Top 6+ SEO Affiliate Programs that pays upto 💲800 per sale (Updated 2019)

Are you looking to promote SEO software or services via Affiliate Marketing on your blog or website?

There are plenty of SEO/Digital Marketing cloud-based tools like Keyword research, competitor analysis, backlinks finder, SEO Spy, etc. which are very popular in the market and almost all of them have their affiliate/referral programs which allow affiliates to make money promoting them.

Do you know, Almost all of these hotcakes products have affiliate programs which allow you to earn thousands of dollars promoting it online. While there are plenty of SEO tools Affiliate Programs, Here are few of them which actually pays you a higher commission for a longer term.

How do SEO Affiliates Programs works (Important fact)

While most of the SEO services & tools come with the subscription model like monthly or yearly billing, The affiliate commission also works on the recurring model.

For Example, if you sale an SEO product which is priced at $99 per month and your commission is 35% of it. So you will be earning $35 every month for that particular sale till the subscription is continued,. Hence most of the Affiliate campaigns in this niche offers your recurring commission which is 100 times better than one time earning.

Hence the more sales you refer, the more money you make in Autopilot mode. 

Who should promote SEO/Software or Tools on your blog:

Top 6+ SEO Affiliate Programs

Whether you are a blogger or pro internet marketer…..

SEO tools, website ranking services, etc. is what all internet entrepurner need nowadays to get success in the online industry, without the help of premium Search engine optimization data analysis tools and services it is the tough job to get organic traffic and expose your brand.

These SEO tools actually make your work-load lesser by keeping you updated with proven SEO strategies, Keywords to use, checking competitor keywords, etc. and hence promoting these tools to make extra money is always better as you are supporting something useful to help your fellow bloggers or Internet marketers.

Here are the checklist and types of the website on which Promoting SEO Software will give your result.
  • Blogging/Affiliate Marketing Blogs/Forums or communities
  • SEO tips and tricks blogs or forums
  • Digital Marketing, growth marketing tips and tricks blog
  • eCommerce blogs and websites
  • Blogs dedicated to freelancing, money from home, etc. types of sites
  • Any website related to SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media marekting , online earnings, etc..

Top 5 SEO Affiliates Programs in the world Updated 2019

Here comes the best hand picked Affiliate/ referrals programs for SEO services and tools which are widely popular and pays huge commission on a recurring model.

BeRush Affiliate Program for SEMRUSH:

BeRush is an in-house Affiliate program for SEMRush, We all know SEMRush which is a #marketing toolkit for Digital Marketing professionals. It offers the best services for SEO, paid traffic. Social Media, etc…

SMERUSH is widely popular among bloggers, internet marketers, and SEOs. It offers the best in-de[th competitor backlinks and keyword analysis which helps you to rank keywords, spy on your competitor’s inbound links, etc


BERUSH is their own affiliate panel for SEMRush products & services. One can Join BeRush to promote SEMRush as it offers highest 40% commission for all subscription sales.

BeRush (SEMRush) Affiliate program benefits

  • Up to 10 years of cookie life with “the first cookie wins” attribution model.
  • Twice a month receive commission payments when you reach the minimum threshold.
  • Payments via PayPal & wire transfer.
  • Speedy signup process with pre-approved all affiliate applications.
  • Exclusive promotional rights to one of the world’s highest competitive intelligence service.

SEMRush is always the best service to promote to Digital Marketers, eCommerce clients, Bloggers, Dropshippers and anyone who want to rank higher on SERP’s. You get 40% commission on a recurring model, so once you attract huge referrals, There will be consistent income on autopilot.

Pro bloggers and Affiliate Ninja’s are working in the niche of SEO/Blogging are making over 💲5000+/Month from SEMRUSH Affiliates.

Link-able Affiliate Program

Link-able is a unique platform that helps Content Marketers acquire relevant and diverse backlinks by smartly connecting them with elite journalists and bloggers.

Content Marketers can post projects representing a page they want to build backlinks to, and the authors will apply to their project, offering to develop a relevant backlink for them. With Link-able, Content Marketers can passively acquire high-quality backlinks, all built using white hat techniques by experienced authors.  

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The Link-able affiliate program is a great program for any affiliate in the SEO niche. They offer very high paying commissions for each user you can refer over to their content marketer network. What makes their program so great, is their reoccurring commissions. You can earn up to $300 per commission, for the entire lifetime of your referred user.

Link-able Affiliate Program benefits

  • Commissions as high as $300 for each purchase
  • Reoccurring commissions for the entire lifetime of your referred user
  • Payouts via PayPal
  • Customizable affiliate links & dedicated affiliate support
  • 90-day cookie-based tracking
  • High converting products with low return rates

Link-able affiliate program lets you monetize from content marketers as well as content authors. you can promote it on your any type of website or YouTube videos to drive traffic of content marketers whoa are looking for natural links from relevant sites.

KWFinder Affiliate Program

KWFinder is no doubt, one of the top Long tail keywords finders with low SEO Difficulty. The tool is highly trending among SEOs and bloggers as it has come to limelight very fast due to its cost-effective pricing, multiple products like Rank tracker, SERP checker, SERP miner, SERP and ability to find hidden gem long tail keywords.

Kwfinder Promo code

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The tool is Freemium It comes with Free as well as premium subscription version which enhances keyword search limit along with additional premium features. KWFiner offers 30% recurring commission to all its affiliates for the lifetime. o for example, if your referred user subscribed for a $100/month plan, You will be earning $30 for as long as he is active in billings.

