Seopressor review: Best premium WordPress seo plugin

SEOPressor enables ultra-targeted SEO content marketing for WordPress Sites. Since years SEOPressor is the Guru for your WordPress SEO.  The Premium SEO plugin acts like an SEO Expert beside you which does your all SEO job automatic . SEOPressor 5 is the best rated Premium (paid) SEO plugins used by all pro bloggers and thousands of WordPress sites. It helps you to save a lot of hours doing ON Page SEO manually as the plugin is build with so many awesome features which you will surely fall in love with. Here is the In-depth honest review of the #1 SEO plugin.

Seopressor Review 2016 – Complete SEO Automation

Seopressor review

SEOPressor is an ethical plugin which follows all the tos of google and help you automate the rules to keep up with the google and attract profitable leads. It follows all google rules such as keyword optimization, inter page linking now known as smart linking, Social media SEO, LSI keyword suggestions and numerous other main SEO Factors which makes a site rank higher in SERP without hiring any SEO Agency.

Why SEOPressor ?

There are dozens of free and premium WordPress SEO plugins scattered over the net, each of the plugins claim to have their own unique feature but when it comes to Automatic SEO and if you really want to save your 4 hours a day in SEO than there is no Plugin like SEOPressor.

SEOPressor does numerous of jobs by checking on-page seo and multiple keyword analysis. It does over optimization check in WordPress which prevents from harsh google penalties like Google Penguin and others.  There are many beneficial features which can’t be just explained in a paragraph, Check out the whole post and watch the video in the end to know it all.

SEoPressor Features


On-Page SEO & Multiple Keyword Analysis: SEOPressor automates all ON-Page SEO on wordpress with real time evaluations and recommendations to improve blog content for higher SEO. The plugin automatically decorates your keywords  fonts to bold,italic and underline and even images with alt tag to target the exact keyword higher in SERPs.

Prevent The Over-Optimization Penalization: All knows Over SEO or over optimizing any website with SEO can seriously cause harm to the site’s ranking in google. Ranking criteria search engines changes time to time and hence we need to keep an eye on updates and might have to lower keyword density sometimes, but SEOPressor V5 is smart, It keeps an eye on your SEO Strategy and warns you when you cross the line.

Social SEO Analytics: Wanna boost your ranking overnight safely? This unique feature will enable you to do so. In this days of tough competition everyone is trying to rank higher on google with various link building strategies even after updates of Penguin and panda but Google keeps an eye closed Social Engagement Signals. SEOPressor V5 conveniently adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Dublin Core microdata formats to wordpress and search engines use it to rank your site faster.

LSI Keywords: Google has officially confirmed using long tail and relevant keywords in the page helps your site rank higher and faster. influence of long tail keywords are ever increasing. The beautiful SEO plugin helps you connect to multiple related LSI keywords at the same time you are developing the content using an algorithm called Latent Semantic Analysis which makes your WP site ranking better in a ethical way.

Rich Snippets: This is the core part of SEOPressor V5. Rich Snippets in search engines grabs a lot more attention and it enhance 30% more click through rate. It in-built rich snippet module so you do not need to install any separate plugin for the same. It gives you power to directly add reviews, ratings, author bio, descriptions & even recipes.

Your turn:

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and leave your competition behind with the most advance premium WordPress SEO plugin ever made, The most pro bloggers who earns a 6 digit income each month have recommend SEOPressor and have also written the most positive review about it. In these tough days of competition over Google it is mandatory to use this premium plugin and more than 128,000+websites are using it.

Video Intro:

SEOPressor comes with lifetime updates and no additional recurring charges. I personally use it on all my blogs. So get set go to rank better on google and increase growth of your online business. Share your experience of SEO on WordPress with us in comments section below and Like BloggingEclispe on Facebook to get latest Blogging tips.

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