Hi! Let me ask you a question first, do you still have a little doubt in your mind that online marketing may or may not benefit your business? Wait, what? You still do? But why? By now, I have covered tons of articles that show how online marketing could be your best shot!

In this Covid era, I think it is safe to say that soon everything will go digital, and eventually, we have to as well. We cannot rely on post offices, physical markets, and everything that makes us go there at all!

Every payment is going cashless, no matter if you are buying a vegetable or meat! So, what does this say? It says that now it is high time for you to pull up your pants and start using the digital facilities to rake money even in this pandemic period!

But, if you still have this doubt, let me assure you this article on ✅Sendlane Review will clear them all! But first, you will have to know what Sendlane’s platform is all about, so we will cover the features, pricing plan, and benefits of using Sendlane for your business!

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In-Depth Sendlane Review

Sendlane Review

Sendlane is a cloud-based email marketing business solution for content creators, digital marketers, and e-commerce companies. Not just email marketing, this tool helps the other purpose for you such as email tracking, event tracking, marketing automation, deep insight into Shopify.

Start Sendlane 14 Days Free Trial
Use this special Sendlane promo code that enables you to start 14 days free trial. Grab...Show More
Use this special Sendlane promo code that enables you to start 14 days free trial. Grab the offer now. Show Less
25% OFF
Get 25% OFF on all Sendlane Yearly Plans
This is the exclusive Sendlane coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 25% off on all...Show More
This is the exclusive Sendlane coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 25% off on all its yearly plans. Huge discount. [100% Verified Coupon Code] Show Less

Essential features include email automation, performance tracking, real-time reporting, and analytics, as well as email retargeting.

When did Sendlane Come Into the Business?

Sendlane is a kid compared to renowned email marketing companies like Aweber and GetResponse. Sendlane was established in 2013 by 3 Co-founders: Jimmy Kim, Zakariah Meftah, and Anik Singal. They were all digital marketers who weren’t entirely persuaded by what existing email marketing tools offered to marketers.

Sendlane Reviews

In 2015, they got their first customer, and from there, Sendlane has swiftly grown to over 40,000 users as of 2017. In my individual experience, I haven’t seen any significantly contrary comments about Sendlane in marketing communities. They seem to have quite a solid reputation in the online market.

Key Features of Sendlane

Besides email marketing, Sendlane offers many other astonishing features that you can directly integrate into your platform and make your online business easier to handle.

#1. Official Reporting & Analytics

Official Reporting & Analytics

Every helpful email marketing tool must have real-time analytics and report for emails sent via the platform. Sendlane is unique as its users will access its basic-level, real-time reporting, and analytics feature. That covers the essentials such as:

  • Click rates
  • Open rates
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces
  • Link Clicks

Nothing is overwhelming here; you can easily manage your work without indulging much in the integration process.

#2. Automation Process

Automation Process

The Automation process of Sendlane is highly responsive. It flows people from one list to another and pushing them through various funnels. It carries the subscribers to a list that could bring you more commitment and more deals.

It facilitates more tasks for you, those tasks include

  • Create highly converting funnels
  • Subscribe to the Notifications
  • Clean list of inactive subscribers
  • It also uses tags to segment subscribers. Sendlane helps by using the labels for your subscribers and send every detail of your subscribers based n their activity. This way, you can target more.

Also, in the dashboard, you can decide between the auto-responder series and the automation workflow.

#3. Landing Pages

Some companies offer more than email marketing, including Webinars, CRM, Landing pages, Forms, and more. It gets tough to tell where the line is between an email marketing tool and a general marketing tool CRM.

With Sendlane, you get an additional Landing page creator to create landing pages for your business.
This might be useful for some marketers, and maybe not for some. But, some marketers go out of their way and want an all-in-one tool.

In contrast, others like to follow the traditional approach.

But, if in Sendlane, you are getting all the additions at the same price, then why not opt for it? There are almost 50 landing page templates to pick from, with a great diversity of designs. Once you get into it, you can upload the code to your website or host it on Sendlane’s domain.

There are a few compelling features included in specific templates:

  • Retargeting
  • Countdown timers
  • Video
  • Popups

And your landing page already has built-in analytics to review the performance.

#4. Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing

The capability to compare them to see which performed adequately is key to reaching your marketing goal. That’s what A/B testing does.

