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Have you ever felt like you’re throwing money down the drain with your advertising campaigns? Won’t it be great if you could access agency ad accounts across a mind-boggling array of social networks like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Google Ads, Taboola, Outbrain, and over 100 other native and social platforms?

As a media buyer myself, I am always on the lookout for reliable partners who can provide high-quality traffic sources and streamline my advertising campaigns. Well, in this article, I’ll share why ScroogeFrog is an excellent choice to look forward to.

With an experience spanning over 15 years, ScroogeFrog has established itself as a trusted service provider specializing in advertising traffic.

The agency ad accounts offered by Scroogefrog are renowned for their high approval rates, with budgets starting from just $300, multiple payment methods, and the ability to refund the budget and transfer balance between accounts in case of a ban.

Let’s take a dip into this ScroogeFrog review, sharing my experience!

What is ScroogeFrog?


Scroogefrog is an agency ads service provider specializing in providing agency ad accounts to media buyers and marketers.  The ScroogeFrog’s goal is clear: to enable companies to successfully draw in customers by using smart advertising techniques. From social media and native advertising to full-service digital marketing, they have it all.

It offers a wide range of services across almost every social media platform, including Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, as well as over 100 other native and social networks. This extensive coverage allows users to manage and optimize their advertising campaigns efficiently, leveraging ScroogeFrog’s advanced tools and features.

With ScroogeFrog, media buyers and agencies can expect high approval rates, expedited moderation, and excellent support, making it an invaluable asset for maximizing the impact and reach of their digital advertising efforts.

Also, ScroogeFrog offers an anti-fraud system that uses sophisticated methods such as digital fingerprinting to locate and merge devices that belong to the same user, and it carefully examines traffic sources for bot activity.

Why Agency Ad Accounts Trump Self-Serve Options?

As a media buyer, you know the struggle one has to deal with when it comes to advertising platforms. Managing ads across multiple platforms can be a headache, especially when you’re juggling self-serve accounts. That’s where agency ad accounts swoop in to save the day!

With agency ad accounts, you get a whole suite of perks like dedicated support teams, priority moderation queues, and higher spending limits – all the good stuff that’ll have you saying goodbye to those pesky ad account bans and restrictions.

But wait, there’s more! Agency ad accounts also offer advanced targeting options, giving you the power to laser-focus your campaigns and reach your ideal audience with pinpoint precision.

And I don’t need to mention it ScroogeFrog has earned the position to be considered among some of the top ad account service providers in the industry.

Scroogefrog Metrics
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Ad Accounts by ScroogeFrog (100+ Networks)

ScroogeFrog’s extensive portfolio of agency ad accounts spans across a range of platforms for media buyers. From the ubiquitous social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, to niche networks like Applovin, Taboola, Bigo, Outbrain, and many more tailored to specific industries and demographics, Scroogefrog has you covered.

With advanced support and moderation assistance, you can bid farewell to the hassles of farming and resource-draining tasks. Beyond the mainstream platforms, ScroogeFrog also offers agency ad accounts on a multitude of niche networks, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in your quest to reach your target audience effectively.

Additionally, the pre-moderation of landing pages and high approval rates from trusted ad networks means your campaigns are more likely to sail through moderation swiftly. If an account is blocked, ScroogeFrog’s financial security measures allow you to request a refund and transfer funds to a new account, minimizing disruptions.

In-app Advertising with ScroogeFrog

In-app advertising has become a profitable avenue for media buyers, and ScroogeFrog’s offerings in this domain are truly remarkable. With their expertise in platforms like Unity, IronSource, etc., they provide the ability to pay for advertising on a per-install basis, ensuring you only invest in tangible results.

Moreover, ScroogeFrog empowers you to launch border offers without the constraints of strict moderation, opening up new avenues for creative campaigns. Their tracking opportunities through independent accounting systems offer great transparency, while various replenishment methods deliver to your unique needs.

To top it off, ScroogeFrog assigns a dedicated personal manager to each client, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience throughout your in-app advertising journey.

Access to Direct Publishers

When it comes to reaching niche or underserved markets, ScroogeFrog truly shines. Their extensive network of direct connections with publishers, site owners, forums, and other internet resources across regions like Africa and Latin America opens up a world of advertising opportunities.

By tapping into these direct publisher relationships, media buyers can gain access to highly targeted audiences that may be challenging to reach through traditional advertising channels.

With their deep understanding of local markets and cultural nuances, ScroogeFrog ensures that your advertising campaigns resonate with the intended audiences, maximizing the impact and return on investment. This level of localized expertise sets ScroogeFrog apart, making them an invaluable partner for media buyers seeking to expand their reach globally.

