While many of you must have heard about SEO, the power of it is unimaginable if you have the best historical knowledge.

In a business, you need to have a reliable, accurate, and accessible SEO tool that can upgrade your business and make it high-performing. On the other hand, you will get detailed insight into your competitors’ SEO part.

SEO benefits are limitless, but you must know one or two to get the right tool for your business. The major benefit is you can easily dissect your competitors’ SEO strategy, like traffic numbers, ranking, backlinks, and a lot more. You can build up your backlink profile within minutes.

With SEO tools, you won’t require to scout the web for industry domains and generate your business opportunities. All data can be collected within limited tenure. Moreover, you can easily save time and money spent on manual SEO audits! There are so many SEO tools available in the market, which confuse the user, what to buy?

SEMrush and Searchmetrics being the industry leaders, you can’t just invest money on both the tools blindly. Hence, here’s the detailed review of ✅SEMrush Vs. Searchmetrics to help you decide that one tool that can scale your business to new heights!

SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics 2024: Detailed comparison

SEMrush Vs. Searchmetrics

What is SEMrush?

The popularity of SEMrush is so much that everyone is aware of the tool, but it’s important to understand the features. It’s an extraordinary product to help businesses optimize their website correctly. SEMrush is the oldest SEO tool as of now and has millions of customer base.

Through SEMrush data, you can tweak all the technical aspects of your website to obtain higher search engine rankings. You can easily identify the newest link-building opportunities to attract desired traffic. SEMrush also allows users to perform SEO audits for their websites; hence one can easily make technical improvements.

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The best part about SEMrush is its keyword suggestion feature, profitable enough to find the right phrases for the blogs and articles. Not just this, there are so many other features provided by SEMrush specifically designed to improve the site’s search engine rankings.

Hence, don’t forget to take a closer view of SEMrush features and make a quick decision according to your requirements!

Check: Detailed SEMrush Review

What is Searchmetrics?

Searchmetrics is an exclusive SEO tool that can also be used as a content marketing platform. It’s designed to give its users maximum reach and extraordinary profits in a bare minimum time. Through Searchmetrics, you will get access to all the essential data to grow your website.

You will get in-depth information about search engine rankings, keyword targeting statistics, link sharing metrics, overall content development, and many more essential databases. The tool is primarily designed for large-scale businesses and offers some highly affordable plans.

No worry, if you have a medium-sized business or a small scale business, you can easily propel and succeed in your strategies through Searchmetrics. Take a closer view of the Searchmetrics features and decide better!

SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics: Features


  • Domain Analysis

Majorly all the SEO tools allow basic domain analysis. Hence you can easily get information relating to your domain’s quality according to the SEO point of view. With the SEMrush domain analysis feature, you can either analyze your website or your competitor’s to get detailed insights.

SEMrush Domain Analysis

You can check out where your website is lacking the most and make improvements accordingly. With SEMrush, all you need to do is enter the domain URL in the Domain overview section and get immediate search results.

The results will include competitors’ website names, an authority score, total number of visitors, total number of external links, anchor texts, high-ranking keywords, advertising stats, and a lot more. The data calculation is done according to the organic search data, website traffic data, and backlink data.

  • Keyword Research

Through the keyword research tool by SEMrush, you can find out how many people are searching for a particular keyword and how difficult it is to rank for the keyword. You can easily get suggestions from SEMrush through the keyword overview section.

Once you have entered the bar, you will get information about the keyword difficulty score, the number of searches per month on the search engine, and the list of sites per country level.

The most important metric is the keyword difficulty score by SEMrush, as it is indicated through percentage. Hence, you can make a lot of improvements to your Google searches.

  • SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

The content marketing toolkit by SEMrush provides users with a bundle of content marketing tools. You will get access to this toolkit through the advanced plan.

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

This package can also be used as a social media tool as it makes it easy to schedule future posts, analyze the overall performance, and a lot more. Moreover, you can easily use the SEMrush content platform to identify topics, manage documents and deadlines, or even order content directly.

Hence, we find that all these features by SEMrush make the tool significantly more flexible. It’s not just an SEO tool but also a digital marketing tool.

  • Backlink Analyzer

Yet another best feature by SEMrush is its backlink analyzer. The tool helps the user to get access to a strong backlink profile to improve visibility.

SEMrush Backlink Analyzer

Through SEMrush, you can easily conduct deep link analysis for identifying backlinks and anchor texts, along with measuring the authority of linking domains. You can also compare your backlink profile to your competitors and a lot more.