KWFinder Affiliate Program benefits

  • 30% lifetime commission for each referred sales
  • Home baked affiliate program with robust built software and accurate tracking
  • Fast payouts via PayPal
  • Request your own customized coupon code for giving extra discounts to your clients
  • Cost effective product pricing attracts more users.

Kwfinder is a brand owned by mangools which also have dozens of other SEO products. One can earn over $600 per month by promoting KWFinder as it comes with numerous of promo materials, in-house tracking, long cookie duration, fast payouts, and even you can request for the special coupon code for your website by contacting Mangools Affiliate manager.

NinjaOutReach Affiliate Program:

NinjaOutReach is ultimate all in one blogger outreach and leads generation marketing tool or bloggers, internet marketers, entrepreneurs & enterprises.

The tool enables you to find influencers, outreach your brand or product or generate thousands of quality leads or save time growing traffic. This tool is trusted by thousands of Pro Affiliate Ninjas like Neil Patel, etc. and hundreds of online brands.


The NinjaOutreach affiliate program allows you  earn 50% monthly recurring commission to  for each client you refer. Their Affiliate program incorporates two products, The Ninjaoutreach Software and Ninjaoutreach academy. Both the podcast offers 50% flat commission. Both of them have 4 different pricing plans for monthly basis.

NinjaOutreach Affiliate program features:

  • Flat 50% instant commissions for each customer every month
  • colossal promo & marketing materials with in-depth guides and knowledge base.
  • Post Affiliate Pro tracking software for their in-house Affiliate panel.
  • NET 30 Days payment for matured sales with a minimum of $100 threshold.

NinjaOutreach is another favorite lead generation marketing tool which is used by online entrepreneurs and marketing ninja’s worldwide. Strat promoting it today to earn highest recurring commissions.

SpyFu Affiliate Program:

SpyFu affiliate program offers 45% recurring commission on service sales made by your referral link. SpyFu is a premium competitor keyword research tool for paid and organic search.


It lets you download your competitor’s most profitable keywords performing for organic or paid search. Enabling you to increase your website traffic, track ranked keywords, make better connections, etc..

SpyFu has dozens of PPC keyword research tools, Quality backlinks filtering tools, Adwords keywords advise for your campaigns & much more. Its Affiliate program is managed under Viglink,. So you can use its tracking link from Viglink by visiting here.

LinksManagement Affiliate program:

LinksManagement is one of the largest quality natural backlink service platform where one can order real highest quality backlinks for every type of niche with niche-based links with various profiles.

It enables you to buy DA40-DA100 backlinks pages with premium backlinks inventory in cost efficient pricing. The USP of linksmanagement is they offer high-quality natural links which provide a positive ranking on google. It’s not like other creepy backlinks services where you get cheap backlinks, but actually, it harms your site.


At LinksManagement, Their customer service team actually analyze your site and tells you if you require backlink or not to boost organic rankings.

LinksManagemernt offers $50 Affiliate commissions to each referrer who spent $100 on links Management. Moreover, When a customer registers from your referral link, he/she will get $50 free credits to use. Its a win-win situation for both.

LinksManagement referral program features:

  • Gift $50 Free credits to users by referring via your affiliate link
  • Transfer earned revenue to the bank or use as In-store credit in your account and get 30% extra
  • Complete in-house affiliate system with accurate tracking for clicks & conversions.
  • LinksMamnagent offers 100% manual links placement on top quality sites

You can withdraw the money in your account or transfer to linksmanagement credit and get additional 30% bonus if you wanna use their services.

The customer gets $50 bonus when they register on LinksManagement, This promo can be used by affiliates to promote their services better to masses and boost affiliate sales.

Some other top Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs you should consider promoting:

Well apart from these top SEO affiliate programs, there are dozens of more referral programs in this niche which pays up to $500 per sale and numerous of pro internet marketers are always cashing out via its Affiliate Portals.

How do super Affiliates earn 1000’s of 💲💲💲 by Recommending SEO tools/ services

Ever wondered how do top marketers in the industry show off their thousands of dollars earning every month by promoting these SEO/ Digital marketing products?

You might have noticed hundreds of popular blogs where you can see bloggers report their authentic monthly earnings, case studies, reports of recommending different products If we believe their stories are to be true then it’s not difficult to generate this revenue in reality.

Let’s see how they do it…

At first, they actually Try & use the particular brand before recommending to others, This is the first rule of affiliate marketing. One needs to use the brand or product fully and then only recommend to other buyers, So users can trust you more.

These Top Ninja’s first try these tools,. Built trust score, Publishes case studies or experiment reports with that particular product, write thousands of words blog content even publish eBook for it and then that actual picture starts.


Once the product is scattered widely on their blog, it already starts getting sales via their social circles, Blogs, Friends, Followers, fans and even their email subscribers. And I as I said above, Almost all SEO tools offers the recurring commission for each month, So once you have a quality referral base, you will be earning the same or more amount of revenue each month by just putting one-time effort.

Final words on best SEO Affiliate Programs:

We have listed Top SEO Affiliate Programs which pays substantial recurring commissions on the monthly basis. If you are blogging for money in the filed of WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, SEO Tips, then promoting these programs are the hot cake for your blog/website.

Check out our other posts on Affiliate marketing topic and scale up your earnings via these top Affiliate programs. Stay tuned with BloggingEclipse for more such articles. Happy Marketing. 🤞


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