Undoubtedly, in our days there has been a considerable technological boom which has forced us to develop new skills and alternatives that allow us to compete in the labor market, because these new technologies are present in all areas and fields of work, such as teaching, engineering, marketing, among others. Also, they are speeding up, optimizing and perfecting many of our everyday tasks and activities.

Here, we have featured an in-depth ✅ Shopify Affiliate Program Review updated for 2024 that includes detailed insights about this platform and how you can make real money.

We must be up to date with these constant changes that are taking place in today’s society, the product of the technology, so, to not be left behind, we have to create and develop new tools and applications to facilitate and save time and effort for the users, in their daily life, that is, we must innovate.

Marketing, as the group of techniques that have the objective of enhancing the commercialization of any product, became one of the first fields of work that had to be creative, innovate, and be open to meaningful changes so that merchants can still be competitive enough and sell products in this global village.

This is what we know as marketing innovation, which brought up a phenomenon called e-commerce: the buying, and selling of goods and services through the Internet, to generate profit.

Most people start as regular online sellers in what we know as online stores, but others want to upgrade. So they become online merchants, which involves having many more tasks and responsibilities, and, what is even cooler, moving from one to the other, increasing their market position.

The Internet gives merchants the opportunity of having huge and successful businesses; it also offers a series of benefits for buyers and sellers. In selling, it’s easier for them to reach a significant number of customers worldwide and, consequently, achieve a strong position in the market.


And for the buying we have: saving time and effort, comparing prices easily, and often products are cheaper.

You can sell through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or online stores, which is preferable. Still, the process of creating the perfect e-store isn’t as easy as we may think, that’s why there are tools known as E-commerce website builders, programs that help merchants to build, customize and run an online store. Some of them are: BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, 3D Cart, and Shopify.

About Shopify

Shopify Affiliate Program Review

Shopify was founded in 2004 by Lütke, Weinand, and Lake, and it was well-received, in fact, currently, it’s on the top 10 E-commerce website builders.

Shopify certainly is one of the best solutions you may have to create your site, it’s a tool that helps you to set up your online store, and it accompanies you throughout the whole process of design, develops, custom, hosting, pricing, selling, presenting payment options, and also referring new merchants, that is, all the marketing tools and reports you may need.

Every merchant has a personalized domain on Shopify and instant access to many beautiful templates and full control of your brand’s look and image.

One of the best things this platform offers is the hosting solutions because everyone can join their affiliate program, and therefore, make massive commissions from it, as long as you have some experience, of course.

Also, you can create a new partner account from your dashboard, amazing.

👉The Shopify Affiliate Program in detail

The Shopify Affiliate program provides you with the opportunity to help others shape the future of their businesses; the group of affiliates encompasses various areas: teachers and influencers.

Anyone can join the program, but, don’t let this fool you, the fact that they have people from different walks of life doesn’t mean that they take it lightly, on the contrary, they are quite strict when approving accounts, so much that they usually take up to 48 hours to review application of each publisher.

They consider aspects like your experience, promotional strategies, your capacity to create content, etc. You must also have a verified PayPal account since it’s the tool they use to make all the payments.

If your application is accepted, they give you a unique link, which you can use to save time and money on creating content for your public; you may use this affiliate link on blogs, social channels, webinars, ad campaigns and that’s it, but you will also have access to education, support, reports, payments, tracing, etc.

Affiliates get several benefits such as the quite generous payouts; each one gets paid $25; business set-up; payments in time, twice in a month; real-time tracking system; user-friendly interface; dedicated support, access to overriding technical support every time, and you’ll also have an Affiliate Manager, who will always give you material and tools that will help you.

Once I took a look of Shopify and its Affiliate Program, I also looked around some of its features and pros: it guarantees speed and security for hosting, which is great when processing credit cards; it has all the necessary features, it’s an all-in-one option, it has everything you need to run your store; it excels in which marketing is concerned.

Shopify Affiliate Program

It offers a complete customers and affiliates support, and, what is more, it presents an extra help to the affiliates, since there is a space in which people who had worked there before may share their experience so that current workers can resort to these posts, this is quite useful for them; it counts with a buy button that, although it might be confusing because it implies to sell outside of the website, it gives a lot of pros, like adding flexibility to the brands and the merchants.

Also, it started and developed an app store, something innovative and particular, something that E-commerce website builders usually don’t have, so it makes Shopify an excellent platform, I think this is a huge pro for this tool.

Taking all this into account, I can affirm that Shopify is an excellent and rather unique tool for those who want to begin an E-commerce project. It would be daring to say that it is the one, but I can certainly say that it’s one of the best.

We highly recommend it, but yes, you may ask, why? Why Shopify? When there are many other tools, what does Shopify offers that makes it such a good solution?

Well, in the first place, it has a series of benefits for both the customers and the affiliates, among all of them, it should be noted the add-ons, which are the ones that put Shopify way ahead of their competition, with them you don’t have to look for a developer because you will probably have all that you need in their app store.

It’s free because you don’t have to pay to apply to the program, and there are neither monthly charges nor minimum sales requirements, so anyone can be a part of it if they’re good enough.

🌟 Shopify Affiliate Program FAQ

How much does Shopify Affiliate Program cost?

Shopify Affiliate Program is free to join as you do not need to pay any charges to the Shopify. Shopify allows its affiliates to monetize their customers and make a commission if the user purchases the Shopify plan through the affiliate link.

How to get Shopify Affiliate Program acceptance?

If you are looking to earn a big amount, Shopify is the best affiliate platform. But if you want to get approval for Shopify Affiliate Program, you need to create a proper content bases website and increase its organic traffic. After that, you can easily join through ShareASale or Direct Shopify Affiliate Program if you have Good traffic then you Will soon get approval.

How much can I make with Shopify Affiliate Program?

If you join Shopify Affiliate Program, then you can easily make $58 for each user who use your affiliate link to sign for a paid plan on Shopify. For the Shopify Plus referral, you will get $2000.

How long does an affiliate tracking cookie last?

Shopify affiliate tracking cookie will last for 30 days. It means that if the user use your affiliate link to sign up for a 14-day free trial within 30 days, then you Will be credited.

Conclusion: Shopify Affiliate Program Review 2024 | Should you join?

The most important thing of all is that they care for their affiliates, and this gives them extra value, this makes them the first and most desired option.

The fact that they want to help you and that it’s not only about making money makes them special, because, as they say in their official web page, ‘‘Shopify is strongly committed with the success of its affiliates’’.

And I truly think they do! 😊

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