  • Competition Research

Similar to all other tools, SEMrush also offers robust features for competition research. Hence through this, you can easily stay ahead of other businesses or domains in your field.

SEMrush Competition Research

As a user or business, you can monitor everything—for example, keywords to grow organic search. You can also look after the ad budgets, and GDN strategies through the SEMrush Organic Competitors Report lists.

  • Ease in Usage

Once you open your account in SEMrush on its website, you will see that the interface is quite clear. The website separates all its functions into five categories, domain analytics, keyword analytics, project, lead generation, and reports.

Accessing all these tools through mobile or any other device is also more comfortable. A mobile app is available as well for both Android and iOS! But most of the features are limited to its website, that’s a down point.


  • Domain-Level Research

We find Domain Level research features by Searchmetrics to be the most powerful tool as compared to others. The overall SEO research is contained within the Research Cloud portion of the platform. Through this tool, you can easily search for any URL and get a quick overview of its performance across several search engines.

First, Searchmetrics provides users with detailed insight into organic and paid visibility across several search engines. The best part is, you will get access to five years’ historical data (available just for Suite users) to check the visibility.

You can also break down the search by desktop vs. mobile or by organic vs. paid. Hence, you can easily set up custom categories without exporting records.

Yet another best part about this feature is the actionable comparative information of visibility and keywords. One can easily keep a glance of the desktop-to-mobile traffic ratio for your site and a competitor’s site as well. Moreover, tracking your relative search engine rankings over time gets easier.

Through Searchmetrics, you can also identify how many keywords different websites have in common. However, these features are limited only to Suite subscribers.

  • Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is yet another best feature of the Searchmetrics tool. It is further broken down into discovery and ranking tools.

Searchmetrics  Keyword Analysis

Through the discovery tool, you can simply enter a keyword, and the tool will give you a list of every related keyword. Moreover, the tool displays the overall search volume for that particular keyword, the distribution of search volume over time, and the cost per click for the specific advertising.

However, I can’t tell you how competitive keywords are with Searchmetrics. You will get information about how much you’d need to spend to have your site rank by a specific keyword. Quite even, you can dig deep down into the software for this metric, which might get time-consuming.

The Searchmetrics ranking tool allows users to monitor your website’s position for any particular keyword you’re using currently. There is also a filtering option available to limit the search results. The tool tells you your site’s search engine ranking position for a specific keyword and calculates the CPC.

  • Content Development

If you have bought the Searchmetrics Suite, you will get access to a content development tool, which is even called the Content Experience feature. Through the content development tool, you can get proficient keyword and SEO data. This will help you to create blog posts and other web content properly for ranking higher.

Searchmetrics Content Development

You can make the best use of this feature by the built-in keyword analysis access. The Content Experience tool by Searchmetrics will identify “Essential Keywords,” according to the recent search engine rankings.

Adding to this, it will also calculate the target number of mentions for specific keywords and keep track of your volume.

You can integrate Content Experience with different tools with WordPress and Drupal. If not that, you can opt to write posts within the Searchmetrics tool.

  • Ease in Usage

We found the Searchmetrics user interface a bit old-fashioned. You may find it straightforward, too, as running basic searches like digging into specific data and getting a closer look at the hidden tables. Through the keyword rankings tool, you can also compare your return on investment against multiple competitors.

The menu design is also a bit complicated as navigating Searchmetrics’s important features gets trickier. There is also a list of drop-down menus; hence you can’t have multiple tabs open on the platform.

This limits the overall options for running side-by-side comparisons of multiple keywords unless you export the data to another software!

SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics: Pricing


When compared to all other SAAS platforms and SEO tools, SEMrush is a bit expensive. However, the platform is worth buying due to the plethora of features it offers. You will get abundant quantities of data along with the right intelligence system.

SEMrush Pricing
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Below is the detailed pricing plan of SEMrush to look after according to your necessities:

  • Pro plan for $99.95 per month
  • Guru plan for $199.95 per month
  • Business plan for $399.95 per month


If buying for a small business, we find Searchmetrics an inexpensive tool as it gives much SEO data. But to get historical ranking data or data of competitor’s site, the pricing of Search Metrics will be higher.

Searchmetrics Pricing

If you own a small business, there are two plans for you by Searchmetrics, the research cloud national plans. You can either buy it for $97 per month or $970 per year. In this plan, only current search engine ranking data is present and not the historical ones. Moreover, you can’t export data from the software elsewhere.

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The research cloud international plan by Searchmetrics is for $173 per month and $1730 for a year. This plan will get access to traffic data from over 6 countries, including search engine rankings and historical SEO data. Moreover, exporting 50,000 data records is also possible through this plan.

