Scalenut Vs. Frase

Searching for a long-form AI and SEO assistant can be tough to get along with. Well, people have been speculating around the thought of whether Scalenut is better than Frase or not or vice versa, which one is better in terms of features and pricing plans, and which one is best suitable for your writing while generating SEO-optimized content. Well, in this Scalenut Vs. Frase review, we’ll look forward to all the major aspects that can help you make the right choice as per your requirements for these tools.

I have been using one of the tools for quite some time now, and having a tool that can help you with both of these operations can be really helpful overall. But before we hop into the other important aspects of these tools, let’s have an overview of these tools and understand what a long-form content and SEO assistant has to offer. Both Scalenut & Frase offer some similar features and tools along with some standalone features of their own as well. Now looking forward to the comparison, let’s get started with it!

Scalenut Vs. Frase 2024: Which SEO Assistant is Better, Scalenut or Frase?

Both Scalenut and Frase fall under the category of SEO assistant + AI writing tools; both of these tools focus on AI-powered content generation along with SEO. All these tools can help generate better content for a blog post while focusing on SEO. Well, the features do not stop here; these AI Writing + SEO Assistants can also help get better content ideas.

Having AI-powered content research and copywriting platform can help in:

  • Generating better content strategies
  • Creating SEO-focused content outlines
  • Generating blog-ready content using Headings, links and Images
  • Rewriting certain content
  • Generating content for ad copies, emails, search engines, product descriptions etc.

In addition to all of the above-mentioned key features, the list goes on and on. You can also get an insight into your content while focusing on some of the important aspects, such as AI-powered reports, while also focusing on key terms, tags, readability, intent, etc. As a result, this helps deliver more to people while covering both writings and the SEO parts.

Now that we have a small overview of what these AI-powered content research and copywriting tools offer let’s get started with a one-on-one review to understand better and decide which one is best suitable for your AI copywriting. Starting off with the Scalenut review.

Scalenut Review: Is Scalenut Better than Frase?

Scalenut has recently emerged as one of the best AI-powered content research and copywriting tools in the market. Marketing agencies, digital marketers, content writers and other industries are some of the most common users of Scalenut.

Scalenut Review

You can also get along with a number of use cases that are offered by Scalenut; some of them are mentioned below:

1. SEO Hub

As the name suggests, Scalenut’s SEO Hub primarily focuses on delivering SEO-optimized content or making the existing content withstand some of the common key aspects of SEO. The Scalenut gives you access to key aspects such as working along keywords, headers, images, links, etc., basically, a complete package of important SEO parameters that one should look forward to. Below mentioned are some of the key aspects delivered by SEO Hub in Scalenut:

Competition: One of the major aspects that one has to look after is the competition or how your competitors are ranking over a search engine; if we look after some of the common aspects of SEO, you can also make your way around the headings, images, tags, keywords that are being used by your competitors. By having an overview of all of these major aspects, you can also perform a better in-depth analysis of how things are going as per your competitors.

Keywords: Using proper keywords for your content can result in better SEO and reaching better engagement. All these keywords that are delivered by Scalenut are based on the research performed by the top ranking sites; in simple words working upon SERP and keeping an eye over these targets, keywords can help you outrun your competitors. This identification of target keywords is powered by AI and Natural language processing, resulting in the overall best results.

Intent coverage: While working over SEO, keyword intent can be considered as one of the important aspects that one should look out for. Proper SEO optimization can be performed with the correct intent of the keywords. Basically, the keyword intent includes commercial, informational, navigational, etc. This, as a result, can help in making things better overall.

Quality: The quality of the content can be considered as one of the main key features that make your content better overall; the SEO hub’s editor grades upon the analysis while also focusing on real-time data for quantity (how long should the content be?) and also making things better by choice of words that should be used. Increasing the overall quality of the content.

The Scalenut SEO hub basically performs all these operations for SEO using 3 simple steps; these simple steps include:

  • Input of target keyword & geography.
  • Cruise mode enables you to generate content easily on the go.
  • Optimize and edit as per SEO guidelines.

2. Long-Form Editor

One of the key features that Scalenut has to offer is its long-form content generation; you can generate some excellent content for your operations. Scalenut offers around 40+ catalogs to choose from; all you need to do is add the input for that certain content, which includes Topic, subheading, descriptions, and brand copies for generating digital ad copies. These catalogs include:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Online Review Generator
  • Customer Review Generator
  • Ecom product description
  • Social Media Content (Caption for Social Media Posts, etc.)

Digital Ad copies for:

  • Google ads 
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn text ads headlines
  • Google Descriptions and much more

If we look at an overview of some of the perks that one can have while getting along with the Long-form editor, include:

Plagiarism-Free Content: One of the key features that a user usually looks after includes generating plagiarism-free content using AI. Scalenut offers plagiarism-free content generation for original and powerful content making Scalenut an excellent choice overall.

