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SaleFreaks is a great platform designed for drop shippers and other ecommerce owners looking to sell quality products at a higher price from their online store. One of the best things about the SaleFreaks dropshipping platform is that it offers a free trial to all its new users.

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Detailed SaleFreaks Review

SaleFreaks Review

SaleFreaks is a dropshipping software and an online trades arbitrage mechanism, which is presented as an add-on. It aids judges in buying cheap products from Amazon and sell them at a higher price on eBay or other e-commerce programs. It is a self-regulation tool for people who hold too many results to follow. It assists you in each step of the process, from product description to shipment of commodities.

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Use this exclusive SaleFreaks promo code that enables you to start 14 days free trial. Show Less

SalesFreaks is a vast dropshipping software and the most reliable platform for those who require to buy cheaper goods from Amazon but desire to sell them at a higher price on any e-commerce programs such as eBay and Bonanza countless more.

How does SaleFreaks Work?

When signing up, you requirement first log in to your eBay account. To build a list, go to the List Wizard menu, or click List Item. You give an Amazon URL or ASIN (or multiple ASINs) of what you require to list on eBay managing your eBay account.

SaleFreaks Reviews

You can then quickly analyze other ads from the same item or list. You can decide to search for “scorching, scorching, cold, uncompetitive, or no competition.” Select the number of things you want to list, click Generate, or understand the steps below.

Step 1: Find high profits items

You can locate high-profitable results From Amazon to dropship on various e-commerce platforms Like eBay & Bonanza. With SaleFreaks:

Find high profits items
  • Examine millions of articles in just a few clicks.
  • Filter articles by profitability and if they use PRIME.
  • See sell-through data and business analysis at a glimpse.

Step 2: Create professional listings

Users can build expert listings for this trade in a short period. SaleFreaks provides:

Create professional listings
  • SEO optimized outcomes to boost sales production.
  • Protect your UPC to preserve your listings.
  • Upload and edit thousands of listings at one.

Step 3: Optimize your prices

SaleFreaks allows automatic repricing of your things to get the highest profits. You can:

Optimize your prices
  • Fix prices in real-time to nevermore lose a sale.
  • Constantly be top of eBay “lowest price” quests.
  • Check your wanted most minor profit edge.

Step 4: Communicate with buyers

You have complete access to observe the conversation history of all consumers in a single dashboard. SaleFreaks offers different characteristics like:

  • Responding to customers in moments with pre-designed template information.
  • You can prioritize information according to value to save terms.
  • Speedily filter connections based on booking situation level.

Step 5: Fulfill your orders effortlessly

With SaleFreaks, You can request and send items externally raising your finger because within the dashboard:

Fulfill your orders effortlessly
  • Reservations are automatically set on Amazon in minutes.
  • Auto-upload buyers’ following learning to eBay.
  • You can examine individual profit statistics for each item.

Is SaleFreaks the Best Software?

With SaleFreaks, users can believably do everything they require to do in one area and use various programs. You can order the best-selling products and list them in numerous eBay account. You can control Amazon prices, manage the BIN price of opponents, place orders, and then transfer this tracking to eBay as vital.

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Here you will get a review of all tools supplied:

  • The Locator

This tool assists you in finding items that you can market. You’ll notice the parameters (outcomes that compare to your niche), and their “scan engine” will aid you to find precious things on Amazon that you can register on eBay.

  • The Price Agent

This tool controls the opponent lists of your stocks and redefines the cost of the item for you. This determines you do not have trouble setting a rate too high or too low.

  • The Ticket Sales System

This device was produced for the successful transmission of eBay. This indicates that you can chat with all your buyers in one communication.

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  • List Generator

This tool aids you in building friendly SEO descriptions for all your outcomes. This indicates that your articles will be ranked excellent. If you seek it, yours will be found first. You can also list the consequences of online shop on eBay.

  • The Translator

This tool repositories all the knowledge about your things in one spot. It represents all required items, shipping details, a review of each transaction, and so on.

Are all these tools operating? Well, this is different software, and you may encounter some bugs to fix. Nevertheless, it does seem that it would help people who list many items on eBay. If you’re starting with just a rare thing to list, it’s best to do it and learn the theory early. If you know and work, you should perform this software if you require to pay little cash.

