its compatibility with vast CPA Networks, plugins, analytics and others. The tool should be easy to integrate with pre-defined templates and plugins.

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RedTrack has partnered with some of the best Affiliate networks, traffic Sources, technology partners & media partners for easy 1 click integration of their offers, traffic, etc.  This is one of the best things I Like about RedTrack,. Just merely signup, Select your network and import your offer in one click!



Final Words – RedTrack Review

RedTrack has the core set of features with sophisticated technology for Affiliate Marketers.  It offers the best tracking solution at cost effective prices and is far affordable than others in the market. With the state of the art technology, new updated features, RedTrack has proved to be #1 in performance marketing and tracking industry. free plan comes with 50,000 events or less in a month and is forever free. You can upgrade it anytime or choose its other premium plans. If you have higher click volume, You can request their team for customized plan according to your requirements.


RedTrack Analytics tool is robust to handle ups and downs of your affiliate marketing campaigns and help you, monitor, predict the results for better performance.

Try RedTrack feature-rich panel today which is easy to start, requires no servers or software install and comes with templates, pre-sets and dozens of video tutorials.

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