Engaging Content Generation: Scalenut offers this feature to generate content using different tones for content generation making it an excellent choice in multiple aspects; this way, Scalenut can be an excellent choice for content marketers, writers, etc.

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Overall, Scalenut can be an excellent choice for Content creators, Marketing managers, Content strategists, etc. Scalenut basically helps in multiple aspects like overcoming the thinking block for writers and content creators, whereas Marketing managers can have leverage using short-form content generation, social media ads, etc. If we look from Content Strategist’s POV, as I have already mentioned above, Scalenut offers some excellent features for SEO analysis and using the keywords that are important as per the content.

Key Features Offered by Scalenut – Is Scalenut any Good?

Scalenut also offers some additional services and features that make Scalenut an excellent choice among users:

Chrome Extension: Scalenut offers a Chrome extension as well, which can help in better execution of the services that are offered by Scalenut. The Scalenut Chrome extension also gives you access to generate content on the go, including Facebook headlines, Blog intros, Product descriptions, Social media posts and much more. Well, there are not a lot of tools available in the market that offer Chrome extension for AI copywriting and SEO operations on the go.

Cruise Mode: The Cruise mode offered by Scalenut basically offers the feature in order to generate content using AI; all you need to do is get along with some input of the content, including headlines or subheadings and let Scalenut take of the rest of the content generation, in addition to all this, if you are not okay with the content generated and want to make some tweaks into that, Scalenut also offers the edit option so that you can get the results that are best suitable for you.

Topic Clusters: The Topic clusters can help make things better for multiple operations, including building topical authority and increasing the visibility of the content by using the long tail keywords with low search volume. When these long tail keywords with low search volume come into clusters or more quantity can turn into keyword clusters resulting in better ranking and reach.

App Integrations: In addition to all the use cases and features offered by Scalenut, users can also get along with app integrations that can help perform or upscale different operations, including the cluster booster and keyword researcher by SEMrush along with the Copyscape plagiarism checker.

Scalenut Pricing Plans: Scalenut Vs. Frase, Which One is Cheaper?

Now that we are almost covered by all these features offered by Scalenut, let’s take a look at the pricing plans offered by Scalenut:

Scalenut Pricing Plans

Individual Plan: Perfect for individual users and creators/consultants at just a cost of $29/month. The individual plan offers features such as 100,000 words, 5 SEO Reports, 40+ AI Tools, and 24×7 email and chats support. 

Growth Plan: The Growth Plan costs around $79/month with unlimited AI words, 30 SEO Reports, Instruct, SERP facts, and around 30 Topic Clusters. Along with all the features mentioned in the Individual plan, you can also get access to Cruise mode, which can help generate blogs and content for blogs (long-form content) in a few minutes.

Pro Plan: The Pro Plan costs around $149/month and gives access to all the features offered in the Growth plan and Unlimited SEO reports, a dedicated customer success manager with 2 users and 1000 topic clusters.

It is worth mentioning that you can get all of these plans at a discounted rate using one of the links mentioned in the article, this way, you can save around 60% on the annual plan (Limited Time Deal).

Now that we have covered all the key aspects of what Scalenut has to offer let’s look at Frase and understand its features and whether Frase is a good choice to move on with.

Frase Review: Is Frase Better than Scalenut?

Frase has been a popular choice among users when compared with Scalenut; Frase is one of the best SEO content optimizations tools & AI writers. Frase can be used for multiple operations such as research, writing and optimizing content for better Google ranking. We’ll dive deeper into the plans and features later in the article.

Frase Review

In addition, we’ll also be looking forward to more data that can help you clear some confusion about which is better for your operations. It is worth mentioning that Frase offers some excellent features in all of its plans. Some of the key features are mentioned below:

Automated Content Briefs: One of the features that make Frase an excellent choice overall is the generation of automated content briefs. As Frase is an AI-powered SEO-optimized content generation tool, it can help you with the content generation of SEO content briefs that can help in better execution of content with better chances of ranking.

Content Scoring: Frase also lets you get along with content scoring that can help improve your content ranking. The content score is available for all the plans. Frase can help you better target certain keywords based on the SERP of that target search query.

Content Editor: It is worth mentioning that the content editor offered by Frase can help in making things better overall for a number of reasons; the content editor by Frase also offers some excellent features, including the use of images, views, multiple export options, link options, and much more. Make your content ready for uploading, as almost everything is already done using the Frase content editor.

Outline Builder: As one of the perks delivered by any AI-powered content generator, Frase can also help in the content generation of outlines but in a more SEO-optimized manner. The Frase outline builder uses various data points, including autosuggest, People also ask, etc.