You can not analyze specific keywords and how they are ranking in search engines through research cloud plans. Hence you will be required to buy the entire Searchmetrics suite pricing, which is a bit pricey. The suite plan pricing by Searchmetrics is for $3000 for a month, and it is best for medium-sized and large-sized businesses.

There are many benefits by suite plans like multi-user management capabilities, access to Searchmetrics API, customizable dashboards, advanced queries, and many more. Moreover, you will also get access to the SEO history of 30 countries to create SEO management projects quickly.

SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics: Integration model

Integration of SEMrush

As compared to Searchmetrics, SEMrush offers way more integration options from superior tools. As a result, one can get great online visibility management along with content marketing capabilities.

SEMrush readily integrates with Google search console, Google analytics, Google my business, docs, data studio, search, calendar, and Google disavow tool.

Integrations of Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics offers four connectivity options to its users, and all of them are effective ones. It offers API access, integration to google analytics, premium analytics, and Google search console.

SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics: Customer Support


SEO tools are often complex, and many users get confused while using it. Moreover, many competitors of SEMrush have failed to provide the kind of customer support service the team is offering. All the users get access to three channels of customer support, chat, phone, and email.

SEMrush Customer Support

But there are some issues relating to the contact support options, as one needs to scroll down in the footer and locate it. The footer contains the prominent contact number along with an email address to contact the support team directly.


When it comes to research cloud users, technical support gets extremely limited due to several reasons. Unlike other tools, over here, you can’t email or directly contact the customer support team.

Searchmetrics Customer Support

The tool offers a knowledge base to its users whenever they get stuck in any problem. However, it’s quite technical, and not many will understand them all.

But if you are a suite user, you can easily contact the customer support team of Searchmetrics. The tool offers service in two languages, English and German. You can contact them during regular business hours, as the phone support is quite limited from their end. You can also go for the email if you aren’t comfortable with calls!

SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics: Pros & Cons



  • No technical knowledge required to use the software
  • Easy performing domain analysis to lay out clear plans
  • Logical and attractive interface along with graphs and data visualization to give clear metrics
  • CRM features to outreach better
  • Auditing feature for improving technical SEO and on-page SEO aspects
  • PPC data and organic search data available
  • Phone, Chat, and E-mail customer support available
  • A 14-day free trial period


  • Only provides data from selected search engines like Google.
  • Doesn’t works well on mobile because of not so responsive site
  • Only one user account available
  • One needs to pay an additional amount to get access to the competitive analysis feature.
  • One needs to enter credit card details to access the free trial period.



  • Access to abundant historical search engine data
  • ROI analysis available for testing specific keywords
  • Content experience tool for writing SEO friendly content
  • Highly affordable pricing as compared to its competitors
  • Different plans according to business sizes


  • Small business plans don’t include many best features to scale higher.
  • Confusing User Interface

🌟 SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics FAQ

What is SEMrush used for?

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO and marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. With this SEO tool’s help, you can do keyword research, track the keyword strategy used by your competitors, etc. You can even run an SEO audit of your blog or website and also look for backlink opportunities. SEMrush is trusted by various big digital and internet marketers globally, and many big and small companies use it.

How does SEMrush work?

Basically, SEMrush does more than just analyzing your competitors. It analyses your competition and finds all the websites that are ranking at the top position for similar keywords in the search engine. It also gives you the exact estimate of the amount of traffic received for the keywords. You can check the SEMrush review that gives you all the detailed insights about this tool.

What is Searchmetrics?

Searchmetrics is a fantastic tool that delivers all the important data and insights that allow marketers to reach SEO and content marketing goals.

Which is better, SEMrush vs. Searchmetrics?

It is critical to check the scoring number that gives you a general idea about which SEO software is better or more suitable for your business. SEMrush earned 9.7 points, and Searchmetrics earned 9.1 points for overall product quality.

Conclusion: SEMrush Vs. Searchmetrics 2024 | Which tool should you pick?

There are many SEO software products available in the market, having different features to boost your business. SEO is a must to solve the needs of almost every kind of business, medium-sized, or large-scale.

You must look after the core functionalities of SEMrush and Searchmetrics to analyze the products’ features and integrations.

If you want to expand your business, frequently quote to find the best B2B software. We would suggest you go with software that integrates well with your needs. In this way, you will ensure smooth growth in your business and between the teams and apps.

However, choose a tool that would reduce your working period, and for this, SEMrush is the best choice!🙂

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