Sendlane calls it Experiment- Multivariate Testing. You can test up to four distinct components. Content, Subject line, Pre-header can be tested. When you choose the percentage of the audience you want to study with, then settle for the metrics you want to test. Lastly, Sendlane automatically regulates how those metrics impact your campaign and decide the winner. The email that delivers more reliable is extended to the rest of your contact.

#5. Level-Headed Popups

Level-Headed Popups

In my opinion, this is an ingenious feature that will profit eCommerce merchants more. It isn’t the usual popups you create but an intellectual one that tracks your audience’s consumer behavior. Then the popups show up when it matters most in their customer’s journey. It helps attract more subscribers to your list, drive down browse abandonment and boost your revenue. It’s even more exciting to know that you can synchronize them seamlessly with your self-regulation funnels. These rational popups can be floating bottom and top banners, Pop-ups, Inlines, and Floating boxes.

Shopify Integration

Here you can make use of Sendlane’s event tracking feature Sendlane. Also, you can use the uncomplicated “copy and paste” integration install of Shopify to track and follow every step of their buying journey.

Shopify Integration

You will also be able to navigate when your customers are moving from one site to another. In short, you will be able to track your customer’s daily details. These new in-depth data capabilities also enable users to readily capture the record of your customers’ behaviors on your Shopify eCommerce Store. That includes everything from website visits to product purchases, how much they paid – in cash and time – and so on. Sendlane will assemble all this pertinent information for you.

Sendlane Campaigning Newsletters

Just like the other email campaigns, build the newsletter campaigns with the Sendlane. It does all the tasks for you in creating the newsletter.

You can easily make the newsletters as it has the following features:

  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Schedule and optimize the newsletter with ease
  • Build your template or choose from the list of templates.

Sendlane Pricing Plans

Without discussing the pricing plan, this Sendlane review will be incomplete. The pricing plans include the amount you need to pay monthly or yearly according to Sendlane’s pricing plan format:

They offer 3 different pricing plans from which you can go for the desired one.

Sendlane Pricing Plans
  • Growth Plan

$99/month- 5000 contacts

  • Pro Plan

$249/month-10,000 contacts.

  • Special New Customer Education Plan

(Sendlane access + ecommerce academy) @ $497-for up to 5,000 contacts.(One time Payment)
However, the Pro Plan is most popular and offers the following features:

  • Automate your SMS marketing.
  • More than one user can have access to your account.
  • VIP migration services
  • Dedicated account management
  • Onboarding support

Major Benefits of Sendlane

If you decide to go for Sendlane, then you are going to get these many benefits:

  • Smooth landing page & email editors: The drag and drop editors are simple to use.
  • Excellent support documentation: The knowledge base is full of well-written tutorials with images.
  • Advanced automation: This gives you the ability to send emails based on a wide variety of subscriber actions.
  • Intuitive, modern design: Every aspect of the tool is well designed and easy to deal with.

🌟 Sendlane FAQ

🙄What is Sendlane?

Sendlane is the email and SMS marketing platform that help you to generate more revenue from your business. It also helps users with email tracking, email retargeting, event tracking, marketing automation, etc.

😎Does Sendlane provide a free trial?

Yes, Sendlane allows its all-new user to test its features for free. Sign up for Sendlane’s 14 days free trial and retain your customers with a powerful email marketing tool.

🔥Are there any working Sendlane coupons and discounts?

Check the above-mentioned Sendlane coupon code that helps you to enjoy a flat 25% discount on all yearly plans.

🔎Which is better Sendlane Vs. Mailchimp?

Both Sendlane and Mailchimp are powerful email marketing platform that offers a free trial to test all their features. Sendlane is the leading email and SMS marketing tool that provide good data analytics abilities. On the other hand, Mailchimp is used by every marketer from beginner to advanced that offers vital features that help you take your business to the next level.

Conclusion: Sendlane Review 2024 + Discount Coupon | Should you go for it?

At the beginning of this article, by the time I wrap up this article, you will have a comprehensive knowledge of how an email marketing tool works. Also, I hope now you know that how much important online marketing is.

It will benefit you in monetary terms, but it will also ease all the hard work you do when dealing with things offline. So now, do you believe me? Now, do you think the facts of digital marketing? If you are not cleared about things even now, I recommend you go through the articles on our website related to online and digital marketing. I am sure those will clear up your mind.

Feel free to comment down in the sections below. Until then, Sayonara🖐

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