What if someday your computer gets corrupt due to some virus, malware, hardware failure or the recent one Ransomware?

You will be depressed, frustrated and would WannaCry…

But as it is profoundly said “Prevention is better than cure“, so it is necessary to have some remedy to recover your lost data when such things happen suddenly out of nowhere. Here is the “Prevention is better than cure” which will enable you to save $50 on these lifesaving products.

Seagate File Recovery Review: {Updated 2024}

Seagate File Recovery Promo codes

You need that antidote to all your malaise, and what better than Seagate can be. Here, in this post, we bring you exclusive Seagate coupon codes so you can get maximum discount on purchasing Seagate file recovery software which is trusted by millions across the world.

In case you have deleted your personal or company files that you needed for your presentation, and you are worried because you might get fired then don’t worry because we have the fire extinguisher ready for you.

What does it offer:

Seagate file recovery software ensures that you get all your data recovered successfully either it be a desktop, hard drive or a memory card. Use the Seagate data recovery promo code and avail maximum discount on the purchase of data recovery software to save each penny that you have worked hard for buying a desktop, hard drive or a memory card.

About Seagate

Seagate was established in 1978 with a vision to help businesses and individuals to get the most out of their data. It provides data storage solutions so you can preserve all the unforgettable memories and share it with your friends and relatives.

It was first known as Shugart Technology and later in 1979; it was renamed to Seagate. In 1980 it introduced its first hard disc drive (HDD) of 5.25 inch which could be integrated into the desktops. In 1986 over 2,00,000 HDDs were manufactured every month, and therefore it reached revenue of $1 billion.

Later in 2014, Seagate launched its cloud services and solutions offering better speed and reliability. For the past few years, the storage capacity has increased from kilobytes to terabytes and Seagate makes sure that you are delivered what you are looking for with perfection. Seagate ensures that in any circumstances if you lose your data, then you have multiple options to recover it and get back to work.

Seagate Recovery Services Review

Seagate offers three services to recover your data. These are:

  • In- Lab recovery: If there is any physical damage to your storage device then the lab experts retrieve your data efficiently.
  • Recovery Software: If any of your files have been deleted or formatted then by using the recovery software you can get it back.
  • Rescue plans: You can buy this plan in advance, so you don’t have to waste money on data recovery.

Seagate recovery software comes handy if you have accidentally deleted your data or formatted it. But recovery software works only if the storage device is physically not damaged. If your computer is able to detect the storage device, the recovery software can surely recover your deleted or formatted files. Installing the recovery software is pretty straightforward and involves only 4 steps.

  • Download the software and install it as per the given instructions
  • Next, read the instructions carefully to find the missing file.
  • If the missing files are found then follow the steps to recover them
  • And still, if nothing is found, then you need to choose the In-Lab recovery system.

The recovery software comes into two packages: Premium and Technician.

Both the packages support file types like bmp, PSD, jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, mp3, WMA, wav, mp4, MOV, WMV and many more.

The premium package costs $99 and can be installed on a single system whereas the Technician package is not cheap and costs $299 but can be installed in 5 systems.

Here are some of the best features that Seagate offers:

  • Get help from the storage experts for any issues.
  • Many have experienced it. Hence it has been rated 95% satisfaction
  • There are no hidden fees, and by using a Seagate coupon, you can avail maximum discount thereby saving a lot of money.
  • It supports any file type to be recovered, any brand drive and any storage medium like desktop, laptops, external hard drives, tablets, smartphones, RAID and NAS.
  • Free shipping in respective locations.
  • Recover your data from the cloud.

Seagate File Recovery Promo Codes (Updated 2024)

Below are some of the promo codes of Seagate that you can use to get discounts and save every single penny of yours.

Purchase 4 TB SSHD for $124.99

Get Seagate 4TB SSHD just for $1.39 using special deal on Amazon. Click no below button and use coupon code “EMCAVKR35 ” on checkout page.

2 TB retail kit at only $90!!

Purchase 2 Tb Retail kit only for $90 using this exclusive Seagate data recovery coupon. Click on the below button to active this offer and use coupon code “EMCPDPD29 ” at the time of checkout.

1 TB hybrid storage drive at only $80

Get 1 TB Seagate Hybrid storage which automatically backups up your data on the cloud and works as a complete hybrid solutions. Click no below offer button to activate this deal and use coupon “EMCPEWD42” on checkout page at Amazon.

Purchase 4 TB NAS drive with $50 OFF Coupon

Get $50 discount on 4 TB NAS Drive using this special welcome offer coupon. click on the button below to activate this offer and use coupon code “EMCPEPC23” on checkout page.

Purchase any seagate Hard drive and get 10% discount

Exclusive Seagate hard drive coupon code which enables you 10% discount on any hard drive purchase. Limited time deal so hurry. click on below button to activate the offer and use coupon “SEAGATESTORAGE” on checkout page.

Seagate 3 TB drive at just $72!

Super Savings. Get 3 TB Seagate drive in just $99 using this special Seagate recovery drive coupon 2017. Hurry! this is a limited time deal. Click below button to active this offer and use coupon “EMCPEWG55” at time of checkout.

2 TB Barracuda over only $80

Get 2 TB Barracuda hard Drive in just $80 using this special coupon. Redeem offer by clicking below button and use coupon “EMCPEWE23” at the time of checkout.

Seagate Rescue – 3 Year Data Recovery Plan at $14.99

Seagate Rescue – 3 Year Data Recovery Plan for External Hard Drives at just $14.99. Cheapest of all.

This is a special Seagate rescue plan for data recovery. Get it for three years at just $14.99. So a safe back plan from Seagate only costs 5 bucks a year. It’s insanely cheap.

Seagate File recovery Overview

Pixel8 : New Seagate data Recovery DIY Software

Seagate has Re-branded its data recovery services with a beautiful DIY software named as Pixel8. It enables you to recover your lost files or data with Do it yourself software which is built merely and lets you retrieve your data yourself with an easy.

The new Seagate data recovery tool lets you discover what data is recoverable for Free. The premium version of the tool costs $99/ Yr which can be installed up to 5 computers. It also houses a quick scan, and secure data erase features. Check more information about it on pixel8data.com.

Data Loss & Data Recovery {INFO-GRAPHICS}

Data Loss and Data Recovery Infographics
Image source: Easeus.com

🔥 Seagate Data Recovery FAQ

How much does Seagate Data Recovery cost?

It depends upon your country. For example in U.S or Canada a Data recovery hard drive should cost from $200-$400 or higher. IN countries like India, China, Thailand have lower prices.

How much does Seagate charge for data recovery?

Seagate offers in-lab data recovery for your devices in numerous conditions. Their plans are cheap but come with a catch. If your device is not functioning, you can purchase a data rescue plan.

Is data recovery hard drive different from normal hard disks?

Yes, Data recovery drives come with advanced software that enables complete recovery and backup solutions. Seagate is undoubtedly the top provider for hard drives and data recovery plans in the world.

Final Words

I suppose after reading this Seagate data recovery review, you must be damn sure that Seagate is the ultimate choice to recover your lost data. And since we have listed multiple Seagate coupon codes, you can choose any coupon code for the respective product and avail heavy discounts on each product.

The company has opened the gate to experience the pearls hidden inside the sea and all this at a meager and affordable price.

Try Seagate File recovery coupons and be assured that all your lost data will be recovered with additional savings!!

Share us your experience in using Data recovery software and which works best for you in the comments section below. Stay tuned with BloggingEclipse🤞.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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