Are you searching for the tool that helps you find the winning products to sell in your online store? Well, SaleSource is an all-in-one dropshipping platform that not only enables you to spy on your competitors but also finds the best selling products for your store.

In this article, we have featured our honest ✅SaleSource Review that includes detailed insights about this dropshipping platform.

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Detailed SaleSource Review

SaleSource Review

SaleSource is a marketing tool designed to dominate dropshipping and product research with its powerful tool, identifying the in-demand products.

It is one of the best product research tools in the market. You can also search for winning products on Aliexpress and scrutinize stores with SaleSources’ analysis.

It helps grow e-commerce businesses faster and in a more secure way with the use of product analyses, trend evaluations, and competitor comparisons.

You can create your SaleSource account or log in to its website. Experience the finest dropshipping tool supporting Shopify Dropshipping & AliExpress dropshipping.

This marketing tool is an AI-based application that is well-suited with Shopify, AliExpress, and other e-commerce platforms.

The four major features of SaleSource is Store Center, Sale Centre, Marketing Center, and last, Product Center through which you can use the following features:

  1. Recognize the reliable online suppliers.
  2. View all recent sales locations for a particular product.
  3. Govern which products are the best sellers in the long term.
  4. Identify products with the potential to go viral according to the ratings.
  5. Analyze various competitor statistics.
  6. Equate different prices of various products amid the top-rated suppliers.
  7. Regulate how many people as well as businesses are dropshipping a particular product.
  8. Search the top-rated suppliers, find high converting product videos and product descriptions of the products.
  9. Find dropshipping suppliers and works with the help of viral video content.
  10. Track the most selling products.
  11. Find the best winning products.
  12. Compare different products by looking at the other stores selling them.

Features of SaleSource

💻Chrome Extension

SaleSource also has a Chrome extension that is turned on whenever a user directs to any e-commerce store product listing. The chrome extension is beneficial as it allows automatic analyses of competing products.

SaleSource Coupon

The Chrome extension provides all the essential product features and the details of the supplier, sales chart, and the data on the product’s earlier prices and their performance with shoppers. It also helps you to know the popularity of a product, mainly if ordered more than average.

SaleSource provides affordable pricing plans starting at $49 per month. It also gives the facility of a 7-day free trial along with the following features:

  • 100+ Million Products
  • Product Database
  • Product Score
  • Product & Store Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Store Database
  • Shopify Store Analyzer
  • Video Ad Finder
  • Chrome Extension
  • 100+ Additional Features

Apart from this, the other plans provided by SaleSource are $99 per month and $299 per month with additional features.

🏅SaleSource Platinum Services

The platinum services of SaleSource are an add-on used only on-demand to enhance your store’s overall performance. The platinum services help create a logo, basic designing, google analytics, fixing bugs and errors, and many more functions.

You can choose any of the platinum services among these. For choosing the service, start by clicking on a service to be given to an equivalent page for supplementary information. After you have checked the details along with the pricing, you can buy any of the services.

🔄Product Analyzer

Product Analyzer helps merchants access all the information about different products that they may want to add in their stores. The SaleSource Chrome extension allows us to import as well as upload images of the work.

SaleSource Promo Code

The product analyzer feature is one of the best SalesSource’s part. It aids in reducing the time that it usually takes when you manual search for any product in a considerable amount. This feature can gather a list of competitive sellers, marketing videos for products, sales locations, etc.

🏪Store Center

Store Center is another important feature offered by the SaleSource eCommerce platform. It consists of various sections like Top Stores, Store Analyzer, Store Tracker, and Store Checklist.

SaleSource Discount

This feature helps provide the list of dropshipping sellers on e-commerce platforms and many other essential components.

Pricing Plans of SaleSource

SaleSource mainly provides three subscription plans, namely Essential, Pro, and Elite.

SaleSource Pricing Plans

Essential: This is the basic monthly plan, which costs $49 per month, and if you are going with the yearly plan, it will cost $29 per month. The following are the critical features that one will get with this plan:

  • 100+ Million Products
  • Product Database
  • Product Score
  • Product & Store Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Chrome Extension
  • Shopify Store Analyzer
  • Video Ad Finder
  • 100+ Extra Features

Pro: Pro plan costs $99/mo or $59/mo for a yearly subscription. Pro plan includes all the features of the Essential plan. At the same time, it also contains some additional features such as:

  • Store Review
  • Custom Conversion Training
  • Advertising Support
  • Custom Conversion Training

Elite: This plan costs $299/mo or $199/mo for a yearly subscription, and it includes all the Pro plan features that allow access to 5 users.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a free trial option.
  • You can analyze competitor statistics.
  • Relate product prices.
  • Search the winning products.
  • Feature of Store Analyzer.
  • Feature of Product Analyzer.
  • Chrome extension feature.


  • There are training videos. However, the documentation does not exist.
  • It may be unaffordable for some people.

SaleSource vs. FindNiche. Which one is better?

FindNiche searches for the winning products on AliExpress Analytics from your competitors. With FindNiche, you can gain up to date vision of trending and the best winning dropshipping products on both Shopify and AliExpress.

Whereas SaleSource is a premium e-commerce dropshipping tool. It is one of the most influential image-based e-commerce product research software, supporting many e-commerce websites like Shopify, Aliexpress, and many others.

Some significant differences between FindNiche and SaleSource are:

  • FindNiche is free, whereas SaleSource is not.
  • FindNiche has more than 700K stores, and SaleSource has more than 250K stores.
  • You can view unlimited store rankings on SaleSource with the highest plan, but on FindNiche, you cannot.
  • FindNiche has an advanced filter that SaleSource does not have.
  • SaleSource has a chrome extension, while FindNiche does not have.
  • You can find niches on FindNiche, but on SaleSource, you cannot.
  • SaleSource has an additional feature of competitor intelligence, whereas FindNiche has no such feature.

🌟 SaleSource FAQ

What is the main work of SaleSource?

SaleSource is involved in finding the best supplier with good quality, which fulfills the orders properly. It also gives you the facility to connect with the supplier and fulfilling the services of the purchaser.

Will SaleSource work in my country?

Yes, SaleSource works in every country all over the world.

Can SaleSource only be used in the English language?

If you are using google chrome browser, you can translate the information into any language.

Which all e-commerce platforms does SaleSource work with?

SaleSource works with Shopify, Aliexpress, Oberlo, and many other platforms as well.

Who will be responsible for fulfilling my orders?

Your supplier will be responsible for all the fulfilments of your orders. Once you have purchased the item, the supplier will ship the order to the customer.

Conclusion: SaleSource Review 2024 | Should you go for it?

SaleSource is one of the best marketing tools for people looking to achieve great success in online business. By using SaleSource, sellers can make huge profits in their business without any risk.

Join SaleSource today to access over 100 million products, product description generator, competitor information, in-depth product analyzer, conversion set up training, reliable customer support, and more.😊

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