Custom Templates: Frase offers multiple custom templates that can help make things even better in terms of content generation and save more time overall. In addition to all this, you can also perform customization on that certain template as per your needs.

Team Project Folders: You can also perform better project management for a certain project using the team project folders; this way, you can have proper management for the documents generated or optimized on Frase.

In addition to all these features mentioned above, you can also make your way around more add-ons using the SEO Add-on. The SEO Add-on costs around $35/month and gives you access to Keyword Search Volume, SERP Data Enrichment, and Frase AI writer. Now that we have covered all of Frase’s key features, let’s take a look at the pricing plans.

Frase Pricing Plans: Frase Vs. Scalenut, Which One is Cheaper?

Frase Pricing Plans

Frase offers 3 different pricing plans, which are as follows:

Basic: The Frase basic plans cost around $44.99/month and offer 1 user seat and Write + Optimize up to 30 articles/month. In addition to all this, you can generate up to 10,000 AI characters/month. The Basic plan is best suitable for individuals or teams executing an SEO content plan.

Team: The Frase Team basic plan costs around $114.99/month with 3 user seats, which can further be increased at the cost of $25/month per user. The Team plan also gives you access to generating 10,000 AI characters per month along with Write + Optimize feature for unlimited documents/articles. The team plan can be an excellent choice for businesses, teams and agencies that are more indulged in content marketing and its operations.

Enterprise: The cost of the Enterprise plan is not mentioned on Frase’s official website, but you can contact the Frase user support team and can work accordingly as per your needs. Basically, Enterprise is a custom plan that gives access to unlimited users, Write + Optimize for unlimited articles, and generates 10,000 AI characters/month.

Now that we covered all the key aspects of using Frase and Scalenut, I guess things might be a bit clear on which AI-powered content research & copywriting platform is best suitable for you. If you are still confused about which optimization + AI content writing tool is suitable for you, maybe the next section will clarify those doubts to some extent.

Top FAQ on Scalenut Vs. Frase

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is AI-powered Content research & copywriting platform/tool that enables to perform multiple operations from both SEO and AI-powered writing perspectives. It offers multiple features like Cruise mode, SEO reports, Topic clusters, etc. that can be used for content generation along with generating content using AI.

What is Frase?

Frase is an SEO content optimization and writing tool that can help in making things better overall for your SEO and AI copywriting operation. Frase offers different features like automated content briefs, content scoring, outline builder, custom templates, Google search console, and much more.

Does Frase offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Frase offers a 5-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the features that are offered by it.

Does Scalenut offer any free trial?

Scalenut offers the option to book a free demo in order to get along with the features offered by it. In addition to that, you can unlock the free trial using one of the dedicated deals mentioned above.

How much does the Frase SEO Add-on cost?

Frase offers an SEO Add-on at an additional cost of $35/month; the SEO add-on gives you access to Keyword search volume, SERP data enrichment and Frase AI writer.

Is there any lifetime deal offered by Frase?

Currently, there is no lifetime deal available at this moment, but you can keep checking our website to get along with any deal if it comes in the near future.

Conclusion: Scalenut Vs. Frase 2024 | Which one should you choose?

The choice of SEO-focused editing and AI Writing tool can be really difficult, and both Scalenut and Frase have been the center of attraction. Both Scalenut & Frase somewhat deliver similar features and fall under a similar price range, considering their pricing plans. Now what makes them different from each other is the user interface offered by both of them, along with some of the features. 

Considering the interface, it can be said that Scalenut offers a more clean and clear interface which can be the right choice for new users to get along with. In addition to that, if we consider the pricing plan offered by both Scalenut Vs. Frase, Scalenut and Frase offer almost the same pricing point.

In contrast, if we consider precisely, Scalenut’s annual plan is a bit cheaper but offers only 5 SEO reports per month which are very less considering the SEO analysis part. In contrast, the amount of word generation using AI is much more in Scalenut, so as a bottom line, it can be said that Scalenut is a better choice for users and agencies that want more AI-powered content generation with some SEO analysis. In contrast, Frase can be an excellent choice for people that tend to focus more on the SEO part (writing & optimization) with less use for AI-powered content generation.

So choosing the right AI-powered content research & copywriting platform can be a choice between considering the use cases that you might be looking forward to; as a result, if you seek to get more features in terms of SEO, Frase can be a better choice, where if you seek more budget-friendly option with more of AI-powered content and less SEO focused operations, Scalenut can be the right choice for you. It is worth mentioning that both of them offer the somewhat same quality of content using AI.

Hopefully, this Scalenut Vs. Frase review has cleared some of the common questions you might have regarding both.

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