Services Offered by ScroogeFrog

Ad Campaigns in Native NetworksAuthorized partner of many native networks, works with all currencies, direct moderation contact
Social Media Campaign ManagementPre-moderation, A/B testing, fast reporting, global networks, auto bidder integration
ScroogeFrog’s Anti-Fraud SystemBot traffic checking, user device fingerprinting, botnet detection, ad network integration
AutoBidder by ScroogeFrogAutomatic campaign optimization, ad network integration, machine learning algorithms
ScroogeFrog’s Single Window FeatureConsolidated statistics, flexible accounting, turnkey service, regular source expansion

1. Ad Campaigns in Native Networks

ScroogeFrog - Ad Campaigns in Native Networks

ScroogeFrog’s expertise extends to running highly effective advertising campaigns on native ad networks. As an authorized partner of numerous native networks, they possess an in-depth understanding of each platform’s unique features and nuances. This knowledge allows them to make accurate predictions based on statistical analysis, ensuring your campaigns are tailored for maximum impact.

Moreover, ScroogeFrog’s global reach enables it to work seamlessly with all currencies worldwide, providing convenient replenishment options. Their direct contact with moderation teams and the creation of individual accounts for each client further streamline the advertising process, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience.

2. Social Media Campaign Management

ScroopeFrog - Social Media Campaign Management

Social media campaign management is another area where ScroogeFrog truly shines. Their services include pre-moderation of landing pages and creatives, ensuring your campaigns are primed for success from the outset. Additionally, ScroogeFrog’s expertise extends to creating advertising accounts and working on the complexities of bans, providing a seamless experience.

ScroogeFrog conducts extensive A/B testing to optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. Their ability to generate fast reports keeps you informed every step of the way. Furthermore, ScroogeFrog’s global reach allows it to work with all major social networks worldwide, providing a truly comprehensive solution.

Notably, their social media campaign management services can be seamlessly integrated with their proprietary auto bidder, enabling automated optimization and bid management for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Ready to Start Your Journey with ScroogeFrog?

Process to Getting started with Scroogefrog

Getting started with ScroogeFrog is a seamless process designed to ensure your advertising campaigns hit the ground running. Here’s a quick overview of the stages involved:

  • Initial Consultation: This crucial step involves discussing your work plan, desired results, target geo, budget, KPIs, landing pages, and coordinating advertising sources. ScroogeFrog’s experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements.
  • Concluding a Contract: Once the initial consultation is complete, ScroogeFrog will present flexible payment methods, and you’ll sign an agreement, formalizing the partnership.
  • Preparation of Advertising Campaigns: At this stage, ScroogeFrog’s team will create advertising accounts, prepare ready-made creatives, set up analytics or CRM data collection, and coordinate traffic markup.
  • Launch and Optimization: With everything in place, ScroogeFrog’s specialists will take the reins, launching and optimizing your advertising campaigns in real-time, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The Final Stage: As your campaigns gain traction, ScroogeFrog will scale the results and, if necessary, add new sources or make test advertising campaigns to further refine your strategy.

With ScroogeFrog’s structured approach and expertise, you can rest assured that your advertising campaigns are in capable hands, poised for success from start to finish.

Got Questions Related to ScroogeFrog?

How does ScroogeFrog Optimize Advertising Campaigns?

By auditing traffic, identifying ineffective sources, and optimizing conversion costs.

What Types of Traffic does ScroogeFrog Specialize in?

ScroogeFrog specializes in native, social, and in-app advertising traffic.

What makes ScroogeFrog a Reliable Partner for Media Buying?

With over 15 years of experience and a broad range of services, ScroogeFrog understands the needs of the affiliate world deeply.

What Services Does ScroogeFrog Offer?

ScroogeFrog provides agency ad accounts, traffic audits, advertising campaign optimization, and an AI-based anti-fraud system.

What Support does ScroogeFrog Offer to its Clients?

ScroogeFrog provides comprehensive client support at all stages of campaign management, from setup to optimization.

ScroogeFrog Review Epilogue

ScroogeFrog is a noteworthy partner for media buyers, providing them with access to more than 110 ad networks and platforms. This wide spectrum guarantees that ScroogeFrog has the resources and know-how to propel success regardless of the size of your campaign or target demographic.

ScroogeFrog is a top option for advertisers looking to maximize their reach and effect because of their dedication to providing customized solutions, such as white hat to BH ad accounts, anti-fraud measures, and cutting-edge technologies like their AutoBidder.

ScroogeFrog provides the tools and assistance you need to successfully accomplish your marketing goals, whether you’re trying to improve the performance of your campaign or look into new advertising alternatives.

What are your opinions, then? Would you be interested in giving Scroogefrog a try?

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