SaleFreaks Pricing Plans

You can add an eBay recital for free. Still, if you require adding more eBay accounts, the sum will need to extend your agreement by 5 Euros per month. To list articles and handle the software, you require to invest cash.

SaleFreaks Pricing Plans

First, you have to pick a plan with your “price calculator.” The cost you spend depends on utilizing the Automatic Order and Shipping software (which provides you to control your customers). You can also regularly pay, monthly or annually. Then leave the knob and choose the number of ads you want to purchase each month. The further you need it, the longer it obligates you.

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Enjoy 50% Discount on all Plans at SaleFreaks
This exclusive SaleFreaks coupon code enables you to enjoy a 50% discount on all plans at SaleFreaks. Hurry! Grab the SaleFreaks discount coupon.

For example: Think you require 90 lists per month. It takes you $ 30 per month, or $ 300 per year, externally using your “Automatic Order and Shipping Bot” software, or $ 53 per month, or $ 530 for utilizing the software. If you require more significant than 100 ads per month, it takes more.

Some practical tips to have in mind:

Note, though, that you can only give for SaleFreaks by a Paypal account. You can not receive payments in any different way. We do not grasp if it’s a bad thing or because it’s new software, but PayPal is a good beginning. You get a 14-day free trial and can continue up to 100 free articles. Also, remark that with the rate plan, you will experience a range of automatic methods. If you recognize the number of automatic orders you can make for yourself, you must pay the difference the following month.

SaleFreaks Customer Support

SaleFreaks has a spot to converse with Roni, Avi, or Tal, and they are the people to start the chat support (it appears they need more than three characters). Avi sends a message as soon as signed up to check it, but it was very automatic, and we do not think there is anything special about it.

We requested a question and just announced that they usually responded within a few moments. So do not expect an answer right away. When they responded to my problem, they appeared to be very meaningful.

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It does not appear that they are constantly there for you, but they will do it if others can. If you are seeing for someone to assist you with every action, it can gain some time. You can drop your monthly or annual SaleFreaks plan by sending an email to [email protected]. After dropping, you will still be able to log in but to observe your reports. You can not list any more articles.

🌟 SaleFreaks FAQ

What is SaleFreaks?

SaleFreaks is a dropshipping tool and arbitrage software that enables dropshippers to sell highly profitable products on many ecommerce platforms. Grab our 100% active SaleFreaks discount coupon to save some bucks on its paid plans.

Does SaleFreaks offer a free trial?

Yes, SaleFreaks provides 14 days free trial to all its new customers to review SaleFreaks for free. Start SaleFreaks free trial & test its features.

Is there any SaleFreaks coupon code?

Yes, if you want to save some more money on SaleFreaks pricing plans, then use the above-mentioned SaleFreaks coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 50% off.

What payment method does SaleFreaks accept?

SaleFreaks only accepts payment from PayPal.

Conclusion: SaleFreaks Review 2024 + 50% OFF Discount Coupon

In my view, SaleFreaks can support individuals who are deeply involved in online arbitrage and have a thriving business. You do not have to waste so much time following your orders and executing sure you have the best prices. However, API dropshipping uses software connecting to eBay’s API to pass information to eBay. Non-API dropshipping means the dropshipping without software or using software to dropship on eBay, but that doesn’t connect to eBay via their API. Instead, they have other means of connection.

Salefreaks manages all the business right from ordering the best sellers, placing them on your eBay account in an optimized way using SEO tools and templates, watching the price ups and downs on Amazon and other opponents on eBay, and improve your stock pricing according to it.

It also necessitates considering putting the order in amazon for the outcomes you placed on eBay and even kept track of it. All this appears for a price, though keeping that in mind, check out for discounts to save money and get your subscription if you are up to get some extra cash on the top. Salefreaks use different tools and draw them all collectively to do the best they can at dropshipping. The distinct types are The Locator, The Price Agent, The Ticketing System, The Listing Generator, and a Translator.

Each has their duty to do and communicate with each other tool to produce maximum optimization. SaleFreaks presents a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). The difficulty is only for the non-API service, and the trial allows up to 500 listings. Yes, SaleFreaks is pretty varied from non-API software. Salefreaks is an entirely automated, thoroughly scalable platform. It appears with all features, and you need to dropship on eBay without any troubles.🙂

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